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Pollard Tyrannos: Another Power Bid from the Vaccine Lobby – Some Real News  

PollardBy John Stone

An Oxford University website features an appeal by Prof Andrew Pollard – who has often appeared in our columns – calling for compulsory vaccination, quoting from a report in the Guardian newspaper which followed three weeks after the newspaper’s egregious and deceitful editorial on the subject. However, both web-feature and newspaper report failed to mention a rather important detail: Prof Pollard heads the United Kingdom body, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), which recommends vaccines for the schedule, and a 2009 act of Parliament (though itself of dubious legality) already places a responsibility on the Secretary of State for Health (ie an elected parliamentarian and member of the government) to follow the advice of the committee. This means that if the UK Parliament did legislate to make vaccines compulsory, Prof Pollard himself would have effective dictatorial powers over citizens telling them which vaccines they and their children must have.

Prof Pollard was appointed chair of the JCVI in 2013 and at his second meeting in February 2014 chaired a discussion which led to the recommendation of Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine to the schedule, a product of which he was also lead developer as director of Oxford Vaccine Group: previously the committee had refused to recommend the vaccine despite political pressure. This event was followed within weeks by the transfer of the Novartis vaccine division – which manufactured Bexsero -  to GlaxoSmithKline and a huge up-swing in the product’s sale potential.

Pollard was appointed to the JCVI by a panel chaired the government’s head of immunisation, Dr David Salisbury. Shortly afterwards Dr Salisbury retired and became chair of the Jenner Vaccine Foundation, a funding body for Oxford Vaccine Group, on which he sits with Prof Polllard and Dr Norman Begg, Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer of GSK Biologicals. Dr Norman Begg was formerly attached to the Public Health Service Laboratory and was the co-author with Dr Salisbury of the Department of Health guide to vaccination, the Green Book 1996, prior to departing to join one of the fore-runner companies to GSK (not clear whether Glaxo Wellcome or SmithKline Beecham) at the beginning of 2000 as “Director of Medical Affairs”, without there apparently being any gap between appointments.  Among the funders of the Jenner Vaccine Foundation are the Wellcome Trust (which sold its pharmaceutical interests to Glaxo in 1995), the UK Medical Research Council, the UK Department of Health, the European Commission, the US National Institutes of Health, The Foundation for National Institutes of Health and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Recently, under Andrew Pollard’s chairmanship the JCVI succeeded in adding Hepatitis B to the infant schedule as part of GSK's controversial Infanrix Hexa multivac which the Oxford Vaccine Group helped develop. When he was lobbying to have the Hep B vaccine on the infant schedule in 2007  Pollard made the following disclosure:

Competing interests: AJP conducts clinical trials on behalf of Oxford University, sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines, Novartis Vaccines, Sanofi Pasteur, Sanofi Pasteur MSD, and Wyeth Vaccines and has received funds from vaccine manufacturers to attend scientific meetings. The University of Oxford has received unrestricted grants for educational meetings organised by AJP. Industry sourced honorariums for lecturing or writing are paid directly to an independent charity or an educational/administrative fund held by the department of paediatrics, University of Oxford.

And he is also presently named in a complaint to the European Ombudsman against the European Medicines Agency by Nordic Cochrane.

Pollard’s featured statements in the Guardian and the Oxford University website are:

“Immunisation is something that many people think of as personal, but it is actually part of being in a society. Our children really have a right to be protected from this entirely preventable disease.”


“We know that this is a very dangerous disease for young children…There have been deaths in Europe in the last year because of drops in coverage in various countries.”

The problem is here - disregarding the rhetoric – is not that anyone wants children to suffer or die from infectious diseases, it is one of transparency, it is one of whether vaccines are as safe and effective as Pollard wants people to believe, and it is question of manning up to it and admitting fallibility when things go wrong. In the case of measles he might also admit that on his home territory – despite the alleged baleful influence of Andrew Wakefield - there have only been three deaths from contracting measles in the UK since 1992. Around 13 million people will have died in the interim, so the risk is probably as low as it gets. 

