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Divorce and Vaccination

Broken heartNOTE: Divorce is contentious enough without rancor regarding medical decisions. Here, a mother went to jail for contempt of court - over her decision not to vaccinate her son, against her ex-husband's decision. This case was in Michigan. Are vaccines to become a new weapon in divorce cases? The courts are likely to agree with the parent who wants to vaccinate. Doest his put the child's best interests first?

A 9-year-old boy at the center of vaccine dispute between his divorced parents received four immunizations on Monday, according to court testimony today.

The boy's mother, Rebecca Bredow, 40, of Ferndale, opposed the shots and served five days in the Oakland County Jail for refusing a judge's order to get them. The boy's father, James Horne, wanted his son vaccinated and had them administered on Monday, when he had custody of the child. 

Through his attorney, Benton Richardson, Horne declined comment after the court hearing.

Bredow fought back tears as she discussed her jail stint and the rulings today. 


David Foster

1. For over 8 years the two parents had both agreed to not vaccinate the child.
2. The father had previously attempted several times to get 50% custody of the child, but failed. That usually doesn't happen unless there are some serious underlying circumstances.
3. This current case was rushed by the father, with a new judge and new lawyer, and their first court appearance was not communicated to the mother. His lawyer then berated the mother for not appearing, saying it was typical behavior for her.
4. There were at least three earlier CPS reports, one of which was for the father watching porn in front of the children, which for some reason were thrown out by this judge. The police had to be called to the school when the father went to pick up his son...because the boy was afraid to go with his father.
5. The day the mother was let out of jail the father was awarded joint custody at a hearing which was not even supposed to be about custody. He was also given an extra day with the child the day after the mother got out of jail.
6. On that extra day he left his son to travel to Los Angeles...with his lawyer...so he could appear on The Doctors TV show.

John Stone

I think anyone thinking of commenting here about this matter ought to look at Del Bigtree's amazing report first:


Grace Green

Cia Parker, I don't think this mother was upset about spending five days in jail, but about her son being forced to have all these vaccines. From what I've been reading in other comments, it seems that the father was only using this as a weapon against the mother, which any impartial lawyer or judge should see straight through. Also, you can discuss all you like before marriage, but some people lie, agree to anything to get what they want, and then think nothing of going back on their promises. I'm also worried that this father has tics, and to me that's a warning sign that the son is going to be genetically predisposed to serious vaccine injury. I think that the parent who is going to have to look after the disabled child post-vaccination should be the one to make the decision. Otherwise, it's time some of these parents went back to the judges and demanded recompense for this situation being forced on them.

David Weiner

cia parker

If mom (or dad) has primary responsibility for taking care of a kid, it seems to me that she should have the final word on the medical decisions. After all, it is she who will have to live with the consequences of the decision, whether it is vaccine injury or the fallout from a VPD. That seems fair to me.


I took my Mother to the doctor yesterday.
Sitting in the waiting room was a 30 year old something - very handsome, ginger colored hair man and his 60 some year old mother.

I don't know how the conversation began, but he was speaking to another man and saying that last year he developed a peanut allergy. He said it was not a runny nose, but one where his throat closes up and he cannot breath. It is so bad that if some one is sitting across the room eating some peanut candy from a sack his throat starts to swell up.

So he went to get his epi pen from the drug store and it was 2,000 dollars.
He said, "I told them; I cannot afford this."
The Mother chimed in and said, "It thought they had just made a mistake!"

Ginger hair said, " I can go to the ER or here 20 times and get the shot before it even reaches 2,000 dollars."

I am glad that Del Bigtree was able to make these two sleaze balls to at least look guilty.

We need some GUILT and Shaming in America.


The judge's husband is a doctor? Why isn't that a conflict of interest? Her husband's industry profits from the sale of vaccines.

I'm serious.

Jeannette Bishop

"#RebeccaBredow goes to jail. Dad wins split custody, immediately abandons son to go on The Doctors TV show ‬in Los Angeles. @DelBigtree just happened to be on the same flight. Check it out. @HighWireTalk"


Shelley Tzorfas

Some are missing an important point. Often fathers bring up vaccinations as LEVERAGE to not pay child support. This father did not bring up vaccines Until he recently hired a new lawyer who used it like a weapon as is happening to thousands of moms. The mother never stopped the father from vaccinating. He just did not want to be the one to get it done. If you listen to Highwire by Del Bigtree taped earlier today you will learn that while the dad had custody during this temporary time, he ended up leaving the 9 year old son and flying on a plane to Los Angeles (Probably for media attention) and we don't know who the boy was with-possibly a babysitter, relative, or neighbor? The IRONY or Karma is that Del was on the exact same flight (Thankfully) The father has tics which worsened after he began nursing school in 2013 while sadly, the son also developed Sleep Apnea and asthma. I wonder what the judge's husband who is a doctor is thinking. The boy received 5 vaccines which for example, is not possible as just 1 of the vaccines alone is a 4 in 1, MMRV,; Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Chicken pox which is also made with Aborted Human Fetal Cell DNA. There has been a lawsuit pending against the MMR as Merck got caught adding Rabbit's Blood to show that the mumps portion is still viable. I have been waiting since around 2010 to see this court case come to fruition and yet there is likely to be a 3rd MMR shot on the horizon. The mom had the Legal Exemptions to not vaccinate but the judge decided to be above the law?

