The US Government Believes That Flu Shots In Babies Are Safe, But Flu Shots On The Ground Is Terrorism.
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Autism and the Mark of Thimerosal – a Hypothesis

ThimerosalBy John Stone

This is a simple observation, which may help to explain where we have been and where we are going with autism epidemic. I have made the comment privately a few times recently and posted it on-line to “Barry” the other day. But in the absence of properly conducted studies it may be that just posting it for comment is the way to go. I take as a starting point the history described by Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted in their recently published book Denial, that autism was vanishingly rare when Leo Kanner first described it in the early 1940s and even more vanishingly rare (but perhaps not absolutely non-existent) before that. Mark and Dan specifically associated the arrival of the condition with the introduction of mercury compound products in agriculture and particularly in vaccines (containing the ethyl mercury compound thimerosal). In this history autism remains a relatively rare condition until the 1980s and what might be called the international consequences of the US Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which enabled the US government-pharmaceutical complex to load the vaccine schedule with ever more mandated products, with other governments across the globe finding parallel strategies for expanding their schedules. What we then see is that autistic spectrum type brain injuries go on increasing to the present time though thimerosal itself was removed in the first half of the last decade in the United States and the United Kingdom.This is my comment to “Barry”:

My thought on this - as the vaccine program expands it continues to cause encephalopathies and random neurological damage on ever larger scale. What I am not seeing which seems to go back about a decade in the UK, following the removal of thimerosal (c. October 2004) is the toddlers who used to spin and flap, and walk on their toes, and it was like you used to see them every time you went to the shops, and now I haven't seen this for a very long time, and I am guessing this was the specific indicator. I don't know whether I am out on limb in making this observation. I would be quite interested to know what others think.

I do not know whether this is an original observation, but all I can say is that many readers will be familiar with symptoms which have accompanied autism but which are not part of its definition, and which seem to have the character of neurological symptoms. It may also be recalled how William Thompson in his telephone conversations with Brian Hooker was particularly troubled about the association of thimerosal with tics: spinning, flapping and tip-toeing goes beyond tics but was highly specific symptom of ASD which seems to have disappeared in the part of the world in which I live about a decade ago was highly characteristic before that, at least in the early stages of the condition. I wonder what our governments knew about this?

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.



Recently, at a Stanford Lyme Conference, presenting on Metabolomic Analysis of Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Dr Ron Davis, PHD, referenced this mercury study that is coincidentally also referenced by CHD.
I am just going by a slide, but it seems to say patients low in selenium, indoleproprionate, and T3, maybe related to increased mercury levels.

Jenny Allan

John it would be interesting to know if UK Regional Health Trusts were experiencing a decline in prescribing orthotic shoe inserts to children following the removal of Thiomersal in child vaccines around 2005. Of course tip-toeing would be lumped in with other 'gait' child conditions.

John Stone


It is a point - I don't know how it would signify. I think in the cases that there were so many issues that getting special shoes fitted would have been very low on the list of priorities, getting any shoes fitted at all was difficult enough.

Jenny Allan

Re tip toeing children:-
"whether a lot of health professionals knew something was going on. So, one might still pose the question what people knew."

John - tip-toeing in children IS a long standing recognised condition within the NHS and the shoe inserts are recognised orthotic appliances. Since a professional podiatric assessment is necessary and the inserts are 'made to measure' for each child, this treatment is quite expensive for the NHS.
The following links are (1) a GP referral guide and (2) the procedure following referral for a podiatric assessment. The condition most certainly should NOT be put down to ill fitting shoes.
"Orthopaedic and gait clinics
……The clinics also assess children who have developmental gait problems such as in-toeing gait, tip-toe gait and painful flat feet.

Treatment often includes provision of insoles or orthoses that are manufactured by our technicians in workshops at Amersham Hospital and the Brookside Clinic, Aylesbury. Insoles offer a combination of support and cushioning, whilst the custom-made orthoses are for more complex conditions."

John Stone


I think the problem retrospectively will be that documentation is sporadic and in confidential medical records - that is apart from in people's memories, which might be more reliable. But I felt - particularly based on my somewhat innocent conversations with professionals in the early days before 1998 - whether a lot of health professionals knew something was going on. So, one might still pose the question what people knew.

I doubt whether the shoe issue arose in many instances - it wasn't happening because of ill fitting shoes. It was something the children were doing and it could even look quite cute, if you did not know what it signified.


