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Pertussis Vax Speak: "Inability To Prevent Infections" aka FAILURE

Pertussis-vaccine-failureNote: Aye yi yi. Boston U School of Public Health has published the article below citing the resurgence of  Whooping Cough (pertussis) a result of the vaccine's "inability to prevent infection."

Why are you late to work, Mr. Jones? "My car had an inability to move forward."
Why is your homework late, Johnny? "My computer had an inability to turn on."
Why are you dead, Mrs. Magillicuddy? "My heart had an inability to keep pumping blood."





The startling global resurgence of pertussis, or whooping cough, in recent years can largely be attributed to the immunological failures of acellular vaccines, School of Public Health researchers argue in a new journal article.

The article, published in F1000 Research, points to the differences in mucosal immunity between whole-cell pertussis (wP) vaccines and the newer acellular pertussis (aP) vaccines, first introduced in the 1990s, as playing a pivotal role in the resurgence of the disease.

“This disease is back because we didn’t really understand how our immune defenses against whooping cough worked, and did not understand how the vaccines needed to work to prevent it,” said Christopher J. Gill, associate professor of global health and lead author of the article. “Instead we layered assumptions upon assumptions, and now find ourselves in the uncomfortable position of admitting that we may made some crucial errors. This is definitely not where we thought we’d be in 2017.”

Up until the 1950s, there were millions of cases of whooping cough around the globe each year, with numerous fatal cases in infants. The introduction of whole-cell pertussis (wP) vaccines led to a 99 percent reduction in cases. Later, as wP vaccines raised concerns of possible rare neurologic adverse events, aP vaccines were licensed and used in a number of countries starting in the early 1990s. Since then, cases of whooping cough have risen sharply. In 2014, there were more than 32,000 cases reported in the US.

“The resurgence of pertussis in the US to its highest levels since the 1940s emphasizes the need for answers to these questions,” the authors wrote.

The researchers examined mathematical models of pertussis transmission, data derived from the aP and wP vaccines responses in animals, and recent insight into the immunology of pertussis and pertussis vaccines. They found that, contrary to existing assumptions, although both vaccines blocked symptomatic disease, wP vaccines blocked also infections in animals while aP vaccines did not. Other differences included wP vaccines’ ability to induce a stronger herd immunity and robust TH17 responses, which confer mucosal immunity, while aP vaccines only induced TH2 responses.

Read more here.


Jeannette Bishop

Hard to believe, a doctor (chiropractor?) risks and incurs a vaccine reaction to "cocoon" a family baby:

Grace Green

My sons both had pertussis following three doses of the old DPT, aged 3 and 7. At first the doc tried to say it was bronchitis! then I said, but he's whooping. So he admitted it must be whooping cough and said they can still get it after the vaccine. They always seem to try to give a wrong diagnosis. It wasn't like that back in the 50s.

John Stone


And I wonder how many children have been maimed or eliminated by the vaccines on the way?

To come on this site where so many have seen injury to their children and sneer like that is truly vile and repulsive. No one sensible wants to see children sick or suffering: unfortunately too many have seen the other side of this - their sick and suffering children - while governments just walk away.



Aimee Doyle


Thanks so much. I'll take a look at that link.

John Stone


Yes, this is an article from BMJ in 2006. In fact, the changeover to the new vaccine in the UK was October 2004 but this relates to the old vaccine and the article shows it was failing. Shortly afterwards the lead author was co-opted the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation;


Let's be clear here. The old pertussis vaccine was exactly as useless as the current one.

Recently, doctors have started to diagnose pertussis even if the patient is vaccinated instead of diagnosing croup, RSV etc. They still diagnose that as well of course, but because vaccinated babies have so many respiratory illnesses at least some of those will be diagnosed by enough doctors for the stats on pertussis to look horrible.

If you look at stats on total respiratory hospitalizations then the situation is vastly more grim.

With the old vaccine, very few doctors diagnosed pertussis in the vaccinated that is why it appeared successful. Plus kids were less vaccinated overall so they got less respiratory illnesses so there was a smaller pool of possible cases to diagnose as pertussis.

Reintroducing the old vaccine will be horrific.


Dag-nabbit! If that darn pertussis virus would simply refuse to stand for the anthem, it'd be ALL OVER the news!....

Jeannette Bishop

@Aimee Doyle,

I don't know for certain where things are. I heard from Kent Heckenlively (Innoculated and online interviews) that the preliminary results were so good with improvements in areas they didn't initially plan to evaluate that they decided they had better stop the trial and rework protocols and start over to more effectively study the therapy in autism.

This is what Dr. Mikovits said in Houston about this research:

Aimee Doyle


So Suramin isn't available for autism treatment anymore? Could you explain a little more about what happened - I knew there were trials, and then .....nothing.

Was hoping for good news from the trials, since autism treatment research has been flatlined for so many years.

Shelley Tzorfas

Look at how very concerned they pretend to be with cases "Around the Globe each year with numerous fatal cases in infants." They claimed that Whole Cell Pertussis vaccines lead to a 99% reduction in cases. Does that mean 99% of All Countries gave the vaccine to their citizens, or 99 percent reduction in Whooping Cough in the US, or globally 99% of Whooping Cough cases disappeared because kids in Boston got their shots so that kids in -let's say, Vietnam would be safe, or Sweden for that matter. Our medical system is so very concerned about children.
On the other hand, you mean to tell us that those all those infants and children who suddenly collapsed, developed serious repeating ear infections that lead to surgically implanted ear tubes followed by auditory processing issues and learning disabilities, seizure disorders, Autism, Cancers and Deaths from these shots were for Nothing??

