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Note: The headline is a play on the  new TV show from abc - The Good Doctor. He's Doogie Houser with autism. Brilliant! Sees medicine in a different way! He's  a magical unicorn doctor!   Real doctors are at a loss as to how to help teens and  young adults with violent behaviors and other conditions of autism. We told you about the nation's first pediatric emergency psychiatric facility recently. It's in San Diego, California. The Golden State is tarnished by Dr. Richard Pan, the pediatician (sic - pediatrician plus politician) whose role it is to force vaccination on every child in the state, followed by adults no doubt. Several years ago, Alex Spourdalakis languished and suffered in a Chicago hospital for weeks and was then viciously murdered by his mother in what may or may not have been a "mercy at wits end" violent episode. How many AofA readers have children who have been out of control violent due to their pain and suffering of autism? Too many.  The article below is from Philadelphia, home of Dr. Paul Offit. The leader in vaccination mandates and injury denial. The irony is startling. Will HE take these patients into his practice?

By Anne Dachel

Sept 26, 2017, Philadelphia Inquirer: With nowhere else to go, patients with severe autism turn to hospitals for help

Teenagers and young adults with severe autism are spending weeks or even months in emergency rooms and acute-care hospitals, sometimes sedated, restrained, or confined to mesh-tented beds, a Kaiser Health News investigation shows.

These young people — who may shout for hours, bang their heads on walls, or lash out violently at home — are taken to the hospital after community social services and programs fall short and families call 911 for help, according to more than two dozen interviews with parents, advocates, and physicians in states from Maine to California.

There, they wait for beds in specialized programs that focus on treating people with autism and other developmental disabilities, or they return home once families recover from the crisis or find additional support. …

Nationally, the number of people with an autism diagnosis who were seen in hospital ERs nearly doubled from 81,628 in 2009 to 159,517 five years later, according to the latest available data from the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. The number admitted also soared, from 13,903 in 2009 to 26,811 in 2014. …

“Classic autism with challenging behavior represents a large part of the autism spectrum, and nobody is telling their story,” said Parles, who has an adult son on the spectrum.

If more help were available, more families would be able to keep their kids at home safely, she said. …

“As more children with autism are identified, and as the population is growing larger and older, we see a lot more mental health needs in children and adolescents with autism,” explained Nayfack, with Sutter Health’s Palo Alto Medical Foundation in California who has researched the rise in lengthy hospitalizations. “And we have nowhere near the resources in most communities to take care of these children in home settings.”…

General hospitals “are not really equipped to handle someone who is autistic,” said Mark De Antonio, director of adolescent inpatient services at Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Los Angeles. Several times a month, he said, he hears about patients with no immediate care options being medicated and sedated as they’re held. “It’s a huge problem.”

‘What are we going to do?’ …

Of course this coverage brings back the sad story of the life and death of Alex Spourdalakis. Before his death at the hands of his mother, he spent weeks languishing in a bed at the Loyola Healthcare System in Chicago.. http://www.ageofautism.com/2013/03/alex-spourdalakis-loyola-medical-center-ineptitude.html

And this Inquirer piece doesn’t tell the whole story. What is behind the violent behavior? How many of these young adults with autism are suffering terribly from bowel disease? We’ll never know because the medical just doesn’t care about autism. Despite the absence of any real understanding of the disorder on the part of the medical community, this situation is quickly turning into a national health crisis. Autistic young adults will increasingly have to be dealt with in hospitals, and in the coming years, as parents age, the welfare system will have to provide for this population. As this story indicates, the future looks black.

This is something that will never be talked about in April when the media “celebrates” autism with a lot of feel good coverage about walks for awareness with happy, typical-looking kids.


Dan E. Burns

Unlike “The Good Doctor,” I'm working on a web series, SAVING ZERO, based on a full spectrum of autistic teens and young adults at a ranch I co-founded in 2012, including my non-verbal son.

A judge for the Page Awards, a script writing contest, said, “This show tackles important issues and dives deep into the lives of the people who populate the ranch. SAVING ZERO is prime material for a smart audience looking for intelligent, thought-provoking drama.”

If you're looking for teens and young adults like ours on TV, please visit my web page, https://fromtheheartproductions.networkforgood.com/projects/36218-tv-web-series-saving-zero

Martha Moyer

Here is a resource: An organization you can google called NADD. It is an association for persons with developmental disabilities and mental health needs.

Martha Moyer

I have an adult, age 44, with autism, IDD, Bipolar and a Megacolon. The only way he can go to an inpatient treatment place is to be court ordered. What this amounts to is if we have a severe outburst there is no place to take him. And, really we don't need to take him any place. If we only had mental health professionals who could come in an emergency to help calm him down that would work. There is no restraining of an adult over 6'. Thank goodness now we in San Antonio have some police trained to work with autism.

My son was born with autism. He was receiving baby stimulating services from a visiting nurse shortly after birth. I believe what may have caused this all is the Hong Kong flu I got almost at conception. And, my husband's family was full of mental health issues. I nearly age 80.