If the system was about either being humane or scientific it would listen to families, not use the media to trash them and the law to tread them underfoot. What is being replicated in  this aggressive vaccine ethos are the worst principles of subjugation to a social ideology that history has ever witnessed: if it was science all the manipulation, bullying and denial would not be necessary. 

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


Hans Litten

Posted by: John Stone | May 01, 2018 at 07:28 AM

Or perhaps David Salisbury knows exactly what the Histidine is there for.
He obviously dare not answer that question for fear of incrimination !
In this study, we used HDC-deficient (HDC–/–) mice, which are unable to synthesize histamine, to investigate the role of endogenous histamine in the development and progression of EAE. We report in this study that myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein- (MOG) 35–55-induced chronic EAE is more severe in a setting of profound histamine deficiency.

HDC — L-histidine decarboxylase

EAE — Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

MOG — myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein

I read this whole study and it is hard to understand the procedures and the different tests that they conducted to come up with their conclusions. The one thing that I realized after reading it several times is that if you are depleted in your histamine production you have a good chance of having Encephalomyelitis symptoms which is an autoimmune disease.

John Stone

I think perhaps what is interesting is David Salisbury's lack of knowledge about what he was subjecting the population to.

Hans Litten

And about histidine I found this :

Look at all this. I mean really look at this. We have the same symptoms that the girls are going through. How much more can I give to prove that we have the causative factor involved with this new epidemic we are experiencing with this vaccine.

How long is it going to take the FDA and the CDC and all the other organizations around the world to see what is happening here? We already have 9,749 reported adverse events and 21 reported deaths in the United States alone. Do we need to make that number go into the 100,000's? What do they need?

I am begging the FDA, CDC and Merck to please please look at my findings. I am not a research scientist but I was the one to have to put the pieces of this epidemic together for you. Check out the dates of the studies that I have referenced. This information was available pre-licensure of Gardasil. Find out who was asleep at the switch to let all these findings be ignored.

Why did I have to be the one? Why were not these chemicals studied in a setting to see what they would do in a vaccine environment? WHY, WHY, WHY!!!!!!!!! We have girls dying and disabled and you are saying that there is no causative factor with Gardasil. Here it is! All the causation you need. Look into this immediately.

Oh, my dear God. I am sorry but I have to end this article here because I am next to tears and cannot go any further.

Please do your own research into this vaccine and decide if it is the right thing for you.

Hans Litten

Sandy - I found this and will try reading to understand but any help would be gratefully received.


Decorating OMVs with heterologous proteins makes them suited as vaccine platform.

Adding heterologous glycans to OMVs creates alternative glycoconjugate vaccines.

The complex immunogenicity of OMVs can be fine-tuned for desired immune response.

Adding multiple antigens from different pathogens can design multivalent vaccines.

The use of an OMV vaccine platform will decrease the time to market significantly.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Sandy Lunoe | May 01, 2018 at 03:27 AM

"that certainly was not the reason for the inclusion of the OMVs."
What was the reason Sandy ? Do we know now ?

"What is the function of histidine?" Do we know now ?

Sandy Lunoe

Dr Salisbury and the issue of Bexsero may well bear repeating:
Some years ago I asked Professor David M Salisbury CB FRCP FRCPCH FFPH, former Director of Immunisation for the dept. of Health UK two questions about Bexsero:

1)What is the function of histidine?
2)Regarding OMVs (outer membrane vesicles), I understand that they are involved in creation of antibodies. Do they also function as adjuvant?

Answer received from Professor Salisbury:
1) I suggest you contact Novartis for information on the histidine content.
2) It is not possible to answer if they have an adjuvanting effect - that certainly was not the reason for the inclusion of the OMVs.

(So now we know?)

Angus Files

Jeanette shhh! they mean well!!

Pharma for Prison


Jeannette Bishop

Attempting to mandate this mess (Dr. Humphries's aluminum/aluminium adjuvants lecture reposted by the Vaxxed team)?

