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Mandatory Over-Vaccination - The Australian Experience

Parental RightsBy Elizabeth Hart

Recently there have been calls for mandatory vaccination in the UK, as discussed by Tom Moberly, UK editor of The BMJ, see UK doctors re-examine case for mandatory vaccination.

The United States and Australia are at the forefront with government-mandated vaccination policies, with Italy, France and Germany also recently announcing coercive policies.

These sinister moves towards government-mandated medical interventions for healthy people, and the destruction of 'informed consent' before vaccination, have received little or no objective critical analysis in academia or the mainstream media.

It appears the pharmaceutical industry has hijacked vaccination policy around the world. Obliging governments are mandating vaccine products for children, and there are indications that adults will be under pressure to have vaccinations throughout life too.  

Communities are being set up to be compliant to all the vaccine products in the vaccine industry's pipeline, including repeated revaccinations throughout life with failing products, e.g. pertussis and flu vaccines.

The medical profession's position on this matter has been woeful.  

It appears many doctors are happily stepping up to the plate to be the vaccine industry's and governments' police force to impose the ever-increasing vaccination schedule on the community. But just how much do these doctors know about the plethora of vaccine products and revaccinations on the schedule?  Precious little I would wager.  

And now these people are being given the power to impose medical interventions, without authentic informed consent.  They are being given free rein to over-vaccinate the community, along with the over-diagnosis, over-prescribing, over-treatment and over-servicing which is rampant in the medical industry.

In this regard, see below my recent challenge to Dr Joanna Flynn, Chair of the Medical Board of Australia (18 September 2017):-

Dear Dr Flynn

Re: Over-vaccination, 'legally valid consent', and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

Recent media reports about Dr John Piesse raise important questions about doctors' responsibility to their patients, and the medical profession's duty to work in the best interests of the community.  

Dr Flynn, writing in the MJA on the competency of doctors, you have said: "The opportunity now is for the medical profession to take responsibility, individually and collectively, for the future standards of medical practice in Australia.  The board is seeking to work with the profession and the community to ensure that the high levels of trust and confidence that the Australian public has in doctors is based on an appropriate framework for ensuring the continuing competency of all those in practice."

I suggest matters such as 'informed consent' before medical interventions, e.g. vaccination; and the proper acknowledgement and reporting of adverse events after vaccination are important ethical responsibilities for doctors. The medical profession as a whole should also consider the burgeoning number of vaccine products and revaccinations on the taxpayer-funded schedule - over-vaccination can also be added to the problems of over-diagnosis, over-prescribing, over-treatment and over-servicing by the medical profession. The medical profession must wake up to conflicts of interest in vaccination policy and practice; the questionable reliability and objectivity of information on vaccine safety; the pharmaceutical industry's influence over governments and the medical profession; and the influence of biased media and coercive vaccination lobby groups on vaccination policy.  

There are now at least 46 doses of vaccines on the ever-expanding national vaccination schedule for children, including via combination vaccines and revaccinations. This does not include the dubious flu vaccinations we are all being pressured to have every year. These vaccine products are added to the schedule without any consultation with the community.  Gross over-vaccination is occurring with this plethora of vaccine products.  The spotlight should be shone on the doctors' groups which have ill-served the community with their failure to question the burgeoning number of vaccine products and revaccinations being added to the taxpayer-funded schedule, and the conflicts of interest that undermine the legitimacy of the bloated schedule.

With the Australian Federal government's coercive No Jab, No Pay law there is a direct conflict with doctors' obligation to obtain legally valid consent before vaccination, as outlined in The Australian Immunisation Handbook, e.g. for consent to be legally valid it must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation. The coercive No Jab, No Pay law also conflicts with advice on informed consent in Good Medical Practice: A Code of Conduct for Doctors in Australia. It is doctors' duty to serve their patients, but they now appear to have been co-opted as a police force to coerce parents into government-mandated medical interventions for their children, i.e. vaccination. Is this ethical? What is AHPRA's stance on these anomalies in regards to legally valid consent? Has this been clarified for doctors and their clients?  

