A Lifetime with Autism
Admitted Vaxxed Bus Trollster Meets his Idol Paul Offit: Philly Paper Swoons

Laura Hayes Talks Vaccine Risks and Corruption with KVMR Jeanie Keltner

KvmrWe invite you to listen to KVMR podcast host Jeanie Keltner interview Laura Hayes about vaccine risks and related corruption. Laura lives in California, America's most draconian state when it comes to vaccination rights.

List here.

Jeanie Keltner taught literature at Sac State for 20 years. In the 80s she got hooked on politics through following closely the Iran-Contra affair, which revealed a depth of corruption and a mis- and dis-informing media that spurred her to focus her energy on independent media. For 20 years with a group of fellow activists, she edited Because People Matter, a progressive bi-monthly, with the idea of bringing the hidden news to light. She also hosts a cable access talk show, Soapbox (Mon 8pm Ch 17, Accesssacramento.org).
Drawing and painting are also passionate pursuits, and she’s exhibited her pen and ink and watercolors at several local galleries and cafes.

The Undernews, at noon on the 1st and 5th Wednesdays, continues her focus on the important and fascinating info that rarely surfaces in the commercial media with interviews from activists, writers and citizen experts.




Thank You so much Ms Hayes!

Offit and Pan believe that there is a justifiable reason to deny children access to school, without realizing how un-justifiable denying a child from an education is - yep split infinitive - sue me - (I think I also used the word "unjustifiable" ).
Allow me to start over...
It's ironic that I could not vote for the candidate that started her career advocating for all childrens rights to an education, because my child would be denied access to an education if she were elected.

Yeeeeeeeah, Ken Bone is the problem....

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