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Adult Vaccines: Got Yours?

Good Luck with VaccinesBy Cathy Jameson

Flu-shot advertising stays up year-round.  You can’t miss it.  Commercials, magazine adverts, signage in grocery stores and outside of big box stores, it’s the one vaccine that seems to get the most limelight.  Several times over the last few weeks I’ve been asked if I want the flu shot.  I’m used to that question and have a standard polite response for the person asking me, “Thanks, but no.”  After years of being able to keep my reply that simple, I didn’t have the option of doing so last month. 

At two separate clinics in recent weeks, I was asked not if I wanted a flu shot but when I actually had a flu shot administered.  Not only that, they wanted to know if I had had other vaccines as well.  Worse, it wasn’t a verbal response they wanted from me.  I was asked to enter the information on an intake form during the check-in process. 

What on earth?

For one of the appointments, I was checking in to see an orthopedist.  He, and his practice, have had nothing to do with vaccines in the past.  They’ve always specialize in bones, joints, and orthopedic disorders and injuries, never vaccines.  Why would they care what, if any, vaccines I have had?

Cj chart

I’m hearing that dental offices are asking similar questions.  So are eye clinics, too.  Adults, be aware.  You’re next! 

I knew a push on adults was coming.  The updated adult recommended schedule boasts as bloated a schedule as the pediatric one.  Since I have future appointments with the orthopedist, as well as with another specialist for an issue that has yet to be resolved, I want to read up on one more push that I’ve also been hearing about—standing orders At quick glance, I can see that standing orders was not created for my best interest but for mainstream medicine’s. 

For years now, I’ve known what to say when asked about my kids’ shot records.  Only recently have I had to protect and defend my own.  In the past, the kind nurses who’ve worked with Ronan’s specialists, including one of our favorite nurses,  don’t give me a hard time, “…looked up from the computer and apologized for asking, ‘I'm so sorry to have to ask you that.  You know I respect your decision, but I can't get to the next screen without answering this prompt...’  I thanked her.  Other nurses have not been so kind, so I smiled and said, ‘I understand.  Ronan doesn’t need a flu shot today, thank you.’”

I wonder how long I’ll be able to continue to say that though.  That nurse expected my “No, never, thank you.” answer and has maintained a polite and respectful demeanor toward me and Ronan.  Other providers, as well as the local pharmacist, haven’t been so kind or understanding.  The shock.  The hard stare.  The looking me up and down and judging me silently speaks volumes.  

A few weekends ago, I had to go in and talk the pharmacist about some changes to Ronan’s coverage.  After discussing the business I came in to discuss, she tried to sell me a flu shot.

Pharmacist:  Do you (and the kids) want a flu shot?

Me, with a look of horror on my face:  Oh, no!  We don’t do those.

The pharmacist had a matching look of horror on her face.  Poor soul was speechless!  She had no idea what to say to me.  I guess she doesn’t get too many no thank you (or no way!) replies like mine.  As she fumbled for words, I smiled.  Then, I took my children’s hands and walked out of the store.  I was lucky that time.  I have not always been able to confidently walk away from vaccine conversations as quickly nor as easily. 

While accompanying a family member to the Emergency Room not too long ago, I was asked about his vaccine status.  Between the two of us, he and I were asked no less than 7 times if he was vaccinated.  The triage nurse was most concerned if he was up-to-date with the Tetanus shot (which, mind you, is usually never a stand-alone shot).  Seven times the reply was “Yes.”  Each time afterward, she got a new reply until she stopped asking. 

“He’s all set.” 




Is she deaf??

“Uh, yes.”


That encounter reminded me of all the times that I’ve been asked about Ronan and the flu shot.  The flu shot is one of the vaccines he reacted negatively to.  Being reminded of what it did to my son brings me to a deep, dark place.  I don’t like that feeling, so when I’ve been asked, I deflect the question with a simple answer: 

“Has he had the flu shot?”

Oh, that’s easy. 

“Yes! He has.”

I never had to provide a date of when, just that yep, he sure did get that shot. 

Lately, the questions have been more directed, “Has he had a flu shot this season?”  Or, “Have you gotten the seasonal flu shot for him?” And, “When did he get the flu shot?”

Even with how pointed the questions are becoming I won’t lie.  Instead, I redirect the nurse or the medical staff person asking the question back to why we’re in their office.  “Oh, I’ll talk to the pediatrician about that.  So, his latest problems are…,” I start to say if we’re with a specialists.  Being honest, while also reminding the person I’m speaking to why we’re in their presence—which is to be seen for the issue at hand, has helped.  I won’t let them put me in a corner or talk me into something Ronan doesn’t need.  They don’t like it, but I make sure that I stand my ground. 

Last week, when it was my turn to be the patient again, I had trouble speaking up when I was cornered about vaccines.  “I’ll discuss it with my doctor,” was the response I gave while in 10+ pain that knocked me off my feet and landed me on a stretcher late one night.  Later, while waiting to be seen by the ER doctor, I was asked, “Have you had the flu shot?”  and “Is your tetanus shot up-to-date?”  I thought, the only time that information would be relevant would be if the intense pain I was in was the direct result of the flu shot or the tetanus shot.  But asking vaccine status has become standard, and I knew I had to be careful with my responses.  Alone, with intense pain at 3:00 in the morning with no one to answer for me, I had to remain coherent and also confident in my answer. “I’m up-to-date,” was my reply.  It worked.  This time. 