cia parker


Usually the parents get joint custody. The child is usually with the mother during the week when he goes to school, and spends many weekends and vacation time with the father. It wouldn't be fair to allow the mother to make unilateral decisions, especially on something as important as vaccination. Since there is no middle ground on this issue, there will always be strife.

In some cases, getting vaccines might save the child's life. I believe, like most here, that more often it damages him, but it's still not something that you should try to take away the pro-vax parent's rights on. At least some children have died from all of the vaccine-preventable diseases.

cia parker

I think that this case is just the way it often goes. Everyone must realize that they absolutely have to discuss issues like vaccination, spanking, religious upbringing, and school vs. homeschool BEFORE they get married, and come to sincere agreement on shared values.

It might be that the partner who supports vaccination is sincere, or he might be using it as a weapon to hurt his former spouse. We don't know in this case which it is. I know there are MANY parents, both men and women, who are TERRIFIED of VPDs, and absolutely worship vaccination both as perceived protection and as a modern religion. I think that very often, especially when the marriage breaks up, the mother (almost always it's the mother) against vaccination would not be able to negotiate until she got control of making medical decisions for her child. I was relieved when I got divorced and got complete custody of Cecily, so I would never have to argue about any of these issues.

At this time, when most people believe in the immense value of vaccination, it would not be possible to give the mother against vaccination the right to override her husband's belief that it would be in the child's best interest to get them.

If you believe in something so strongly that you're willing to disobey a court order, then you should take five days in jail in stride. It's not the end of the world.

David Weiner


That sounds like excellent advice. I am wondering if these types of considerations should even be incorporated into a pre-nuptial agreement.

Lacking these, it seems to me that the parent with custody, or primary custody, should be able to make these decisions.

Jeannette Bishop

Today's Highwire is covering this case:

cherry Misra

To Sharon Kistler, That is an interesting comment. It reminds me of another topic that I would like parents to think about : How do you project to your child a good way of making medical decisions? Children are learning this, whether you think about it or not, right from the time they are 2 or 3.
Here are a couple of examples: A mother of a teenage boy took him to a pediatrician because he was bothered by constipation. The doctor prescribed a typical laxative. The mother was not so happy with that. She knew that there were some natural treatments that could be tried first, nevertheless she said to her son " The doctor prescribed for you, so you had better take it"
A second mother explained to me " Whenever I have a medical problem, the first thing I do is to think of what natural treatment might help me "
I feel that each parent might like to think about their approach to body and medical matters and think whether they might change or refine their approach, and later they need to try talking about their approach to their child and demonstrate to the child how they proceed in real life situations. This is also a good topic for family discussions and the topic of how commercials and advertisements, try to make you use a different approach.
Of course, what I am speaking of is quite apart from the kind of legal drama described above, which must be so very terrifying for the child in question.


The father sounds like a clueless scumbag who did this just to win yet another power struggle in his divorce. The kid's welfare is secondary to the father's vindictiveness. No surprise there.

Sharon Kistler

Having a child in his now-twenties with special needs, I realize that all divorced parents need to find a way to clarify their medical beliefs and provide for resolution in the event of disagreement into their Divorce decree. If one parent is more holistic in her views, this parent MUST negotiate until she is the one in the decree that gains control and authority to make the medical decisions. Think about the possibilities as your child gets older -- not just vaccinations, but psych meds. Not just psych meds, but possible auto-immunity, cancer, other life-threatening possibilities. If one parent buys into the conventional medical and psychiatric model when the other parent does not (because she understands the fraud and risks associated with conventional treatment), then this awakened parent must have the prescience to get legal medical control in her divorce decree.

Further, as your children get older toward emancipation, if your children wants to remain holistically treated, he should pre-emptively sign a Health Care Proxy naming the parent or a sibling who shares this holistic view as his Health Care Agent in the event that he later becomes incapacitated or not able to make decisions. I say all of this from experience of having not had the prescience, and as a result, we spent years in courts and my son spent years on psych meds he never wanted. He finally prevailed in court and is now embarking on a healing journey, but just like vaccine injury, it is unclear how the psych med recovery journey will go.

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