Where were all these out-of-control young people being tended to before? Howl's moving castle?


General hospitals are not good at diagnosing and treating ANY patients, except for maybe trauma patients.

They are very good at exorbitant billing and giving stupid interviews.


In early 2016, Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth Hitchcock-Keene(New Hampshire), fired their child psychiatrist, and closed their 6-bed adolescent psych unit. Shortly after, 30+ employees were terminated, and CMC/DHK closed their 12-bed adult psych unit. Shortly after THAT, work was completed on the $1.5MILLION renovation of their ER, to build several HOLDING CELLS. (Obviously, they don't call them "holding cells", but there's no more accurate description for their intended purpose....) The parent company of CMC/DHK then got the N.H. State $$$ contract to provide psychiatric staffing for the N.H. State mental hospital. The State had to step in, when Dartmouth FAILED to fulfill their contracted staffing levels. It's common for autistic/disabled folks to spend days, even weeks, languishing in holding cells across the State. But a few Doc., and Hospitals, continue to rake in the $BIG BUCK$ from the State. The Director of Catholic Medical Center in Manchester gets $1.3MILLION BASE SALARY. The CEO of CMC/DHK gets a paltry $500K/year....
The general public is kept largely unaware of the scope and scale of the gross incompetence, crookedness, and corruption. THANK-YOU, AoA!....
(c)2017, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
ps: Many autistic persons are DRUGGED with potent neuro-toxic psych meds, as a form of restraint and behavior control. Over time, the drugs either fail to work, or else trigger the very behaviors they are alleged to address, through AKATHISIA, which is a direct effect, not a "side effect". That's another TRUTH that the medical/psychiatric/pharmaceutical community is in DEEP DENIAL over....


Eli Lilly holds the patent of Thimerosal and they happen to sell you the sedating drugs that people need when their brain was damaged by their preservative.

Being a humanitarian enterprise they do try do their best and help you when their product harmed you.

So nice of them. They also do make a few billions doing so but profit is not their primary objective because 'people matter'.

Grace Green

General hospitals are not really equipped to handle someone who is autistic? What? Who is then? They had better put on their thinking-caps, and perhaps consult some of us families whom good doctors admit know more than they do. General hospitals are supposed to treat everyone who needs it. Perhaps no-one here is surprised to find out they don't actually have a clue. Let's all take this quote, "General hospitals are not really equipped to handle someone who is autistic," and ask our local hospital if they would like some suggestions from someone who knows what's needed.
General hospitals are not really equipped to handle someone who is autistic. OK, so now we know - we really are excluded from mainstream society.


All true and outrageous. Yet I was disappointed when congress once again came within one or two votes of passing a bill that might have drastically cut the already pathetic services available and there was no mention of it here. The Autism Society was urging immediate calls, action etc. Very quiet on this website. Sometimes action is called for, although pointing what is wrong with tv shows is ok too.

cherry Misra

Isnt that interesting - Along with doctors having better awareness of the autism epidemic that has always been there ( so - actually no epidemic- just ENDEMIC)- now comes the new awareness of 911 calls among parents. Where were the 911 calls for out of control autistic teens prior to 1990 ? Oh, I know- Parents lacked awareness of the usage of 911. They thought it was just for fires and burglaries ! Now that we have the new awareness of 911 use, parents have stopped going to the ER and just call 911 instead. Black is white. Night is day. Autism awareness is here to stay. As with all things related to autism, this one too will be solved by SOMEBODY. .
My guess is that hospitals will add new wings and quiet rooms . More employment opportunities ! There is always an up-side.

Gary Ogden

Medicine at its most incompetent. Well compensated despite their utter incompetence. And fully protected in this incompetence by law and the full weight and majesty of the criminal U.S. government. They've apparently never heard of bowel disease and its treatment, while AoA readers are well aware, and most of us have no medical degree or license of any sort. The horror of the treatment of Alex Spourdalakis repeated all over the land? This is criminal behavior, not medicine.

bob moffit

"General hospitals “are not really equipped to handle someone who is autistic,” said Mark De Antonio, director of adolescent inpatient services at Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Los Angeles. Several times a month, he said, he hears about patients with no immediate care options being medicated and sedated as they’re held. “It’s a huge problem.”

Ah yes .. General hospitals who .. shamefully admit .. to having NO IMMEDIATE CARE OPTIONS .. are doing what general hospitals have ALWAYS done to address "immediate care" of suffering patients .. MEDICATE AND SEDATE them until they can be released .. so the cycle can begin all over again.

Of course .. common sense dictates .. there will NEVER BE IMMEDIATE CARE OPTIONS ... as long as general hospitals and public health regulatory bureaucracies ... REFUSE TO CONDUCT THAT LONG OVERDUE ... VACCINATED V. UNVACCINATED STUDY .. that seeks to identify the CAUSE of the growing population requiring MEDICATIONS FOR SEDATION.

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