I love that Dr. Eisenstein offered me advice on this very topic.  I’m paraphrasing the wise words he shared with me during a phone call from a few years ago:  “Cathy, you are the parent.  Ronan is your child.  You be in charge of what happens to him, including in the exam room.  If someone asks you if your child is up-to-date on shots, he is.  Because he’s as up-to-date as YOU want him to be.”  Ronan is up-to-date according to the schedule, my schedule.  I don’t see specialists nearly as often as my vaccine-injured son does, but I will take that same advice:  I am up-to-date according to my schedule as well. 

I’m going to be keeping a close eye on which other of our usual medical clinics and providers start asking about vaccine status.  If I need to shop around for new places, I pray that I’ll find people who leave vaccines out of it and stick to their specialty.  The bone doc I have is a great bone doc.  As far as I know, he’s qualified in only one area – orthopedics.  I would never expect him to counsel me on anything but orthopedic-specific issues.  If he tries, or if his office staff attempts to bully me or worse, kick me out of the practice for not playing their games, I will go elsewhere.  I just hope that should I have to go elsewhere, the new group will work with me and respect my view on this topic.  One’s health care should not be compromised, withheld, or denied because of their vaccine status or beliefs.  I know that’s become a trend, but it’s just not how modern medicine should be practiced. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 


david m burd

MontanaNAR -- You've NAILED IT. Thank you.


It is a human right to have a "natural immune system."

This means to undergo infections (let's not call them diseases) such as measles, mumps, German measles, colds, flu, etc., and to build antibodies naturally and provides lifelong immunity.

Let us be allowed to build our own strong immune systems.

We must emphasize this to ourselves, "health" professionals, our families, the media, etc.

Big Pharma wants to own all of our immune systems. Let's not give them the right to do so.

(Maybe someone more clever than my aged, dementia brain can state this better than I can.)

david m burd

@MontanaNAR, (and All),

The "vaccine excxipients" list is pages long, and is easily found: Just put in your web search line "cdc vaccine excipients". IF you really want an education on the dangers of these excipients, just enter any individual excipient and "toxicity" into your search engine, and you'll find a World of Toxic Hell being injected into America's babies and children (and into everyone for that matter).

Along with the U.S. Child Immunization Schedule, this Vaccine Excipients List combine to be the most destructive documents in history.


A very good observational description of the state of the current standards or sub-standards in basic communication and record keeping . Article raises serious issues about basic consent, about what private or personal information is disclosed or held within paper or electronic medical records.
"Standing Orders " That need ear marked ,ring fenced ,dove tailed, and spearheaded right to the spot. there is going to be a top to tail scoping exercise taking place those" standing orders" are about to go full tilt sideways for sure. [Failed risk assessment over streamlining for stoogies]
Would the public accept the same "standing orders" from the banking industry or financial sector in general . I don't think so somehow?.Not unless they think the public have got "GULLIBLE MUGS!" tattooed across their foreheads. The "standing order " example in this article needs another tick box addition for assessment purposes ie Vaccine history yes, no ,or not disclosed simple as that.
Good Luck! with your medical records folks. Have you got a copy of yours?because we have got a copy of ours going right back to 1929 . Information Comissioners are chock-a-block busy with very serious complaints about sub-standard assessments and current systematic chaos/errors in electronic medical records . Would you trust your bank with your money without bank statements ?

Grace Green

I agree that we need to start getting seriously out spoken, in a polite and respectful way, when these questions are asked. Let's see it as them giving us an opportunity to tell our stories. Pretend we're talking to Polly! It will have the double effect of momentarily silencing them, and getting the message out.


What happened to the WH petition which demanded CDC to conduct vaccinated unvaccinated study. I signed this petition some time ago but now see it was removed from HW petition page. Does anybody know?


Astounded at how many times I was asked if my 95 year old father had a flu shot when he was in the hospital for a stroke. When he got out, I had to call the billing department about a question and even they asked if he had had his flu shot. It was plain crazy. Why would a hospital billing dept be asking that? I really couldn't believe it.
By the way, I love the up to date idea!!

Jeanne J

I agree with Gary. Our current system of health insurance is a huge part of the problem. Rarely will you find naturopaths, integrative/alternative medicine, and biomedical doctors who accept major insurance, medicare or medicaid. I have a family doctor, who also provides integrative medicine. She accepts insurance for the "standard care" yearly check-up. She will ask about your vaccine status and if you want one, but respects your choice. The parts of her practice that involve integrative medicine are fee-for-service. It really is coming down to it that if you want real non-invasive, individualized health CARE, then you will have to do financial planning to cover the cost.


I learned about the CDC's Vaccine Excipient List from listening to a recent interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD.

