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Pesticides and Autism, Again.

Flu Vaccine and Miscarriage

Miscarriage painNOTE: We're pleased to see this dose of vaccine reality in the mainstream media. If there is an indication that flu shots plus swine flu may cause miscarriage, the ACOG (OB union) should immediately issue a harsh warning and moratorium on vaccinating pregnant women. Certainly the risk is far worse than the sickness.  When there is an illness that is "vaccine preventable" the media goes into overdrive to make sure Americans get their dose - shouldn't the inverse be true when the result could be fetal death?

From ABC News. Study prompts call to examine flu vaccine and miscarriage

By Mike Stobbe

A puzzling study of U.S. pregnancies found that women who had miscarriages between 2010 and 2012 were more likely to have had back-to-back annual flu shots that included protection against swine flu.

Vaccine experts think the results may reflect the older age and other miscarriage risks for the women, and not the flu shots. Health officials say there is no reason to change the government recommendation that all pregnant women be vaccinated against the flu. They say the flu itself is a much greater danger to women and their fetuses.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reached out to a doctor's group, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, to warn them the study is coming out and help them prepare for a potential wave of worry from expectant moms, CDC officials said.

"I want the CDC and researchers to continue to investigate this," said Dr. Laura Riley, a Boston-based obstetrician who leads a committee on maternal immunization. "But as an advocate for pregnant women, what I hope doesn't happen is that people panic and stop getting vaccinated."

Past studies have found flu vaccines are safe during pregnancy, though there's been little research on impact of flu vaccinations given in the first three months of pregnancy.


Grace Green

CT Teacher I believe you're right about other forms of damage. When my son was two he was diagnosed with a heart murmur. The doctor told me 50% of children are born with one. Since when, and why? I'd love to know.

CT teacher

I think those flu and swine flu vaccines caused more than miscarriage. One of my friends had a grandson born with no fingers on his right hand and my other friend had a granddaughter born with a hole in her heart. Both of the moms were given the vaccines during least one of them of the moms I know for sure had the shots during the first trimester. This is crazy and stupid. I don't just blame Big Pharma. I think the medical profession bears the greater share of the blame. They actually give the shots and they use their scientific background to convince the parents, who foolishly trust them. They turn the other way when harm has been done. Where are their brains? THey ignore the 1st principle in science 101..... for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. ALso in high school science we were taught to observe carefully and record our observations in order to reach a conclusion after performing an experiment. If doctors did this and kept an open mind and looked for the reaction from the shots they would see the harm that they have done. Also, I agree with those who posted that the damage is cumulative and it is generational. We have more than likely altered our DNA.

Angus Files

More than welcome Grace Green.It would be great to see the mice study no doubt carried out by three blind pharma scientist (liar) mice.

Pharma for Priison


Grace Green

Thanks for that link, Angus, it's even on the BBC this morning. This is absolutely horrendous. Who knows whether the patient might be ill when the next dose is released? And if anyone has a bad reaction there's no avoiding the next dose, and the next. People will not be able to choose which vaccines they have. All or nothing. 200 in one go!

Jenny Allan

@Robin Miles-McLean "the only time anyone admits that a vaccine has flaws is when they have a new one ready that they want to foist on us "

Yes. There has been a quiet rethink, behind the scenes, on vaccines for adults. I find it shocking that pregnant mothers have previously been routinely administered flu vaccines containing mercury, a neurotoxin which can reach the developing baby via the placenta.

In the UK all adults over the age of 65 are routinely offered a free annual flu vaccine, previously containing Thiomersal mercury preservative. For the coming season mercury preservatives have been very quietly dropped from adult flu vaccines. In view of the fact that the medico-political- pharma- lobbyists and spin doctors have been defending Thiomersal in vaccines 'to the death', why the change of heart?
“None of the adult flu vaccines to be used in the UK in the 2017-2018 season contain the preservative thiomersal (mercury).”

In the UK, soaring rates of autism in children and dementia in the elderly are causing expensive havoc in our education and health services. In money terms this is swallowing up £billions of our taxpayer revenue on which all our already cash strapped, free health and education services depend. The increases in dementia are partly explained by people living longer, due to improvements in cardiac and other heath issues, mainly affecting the elderly, but this does not fully account for the increases.

This huge climb down on mercury vaccine preservatives has not been publicised in the UK. I found it quite by accident. Note the url is from Oxford University, lair of Professor Pollard. He has some searching questions to answer.

Laura Hayes

Flu vaccine and miscarriage...

HPV and permanent disability...Sacramento DA suing Kaiser and pursuing a case in the VICP:

Angus Files

Lets all raise a petition for Bill and Melinda gates to be the first to have the new super vaccine below..or any of the Murdochs- dont rush wait your turn!

