The “Pan” Calling the Kettle Black!
Dara Berger on Doctors Callous Treatment of Autistic Patients



Imus at 4:08: “Not only is there opposition to people who think that vaccinations cause autism, or certainly contribute to it, but it’s a vicious, well-funded, almost hysterical opposition with the demonizing people who believe that, and the hysteria on their part is actually frightening.”

Angus Files

Something has to break and it always has to break in America first sorry guys its you were depending on as the UK is a done pharma dustbin.I remember with BREXIT 10 years ago less even,we were all told the UK would be part of the Euro,the UK would be part of one big Euro country.Boy if you ever dared to say we were coming out of it, you were laaghed at and more-well look where the UK is today and on the back of that America is as well with Trump .The US people like the UK people were told via the media and all the business men who live in glass and steel towers telling everyone to think Trump had no chance.If you did vote for him or BREXIT plagues of dark locusts were coming descending from the sky were coming to gobble us all up we were all finished. Obama said when visiting the Uk if we the people dared to vote to leave the Euro we would go to the back of the queue when trading with America.Moral of the story how quick the bully's fall.

Pharma and its moronic cowards will be finished soon and it will be thanks to the writers who continue to write and some write great books as well such as Denial.

Thank you Dan and Mark.

Pharma for Prison


Jonathan Rose

Jeanette: Note that the authors of this study are all Iranian. Even in Iran, an oppressive theocratic dictatorship, there is more freedom to investigate the real causes of autism than in the US and UK!

Jeannette Bishop

Thank you! Something has to wake people up.

Maybe sounds like old news, but new study:

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