On the whole from the early days with Jenner I am more inclined to believe that the great driving force behind this was exploiting populations to make huge sums of money. This is not to say that there may not be people involved who relish the potential for depopulation but it is even more about rapacious corporations.


John ,thanks for responding. It is very serious indeed,but if that's the best the Commercialised closed ranks have to offer,well look at the state of their line up. All sloppy and dishevelled ,same as the vaccine health and safety risk assessments plus issues of failure re consent presumed verses actual.
Does this mean the Secretary's of State for health's standard of work is the same as the NHS .ie still some pockets of good practice going on and where it's good it's usually very good or excellent ,but where it's not you wouldn't want to be near it with a 10ft barge pole !
Vaccination risk assessments standards and "The green Book chapter ,line and verse " the basic standards are away tae hell in a handbasket!
Have you noticed how closely "Joined to the hip" Vaccination timeline is with [ Eugenics coined by Galton -Timeline-Eugenics Archives ] Chilling to the bare bone itself.

Jenny Allan

"The association of thimerosal with tics: spinning, flapping and tip-toeing goes beyond tics..........I wonder what our governments knew about this?"

Well they SHOULD know John, since the 'tiptoe walking' is usually helped by a special shoe insert; in the UK these are prescribed free to children following an assessment. I'm not sure how the NHS deals with the tics and flapping etc, but even if parents are told their children will 'grow out of it', there should be records kept somewhere. The numbers of child shoe inserts paid for and prescribed by the NHS, should be on record within each regional UK Health Authority.

John Stone


This, believe it or not, is the full text of the "regulation":


The Health Protection (Vaccination) Regulations 2009

Introductory Text
1.Citation, commencement, application and interpretation
2.Obligation on the Secretary of State to ensure implementation of JCVI recommendations
Explanatory Note

(This note is not part of the Regulations)

These Regulations place an obligation on the Secretary of State to make arrangements to ensure that qualifying recommendations of the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation with regard to provision of national vaccination programmes are implemented.

A full impact assessment has not been produced for this instrument as no impact on the private or voluntary sectors is foreseen.

More information is available here:

I also wrote about it in my article Pollard Tyrannos recently:


Hello John , that sounds terribly serious if an Act was passed in 2009 . Putting the Minister - Secretary fo State for Health in a pretty much impossible situation of having to accept advice of the JCVI .
Who is accountable and responsible for passing legislation like this ? That legislation sounds like a totally foresincially fondled "slice of work " from start to finish .
Is this 2009 Act available to read anywhere ?
" Ministers" on Ships , Boats , Clyde Puffers, and "Merchants for profits of vaccination vessels" are considered very unlucky Superstitiously right enough , but still considered bad luck?
The Vital Spark Series 3 Episode 6 The Wedding youtube 1974.
The Vaccination Science and Risk Assessments are definately more Para Handy than Para Celsus ,
On The Vital Spark , apparantely there was a diagnosis getting chucked about that the Ship's Engineer was an ACOUSTIC? I have never heard of yon diagnosis ever before ? Have you?

David Weiner


The government vaccine program can't be abolished until a critical mass of people recognize how dangerous and unnecessary it is. So clearly we have a lot more work educating others before this notion will be seriously considered. Still. it is crucial that we have the right end goal in mind. If we think that we can resolve this issue through reform of one variety or another, it will never get solved. We can't argue about the schedule, the ingredients, or which agency is responsible for what and expect to get at the root cause, which is a government program rooted in fraud and coercion. Like slavery and other institutional evils, it needs to be abolished

John Stone

David, Aimee

One thing is certainly true, once you have body like the ACIP in the US or the JCVI in the UK, both of which have a job to recommend vaccines to the schedule and extensive ties to industry, they will just go one recommending more not less products. It is also true that politicians love the idea of diseases being prevented, and also worried that they could be blamed for inactivity if a disease was to spread. There is nothing better that to leave it in the hands of experts who will never tell them anything but what they want to hear, which essentially are fairy stories. A senior politician told me at the time of the swine flu fiasco - even though I was pointing out that there was no possible way of telling that a rushed together vaccine was either safe or effective - that just doing nothing was not an option: better a harmful product than no product at all. It is actually a position of people who do not want to take responsibility despite being voted in to do so. Recently I documented again here just how silly it got.