I'm still trying to get all the details straight--I'll have to listen sitting down and take notes--but it almost sounds to me like Merck and maybe other companies have just been throwing in whatever aluminum compound they had on hand--"proprietary compound" that was an accidental discovery?-- and probably often not the metals they tested against their wonderful placebos in their wonderful trials, and maybe their wonderful trial "placebos" weren't what was stated either? With the Italian contamination findings and this, I'm thinking what exactly have they been doing? Putting industrial byproducts (what might otherwise be considered hazardous waste) into vaccines? Kind of like the somewhat radioactive form of fluoride waste byproduct, the result of scrubbing power plant turbines (or something like that), that was then mandated to be put in various municipal water systems "for our health"?

Elizabeth Hart

In Australia, despite the fact the Bexsero MenB vaccine has been rejected three times by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee for the taxpayer-funded schedule, GlaxoSmithKline is now trying to get it in via the 'back door', i.e. via the states, South Australia in the first instance.

There are similarities to the way in which HPV vaccination was pushed through here in 2006, i.e. rejected by the PBAC initially, and then forced onto the schedule after lobbying by vested interests and politicians, and then the domino effect happens with subsequent spread around the world and billions of dollars for the coffers of the vaccine manufacturers and associates, kerching...

60,000 students are in the GSK Bexsero MenB vaccine trial in South Australia, another aluminium-adjuvanted vaccine to add to the three doses of aluminium-adjuvanted HPV vaccine, and the additional aluminium-adjuvanted diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine being pressed upon students. This gross over-vaccination with highly questionable vaccine products and revaccinations is appalling, including the lack of valid 'informed consent' for these medical interventions.

Meningococcal B is a very serious disease. It is also very rare. This rare disease does not justify mass vaccination. At this stage we have no idea of the possibly deleterious long-term consequences of introducing a vaccine for this very rare disease, or the cumulative long-term effects with other vaccines.

In South Australia the media is being used to fear-monger about meningococcal B to promote GlaxoSmithKline's Bexsero vaccine product trial. The Murdoch paper the Adelaide Advertiser reports: "It is hoped the findings will provide a strong push to get the vaccine on the taxpayer-funded National Immunisation Program." (Ref: Free meningococcal B-strain vaccine for 60,000 SA high school students under study into immunisation effect, 13 December 2016).

It seems to me this vaccine trial is biased from the outset, and it is alarming that a member of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI), A/Professor Helen Marshall, is the lead researcher on this GlaxoSmithKline-sponsored vaccine product trial.

Is it ethical for an academic who is a member of ATAGI, i.e. the Australian Government co-ordinated group which provides advice to the Federal Minister for Health on the Immunise Australia Program, is also involved in an industry-sponsored vaccine product trial which is coaxing thousands of students to have a still experimental vaccine, i.e. the GSK Bexsero meningococcal B vaccine, with the aim of getting it on the taxpayer-funded vaccination schedule?

For more background, including reference to conflicts of interest in Australian vaccination policy, see this thread of email correspondence:

We are not getting accountability for the dire state of vaccination policy in Australia, and the ever-expanding schedule. The situation is grim here, particularly with the coercive and hostile atmosphere which is threatening to anyone questioning vaccination policy and practice, such people are reflexively labelled 'anti-vax' and discredited and marginalised. Outright censorship is often the order of the day. Doctors challenging vaccination policy now risk de-registration, see for example the case of Dr John Piesse:


Shifting the ethical and moral goalposts at a whim of professionals personal over clinical "Best Interests" opinions. "Immunisation is somthing that many people think of as personal, but it is actually part of being in a society" Oh my goodness, Civil Servants better sit up and straighten their caps,surely they are accountable and responsible for the health and safety risk assessment failures the public are being exposed to? eg The committee and Sub-committee state- Any conflict of interest declared by members of JCVI are now published as an annex to the minutes of each JCVI meeting ? It would appear there is an overt aversion to any kind of sensitivity analysis of declaration of interests from the companies that manufacture and supply vaccines . This fails any transparency evaluation , An average 12 year old could observe the "Cronies Baloney" and summarise the regulatory failures as "That just stinks" The JCVI can not hide behind their own appendages without seperate and truly independant from industry profits regulatory standards inspections . Therefore the public give the committee a vote of "NO CONFIDENCE !" as their vaccination health and safety risk assessments are blackballed and stooshied and not fit for public purpose !