Jeannette Bishop

If I remember correctly the DTP also allowed baboons to silently harbor pertussis, just for not as long. And the all cause mortality research (such as we have) is indicating it is probably worse to use this vaccine than not (in terms of mortality), and the morbidity is so high anecdotally it's hard not to suspect this (compounded with DtaP) is the most costly of vaccines (in use today), especially in infants who only get something like what, a few month's (is it week's) allergic reaction type immunity to some pertussis toxins in the first place? One theory of the Zika-microcephaly scare is that a localized use of a particular DTP vaccine is to blame.

Can the medical profession undergo another radical Semmelweis moment, and learn how to boost vitamin C levels as part of disease treatment, "standard of care" and all that (something along such nourishing lines)?

Or will that make for too radical of an improvement? Is it true, OT quite a bit, from what Dr. Judy Mikovits said in Houston, that the results from the short Suramin for autism treatment trials were so positive that the FDA (or whoever does these things) completely pulled access to that substance because, you know, officially we already have SO MANY (that would be zero) treatments that affectively address actual core autism symptoms?


Yes, Dr. Karol and HarvardMD, They are beating the drum to herd the population back to the deadlier DPT. I can't tell you how many I personally knew who lost their children to that poison. While bullshit artists Offit et al teach the innocent new trainees that there never were any adverse reactions.
It was all genetic. Those babies would have gotten sick and died anyway.

Shameless criminals. While they tell mothers to "postpone" breastfeeding so nature's true highly effective and free immunization cannot interfere with their expensive toxic infectious crap.


"Vaccines against pertussis have been available for more than 60 years. Nonetheless, this highly contagious disease is reemerging even in countries with high vaccination coverage. Genetic changes of Bordetella pertussis over time have been suggested to contribute to the resurgence of pertussis, as these changes may favor escape from vaccine-induced immunity....Whole cell pertussis vaccines (WCVs) were introduced worldwide in the 1950’s after which the number of notifications decreased dramatically.... A mix of ptxP1 (P1) and ptxP2 (P2) strains were prevalent before the introduction of the WCVs and were used to produce the pertussis vaccines. After the introduction of the WCVs mainly P1 strains circulated. The ptxP3 (P3) strains emerged in the 1980’s and represent more than 90% of the current B. pertussis populations in many countries worldwide. These P3 strains have been associated with the resurgence and severity of pertussis...."

from "Emerging Bordetella pertussis Strains Induce Enhanced Signaling of Human Pattern Recognition Receptors TLR2, NOD2 and Secretion of IL-10 by Dendritic Cells," ES Hovingh et al., 2017


Doctor Karol has very sadly and tragically nailed it. The goal is to bring back the old DTP vaccine, because as we all know, there is no longer any liability for pharma from that vaccine or any other. Problem solved! Now, that good ole' whole cell, extensively brain-damaging DTP vaccine can be brought back for use in the USA without any liability. All for "the greater good," at least according to the thoughts of a handful of billionaires. Who cares if children are irreparably harmed with paralysis and brain damage as long as they don't get that nasty whooping cough!

Harvard MD

Thank you for the link to the paper:

I've pasted sections of the conclusion below, that suggests as Doctor Karol's skepticism is well-founded. See last sentence, they are worried that public will catch-on to this vaccine failure and cause a PR problem.

Although the authors readily accept the failure of the pertussis aP vaccine, this paper does not question the basic tenets of vaccinology: must pursue 'herd immunity' at all costs, no discussion of the typical course of the disease (mild) or alternative approach in the event of troublesome symptoms (can be dangerous for <3month olds but manageable) or the benefits of natural immunity, especially concerning mothers. Just beating the drum of "crisis", soaring deaths (again, wish they could provide a reference with numbers and verified cases, including source of transmission - my concern is the new mother who has been vaccinated to protect her newborn and is shedding viruses on the baby) and the need for new vaccines!

Quote from paper's conclusion:
"In our view, we are approaching a critical decision point. In the US, pertussis rates and infant pertussis deaths are now at a 70-year high, and despite record uptake of aP vaccines, pertussis rates in the US have continued to rise, casting doubt on whether further increasing aP vaccine coverage can ever compensate for their fundamental limitations."

Concluding paragraph:
"It is too early to predict how this will play out, but it seems essential that any future pertussis vaccine demonstrates its ability not just to prevent clinical disease but also to prevent infections, and showing this to be so will require carriage studies. The resurgence of pertussis in the aP vaccine era is evolving into a slow-moving global public health crisis. But, with the public’s trust in vaccines waning, this has also become a public relations crisis."


It's oy yoy yoy not ay yi yi! That said, it seems to me that the much more intelligent way of going about prevention would have been to look at diet and lifestyle choices. Am remembering about the whole polio thing, was it Dan who did such a wonderful comprehensive treatise on it? Seems to me medicine has long been way off base. I'm past grandmother age and more limber, much more, than I was as a kid or teenager. Why? Because I've been vegan for years and now fruitarian. And I don't go to doctors. Diet change was a big, big help for daughter with autism.

Doctor Karol

Hmmmm..... don't you think that this is coming out now with the plan being to return to the regular DTP vaccine, because of the "crisis" ?

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