Another thing that the UK Parliament did perhaps by coincidence in 2009 was place an act on the statute book putting the minister - Secretary of State for Health - in the role of having to accept the advice of the JCVI, and it was passed not because anyone ever voted for it, but apparently because no one ever challenged it: legislation by inertia - not only that, a law in itself which is likely illegal. I don't really think they have any understanding of the dangers or they can only be made to look at them for a few seconds. In 2013 the rules governing the JCVI were further relaxed, and recently as I recorded here the chairman seemed to be lobbbying for the committee to have dictatorial powers over citizens...for anyone who ever studied government or constitution this utterly surreal.

Aimee Doyle

@David - "we need to abolish the government vaccine program"

I agree that blame is not necessarily useful, but I think if one wants to effect change, then it's important to know who is turning which wheels and what entity really has the power. With the vaccine issue, it seems to me that pharma controls the conversation. Change is most likely to happen if you tackle a problem at the root.

How do you propose getting rid of the government vaccine program (which operates at both the state and the federal level), without dealing with pharma? I mean, maybe we could vote out the current Congressional and state lawmakers, but what would keep pharma from buying out the new candidates for office?

David Weiner


I agree that the pharmaceutical companies have played a major role in the evolution of the vaccine program. I, for one, am not really all that interested in trying to allocate the blame among the various parties.

The point, as I see it, is that it is very dangerous for a government TO HAVE a vaccine program. When it has such an apparatus, it is inevitable that special interests will seek to exploit it for their own purposes. If we really want to end all this murder and mayhem, we need to abolish the government vaccine program. We can never expect Pharma, or even the medical profession, to operate in an honorable manner.

John Stone


All of what you say is interesting, but the main issue I think is whether the features of toe walking, spinning and flapping receded with the removal of thimerosal while the possible burden of program increased in other respects - almost immediately speaking in the UK with the introduction of pneumococcal vaccine.

Jeanne J

Hi John and Fred,
"Autism is not as bad..." since the removal of thimerosal is not what I am saying. Although I may be seeing less toe-walking and hand flapping, I'm not sure that those features of autism indicate how severe the disorder is. Seeing a toddler, child or young adult display those behaviors certainly indicates to even those least-familiar with this disorder that they are probably looking at someone with autism. However, those behaviors can and do occur in the full range of the spectrum - low functioning to high functioning. I've worked with a very verbal student, on grade level in some areas, who constantly toe-walked. He had no aggressive behaviors. By the same token, I've worked with students who have none of the toe-walking and obvious hand flapping, but really intense sensory overload. They can go into severe meltdowns and trash rooms and people very easily. The toe-walker student went on to a more mainstreamed class. Most of the non toe-walking, sensory overload students need one-on-ones and often go to more restrictive public and private classes. I see the intense aggressive behaviors in autism continuing to be as bad, if not worse since the removal/decrease of mercury. I'd have to say that I think the CDC vaccine schedule of the '90s, with mercury-loaded vaccines may have swapped one presentation of autism, with a more behaviorally damaged presentation who have the prenatal shots and the tons more shots added on since 2000.

John Stone


I think there is more than a touch of wishful thinking from the politicians which enables this to happen - they want magical solutions - though possibly they are more corrupt and pusillanimous even that 1986. As I said the foundations for what happened globally with vaccines were set by the US vaccine injury act of 1986. Hitherto it was the country in which corporations could most successfully be sued, and other countries made their own arrangements.

Aimee Doyle

@John Stone -

And before the toxic government comes the toxic corporation. Not sure how it is in England, but in the US the pharmaceutical industry was behind the removal of liability and a bought Congress passed the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act in 1986. The American Medical Association - also bought by pharma - has been behind the effective removal of informed consent. Legally, we still have a requirement for informed consent (for medical procedures) in the US, but doctors need to actually provide the information and answer patient questions. With vaccines, that seldom happens.

Blaming politicians and the media will not be effective if pharma is still pulling the strings behind the curtain. US agencies like FDA and CDC are revolving doors for pharma executives. Look at the pharmaceutical ads in print, television, and on-line media, and you'll see why the media stays bought.

John Stone


Yes, that is what I am suggesting.

Frederic Chopin

So you're saying that because when you go to the shops and don't see toddlers spinning and flapping and standing on their toes anymore this indicates autism isn't as bad since the removal of thimerosal from vaccines in 2004?