Martin John Walker

As always, a decisive and well written account by Jone Stone. I would like to draw peoples attention to these same depredations of Pollard Tyrannous (although I fear that this is far too cuddly a title) in the SkyHorse book which I edited and which was published earlier this year, Corporate Ties That Bind: An Examination of Corporate Manipulation and Vested Interest in Public Health. Participants of Age of Autism might like to read this account and the other twenty or so about conflict of interests, submitted by activists and scholars across the world. As one would expect, the book has had little attention, and perhaps Age of Autism might sponsor a review. Thanks John your work is exemplary.


When an average person lies, they hope they won't get caught.
There is nothing average or normal going around now a days.
They lie and they really do not care if they are caught; they just make fun of the ones that caught them like we are the crazy ones.
It is a mad, mad world.

I wonder if the human race is on the brink of either coming through the eye of a needle, or going extinct.

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you for keeping us apprised of top U.K. vaccinators. Calling something "good" and forcing it on people is just what "benevolent" oligarchies and dictators do, right?

So many "good" things being mandated lately, California's SB 277, Australia's No Jab No Pay, etc, several European vaccine mandates...

Then there are efforts towards liability free no labelling of GMOs in the U.S. Will the buyout of Monsanto by Bayer increase incentive to sneak GMOs into Europe?

And back in California, with SB 18 is hovering menacingly on the horizon, we have this dangerous legislation is sailing through (taking away local rights to control, i.e. say no), because, I'm assuming, all those mandated injected vaccine pollutants need an even higher level of radiation pulsing them all the time to really maximize their effects (because our never silent "smart" meters aren't enough?):

This is essentially mandating 5G in all of California with infrastructure capability built into the installation that goes far, far beyond what they are claiming exposures are to be. As with vaccine injury, most of the awake on the issue of EMS are struggling to manage the assault on their health and while trying to find time and energy to alert everyone else and stop this madness.

Gary Ogden

I see a classmate from elementary school at market every Saturday. Last Saturday we got to talking, and she told me her son's girlfriend, who is in nursing school, has been pestering her to get a tetanus booster. This is what they are teaching young nurses! Her chiropractor had urged her not to, and I explained to her that the prevention for tetanus is proper wound care, that Clostridium tetani is an anaerobe, and cannot reproduce and produce toxin in healthy tissue. She was so happy to have her DC's advice confirmed. We've saved another one.

Angus Files

The abuse is on a world wide scale and I find it hard to see where Pharma hasnt touched with its poisons.

One day, one day soon, and they now its coming very soon cowardly Pharma will be toast..

Pharma for Prison


Tim Lundeen


I agree that pharmaceuticals can save lives. For example, if you need stomach surgery then PPIs will stop the acid output and allow the surgery to be done.

But the way pharmaceuticals are used to treat chronic illness is awful to watch. Instead, we need to take the poisons out of our food supply and stop the mass injury of people with pharma products. In almost all cases, there are alternative treatments that are very effective and have extremely low risk of side effects, such as Vitamin C for pertussis, Vitamin A for measles and other viral infections. You can treat chronic illness with good nutrition/sunlight/good circadian rhythm/low EMFs at night, and perhaps a few non-prescription supplements to optimize metabolic energy/thyroid/steroid hormones.

The worldwide bill for pharma drugs should be a very, very, very small fraction of what it is today.

Angus Files


Real Scientist`s need not apply.

Pharma for Prison


John Stone

Angus and Grace

I also remember from my youth the UK chairman of one of the major implicated pharmaceutical companies - a pharmacologist by training - who retired disillusioned to practice homeopathy. He used to say "allopathy" was useless because it just transferred the problem from one place to another. Like a lot of people who played with chemicals he might have seemed on the eccentric side, but I can't imagine what he would have made of the situation now. I wouldn't go as far as he did. Many pharmaceuticals are indispensable, but it doesn't justify present abuse.

