Buckeye Arizona Police Take Down Autistic Teen for Stimming
School and Hospital Grossly Overstep Their Bounds Restraining and Drugging Canadian 8 Year Old

Liar, Healer, Monster, Savior. The Pathological Optimist. A New Movie.

Pathological optimist
Premiering at the Angelika Film Center September 29th, The Pathological Optimist by filmmaker Miranda Bailey about Dr. Andrew Wakefield, one of the producers of Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

The Pathological Optimist explores the controversial Andrew Wakefield, who was stripped of his medical license for his infamous study suggesting a link between vaccines and autism that sparked one of the biggest firestorms in modern medicine.

Our own Mark Blaxill wrote From The Roman to The Wakefield Inquisitionin 2008.  Dr. Wakefield has weathered more storms than the Caribbean since then and remains both a lightning rod and a tireless advocate for children's health.  You might notice Jen Larsen, of Canary Party, Health Choice and The Holland Center in this trailer.

Watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRA0w1pvFLk&feature=youtu.be



At one point Brian Deer posted this on leftbrainrightbrain:

"Even in 2003, my investigation was very time consuming. I hadn’t then looked into Ms Kessick and I didn’t then know that talking to her amounted to talking to Wakefield. The pair of them were in it together. However, I did get from her a detailed account of what she said happened to her son (which broadly squares with her case in litigation), and it was at total variance with what was recorded in the Lancet."

Think about that. Deer is saying that Wakefield and Kessick were conspiring together. Deer's contention is that the Lancet paper was in part manufactured to bolster Kessick's lawsuit on behalf of her son. But then Deer goes on to say that the child's history in her lawsuit is "at total variance" with his history in the Lancet paper. How insane is that? You'd expect the two sets of facts to be similar if they are merely telling the truth, but also, most surely, if they were conspiring together.

It's the illogic that so often gives Deer's game away. In the case of Child 11, Deer states (correctly) that Father 11 attributed his child's regression to MMR. Yet Deer in the same piece states that Child 11's symptoms occurred before MMR, basing this on a typo on the Royal Free discharge summary. You or I would have shot off an email saying, "Hey, Mr. 11, that doesn't make sense." The fact that Deer didn't shows malice on his part.


I was happy to discover that you can rent this movie on youtube.


I've read a few of the reviews of the movie at this point. They pretty much confine themselves to: birthday party blood draw; soliciting money from gullible, fawning parents; Nelson Mandela comparison; chopping wood; the supposed unlikableness of Wakefield. One says Wakefield's wife is catty. One characterizes Wakefield's voice as "demure." (That would better describe Brian Deer's voice, wouldn't it?)

Anyway, they're the usual hit piece stuff and not exactly subtle. There's no analysis of the merits of the lawsuit, of course. I've listed a few of Deer's misrepresentations of the children's cases in a comment below.

The Hollywood Reporter, under the guise of briefing readers about the Lancet article, manages to get most of it wrong. Many of the parents linked their children's autism to receipt of the MMR vaccine. Were the Lancet authors supposed to leave that out? I would say "no," but they got so much flak from the pharmaceutical industry and its enablers that most of them decided they should have. Here is the Lancet author "retraction":

"This statement refers to the Early Report 'Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children,' published in The Lancet in 1998. It is made by 10 of the 12 original authors who could be contacted. It should be noted that the statement does not necessarily reflect the views of the other co-authors.

The main thrust of the paper was the first description of an unexpected intestinal lesion in the children reported. Further evidence has been forthcoming in studies from the Royal Free Centre for Paediatric Gastroenterology and other groups to support and extend these findings. While much uncertainty remains about the nature of these changes, we believe it important that such work continues, as autistic children can potentially be helped by recognition and treatment of gastrointestinal problems.

We wish to make it clear that in this paper no causal link was established between MMR vaccine and autism as the data were insufficient. However, the possibility of such a link was raised and consequent events have had major implications for public health. In view of this, we consider now is the appropriate time that we should together formally retract the interpretation placed upon these findings in the paper, according to precedent."