John Stone


Absolutely agree - the toxic government comes first, the toxic products in their manifold permutations and accumulations are the result. You could ask for example why liability is a necessary feature of the market of products and why has it been removed? Why is informed consent a necessary feature of medicine and why has it been removed? In neither case is the answer a good one. Even on the most benign interpretation politicians were guilty of being delusional - of wanting to believe that some great benefit would derive from suspending all the basic rules of good government, and not the carnage that has evolved. If you did not think product liablility and informed consent were vital before, what better demonstration could you have that they are.

David Weiner

I find all of this discussion fascinating. While I applaud everyone who is trying to work out which factors are causing which health conditions (either individually or in combination), there is one aspect that troubles me.

These analyses could give others the impression that vaccine dissidents somehow need to present a solid case for exactly how vaccines are causing the problems that they produce. That is an impression we need to avoid. We should never let them lose sight of the fact that the burden of proof of vaccine safety lies upon those manufacturing, administering, scheduling, and mandating them.

We can never defeat vaccine tyranny by removal of certain chemicals. The only way it can be done is by removing the most toxic ingredient of them all, the governments that are approving, promoting, scheduling, mandating, and providing liability protection for these concoctions.

John Stone


One of the things which happened in the UK soon after the removal of thimerosal/thiomersal was the introduction of the pneumococcal vaccine. A major advocate was the politician Dr Evan Harris who had led the attack in the Sunday Times and the House of Commons on Andrew Wakefield.


The changes made were:

Aluminum before 6 years up.
Mercury before 6 years down.
Mercury age 6-18 up.
Asperger's merged with Autism
More Media attention.

This resulted in a net increase of children diagnosed with Autism.

John Stone

Jeanne J

Thank you for your comment. I think it fits the picture. I believe some were over optimistic that simply the removal of mercury in an ever expanding program would lead to some kind of resolution. I don't think that was ever going to be the scenario, and of course we have listened for years to the vaccine lobbyists pointing to the fact that autism didn't stop when the mercury was taken out. It didn't stop but the pattern of damage changed, became less bad in some respects but on the whole went on increasing (as we know from official figures). Apart from making even more money the lobby, of course, had to cover its tracks which is why I am pointing to the rise and fall of specific symptoms which we all saw. One of the things that mercury issue told us was what "they" were prepared to do, and to defend. They were even prepared to tell us like Dr Larson or Prof Pollard's Oxford Vaccine Group (thank you Jenny) that mercury - a substance known to be highly toxic for milennia - wasn't toxic at all when given in vaccines. Of course, we also saw this basic truth with Ginger Taylor's wonderfully comic interview with Shelley Hendrix yesterday. It was safe to inject a baby with mercury containing flu vaccine on the plaza in front of the CDC but if squeezed out on the plaza itself it was a heinous act of Homeland terrorism!

This is surreal bureaucratic lunacy.

Jenny Allan

John Stone responded to me :-"I believe the mercury was out of UK flu vaccine until the Swine Flu fiasco of 2009 and was out again by 2012 but I don't have chapter and verse - that is if you believe anything they say."

I strongly advise persons to NOT believe all the weasel words being put out almost exclusively by something called the "Vaccine Knowledge Project –Information for all" based at the University of Oxford, the domain of the vaccine promoting ubiquitous Professor Pollard.

From above:-"Thiomersal is a mercury-based preservative used in tiny quantities in some vaccines to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi which can contaminate from the environment when the vaccine is opened.
Most single-dose vaccines do not contain thiomersal because they are used only once and so there is very little risk of contamination. However, some vaccines are produced in multi-dose vials. There are two reasons for this: they are cheaper, and they are easier to produce quickly in large quantities in the event of an epidemic. Tiny quantities of thiomersal are often used in multi-dose vaccines to stop them becoming contaminated once they are opened."

As David M Burd points out multi dose vials of flu jabs are commonly administered, both in the UK and US complete with a full complement of mercury. Even if, as is claimed by the 'Vaccine Knowledge Project' this season's UK adult flu vaccines are mercury free, UK Health Boards will be using up stocks of mercury containing vaccines before administering new supplies.

From the same above link:- "Thiomersal was removed from UK vaccines between 2003 and 2005, and is no longer found in any of the childhood or adult vaccines routinely used in the UK.............( Yes - it was removed from child vaccines after 2005 but NOT adult ones-weasel words)......

