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The “Pan” Calling the Kettle Black!

Rusted pan
By Laura Hayes

In a recent radio interview, CA State Senator Richard Pan accuses some of his physician colleagues who sign Medical Exemptions as seizing an opportunity to “monetize their license” by providing “inappropriate medical exemptions”. Really? Morally and ethically, which child shouldn’t be granted a medical exemption when that is the only option left for parents to protect their children from the known and unknown dangers of vaccines, which include death, permanent disability, lifelong illness, and infertility?

In truth, Senator Pan is the definition of a physician who monetizes his license in an inappropriate manner. During election campaigns, this pediatrician-senator took money from vaccine-making pharmaceutical companies, then introduced and passed bills to first restrict the use of a Personal Beliefs Exemption (AB2109), then to completely eliminate the PBE in CA (SB277). As an assembly member, then senator, who has remained a practicing pediatrician while holding office, he has personally profited from the passage of both these bills. So then, who is he to accuse his physician colleagues of “monetizing their licenses” inappropriately?

After the egregious and fascist SB277 became law in CA, requiring CA school children to submit to scores of vaccines for 10 different infections throughout the course of their childhood, with more to be added as deemed appropriate by and at the sole discretion of CA’s Department of Public Health, Senator Pan’s next focus became the egregious and fascist SB18. Fortunately, he could not find a co-sponsor to sponsor this bill which included a “Children’s Bill of Rights” which was ultimately the “State of CA’s Bill of Rights to Own and Control Your Children”. 

Since SB18 did not become law, it appears that Senator Pan is pursuing a new tactic for forcing mandatory vaccine compliance for all of CA’s children, and for ensuring state control over a child’s education. How? First, by eliminating the use of medical exemptions, with just the rarest exceptions (ironically, those exceptions will be for children who are “immune-comprosmised”, likely a result of being vaccinated). Then will come the redefinition of “education”, and it won’t include home schooling as an option. The final result could very well be mandated and forced vaccination combined with institutionalized schooling for all of CA’s children.

This link to the 4-minute radio interview from 8-28-17 also includes an expanded transcript.

Carefully read Senator Pan's comments:

  1.  "We can’t punish the children for the errors of their parents," said State Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), a practicing pediatrician and the law's co-author.  
  1.  "Most parents are trying to decide what’s best for their families and for their children," he added. "Sometimes, unfortunately, because there are people actively spreading misinformation, they’re making decisions based on bad information. To a certain degree, we can't punish their children by denying them an education — that would be both unconstitutional and immoral."
  1. "There is a very small minority of physicians," Pan said, "who have seen this as an opportunity to monetize their license to provide inappropriate medical exemptions because there is a demand by some of these parents who are willing to pay."
  1.  Pan said officials with the Medical Board of California and the Attorney General's Office need tools to better-regulate these exemptions. He left open the possibility that this could be an area for future legislation.

My thoughts regarding Pan's statements:

  1. Apparently, "the errors of their parents" refers to parents knowing enough, either through firsthand experience, basic research, common sense, observational skills, or all of the above, to have decided to say no thank you to one, some, or best yet, to all vaccines. Apparently, Senator Pan, who has trouble stringing more than a few words together in a coherent fashion, and who cannot field spontaneous questions without bumbling, blubbering, and then answering a question that wasn't even asked (e.g 2:43 mark), knows more about every single child in CA than their own parents do!
  1. Pan talks about parents making decisions based on "bad information".  Would that bad information include his inane comments about water being the most dangerous ingredient in vaccines, as I reported here? Would that include the bad information from CDC and industry studies rife with fraud, deception, and lies?  Would that include the bad information from an ignorant, arrogant, possibly corrupt, profiting pediatrician who can do nothing more than chant/rant that "vaccines are safe and effective", while at the same time neglecting/refusing to show and discuss with parents each and every vaccine package insert, in addition to information about VAERS and the VICP, and neglecting/refusing to take a detailed patient and family history to identify contraindications to vaccination?  Would that bad information include the lie that vaccine "safety and efficacy" studies adhere to rigorous scientific standards versus the facts that double-blind, placebo-controlled, appropriate-length studies are not performed or required when it comes to vaccines, and a fundamental comparison study between the vaccinated and unvaccinated has never been required or demanded by the FDA and CDC before approving and recommending vaccines? If he wants to talk about parents making decisions based on "bad information", Senator Pan would need to include all of the above, and more.  If he wants to talk about people who are actively spreading misinformation, he need only look in a mirror.
  1. Now that SB277 is law, Senator Pan says that denying children an education is "both immoral and unconstitutional"? Funny how he never mentioned that during any SB277 hearing as he and other legislators voted to take away the right to both a public and private school education from many of CA's children. Seems to me he is now using such language because perhaps his next goals are to force vaccination on all children by effectively eliminating medical exemptions (see point 6), then by redefining education so that it includes only the choices of public or private school, not home school (i.e. neither a medical exemption nor the option of home schooling would protect children from mandated/forced vaccinations in the state of CA). Parents, I hope you are reading between the lines here as Pan is speaking.
  1. Talk about the pot (i.e. “Pan”) calling the kettle black! Senator Pan's statement about "a very small minority of physicians who have seen this as an opportunity to monetize their license to provide inappropriate medical exemptions..." is beyond hypocritical. If anyone is "monetizing their licenses", it is vaccinating pediatricians. First come all of the "well baby" visits which are in reality "vaccinate the hell-th and well-being out of your baby" visits. Then come the follow-up visits which result from all of the damage caused by vaccines...from ear infections, to seizures, to allergies and asthma, to type 1 diabetes, to transverse myelitis and paralysis, to gastrointestinal issues, to AUTISM, and more.  And let us not forget the $400 per child incentive from at least one insurance company to pediatricians who vaccinate their patients according to the CDC-recommended schedule. Senator Pan needs to include how he has been "monetized" by Big Pharma as both a legislator and a practicing pediatrician as he continues to do their bidding.
  1. Those very few, brave, ethical physicians who are writing MEs are not in it for the money.  They are writing and signing MEs for one or more of the following reasons:

"10 Reasons Why Doctors Should Not Hesitate to Sign Medical Exemptions for Vaccinations When That is the Only Option Available for Patients/Parents" by Laura Hayes

  1. Parents, do not miss Senator Pan's final comments as summarized by the reporter...the ones about the CA Medical Board and Attorney Generals's Office needing tools to better regulate these medical exemptions...which Pan said could be an area for future legislation.  No doubt, there will indeed be future legislation proposed and passed in an effort to eliminate most if not all MEs...unless we all join the fight to stop this tyranny!  


It is important to note that this is not what was clarified, then agreed to by Senator Pan, during hearings for SB277, i.e. that physicians will continue to have complete professional discretion when writing Medical Exemptions, as already guaranteed in current law. Do not miss the final 30 seconds of this brief clip in which Senator Pan agrees to that which Senator Bonta states, that an amendment will be added to SB277 explicitly stating that a Medical Exemption is entirely within the professional judgement of a physician.

To summarize:

  • Prior to 2014, parents in CA could exempt their children from one, some, or all vaccines by signing a Personal Beliefs Exemption form in order to enroll their child in school or daycare. (I was unable to find information regarding the year parents in CA began to be required to submit an exemption for vaccines as a requirement for enrolling their child in school or daycare. If someone has this information, please post it in the Comments section below.)
  • As of Jan. 1st, 2014, parents in CA were required by law to have a specified healthcare practitioner sign their PBE in order to enroll their child in school or daycare. For the parent, this included first finding a willing healthcare professional who was permitted to sign PBEs under the new law, then paying for and submitting to a lecture of personal opinion by that person, effectively making it a medical exemption.
  • Just 2 short years later, as of Jan. 1st, 2016, parents in CA were required by law to submit a Medical Exemption signed by a licensed physician to exempt their child from one, some, or all vaccines in order to enroll their child in either public or private school, and/or daycare. Home schooling is the only remaining option for parents in CA who aren’t able to obtain a ME for their children and/ or who don’t want to subject their children to one, some, or any of the scores of vaccines required by SB277
  • Just months later, in Sept. of 2016, an outspoken physician who was signing Medical Exemptions came under attack, and now the Medical Exemptions themselves may soon be under attack as evidenced by Senator Pan’s recent comments.
  • Then, in early 2017, it appeared that home schooling may be under attack as evidenced by the wording in the proposed SB18, which did not pass, and as evidenced by Senator Pan’s latest comments that denying children an education is both “unconstitutional and immoral”. That could quickly be legislated to mean that an education provided at home is unconstitutional and immoral.