John Stone


I think one has to look at the context. The argument the Prof Pollard is deploying is that the state has the obligation to defend the child's interest against the parents - on the very dodgy assumption - presently already accepted in the courts that vaccine science is of such robustness that everyone must defer to it. So far, the courts decide this way when there is a dispute between parents, or more sinisterly in a recent case where a local authority had joint custody of child with a parent. Also, it would be quite exceptional in the UK if a court accepted evidence of vaccine injury as ultimately they did in the Sally Clark case. Moreover, any doctor in the UK who gave such evidence would presently expect to be Wakefielded at the GMC. My best guess is that we have not gone there yet because there are powerful and wealthy people in Britain who wish to maintain their freedoms, and perhaps financial sanctions that have been acceptable in other countries would be seen as socially discriminatory in an unacceptable way. So far, no party has had it on its agenda, and historically at least it has been against the policy of the Conservative party.

But as we know - and we have got used to - the state and courts often step in these days to protect "the interests" or "rights" of the child over medical issues: for instance parents who think their child is receiving too much cancer treatment. This doesn't of course make Pollard's remarks any less noxious or menacing, only to put them in context. But frankly the man must know enough about vaccine science to know how messy it is, and plainly however he is rewarded he sits at the confluence of massive commercial and institutional interests.

Grace Green

Angus, I feel the same way about my father, who was an academic pharmacologist. Although I can't remember a time when I would have agreed with him about pharmaceuticals (although to be fair, he hardly ever used any!) I'm sure he must be turning in his grave over the behaviour of these scientists. I'm sure the younger generation have become money mad.

Grace Green

John, yes I agree with you that no children should have this done to them, and that the truth about vaccines needs to be revealed to everyone. I was just commenting on his use of the word "right" when he was really meaning he wants to force everyone to be vaccinated, starting with the children. I used to slightly disagree with Laura Hayes' stance in favour of the right to choose, believing that we should concentrate on getting all vaccination stopped, but I suppose when the threat of mandatory vaccines arrives on our shore it makes me think more of the right to refuse. Indeed, it may be that the vaccine holocaust can only be stopped by enough people refusing vaccines, and depriving Pharma of their $$$$$$$s. In the meantime we have to continue using every argument at our disposal.

Angus Files

My father in law is a past Oxford prize winner which he has never boasted about you have to look through his book of achievements starting with his primary school reports thereon.I had the chance to do this as he had a stroke last year and I picked up his book in is study and read through it.Over the past 8 years or so my wife has always made it clear not to tell my father inlaw that a bit of cowardly low life like this operates as part of the moronic Pharma cartel from the once great place of learning Oxford such a disgrace for Oxford to be in anyway associated with psychopaths like Pollard.

Great article again John we all know why you write about this subject over the many years rather than Mozart, thank you!.

Pharma for Prison


White Rose

We have a new hero . This Aussie Doctor John Piesse who has taken a stand (he has seen enough carnage & like me cannot understand why all the other doctors are staying silent).

Who is the next doctor to step into the light and tell the truth, regardless of the consequences?

“Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them…”

In this case, “Arms” means the truth. Because if it spreads far enough, from many doctors, there will be an end to the high mounds of intentional lies that compose official science, which is fake science—designed to put children under the gun, under the needle.

John Stone


Thanks, but you know - without getting into semantics - no one has the right to injure our children and walk away.


Grace Green

Thank you, John, for bringing all these facts to our attention. It's greatly appreciated. These "professors" of science need to learn the meaning of the words they use. A right is not an obligation. Just as all children have a right to an education doesn't mean their parents are obliged to send them to school but may educate them in whatever way they believe is best for their children, so protection from illness is the responsibility of the parents, and therefor it's their right to choose the best way of doing that for their own children. To whom do children belong, their parents or the state? White Rose reminds us of the Poll tax, which was tested on the Scots as a rehearsal. Just let them try that with mandatory vaccines. We're ready!


