Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS) or Autism?
Back to the Future With (or Without) Autism

200 Hours in Emergency Room For Family of Autistic Boy

FutureNote: Tots become teens. Tweens become twentysomethings. What will happen when the tsunami of children with autism hits puberty and adulthood and their behaviors need support that frankly doesn't exist in our medical world? We closed our institutions decades ago in America. Will a new population of neurological injury and challenging behaviors be a catalyst to create new institutions? In the story below, the 11 year old with autism is said to have had a "psychotic break." He's 11!  There were no crisis beds available. The push to neurodiversity has covered up this harsh reality. While abc lulls the nation with The Good Doctor and TV viewers now think Sheldon is the face of Asperger's (I do love the Big Bang Theory, and Sheldon), families are long past wit's end. The result can be traumatic horror - murder, suicide. Families can have psychotic breaks too....   Feel free to share your story with reporter Cliff Bellamy below. By the way, this story is from N. Carolina, home of UNC's TEACCH autism programming. NC has been one of the most progressive states for autism for decades. Still, no crisis beds for this raging epidemic.

By Cliff Bellamy

[email protected]

October 17, 2017 1:00 PM


Natania Barron and Michael Harrison waited 255 hours in the emergency room before their autistic son Liam, 11, was finally placed in a program that could provide the psychiatric care he needed.

That call came late Monday, Oct. 16, more than a week after their son had a breakdown.

Barron wrote about her experience on a blog post on, where she is an editor. Liam had what Barron called a “psychotic break,” and the people at this school, Hope Creek Academy in Durham, could not control him. “I will spare details, but the long and short of it was that in his state we feared for his safety and the safety of those around him,” she wrote.

Barron praised the private school for children with special needs, but said the only way she and her husband could get Liam into a program that could help was to go to an emergency room. From Friday, Oct. 6, until Monday, Barron and Harrison took shifts staying with Liam in a room in the emergency ward of UNC Hospitals.

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Margaret Jaeger

In the days before CPS decided that barred rooms or rooms built like reinforced jail cells were torture chambers, many older people built them in their homes because they couldn't get the help they needed... from calling law officers. What did any of them know then..? Mental institutions were still open so an Autistic child of adult size and age whomhad a melt down where they went out of their minds, causing harm to their parents, they could be remanded to such institutions. The problem with that was, the older Autist's was often 'alright' in between melt downs and parents were reluctant to surrender that 'child' to a mental institution for the rest of their lives. So they built these reinforced rooms to allow the Autist's the time to get over a melt down. But, the ACLU who were instrumental in getting mental institutions closed with its patients put out on the street...because, they said, the Autist's and other mental patients, didn't Want to be locked away from the rest of society, got that movement rolling. Soon, people who had cells built in their homes were 'discovered' and turned into CPS who forced the removal of home cells. But the saddest part is that no agencies were required to become educated in the behaviors of the autist. Even today, those courses are available for law enforcement, fire fighters,,etc. anyone called on to give aid and assistanence to people who have or are caring for the autistic...but few take them. Until it's a requirement, many children and young adults with Autism who have public meltdowns are at risk of being shot and killed like a mad dog.

Jill Grant

I live in NC and NC isn’t the most progressive in the care for Autism. ABA services are still relatively new in a state that’s mostly all about the TEACH program. When my son was diagnosed with autism 12 years ago, it was difficult to find ABA providers locally so we took our son to a special school for children with Autism that taught using Verbal Behavior that was an hour away from our home. He went there for two years. NC had very few biomedical doctors available other than one in Wilmington. Don’t count on the state to help with services. My son was on a waitlist for waiver covered services for seven years. He finally got a slot a year and a half ago when he was 13 years old.

Angus Files

UK Daily Fail/Mail today

Children with mental health problems including depression 'are forced to wait up to 18 months for appointments leading to some self-harming'

Pharma for Prison


Warrior Mom

This hits too close to home. This past summer I was calling different emergency rooms at 1 am bc my 18 year old son was "flipping out," not sleeping, pinching, hitting, biting, pulling my hair, and kicking me. We had just moved and I was his only support. Bottom line...there was no help for him. He's a late bloomer and puberty has turned this boy into a raging young man. What made all this harder is the fact that he had just turned 18 and I had no rights. Damn vaccines stole my baby!

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