Vaccines are up on a pedestal as magic bullets to prevent disease, and these lucrative products are receiving what appears to be free advertising across the media. But cracks in vaccination practice are starting to emerge, e.g. the failing pertussis/whooping cough vaccine and annual flu vaccines, and the emerging international scandal about the globally fast-tracked HPV vaccine products, a story which is being suppressed in Australia. There is much misinformation being relayed to the public about the effectiveness of various vaccine products. We should also be worried that the over-use of vaccine products could lead to similar problems as the over-use of antibiotics.Unfortunately we do not appear to have much in the way of independent infectious diseases experts to objectively consider this matter.

This also has to be viewed in regards to the 'big picture', i.e. the intrusion of the 'medical industrial complex' into our lives. As well as the over-vaccination epidemic and the antibiotic epidemic, also consider the opioid epidemic, the anti-depressant epidemic, the proton pump inhibitor epidemic etc, etc.  Over-diagnosis, over-prescribing, over-treatment and over-servicing are serious problems in the medical industry. Pharmaceutical companies seek to expand their markets for lucrative drugs and vaccines, and this is now becoming particularly sinister with the onset of government-mandated medical interventions, i.e. numerous vaccinations and the destruction of 'informed consent' before these interventions. The No Jab, No Pay law appears to have been obligingly established by the Australian government to make the community compliant to all the vaccine products in the vaccine industry's pipeline.

The general public is unaware there are serious conflicts of interest in the Australian government's vaccination bureaucracy, with the group that 'recommends' vaccine products for the taxpayer-funded schedule, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, being heavily stacked with academics who have associations with the vaccine industry, e.g. via their participation in vaccine clinical trials, and funding to participate in vaccine conferences etc. There has been a reluctance to disclose these conflicts of interest.

Similarly the government 'regulator' of vaccine products, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, is conflicted. The TGA receives funding from industry to assess medical products, and appears to simply rubber-stamp industry data. Academics associated with industry are also influential at the TGA, e.g. on the TGA's Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee. The TGA's adverse events database appears to be mere window dressing, with little in the way of sincere follow-up of cases. The TGA acknowledges that adverse events are under-reported around the world, with estimates that 90-95% of adverse events are not reported to regulators.

With the onset of government-mandated vaccination, and in light of the conflicts of interest in vaccination policy, it's time for an urgent review of the taxpayer-funded vaccination schedule, and a moratorium on the addition of any new products or revaccinations.  An investigation should also be undertaken into relationships between governments, political parties and the pharmaceutical industry. An article by journalist Adele Ferguson, published in The Sydney Morning Herald in February 2010, illustrates the pharmaceutical industry's influence over government, and includes reference to the questionable implementation of Gardasil vaccination; the exploitation of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme; and drug companies taking advantage of "the revolving door between politics and other branches of the federal government and the industry". See Adele Ferguson's article: The other drug war - the politics of big businessSMH, 27 Feb. 2010.

In recent years the Australian media appears to have given the pharmaceutical industry free rein, and has allowed the industry to hijack vaccination policy with no scrutiny. It's astonishing that the Australian government's aggressive No Jab, No Pay vaccination policy has received little or no critical analysis by the medical profession, academia or the mainstream media, including the taxpayer-funded ABC and SBS. Instead, discussion on vaccination policy and practice has been dichotomised into vicious 'pro' and 'anti' arguments. This polarisation and marginalisation of citizens' valid concerns about vaccination policy and practice is exactly what the vaccine manufacturers want, facilitated by the supportive activities of the coercive vaccination lobby groups SAVN and Friends of Science in Medicine, the Murdoch media, the government and research-sector funded The Conversation website, and doctors' websites such as MJA Insight and Medical Observer.  These groups should be brought to account for their deliberate hindrance and outright censorship of citizens' legitimate concerns about vaccination policy.  We urgently require more sophisticated and civilised discussion on vaccine hesitancy, and the impact of the bloated vaccination schedule on vaccine confidence in the community.

Dr Flynn, I request your response as to AHPRA's stance in regards to legally valid consent before vaccination and the conflict with the Australian government's coercive No Jab, No Pay law; and the medical profession's lack of scrutiny of the burgeoning and conflict-ridden national vaccination schedule.  

I have also forwarded a similar email to Mr Michael Gorton, Chair of the AHPRA Agency Management Committee.  

It is important these matters are considered from a legal and medical ethics perspective. The medical profession has so far failed to critically analyse conflicted vaccination policy and practice, and independent citizens such as myself and others have been left to investigate these matters. The failure to question the burgeoning vaccination schedule is a very poor reflection on the reliability and competency of the medical profession.