In the US, UK and Europe, thiomersal was removed from vaccines as a precaution. ( Again only child vaccines and NOT those child vaccines destined for the third world) This was in line with the global goal of reducing environmental exposure to mercury from all sources. However, there was no evidence that thiomersal in vaccines caused harm. Thiomersal contains a compound called ethyl mercury, but concern about mercury in the environment has centred on a different compound called methyl mercury, which accumulates in the food chain and in the human body. Studies have shown that the ethyl mercury in thiomersal does not appear to accumulate in the bodies of even very small babies. It is cleared from the blood in 30 days, and the evidence suggests that it is passed out in the baby’s stool (poo). See more information about these studies.
The World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA, previously EMEA) have both stated that there is no evidence of risk from thiomersal in vaccines. Read the WHO statement and the EMA statement . There is also detailed information about the safety of thiomersal on the US Food and Drug Administration's pages .
A recent Australian study of over a million children found no evidence of a link between thiomersal in vaccines and autism development."

The following UK National Health Service information from 2016 states:-
"Vaccination ingredients
Thiomersal (mercury) in vaccines
Thiomersal is a preservative that contains small amounts of mercury. It's used to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi in the vaccine.
High doses of mercury can be toxic to the brain and other organs. However, no harmful effects have been linked with the level of thiomersal used in the small amounts present in vaccines.
Although there have been concerns in the past that vaccines that contain thiomersal can cause autism, there is no scientific evidence that this is the case.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated there is no risk from thiomersal in vaccines – read the WHO statement in full.
Thiomersal is no longer used in any of the vaccines routinely given to babies and young children in the NHS childhood immunisation programme."

All very reassuring -if as John says "if you believe anything they say."

Jeanne J

I have really thought about your observation of the change in presentation of autism. My experience as an OT in special ed has spanned from 1980 - 2016. I would have to say that over the last few years, I have seen less and less students who toe-walked, spun around and flapped their hands. I have also seen less textbook echolalia. But, some of these symptoms are present in more subtle ways. Instead of hand flapping, I see stereotyped movement of the hands in front of the face. And not so much echolalia, but, I still see a lot of confusion with or reversal of pronouns. I'm guessing that it could be the removal of mercury from the vaccines and some awareness of pregnant women not to eat mercury-laden fish. But, I think it may also be that for a lot of these kids, with early intervention of OT, PT and speech services, and giving sensory strategies for parents and teachers, some of these symptoms are benefitting from how our brain can re-route around faulty connections, and rewire more efficient ones. But, this needs to take place in those early pre-school years for some with autism symptoms to have the best outcome. I still see poor eye contact, auditory hypersensitivity and general sensory overload, along with all the other medical and behavioral issues. It may also be due to less mercury, more aluminum. Who knows? Your question did make me go back and look at that original work that Generation Rescue and SafeMinds did back in 1999 - 2001 - Autism: A Novel Form of Mercury Poisoning. Their charts on mercury poisoning vs. autism included the toe-walking and hand flapping. Below is the link to the full text.

david m burd

PS to my prior post, referring to "pediatric doses" of the flu vaccine here in the U.S.

I accidentally omitted to explain that the vast majority of "pediatric" .25 ml flu vaccine doses are actually taken from 5.0 ml multi-dose vials, these multi-dose vials having being full of Thimerosal, equating to 25 micrograms of mercury for the .50 ml dose, and 12.5 micrograms of mercury for the pediatric .25 ml vaccine vaccine dose.

And, then at the magical age of 36 months, the CDC say to give the .50 ml vaccine dose to youngest of kids, and even TWO doses of the vaccine if such kids have not been flu-vaccinated before!

IT'S BEYOND INSANITY: - 3-year old children being twice-injected within one month, with a horribly toxic vaccine that is but given once a year to a 200 pound adult (if they are ignorant enough to get it)! AND, every year thereafter, these children are injected EVERY YEAR with this criminal idiocy. All this is shown by the Flu Vaccine Industry Makers when detailed per their doses manufactured and distributed.

david m burd

@ Jenny Allen, I'm quite sure my mother here in the USA was destroyed by her yearly flu vaccine for 15+ years because she had faith in her doctor giving her the flu shot (fully loaded with 25 micrograms of mercury - and still here in 2017 in the U.S.). In fact here in the U.S. in 2017 the vast majority of flu shot still contain 25 micrograms of mercury, with a small sub-segment of "pre[filled" .50 ml vials having/claimed to have but 1 microgram of mercury (still having 3,000 quadrillion atoms of mercury).

Additionally, the vast majority of "pediatric" .25 ml doses still have 12.5 micrograms of mercury, and are started at 6 months, again at 7 months. This is best shown by the honest statistics published by the Health Industry Distribution Association with their annual flu vaccine production figures; an example is the 2015-2016 detailing such doses. Particularly, review the pie charts.