Jeannette Bishop

'Dr. Andrew Wakefield Q & A for The Pathological Optimist" at Angelika Theater:


The world is divided,
There are two destinies,
a destiny for happiness,
and the Devils destiny Lachlan mac Thearlich Oig Gaelic poet .
Positive outcomes,with steady determination wins out in the end.
Optimism is a state of being,and the truth will have the last word on the matter right down to the last punctuation point !
Remember that Alexander Fleming's work on penicillin sat on a shelf for 10 years while people around called him a quack and a country leech, Alexander Fleming -1881-1955 " Not a Gowk"
Well done Dr Andrew Wakwfield "Not a Gowk either "
Where are the current vaccine risk assessments get them ready for inspection .
" Bathaidh toll beag long mhor " "A small hole will sink a big ship"
Us Navy versus Spanish Lighthouse Youtube current situation for vaccine risk assessments "they set sail without them. and refuse to change direction . perhaps it;s time to " leave the lighthouse, there's an incoming heading straight for the rocks !"

Jeannette Bishop

Dr. Wakefield discussing this film with Polly Tommey:



Apparently this documentary follows Dr. Wakefield during the time of his lawsuit against Brian Deer and the BMJ so I've included a link to Dr. Wakfield's affidavit at the end of this comment.

Below I've noted a few examples of Deer's "errors" and distortions. These examples are illustrative rather than exhaustive:

Child 1: Deer says that 10 weeks before MMR Child 1 could not “hear properly,” sign of a developmental disorder.

Fact: Medical records show Child 1 had a simple ear infection after which his hearing was normal.

Child 2: Deer says that Child 2’s head banging occurred months after MMR rather than two weeks.

Fact: One of 2’s doctor says that he started temper tantrums about two weeks after MMR.

Child 3: Deer says that Child 3 did not have non-specific colitis.

Fact: An image of Child 3’s biopsy was included in Lancet paper. It showed dense infiltration of inflammatory cells.

Child 4: Deer says that Child 4 had developmental delays before MMR.

Fact: Medical records show Child 4 regressed after single measles vaccine and became worse after MMR.

Child 5: Deer says that Wakefield concealed concerns with Child 5’s development before MMR.

Fact: Medical records noting such concerns were not in the possession of the Lancet authors.

Child 6: Deer says that Child 6 had “fits” [febrile seizures] before MMR.

Fact: Medical records indicate normal development until MMR, after which near cot-death with behavior change.

Child 7: Deer says that Child 7, brother of Child 6, had “fits” [febrile seizures] before MMR.

Fact: Medical records show normal development until MMR, after which became quiet and language-deficient.

Child 8: Deer says that Child 8 was not developmentally normal before MMR.

Fact: After surgical repair of heart problem, developed rapidly. After MMR, grand mal seizure with rapid deterioration.

Child 9: Deer says that Child 9’s parents blamed MMR for regression occurring 2 months later, which Wakefield concealed.

Fact: Clinic note of Dr. Walker-Smith says “MMR…no obvious reaction.” Parents only made association later.

Child 10: Deer says Child 10 did not have non-specific colitis.

Fact: Dr. Anthony: mild chronic inflammation in colon. Dr. Casson: decreased goblet cells; epithelial focal abnormalities.

Child 11: Deer says Child 11 showed slow speech patterns and repetitive hand movements before MMR.

Fact: Father’s letter to Royal Free says MMR followed by months of sickness, then autistic behavior at 18 months.

Child 12: Deer says that Child 12 did not have autism.

Fact: Psychiatrist Dr. Ing says Child 12 had autistic spectrum disorder.



Genocidal, lying, toxin pushing, vaccine damage denying, fradululent, sociopathic, sick, anti-Science, pro $cience, idiotic, child murdering, misanthropic, deceiving, evil, greedy, corrupt, dumb, mercuryphiliiac, vitaminochondriac, death-worshipping, brain damaging, shilling, egocentric, psychopathic, ignorant, life-denying, brain-damaged, sinister, narcissistic, perverted, dark, soulless, poison loving, anti-reality, scheming, arrogant, big pharma whores. and useful idiots.

That is what they are.

Angus Files

Wont be long now the cowards at the CDC and afar will be exposed for the millions of lives ruined by independently untested vaccines -supported by the sock puppet side kick Deer.

Pharma for Prison



And Brian Deer is not happy!


Liars are never happy, when their lies are being exposed.