For your information, please see attached two recent documents that provide more background, i.e.

My website Over-vaccination.net provides more information and links to correspondence re over-vaccination, see for example my emails to Australia's Chief Medical Officer.

Please note this email will be circulated to other parties, this is a matter of public interest.  

I look forward to your response to this email, I would appreciate your careful consideration of the matters raised.


Elizabeth Hart




Elisabeth, the AVN posted an incredibly balanced article on the vaccine debate from an independent Newpaper called the Byron Echo. You are able to comment as well and they are not deleted. Most people commented on how unusual it was to find a balance article on the vaccine debate.
I couldn't understand why it was so balanced then I found out it was an independent newspaper not beholding to the Murdoch's who own and control even the local free newspapers. Obviously not the Byron Echo it appears. I hope to move to Byron one day because they are one of the few councils in Australia who refuse to put fluoride in the water, have holistic doctors on every corner and low vaccination rate. On top of they have great scenery and weather. What is not to like.

Elizabeth Hart

Thanks Jane, as you say we're facing a dire situation in Australia, the pharmaceutical industry has hijacked vaccination policy here and elsewhere. There is much fear-mongering about disease, and the mainstream media here is a dedicated advertiser of vaccine products. They are completely clueless about the conflicts of interest in vaccination policy, or deliberately turning a blind eye.

Slowly some information seeps out though, see for example this recent report in the Science journal - Why flu vaccines so often fail: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/09/why-flu-vaccines-so-often-fail And these are products that some seek to make compulsory in Australia...


Thank you for this great article Elizabeth. I wish I had read it before sending a letter to Department Of Health yesterday after seeing Prof Brendan Murphy from the Australian Dept. Of Health say the flu vaccine did not work well this year but pregnant women were urged to get it. That was followed by more misinformation about the deadly dangers of the HPV virus, new DNA test for it and anticipated benefits of the HPV vaccine (repeated every hour on news 24), I sent the Dept of Health and Prof Murphy a Pub Med link to the study that showed pregnant women were more at risk of a miscarriage if they got a flu vaccine two years in a row. I also went on about the concerns we all have about the massive increase in children with autism and auto immune diseases in the past 30 years and my son's personal experience after the MMR vaccine. I know this will fall on deaf ears as my usual letters to ABC and other media stations have in the past. However, this is my chosen method of venting my anger towards such a corrupt government. Your article is an excellent summary of the dire situation we face in Australia and other countries. Money is truly the root of all evil when it is used to finance the big pharma propaganda campaign. Thanks again.


This comment is off a Holistic Vet website that I read. It says it all. What doctors and Pharma are doing to our kids and our pets is vile.

Nora says
December 12, 2016 at 11:09 PM

I’m in the Atlanta ‘burbs, living with a severely vaccine damaged cat. I will NEVER vaccinate one of my animals again, after watching this poor cat suffer after the rabies shot she got in 2014. She acts just like an autistic child.
I’ve been taking care of her around the clock for almost three years, force feeding when she won’t eat, spending thousands of dollars on vet bills, cleaning her up because she doesn’t groom…she is not the cat she used to be. I feel she’s in there somewhere and I keep hoping she’ll get well, but the remedy has escaped me. It’s heart breaking to see what was once the most playful, plump, merry and affectionate kitty just lay on her bed, not wanting to be touched. She slept draped across my lap and followed me everywhere I went until that shot…

She’s lost so much muscle mass, her spine is sticking out. Her fur looks awful despite tons of supplements and fish oil. She’s mentally dull and unresponsive when I talk to her. She doesn’t socialize with the other cats, either. She has an eye lesion, bad teeth, constipation and appears to have neurological damage, all of which are the result of the vaccine. I have a great deal of guilt; that vet ruined her life for a few bucks in profit. I didn’t know about the harm vaccines do then.

It’s time for us to stand up to big pharma and put a stop to all this. We need to collectively refuse to obey the bad laws they’ve lobbied to put on the books, and draft some legislation that makes them accountable for the harm they cause.

susan welch

Fantastic letter, Elizabeth! I hope you receive a reply and post it on Age of Autism.

Thank you so much


i just can't get over the fact that so many people don't take this attempt at totalitarianism seriously.

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