The list includes preservatives (For example, thimerosal), adjuvants (For example, aluminum salts), stabilizers, cell culture materials, inactivating ingredients (For example, formaldehyde), and antibiotics (For example, neomycin).

Eleven flu vaccines are included on that list; 6 DTap; and many more.

I think it would be proactive to print it out and carry it to doctors' offices, and point out the junk that is ADMITTED to as ingredients by the manufacturers....


Maureen McDonnell,RN

I agree with the idea that we should turn the tables when asked this question & respond with statements such as ~ "OMG - tell me you don't know about all the scientific studies showing a direct correlation between vaccines & autism or vaccines & all the chronic health problems affecting our children?
You really should get up with the times & research this a bit It's quite astounding!" Keep a cool poker face while delivering your response. That should shut them up for a bit!

Jeannette Bishop

Thanks, Cathy. I'm trying to absorb some of your people skills through the computer screen. It's a sorry state that we have to be evasive.

Aimee Doyle

@Annie - you're right, very ironic.

Trump appointed Tom Price (HHS), Scott Gottlieb (FDA), and Brenda Fitzgerald (CDC) - all of whom are pro-vax, and have denied the autism -vaccine connection.

Wonder what the chances are that things will change with a new appointee to the HHS? I thought Trump was going to "drain the swamp" and actually do something to prevent autism via vaccine. It seems urgent to me, since I've read that every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with autism.


I like Gary's response. Dangerous 18th century quackery. The industry is good at turning the table on the truth; anti-vaccine = anti-science, doctor's who know the truth are "quacks," dangerous and putting the public health at risk, etc. etc. ad nauseam.....
Time to start throwing their words right back at them.


The irony that Tom Price was berated for his lavish spending of our tax payer dollars while promoting the flu shot should be lost in no one.

Shelley Tzorfas

Little by little the vaccine makers, the advertising and marketing firms, the pharmaceutical companies, retail stores, political system that has many paid pharmaceutical representatives and doctors, the educational system, and the media are swarming like drones to force you to get yourself shot with Neurotoxic Aluminum (Alzheimer's), Mercury/Thimerosal for illness, Formaldehyde (speed Cancer into your body), Aborted Human Fetal DNA to change your DNA structure, animal cells,... polysorbate 20-80 (Lowers reproduction) and so on.
Healthy People 20/20 has descended upon us and is probably more than halfway here. Many Universities, colleges, elementary schools are requiring vaccines, Pharmacists, Medical doctors and hospital workers are required to get shot up, preschool teachers in Ca and elsewhere, and the list is growing at an accelerated pace. I realize that I am speaking to people who already know but, I do have a hypothesis. With young medical students getting so inoculated after having more than 70 vaccines to begin with, there will not be older doctors in a generation or two. They will not be able to perform probably into their fifties or more. Their bones and nervous system will be "Shot."
Parents should think twice about wanting their child to be a doctor or nurse unless this changes. In the future we may even see more Millennia's with Autism put on their lab coats as they do on TV.....


"Up to date according to the schedule, my schedule" I LOVE this! Going to use it for sure when I get asked this question about my kids and myself. Brilliant!

Angus Files

One of my quips is "we already have a vaccine damaged damaged child now adult via his MMR vaccine thank you" ..

Pharma For Prison



Hi Cathy,
I dislike the pressure of the questions also, but have met some professionals who are surprisingly understanding and nice. My go to answer for strangers in pharmacies etc is " No thanks, we have vaccine injury in our family." It seems to work pretty well. They know ( or should know) that they are responsible for knowing the side effects of every medication they offer. No one has ever challenged further after that, but if they do, I plan on suggesting they look up the CDC table injuries for vaccines which include depending on the vaccine, encephalitis so they can inform their patients about them.

Gary Ogden

Part of the problem is health insurance, and no doubt Obamacare made this worse. And the electronic medical records. We all thought these would enhance delivery of medical care because the records would be available to all caregivers, but they have nothing to do with patient care; they exist to assist health-insurance executives in maximizing profit. I am fortunate in having an anti-vaxxer dentist. He was injured from all the shots he had to take to do mission work in Africa. He's also the best dentist I've ever had. When I go to my doctor visits and the receptionist asks if I want the flu shot, I say either that it is worthless and dangerous, or that it is 18th-century quackery. And that is the end of it. They respect patient autonomy.


The problem with all of this one-size-fits-all "prophylactic" medicine is that it now represents a very bold attempt to remove our informed consent rights. Our medical providers should never have the right to take away our informed consent rights, but most especially not for an invasive medical procedure (vaccination) that is given to "healthy people" as a "prophylactic" measure. That the flu shot, in particular has about a 40% or less efficacy, makes the removal of the right to refuse the shot that much more egregious. This is no longer about medical treatment, but about "pharma phantasy" and "pharma control" being codified into our national medical treatment policy and standards. This needs to be stopped.

Sharon Kistler

I guess the vaccine bonuses are being spread to adult conventional medical doctors now too, not just the pediatricians. Every one wants his vaccine bonus! Let's try to determine what they are paying out to these doctors or if they are penalizing them in some way.

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