Please talk to your friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers about these issues.  Each day we don't turn this ship around is a day closer to complete medical, and educational, fascism in CA. Parental rights, medical choice freedom, and educational choice freedom will be but distant memories, and a state run by evil tyrants will reign.

And what happens in CA won’t necessarily stay in CA. Your state might be next!

Written by Laura Hayes, whose children were harmed by their “routine” childhood vaccinations, one to the point of severe, lifelong disability. Until we ban vaccine mandates in the U.S., repeal the 1986 NCVIA, and fully restore individual and parental rights with regard to medical decision making, including vaccine decisions, we must not rest.


Jeannette Bishop

Highwire went into this yesterday... District 6, please, can you find someone worse for the state than Pan to vote in (assuming this district is not completely rigged)?


Dr. Pan needs to face the consequences of what he had done...bribery is a crime and no one is above the law...

Angus Files

Needs reported Andrew .

Pharma For Prison



Modern day pan pipers of syrinx/syringe ?
1933 Silly Symphony The Pied Piper [ Walt Disney] cartoon youtube

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Andrew Liebich

Senator Richard Pan has personally profited from the passage of both AB2109 and SB277. A direct violation of the California Political Reform Act § 87100.

Alan V. Schmukler

It's a crime for legislators to accept bribes to influence their votes. What's needed here is to prosecute Dr. Pan for malfeasance and whatever other laws he's broken. Why are we always on the defensive? This situation requires going on the offensive. Put him in jail.

Jeannette Bishop

"Tyler Dahm V Senator Pan"

Laura Hayes

You are most welcome, David Weiner! I appreciate and look forward to reading your comments when you post on AoA :)

David Weiner

Laura, thanks for providing the link to the Liberty report. Excellent commentary.

So pleased to come across others in our movement who are exploring the deeper aspects of health freedom and its relationship to vaccine tyranny.

Laura Hayes

The unholy trinity is back at it, uniting to attempt to virtually eliminate the use of MEs in CA (with all other states to follow, no doubt): Richard Pan, Catherine Flores-Martin (see additional link I posted in comments section earlier), and, of course, Paul Offit:

I do think it is important to remember that our battle is not about keeping MEs in place. Our battle is to BAN vaccine mandates in every state, to REPEAL the 1986 Act, and to FULLY RESTORE individual and parental right with regard to medical decision making, including vaccination decisions.

David Weiner: In this video by Ron Paul, he talks about the need to abolish medical (and other) licensing...I think you both are spot on with that:

Today on Dr. Mercola, he is featuring a 2-part video regarding how to legally go about stopping the "Smart" Meter invasion on your home and health. After reading his article, it sounds like we could employ this same tactic, the use of "Notice of Liability" to individuals, to stop mandated vaccination:

Thanks to all who posted appreciation and kind words regarding my article...I deeply appreciate the support and encouragement :)

Grace Green

"It's an issue that physicians need to address with their peers, and we're going to help start that conversation."

Excellent! Bring it on. Andrew Wakefield has been requesting a debate with David Salisbury for years and the latter has declined, because he knows who'd win. I'd love to hear Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Dr. Seers, or any of the many others on our side debating with these pro-vaccinators. When will it happen?

Kathy Sincere

Thank you Laura for another great article! You fought the good fight against SB277 and so anti-vax warriors in other states now look to you for wisdom, advice and direction. We appreciate your never-ending commitment to stop mandatory vaccination and to expose the evil of toxic vaccines and "bought" pharmatricians.


We can’t punish the children for the errors of their parents," said State Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), a practicing pediatrician and the law's co-author.


My child will be punished for the rest of life life, for the biggest error that I have ever made.

And that error, was trusting the advice of the pediatrician who vaccinated the bejesus out of him. And then just walked away scott free.