“Immunisation is something that many people think of as personal, but it is actually part of being in a society. Our children really have a right to be protected from this entirely preventable disease.”


My child was permanently disabled by vaccines, before he was even two years old. You better believe that I take that VERY personally.

Our children have a right to be protected. But the protection they need, is not from trumped up fear of diseases that we all know are benign, at best.

What they need to be protected from, is sociopathic idiots like this Pollard clown. Who couldn't give a rat's ass about the health of our children.

White Rose

Can Professor (pah don't make me laugh) Helen McShane (just look at the state of her) not be prosecuted in a court of law for this ? Cant we go to the Police today and NOW ?

This is a outrage ! Helen YOU are an OUTRAGE .

White Rose

Posted by: John Stone | September 04, 2017 at 07:58 AM

John I am in absolute shock at this Telegraph Article . Damn scoundrels
Didn't Wakefield get crucified for a £5 payment for blood from friends ?

five out of six of the animals infected with TB who were given the experimental vaccine had become “very unwell” and had to be put down.
Almost 1,500 babies in South Africa received the new jab and parents were paid in the region of £10 for taking part.

Oxford University has been hijacked by Nazis.

John Stone


I think the BMJ were almost forced to allow some comment after the British Medical Association called for a discussion of the issue (where previously compulsory vaccination had been against policy, and even denounced as fascistic by previous BMA Chairman Hamish Meldrum)). There are two notable features to this: one is that some legitimate comment has not been allowed even so, and the other is that the compulsory vaccinators completely boycotted the discussion, presumably unable to answer or counter the many excellent and well documented points made by opposers.

Of course, it has been part of the stealth operation to deny and suppress debate in the mainstream media. Presently, Theresa May and the Department of Health seem to have ruled out a change of policy (letter 9 August) but the pressure will undoubtedly continue.


I have been asking question why....why did the BMJ conduct an on online debate about vaccines and the idea of mandatory vaccines. I also believe the Pro Mandatory lobby is trying the gauge the reaction of its doctors on this . Very worrying.

John Stone

White Rose

They are attempting to gauge the strength and size of the opposition they may encounter should they try it (making vaccination mandatory) .

All I say to Pollard is this , scoundrel-boy, remember the Poll Tax .
We will bring this home to you Nuremberg boy.

John Stone


Thanks - as usual very good comment. But it should also be borne in mind Pollard's impact from the JCVI should be seen as global, notably in the fall out from the decision to add Bexsero to the UK infant schedule. It would be very unwise to view the vaccine lobby as bits and pieces working in different countries, it works globally. Someone was asking me recently whether there was an EU move to make vaccines compulsory but I don't think it starts with the European institutions, it starts with the lobby - then there are the pusillanimous, intellectually derelict, corrupt politicians, newspaper editors etc.


bob moffit

Pollard's statement:

“Immunisation is something that many people think of as personal, but it is actually part of being in a society. Our children really have a right to be protected from this entirely preventable disease.”

Ah yes .. herein lies the rub .. Pollard has it backwards .. children really have a right to be protected from preventable diseases by their PARENT's fundamental humanitarian right to decide for themselves whether or not vaccination is worth the RISK that ALL .. "one size fits all" vaccines .. are KNOWN to have.

In other words .. being in a "SOCIETY" .. ought not require a PARENT to surrender their PERSONAL right to make decisions in their CHILD'S OWN BEST INTEREST.

After all .. ranchers or farmers who want to protect their HERD are free to do so .. and .. likewise .. PARENTS who want to protect their CHILDREN have a universal humanitarian right to their protect their own CHILD .. by deciding what is in the best interest of the CHILD.

John .. your column pretty much described the very same SWAMP that exists in the USA .. a SWAMP THAT MUST BE DRAINED!

White Rose

This is from the scoundrel whose own BEXSERO is contaminated with E.Coli .

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