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America: The Med-er Capital of the World

Pill gunMeds and murder. In 2004, Dan Olmsted wrote a ground breaking series with Mark Benjamin about the malaria drug Lariam - and its association with murder suicides. You can read the series here from UPI.   Eight years later, Dan was Editor of Age of Autism and wrote "The Kill Pill Murder, Madness, and the Army's Mefloquine Cover-up" for our readers.  This week, we suffered the worst mass shooting in our nation's history. Even worse than Orlando and Sandy Hook (a mere 15 miles from my home.) Sandy Hook had a particular horror in that so many school children were murdered by Adam Lanza.

The Las Vegas shooter was said to be a wealthy man, no notable mental health issues, "successful."  And he was prescribed valium in June.  We at Age of Autism believe firmly that pharma is behind the autism epidemic. And I believe pharma is behind our gun violence epidemic.  It's time to demand the medical records of every single shooter since Columbine. Compare them. Forget  medical privacy.

Medications and toxin laden vaccinations are changing the American mind from toddlers to Seniors. Better diagnosis? In a pig's eye. Doctors have turned a blind eye to the havoc their peddling for pharma has wrought.

My point in sharing this article is NOT to begin a discussion on gun control - pro or con. If you can make a comment that includes your opinion without rancor toward each other we'll approve it.  But no verbal bullets, OK?  Thanks. Kim


Stephen Paddock, who killed at least 58 people and wounded hundreds more in Las Vegas on Sunday with high-powered rifles, was prescribed an anti-anxiety drug in June that can lead to aggressive behavior, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has learned.

Records from the Nevada Prescription Monitoring Program obtained Tuesday show Paddock was prescribed 50 10-milligram diazepam tablets by Henderson physician Dr. Steven Winkler on June 21.

A woman who answered the phone at Winkler’s office would not make him available to answer questions and would neither confirm nor deny that Paddock was ever a patient.

Paddock purchased the drug — its brand name is Valium — without insurance at a Walgreens store in Reno on the same day it was prescribed. He was supposed to take one pill a day.

Diazepam is a sedative-hypnotic drug in the class of drugs known as benzodiazepines, which studies have shown can trigger aggressive behavior. Chronic use or abuse of sedatives such as diazepam can also trigger psychotic experiences, according to

Read more at Las Vegas Review


Jeannette Bishop

I certainly agree we are the Med-er capital of the the world. Much like we don't have the truth from the corporate media (and some "alternative" media) on some crimes on which we know they ignore and misdirect, I'm not sure we have anything like the truth on the high profile mass-violence events in this country, or really worldwide. I would say to be careful not to reward more power to those who view crises as opportunity with more power over our lives.

Carolyn M


The word "silencer" is actually a misnomer. The more correct term is "suppressor".

A suppressor does not eliminate the sound of the gunshot. It will somewhat reduce the sound - however, the sound can still be heard easily even with hearing protection. People at the festival would still have been able to hear the sound of the gunshots.

The much more relevant factors in this tragedy (from what I have read so far) is that Paddock was shooting from an elevated position into a crowd of people and that those people had very limited possible exits from the area. The elevated position would probably also have limited the options for taking cover.


That was ColUmbine. But while I'm here:

[Full disclosure, I am "anti-gun", as in - just like I am in favor of the repeal,of the NVICA - that would be the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act - the Act, ACt, ACT (sorry, had to go there because of Schiff's "resolution"), that indemnifies, INDEMNIFIES!!! the vaccine industry- INDUSRTRY - did I say INDUSTRY loudly enough, and just like I am in favor of the repeal of Citizens United - I am in favor of repealing the 2nd Amendment, AMendment.....ok you get it (and sorry, no haters please].

So I feel compelled to repeat what my PRO-2nd Amendment, AMendment ( it funny yet? - ok, never mind) husband just said to me. He just said, "Can you imagine if Paddock had a silencer (because gun silencers came up in the Congress) - no one would be able to GET OUT OF THE WAY because they wouldn't be able to hear what was going on"

How many children in this world have not been able to "get out of the way" because their Mothers, MOthers, MOThers, MOTHers, MOTHErs, MOTHERs, MOTHERS!!!!! (moving now from an attempt at humor, to an attempt toward relevance?] were silenced?



"It's time to demand the medical records of every single shooter since Colimbine"

Truer words could not be written! Thank you so much Kim!!!