Mary Davenport

The physicians who are TRULY monetizing their licenses are the majority of pediatricians who take kickbacks for "fully vaccinating" their patients rather than making individual decisions. Of course, they are poorly reimbursed if they do NOT do this. It is MUCH more challenging to write an exemption than to collect the cash from the kickbacks.

Gary Ogden

Laura: I really don't know when the first mandates were passed in California. I will research it. I was thirteen that year, entering seventh grade, and I don't remember having those little yellow cards like we had as parents. The only vaccines I got were smallpox, Salk polio (and later Sabin polio) and tetanus. The article you linked to is frightening. That lady has no idea what SB277 actually says about medical exemptions. Brown, in his signing statement, emphasized the law's expansion of the medical exemption, that doctors now have broad authority to grant them based upon their professional judgement. The article is classic propaganda. They, however, are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of thinking parents.

Army brat

Reading this article fills me with rage. How could this creep have prevailed in a state like California.


If Pan wants to go after the licenses of pediatricians I say bring it! It may be the one way to get the American courts to look at the science. We know so much more today about the human immune system then we did in 1950. Most real scientists know that its stimulation in infancy can and does affect the way ones brain develops.

Scientific reality will supersede professional bullying and Pan will be left telling patients that smoking cigarettes is good for you. Again, I say, wake the sleeping giant!

Loraine Fishel

Dear Laura, Thank you for rioting at the barricades for me and my disabled son. We can not accept this tyranny. They must not steal so many young lives.

David Weiner

John, I agree with you. Pan, like Offit and others, knows that he can get away with lying and bullying, since no one in the media or in a position of authority is going to hold him accountable.


John Stone:
I have watched a lot of public people open their mouths and stuff come out of it that are lies, and yet they don't blink an eye, break a sweat. They look right at you and never lower their eyes in any one moment of shame.
There is some kind of mental illness going on there.
Creepy indeed!

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you, Laura, and great job (again!) in your recent interview:

I don't know how you remember and organize even half of what you compose, so I'm so grateful you are using your abilities to fight this assault waged on our future!


Great article Laura . "Laughter is powerful, take it seriousley "
I remember as a young nurse 70's being told by my family doctor " Well it;s probably your own fault you have a chest infection ,you silly young nurses don't even wear thermal vests under these skimpy white uniforms?" Then again later on lifting a heavy patient from chair to bed sub lux of ma shoulder before they were using lifting hoists etc ,again I was told it was probably my own fault because you young nurses I was told refuse to wear corsets to suppot your own backs 1977 ? no that long ago !
"Doctor knows best " that circle of abuseive mentality is long overdue getting broken once and for all .

John Stone


Although Pan is a very stupid person -prepared to act as a stooge when equally cynical politicians manage to keep a slightly lower profile - I suspect it is not what he doesn't understand, but his preparedness to prattle utter nonsense offensively at any opportunity. It is like he is saying "I realise this is pure garbage, but what are you going to do about it?" knowing that it isn't going to be fellow politicians, medical professionals or the mainstream media that are going call his bluff. It is undoubtedly a outstandingly creepy performance.

David Weiner

Hear, hear!

Evidently, Pan does not understand that the whole point of a medical license (to the doctor) is for the state to give his ilk an exclusive franchise to practice medicine and to monetize their skills. It is a means to exclude competition and raise salaries for the anointed ones.

The other aspect of this deal with the devil is that it provides a means for the State to define and enforce what acceptable medical practice is and thus control doctors.

This is why medical licensing must be abolished. Doctors must be free to practice as they see fit, without having to worry about whether a licensing board will yank their license because they did not adhere to State-sanctioned medical practice. This issue goes well beyond whether doctors should have discretion to write ME's.

Of course, they should be subject to normal rules of liability.

Laura Hayes

Thank you for the 1962 date, Gary! Question: Is that the same year that CA began vaccine mandates, or did mandates come first, then later, the exemption option in 1962?

For more disturbing news, which confirms that doctors who sign medical exemptions, and medical exemptions themselves, are under attack in CA, read this:

Do not miss the statement below from that article by Catherine Flores-Martin, the executive director of the California Immunization Coalition, a public-private partnership that co-sponsored SB277. (My comments regarding this woman and the CIC are not printable!)