For these 2015-2016 specific "flu seasons" our CDC has completely lied, claiming but a small percentage of U.S. flu shots still have mercury. BUT, this is completely contradicted by the Flu Vaccine makers own reporting. And, this has continued to right now, for the 2017-2018 flu season.

As to having fewer children in public displaying classic autistic behavior, I can only say that it is very evident many young children (in public places) are certainly not "bright and lively" and without, healthy curious dispositions, and appear dull-eyed and sickly. I have little doubt this lack of "healthiness" is due to the toxic onslaught of the U.S. Immunization Schedule.


Some years back, when the internet was fairly new and message boards were trendy, I would read the Yahoo messages about mercury and autism.

I remember many, many mothers talking about the startling blonde hair of their children. In families where everyone else had dark hair.

Even though, later, that child's hair did in many cases become the "family color" -- it started out quite light. Or in some cases, such a pale yellow it seemed almost white.

I have thought for some time now that probably the light color was from the sulfur-bonded-to-mercury (or bonded to whichever heavy metal or other unwanted substance).

Apparently lead is harder to get rid of than mercury. And cadmium (from cigarette smoke, industrial plants, and other places) seems to be the hardest of all. Cadmium is last to come out?

The consensus was that they were "blonde angels." That's a description that can stick in your brain. How many blonde angels have you known personally? Did their hair eventually become the "real" color it would be genetically?


I agree that society is seeing fewer of the flapping, spinning, toe-walking children hammered by vaccine mercury near the turn of the millennium.

Apropos of Hans’s comment on Pink disease:
David Kirby’s 2013 Autism File article interviewed Australian survivors of Pink disease, caused by mercury-laden teething & worming powders. Support group founder Heather Thiele told Kirby that she walked on “tippy-toes” until she was 10.

Kirby’s article is archived at the SafeMinds website, along with their must-see 22-minute documentary “From Acrodynia to Autism: Mercury Across Generations, More Evidence of Harm.” Victims’ reports of devastating health damage from mercury were excerpts of lengthy and heartbreaking interviews, many of which I transcribed (with a box of tissues nearby).

Official reports state that 1 in 500 children given mercury-based calomel products developed Pink disease, with deaths [under?] estimated in 10% to 33% of cases.


I would have to say that I agree with your observations.

My autistic son was born in 2005 and did not have the symptoms of hand-flapping, spinning, or toe-walking. His older brother (2003) is not autistic, but did have toe-walking. Both had all their vaccines until around 2007. Testing showed that both of them had elevated mercury and very elevated lead. Their mercury probably came from me and the food supply primarily, rather than vaccines. My autistic son developed language with pragmatic language delays and did have a short period of echolalia. He is definitely not considered severe on the spectrum regarding stereotypical symptoms like these. The stereotypical symptoms he did have (such as stimming and sensory issues, particularly sound issues) disappeared with biomedical treatment like high vitamin A and chelation.

His severity was in behavioral issues. In retrospect, most of those behavioral issues were related to crippling OCD/anxiety. At 12, he currently looks like a youngster with OCD/anxiety. Most people would not "see" his autism diagnosis outside of that. Likewise, when I am out and about, I see less of the stereotypical autistic behaviors and more of the behavioral issues. I'm not saying there aren't as many children with ASD, I am just saying they seem to present differently, like my son.


Remember that male infants experience a testosterone surge in the first six months of life, during which their testosterone levels are temporarily in the hundreds, before dropping back down into single and double digits and remaining thus until puberty. High testosterone may have the potential to make mercury many times more toxic, at least in vulnerable individuals. I believe it is during that first six months in which the thimerosol injections are most toxic for children, particularly male children. It may be that we are seeing less stereotypical autistic behavior now because male infants are by and large being spared thimerosol exposure until their testosterone levels drop back down to levels that do not potentiate mercury toxicity.

John Stone


I believe the mercury was out of UK flu vaccine until the Swine Flu fiasco of 2009 and was out again by 2012 but I don't have chapter and verse - that is if you believe anything they say.


Jenny Allan

It's interesting in the UK to read mercury (thiomersal) has now been completely removed from the 2017-18 adult flu jab. As recently as August, UK Government vaccine information web pages have defended the use of ethyl mercury compounds in adult vaccines.
From above:-
None of the adult flu vaccines to be used in the UK in the 2017-2018 season contain the preservative thiomersal (mercury).