These people are toxic, plain and simple. We as a country are so far off the mark as far as treatment goes that it is criminal. Stuffing someone with chemicals will never fix the real problem and living year after year with immense suffering can result in disaster. There is virtually no medical work up for psych issues. Even hypothyroidism can cause severe depression and psychosis. Abram Hoffer, who passed away a few years ago, wrote books about curing schizophrenia with mega vitamin therapy. He was an MD, PH.D. and very credible. If someone in your family has these issues I would look at his books and check out thyroid and heavy metal problems. Also test for celiac disease. People need to approach these issues as medical problems. The psychological stuff is secondary and will go away if the chemistry is rebalanced. Oh, and don't buy them any guns for Christmas.
Also I believe the mercury in flu shots and the environment can be a huge cause or contributor. Even the birds tested, I read in one study, have increasing levels of mercury.

Sharon Kistler

Dr. Peter Breggin, psychiatrist named "the conscience of psychiatry, wrote a Psych Alert that he has unconfirmed reports that in addition to Valium (a benzodiazepine), Paddock may also have been prescribed an SSRI.

I understand that this story is more complicated than the lone shooter of Paddock, however. There are numerous videos showing at least 3 floors of the Mandalay with open windows and shooters. ISIS has claimed responsibility and theories have been discussed that the FBI was unwittingly involved in selling illegal firearms to ISIS members here in the U.S. I hope that this is not the reason that the mainstream news seems to pin the entire mass shooting on Paddock when there is a plethora of evidence to the contrary.

Maureen McDonnell, RN

As a pediatric RN for more than 35 years, and someone who has been challenging our broken medical system's over-reliance on and dominance by the pharmaceutical industry, I wrote this article regarding the negative effects these psycho-active drugs are having on our children and adults and how many of these drugs were prescribed to the individuals who committed many of these out of character heinous crimes including the horrific mass shootings The article is titled- Stop the Insanity! The Over Drugging of a Nation and it can be found on my website Saving Our Kids, Healing Our Planet

bob moffit

From Web MD site:

"Some people, especially children and young adults, may be more likely to have suicidal thoughts when they take SSRIs. Studies show that when compared to results from taking a placebo, chances of having suicidal thoughts doubled -- from between 1% and 2% to between 2% and 4% -- when taking any kind of antidepressant, including an SSRI. If you have thoughts of hurting yourself while taking an SSRI, call 911."

I was surprised the "warning" did not include thoughts of homicide as well as suicide? After all .. it is one thing to recommend calling 911 if you have "thoughts of hurting yourself" .. but .. how many are going to call 911 if they are having "thoughts of hurting others".

In any event .. just like vaccines are always dismissed as "coincidental" .. rather than "causation" of the otherwise unexplained dramatic increase in chronic autoimmune disorders that were far less common in all previous ... less vaccinated generations .. so too is the same "coincidental" excuse used to dismiss SSRI's as a major contributing "causation" in the dramatic increase in suicides and homicides today.

When last reported ... there were 22 SUICIDES A DAY .. by active and retired members of the US military .. and .. as far as I know .. the "causation" of this tragic phenomenon .. in study after study .. remains "unknown" I think it safe to assume if SSRI's are playing a major role in the extraordinary high rate of military suicides .. just like vaccines .. the public will never learn of it.

Somehow there is ALWAYS an alternative .. plausible denial .. ready to dismiss ANY causal relationship with pharmaceutical products .. such as .. today's growing AWARENESS of football concussions being the "causation" of so many former NFL players committing "suicide" as a result of their football injuries. Never mentioned is the fact that many .. if not most of these tragic individuals .. were either taking prescribed SSRI's or had stopped taking them in the months before they ended their lives. No .. it's the football concussions .. PERIOD.

How about doing the very same "brain imaging studies" they have done extensively on former football players ... on military suicide victims .. to see if they have similar brain damage through the prescribed use of SSRI's?

I won't be holding my breath awaiting that study.

david m burd

I am sure the majority of American families over the last 30 years have experienced great grief, family disintegration, and countless suicides DIRECTLY caused by literally billions of psychotropic (brain-altering) drugs dispensed like M&M's - by America's indoctrinated "doctors" who never bear any responsibility.

All of this is abetted by a Mainstream Media who have REFUSED to connect virtually all of the last decades of mass killings to the psychotropic drugs the killers have been "legally" prescribed. I speak on this with sad family experience.

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