“It really isn’t up to the parents,” Flores-Martin said. “Some doctors may feel emboldened if they … feel they can do that without scrutiny or consequence. It’s an issue that physicians need to address with their peers, and we’re going to help start that conversation. It’s up to the doctors to behave professionally.”

Gary Ogden

We already know Pan is a coward who will run from truth. Nor does he sound particularly bright when opens his mouth. He's certainly no doctor. He may have a license as a pediatrician, but his real specialty is medical fascism and raking in the doubloons from pharma. I'll never forget that gleeful, sickly little grin he had on his face as we testified, one by one, as if to flip us all the bird. In truth, our state government is just as corrupt as the swamp in D.C. They're completely shameless about it. Remember the two pharma lobbyists who stood on the other side of the rail from Pan and Allen in order to pull their puppet strings?

Gary Ogden

Laura: It was Edmund G. Brown, Sr. who signed the first exemption bill in 1962. And his idiot son who took it away.

Maureen McDonnell,RN

Where has common sense gone? Do we no longer have effective barometers for measuring truth vs lies when listening to the rhetoric that spews from this deceptive, poorly spoken, (yet well funded) Pharma puppet? How parents & or physicians can believe Pan or anyone who supports mandatory vaccines have our children's best interest at heart when faced with the current epidemic of sick kids is beyond me!


With Pan, I think you need not read between the lines of what he says, but rather take everything that he says and then turn those words and meaning into their exact opposite, so you can fully appreciate the fact that everything that comes out of his mouth, at least concerning vaccination mandate policy and parental rights, is an outright lie. His clear agenda is to take parental rights completely away, and strip all parents of the right to refuse or reject vaccinations for their children and for themselves. All parents in California need to see the videotaped proof of Pan's outright lies so that he will be rendered unelectable the next time he seeks re-election no matter how much money he receives from Pharma. Parent's own bodies are up for sale by Pan, too, so they need to wake up --- right now!

Angus Files

Pharma coward d`exeliance Pan as always talking dribble WAY above his pay scale in turn, cooking the books as always.

"There is a great deal of evidence to prove that immunization of children does more harm than good." "The manufacturers of these vaccines know they are worthless but they go on selling them anyway." - Dr J Anthony Morris, PhD (Former Chief Vaccine Control Officer and Research Virologist, US FDA)

Pharma for Prison



Further to my earlier post where I suggested where mandates are concerned we have 'fiends' in high places, are folks here aware that many rich private and charter schools are not reporting their exemption data and there are no consequences for them failing to do so:

Schools are required to furnish this information to the California Department of Public Health. The state can audit public schools that fail to do so, and it can threaten to withhold funding if they don't eventually comply with the reporting requirement. But it can't audit private schools over a failure to report and it can't impose financial penalties on them, since those institutions don't receive public funds.

The only consequence non-reporting private schools might face is "site visits by local public health departments," said Public Health spokesman Jorge De La Cruz

If private schools are deliberately ignoring the law’s requirements, "it's hard to imagine … being able to create a consequence or penalty" for those institutions, said Flores-Martin.

Interesting! So what would we call a law that is unenforceable? I would say, not a law.


Great post Laura!

I think there is something very interesting at play here, that is posing a serious obstacle to the mandate push. Let's ask ourselves, who are these 'antivaxxers' parents approaching 'unscrupulous' doctors for MEs? Perhaps the prevailing view is they are sincere antivaxxers who are going out of their way to avoid vaccine risks.

Yet, I would argue that these individuals include a lot of 'closeted' antivaxxers -- pro-vaxxers who publicly tout the pro-vaxxed message, but, secretly, also won't take the risks for their loved ones. What we true 'antivaxxers' consistently overlook is that certain pro-vaxxers are just as terrified at vaccine risks, perhaps even more because they have the 'inside goods' of just how dangerous they are.

In sum, I feel SB277 and all mandates for that matter will suffer from this grave 'enemy within' effect. They will fail because, foremost, their very backers won't allow them to succeed. For all the huffing and puffing about 'cracking down', I predict nothing will come of it with pro-vaxxers also sensibly seeking to avoid the frying pan.

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