There has definitely been a change of heart within the UK Government health departments and this seems to be quite a sudden decision. Perhaps the soaring incidences of senile dementia amongst the over 65s, who get a free annual flu and pneumonia jab, is being noted and is causing concern. I believe the uptake is high amongst the qualifying age group, but there's no doubt Alzheimers is taking its toll on the NHS, with a shortage of nursing homes, causing extensive bed blocking in hospitals; demented old persons having nowhere else to go. In the UK the state can seize a person's assets to pay for their nursing home care, but this soon runs out making the state totally liable for all costs.

Donna L.

I wonder if ARI has info/statistics on whether flapping/spinning/toe-walking has decreased over the past decade? Anyone know if the ATEC evaluations we used to do through ARI had questions pertaining to these particular behaviors? I can't for the life of me remember...

John Stone

Thank you everybody for your interesting comments. Of course, mercury is always toxic however it is absorbed into the body contrary to Heidi Larson of the Vaccine Confidence Project, LSHTM, Bill and Melinda Gates, the WHO etc.

The question I am raising is specific to the symptoms and how the mercury is received ie thimerosal/thiomersal by vaccination in the first months of infancy which mostly seems to have stopped in the US and the UK, as do these symptoms, but I am only guessing on the basis of what I am observing casually. Toddlers with these symptoms seem to me to have been a common sight up until about a decade ago, and don't seem to be now. But it may well be that other people have observed other trends.

cia parker

You're right. When I read Evidence of Harm and first saw the chart comparing the symptoms of autism and mercury poisoning, I was struck by very odd things like hand and arm flapping, toe walking, echolalia, and pronoun reversal, being on both sides of the chart. When Cecily was little, a chill went through me when I noticed her running in the park flapping her hands in the air. I spent some time thinking whether it were just natural to do that for balance. She didn't do the toe walking. But when she finally started to speak at nearly three years old (after having her only words erased when she got the DTaP booster in November 2001, and being diagnosed with autism two months later), in baby repeated syllables like mama, tata, baba, and so on, she also for many months reversed pronouns, just repeating the "you" from a question I asked in her answer. Do you want a cookie? You want cookie. And when she was four, she did the echolalia. A cartoon she watched had a mother kangaroo putting her joey to bed, with a sweet dialogue between them which went on for a couple of minutes. And Cecily would repeat the entire dialogue word for word every evening. Without, however, being able to separate the words from that context and use them with other words in new contexts.

Any vaccine has always been capable of causing encephalitic brain damage, and I agree that it is the huge number given now, starting at the hospital at birth (insanity unless the mother tests positive for the core Hep-B pathogen), which is causing so much autism, etc. And it also may be that in those of us extremely sensitive to vaccine mercury, even the trace amounts still in most vaccines are enough to cause autism, etc., especially since usually many are given.

Dan said a few years ago that he thought the autism then occurring in the younger, mercury-free (or greatly reduced) children, was milder that that caused by vaccine mercury. I guess we'll have to wait and see, and see if the younger autists have more success in becoming independent than the mercury generation.

Jeannette Bishop

Maybe relevant to hand flapping and toe-walking, I remember an autism parent posting somewhere that he had been using some kind of mercury vapor measuring device and the places on the body he tended to get highest readings of mercury coming off were the hands and the feet, usually seeing increases after eating fish. Does the mercury tend to accumulate is these body parts and/or are these locations of higher excretion (assuming that ability is not compromised)?

And speculation regarding spinning, does it increase distribution or movement of mercury (possibly among other things) in the body? Though it may directly relieve or shift sensory overload/awareness. I've got some tinnitus going on right now that has me ready to try spinning (if only to sort of override my awareness of the mosquito swarm stuck in my ear for a few seconds), but maybe I need some mercury to get moving, too?


As a teacher, I think that Mr. Stone's observation is correct. The stereotypical autistic behavior (flapping, spinning, tip-toeing, tics) does indeed appear to have faded in the past 10 years. What we are still seeing in vast numbers are ADHD (which really looks more and more like an actual movement disorder, in boys in particular), visual processing disorders, and speech disorders. The children who are being identified as autistic increasingly do not look like typical cases of autism; in fact, they look more like typical cases of general brain injury. This is just my observation as a teacher. Clearly, there is still something terribly wrong with the vaccine program here in the U.S. But I do think that fewer children getting large doses of thimerosol in the first 6 months of life may be leading to fewer cases of stereotypical autism.