Mark Blaxill’s perfect 2008 summary of disastrous CDC vaccine policy decisions:

“Instead of embracing the importance of improving vaccine safety, the program’s defenders have now declared that the temple of the sacred program must never be defiled, and certainly must not be subjected to conventional safety research.

“So the obvious research project of comparing the total health outcomes in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated individuals has been rejected not merely as too expensive, now it simply must not be done. In the Orwellian logic of the CDC, such studies in humans would be ‘prospectively unethical’ and ‘retrospectively impossible.’ …

“This is an epistemological obscenity: It’s not just that we don’t know some very basic things about the safety of the sacred program, we also cannot know and should not seek to know. This stance should offend even the most skeptical scientists.”

Jonathan Rose and Gayle DeLong

Actually the premiere is September 28. We've just bought advance tickets. See you there!

Rebecca Lee

Thank you , Dr. Wakefield. You have been brave.


I love the title. IT is provocative!

James Robert Deal Attorney

From Attorney James Robert Deal:

There are safe and effective vaccines. They have been double blind tested. They are taken orally. But none is on the CDC approved hist.

None of the vaccines on the CDC approved list has been double blind tested. None is completely safe and none is effective in the long term, some not even in the short term. Adverse reactions are common. $4 billion has been paid out by the Vaccine Court. The US Supreme Court says the CDC vaccines are experimental and all are "unavoidably unsafe". Filth is being injected into the blood stream from which it is hard to digest and excrete.

More of these safe and effective vaccines should be developed. Maybe the CDC does not recommend them because they were developed in Cuba by communists and homeopaths and because there is not much profit in them. Also we should invest in clean drinking water and effective sewers instead of vaccinating everybody for everything. We should quit killing and eating bush meat infected with diseases to which humans have no immunity. We should quit raising animals in confinement. That would eliminate most diseases now being fought with CDC vaccines.

Anyone who says that all CDC vaccines are safe and effective for all people is either a fraudster or a dupe. We should oppose mandatory vaccination and oppose all the CDC recommended vaccines. They are profitable frauds.

The core problem is that when a cash flow gets going, it builds up morally blind corporate structures, and is hard to stop. This is true of many other profitable frauds such as fluoridation-which contains lead and leaches lead from pipes-, fluoride in toothpaste, fluoride in dentistry, microwave blasting smart meters, microwave blasting 5G cell towers, Roundup, mercury amalgam fillings, tetraethyl lead (still not phased out everywhere), aerosol spraying, fracking. The list is long. They should not be dealt with separately. They are all the result of no-ethics corporations on auto-pilot profit maximization mode.

The solution is for states to assert their jurisdiction over corporations and to withdraw the corporate veil if a corporation fails to establish well studied ethical standards. These frauds should not be dealt with one at a time. Corporate artificial persons should be required to behave ethically and legally in order to retain personal immunity from liability for shareholders. The solution is to take the money out of politics, which means financing campaigns publicly.

Hawking says to fear the coming Artificial Intelligence. Wrong. Artificial Intelligence is already here. Monsanto and Merck are examples. A corporation without a high code of ethics creates a correlation of forces which can do great evil and has eternal life. It buys off colleges with fellowships. It buys off the media by buying expensive ads. It buys off politicians by paying them to appoint their lackeys to regulatory agencies, all of which have been taken over by the industries which they regulate.

An unmentioned tragedy here is that Dr. Wakefield is good at undoing the damage caused by the CDC vaccines. By treading digestive disorders, many vaccine injuries can be ameliorated.

James Robert Deal, Attorney


John Stone

Brian Deer, you are "the weakest link"!






Bill Gates vs. Andrew Wakefield

I remember watching a first time moment when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were being interviewed together. Bill Gates says something like, I have great admiration for you (Steve Jobs). You have great taste in people and product. The audience roared with laughter and Bill responds that he is serious. Certainly Dr. Wakefield has the people behind him.


And Brian Deer is not happy!


bob moffit

Can't tell if this "film" will inform viewers as to the reality of what happened to Dr Wakefield .. or .. be simply a "film" regurgitating ad-nauseam .. the same old same old .. pro-vaccine pharma b.s. .. about this extraordinarily accomplished .. courageous man .. DR ANDREW WAKEFIELD.

My hero .. regardless what tack this "film" decides to take.

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