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Daily Mail UK Stunner On Gardasil Injury

Daily mailNote: Daily Mail UK continues to attack Dr. Wakefield on one hand while reporting on vaccine injury (see below)  without pussyfooting on the other.  Anything that gets the message to parents of babies, kids, teens and young adults to DO THEIR HOMEWORK on vaccine safety is progress. Read more:
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Teenager died in her sleep weeks after being given HPV vaccine as experts reveal the lives of thousands of girls have been destroyed by the controversial jab

  • Jasmin Soriat, 19, showed neurological symptoms after having a second HPV jab
  • The teen from Vienna suffered respiratory failure three weeks later
  • Pathologist said the vaccine could have been the cause of her death
  • British teenager Ruby Shallom is also included in the documentary, her family say she was left paralysed  after having the jab
  • The stories of both girls are included in a new documentary in which doctors claim the HPV virus does not even cause cancer

A teenage girl died in her sleep weeks after being given the controversial human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, a new documentary has claimed.

Jasmin Soriat, 19, a student from Vienna, suffered neurological symptoms after having a second dose of the injection and suffered respiratory failure three weeks later.

A pathologist who examined her body has said the vaccine could have been the cause of her death.

Jasmin's story is one of 'hundreds of documented deaths following the HPV vaccine' according to claims in a new three-part documentary, titled Sacrificial Virgins. 

Thousands of girls around the world have suffered adverse reactions, often developing chronic fatigue syndrome. 

The family of British teenager Ruby Shallom from Bracknell, Berkshire, also claim she was left paralysed in three limbs after having the HPV jab. 

She also appears in the documentary and reveals: 'The only limb that works now is my left arm… I still go out and see my friends but the pain and fatigue makes it hard.' 

However health officials across the globe have always strongly denied there are such devastating effects and say there is not enough evidence. 

The jab is given to adolescents because the HPV virus is said to cause certain cancers – and almost all cervical forms of the disease.

But other experts have branded the vaccination 'useless' and argue there is no proven link between the sexually-transmitted virus and cancer...




David, you are correct that HPV has nothing to do with cancer.

It is actually trauma. You should read about German New Medicine discovered by the late Ryke Hamer.

If you read about the term "playing possum" and have a think about polio/multiple sclerosis you will see that what we think of as horrible afflictions are actually biologically critical functions *in particular high stress situations*.

For the possum, it becomes paralysed (and it isn't doing this by choice, its body is literally paralysed) when it is trapped. Many animals (and humans) do the same, but the possum is the most well known example.

We never stop to think that cancer or other diseases might serve a purpose in certain high stress situations but as the possum example shows they can. Highly active cells (which we call "cancerous") could increase our respiratory capacity, our capacity to get someone pregnant, our capacity to get pregnant, our capacity to feed our children, our capacity to extract calories from food etc.

It depends on the situation and depends on the organ.

But doctors - and even most alternative medicine - work on the presumption that disease is a mistake - God playing a cruel game of dice.

Once you turn the whole thing on its head and understand that God/nature/intelligent designer/evolution didn't make this colossal mistake of allowing disease into our lives for no reason other than to make our survival more difficult then it is possible to understand every facet of disease.

Cancer, flu, rashes, allergies, injuries, even heart attacks can all be made sense of.


All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Shelley Tzorfas

Now I finally get it... Being Injured, Paralyzed or Dying is Not Medical Evidence of anything?? The only admissable evidence is what the vaccine maker's buy and sell in a lab...I guess they believe that What happens in a lab-must stay in a lab, medical school, doctors offices, hospitals, scientific journals and the media!


Great tune Annie thanks - time over again it would be different for sure.

Pharma for Prison



"What makes you think we can start clean slated
The hardest to learn was the least complicated...."

david m burd

Of course the ONLY rationale for the HPV vaccine is that this virus actually causes cervical cancer in an extremely small percentage of females incurring such infection. BUT, actually, the HPV virus in completely incapable of inducing cancer. This is beautifully explained in this presentation:

As usual, the whole premise of HPV causing cancer is completely fabricated by the predatory Industrial Vaccine Makers, complicit with the CDC and its Govt. Allies to yet again coerce the gullible public into acting like automatons, and obey Government Health Authorities. Just like the completely wrong propaganda that the benefits of any and all vaccines are great and "life-saving".

As for cervical cancer's REAL CAUSE, it seems very plausible the strong chemical toxicities of over 10,000 tampons used in a typical American girl/woman lifetime (remember, cervical cancer does not manifest until the age of 50+) are the culprits. OF COURSE our completely corrupt Health Leaders always strive to promote and implicate viruses, to ensure their Agencies' agendas and monumental salaries and budgets.

Aimee Doyle


"correlation does not equal causation"

Then there's my favorite "coincidence." My son suffered adverse reactions to every vaccine he was given - and we were always told by doctors that it was "coincidence." And for ten years we believed that was true.

Actually, I get the same "coincidence" response when I tell friends and family of my son's vaccine experience. When I bring up vaccine court, they don't even believe the vaccine court results, assuming that vaccine injuries are (a) too rare to worry about, and/or (b) the vaccine injury settlements only happen because litigious parents hire good lawyers.

This faith in doctors and vaccines exists even among some of my friends who have kids with autism!

John Stone

I think it is unusual to see such open criticism of the vaccine program in a national newspaper in the present era, but the Mail publishes huge amounts of material and policy may not be as defined as with some other publications - also there may be differences between the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday (where the Ian Birrell article appeared) although their material is on the same website.

One question all these people protecting the sacred program might ask is that if they are prepared to do this to young women, why will they be any more trustworthy with infants? The position is worse with infants. It is so much easier if babies die or fail to develop normally to just walk away and pretend that is what would have happened anyway. It is whole the culture which needs examining.


I wish them all well and they are in a stronger position compared to MMR as a lot of the young girls will have had possibly a decades worth of normal years before vaccination.

The Daily Mail if it were a person it would be diagnosed with a heavy dose of Schizophrenia but I welcome any paper even daring to hint at vaccine and damage in the same sentence.


bob moffit

"Jasmin Soriat, 19, showed neurological symptoms after having a second HPV jab
•The teen from Vienna suffered respiratory failure three weeks later
•Pathologist said the vaccine could have been the cause of her death
•British teenager Ruby Shallom is also included in the documentary, her family say she was left paralysed after having the jab"

Not to worry .. I am confident doctors will get better at "diagnosing" why these victims have suffered so tragically .. which of course .. will rule out the HPV as a contributing factor .. we already know that drill .. "correlation does not mean causation".

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