Same thing
A tic could be nothing more a blink that is a little bit more rapid than normal, or keeping their eyes close longer between blinks.

Perhaps some throat clearing, or a snuff every once in a while. Probably allergies.

However hand flapping and obsessed with spinning wheels and such is just not normal for little kids.
Harder for a pediatrician with his head up his rear end to as I saw written on my son's medical record of "Today's visit was mostly about a reassurance visit"

Then we get into OCD. ? So they wash their hands till they bleed, perhaps the parent taught it to them and made them crazy that way? Wash those hands, you might have touched a countertop that once upon a time had some raw chicken on it. Wash those hands cause who knows if the last person that touched that shopping cart; picked their nose? You are always catching something; wash your hands.
But I pretty sure that I did not teach hoarding which some fancy psychology says is wanting to keep everything. No, no, no; it is really not hoarding; just the inability to pick up and throw away as you go.
Most of those hoarders on TV have trash mixed in with stuff they threw down on the floor among all of their clothes that they did not bother to hang up. And I am pretty sure they are not hoarding dirty dishes, just finished their meal and left it where it was.

Which according to a lot of health workers that go into lots of other people's homes - is epidemic in this county. They have difficulty finding the the elderly patients because of all their kids and grand kids empty water bottles. Where is Waldo?

Then there is the inability to save any money cause they are now all grown up and off on their own - kind of. I have a friend that has a smart son that works for the state as an environmentalist. Not married, has an apartment. She has to regularly go in and help him on rent.

How can you spend 1000 dollar and have it charged to your credit card and it is - I tunes?

Does the DSM have a category in it yet that would include the mental anguish of people that have seen something wrong in society, tells the truth, or tries too, tries to warn, and every one thinks these people are coo-coo "that interesting friend"?

Better yet does DSM have any treatments? I need to go in and get some treatment. Oh wait, I however have a clue and can save a couple of dimes, and just suck it up.

Cause my friends - that call me interesting - they are going to find they are not off the hook.


Childhood iatrogenic mercury poisoning did not start with Thimerosal and Autism.

Before the 1950's we had Pink's disease and mercury containing teething powders which were replaced by Autism and Thimerosal.

While Thimerosal was removed in early 2000 from childhood vaccines it was added to the vaccine schedule for 6-18 year olds via flu vaccines.

History has taught us that if a toxins is removed it will be replaced by something even worse.

Angus Files

I see less of it as well John,my own son was a one step one spin -one step one spin and could walk 30 yards like that seemingly not affected by disorientation staggering in any way and kept a straight line.I used to let him do it in a quiet car park just to see if he would get dizzy -not a chance.I still see him doing it very rarely and his eyes you can see sort of adjusting after the spin as if he is regaining his sense of balance and being which never happened before his eyes were always fixed straight in his head and didn't boggle side to side as a normal persons did.
We took him to a specialist on balance and ears who recommended to us an IKEA chair which looked like an egg but sat on a `lazy susan` which allowed it to be spun .The exercise we had to do 20 mins a day was to spin it 360 degrees then stop in one direction then 360 degrees in the opposite direction.This was to get the eye muscles working when we stopped the chair it was to get the eye to stop which we did diligently.Whether it had any difference on him we never seen it but we did that until the chair broke.

I haven't seen anyone of late over the past 8 years spinning I have video of him standing on a chair spinning falling from the chair climbing onto the table spinning being taken off the table only to continue spinning on the floor until he crashed into the armchair and at that point we would usually distract him poor lad with something(the joys).I am seeing more young children in wheelchairs and more are physically disabled.I see a lot of Cerebral Palsy CP and if you ever look at the pictures from the book the Minimata Bay thats, cerebral palsy the contortion of once normal limbs from the mercury.

Pharma for Prison


bob moffit

"Mark and Dan specifically associated the arrival of the condition with the introduction of mercury compound products in agriculture and particularly in vaccines (containing the ethyl mercury compound thimerosal"

History is replete with incidences of serious health consequences following the introduction of toxic chemicals or substances ..such as .. lead .. tobacco ... pesticides ... on and on. In almost every instance .. it required decades .. due to the "denial" policies of manufacturers .. to overcome mounting evidence of the "link" between the toxins and the serious health consequences being suffered by the people.

The worst case seems to be thimerosal .. a form of mercury ... long known as a crippling toxic substance to humans .. which remains today in some vaccines.


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