The new all in one 'super injection' that delivers several doses of drug all at the same time

Single jab offers hope for people who are frightened of getting injections
Could prevent children missing follow-up jabs, making them less vulnerable
Tiny capsules are programmed to break down at different times after injection
Could be considered for use in 12 years; has shown efficacy in mice studies
Gives babies a polio, meningitis and pneumonia vaccine in one appointment

Pharma for Prison


Robin Miles-McLean

Gary - I read Levi's post as well and had a couple of thoughts. 1) He's right and it's something Suzanne Humpries pointed out in her second book (or maybe one of her YouTube videos) that the only time anyone admits that a vaccine has flaws is when they have a new one ready that they want to foist on us and 2) My husband and I both noticed that about 4 weeks ago pharma and the CDC has started hawking higher dose flu vaccine for people over 65 since the regular vaccine isn't "strong enough".

Which is essentially what they did with the shingles vaccine, with ineffective and disastrous results..

david m burd

@ Greg,

Thanks for your comment. However -- can you just imagine any OBJECTIVE bunch of professionals would not actually first "smack themselves on their foreheads" and agree that, HEY!, maybe we should actually review the toxicology profiles of all the flu vaccine excipients (aka ingredients), and just, maybe just, actually find out how toxic are these flu shot excipients??!! And, how these toxic chemicals pass from their mother into their fetuses? Especially Thimerosal with its 25 micrograms of ethylmercury?

But, of course, THESE robotic reviewers had swallowed whole the CDC dogma that everything in a vaccine is safe, and exceptionally super-safe as to mercury. The other excipients (and who knows what toxic contaminants) should have OF COURSE been reviewed objectively. Instead they looked at such at age ranges, etc. -- how negligent can you get?!

But, NO! -- these paid-off automatons just take the word of the most insidious, dishonest Agency in the Federal Govt., THE CDC, that everything in vaccines is akin to vitamins and health goodness.

Gary Ogden

Interesting post today by Levi Quackenboss. Perhaps the negative press lately in the MSM about the flu shot is intended to usher in a "universal flu vaccine."

Gary Ogden

She doesn't think ". . .there is a biologically plausible explanation" for how this could happen? This lady is a licensed doctor? And an ACIP member? And breathtakingly ignorant. She doesn't think, period. Another one for prison.

go Trump

In June of 2000, the data from the CDC Simpsonwood meeting “hinted at Autism” when it showed Autism rates … 27 times higher … for infants who were given 3 doses of the mercury / Thimerosal DTaP vaccine compared to those infants given 3 doses of the mercury free version.

That data of course had to be destroyed.


Again, who and how is this now 8 year old cohort being studied?


So much for the precautionary principle -- when doctors like Dr. Laura Riley stubbornly choose study-associated iatrogenic damage over one’s potential for flu.

AP’s Mike Stobbe never writes anything even slightly critical of vaccines; his fingers probably cramped up on his keyboard even typing minimizing words like “hint.” STAT’s article provides more information on Dr Riley’s professional affiliations, plus informative quotes from other medical stakeholders whose certainty about the vaccine’s safety run from blind certainty to watchful doubt.

CIDRAP used the word “association” and not “statistically significant.” A Marshfield Clinic epidemiologist insisted absolutely, "There's no biological basis for this phenomenon” — despite the presence of mercury in many injected flu shots.

As always, consider the source.

Jeannette Bishop

Something to share with friends who don't understand they are part of an experiment:

The first group also had more women who were at higher risk for miscarriage, like older moms and smokers and those with diabetes. The researchers tried to make statistical adjustments to level out some of those differences but some researchers don't think they completely succeeded."

David, if that analysis wasn't part of the planned protocol, then I would have to agree with you that it's pretty shady and similar to the Thompson's study.

david m burd

Thus quote us from the ABC News article:

"The first group also had more women who were at higher risk for miscarriage, like older moms and smokers and those with diabetes. The researchers tried to make statistical adjustments to level out some of those differences but some researchers don't think they completely succeeded."

Note " -- The researchers tried to make statistical adjustments to level out some of the differences" !!!

Just like in CDC's 2004 (?) Autism Risk Study that lead Researcher William Thompson blew the whistle on, when he confessed that honest statistics were adjusted and manipulated and dropped to bring about the preordained result that the Study's outcome would show vaccine shots had not caused autism - when in fact they did, by a factor of 3. Here in the ABC News story, they REALLY TRIED to manipulate honest results, but weren't flagrantly dishonest enough to pull it off.


"This study does not and cannot establish a causal relationship between repeated influenza vaccination and SAB"


"Past studies have found flu vaccines are safe for pregnancy. "

What studies would those be? Are there studies? Are they? Really are they?

Those that miscarried had had a previous flu shot the year - the previous season before.
So it is accumulative.

Bay Area Mom and I are twins, or rather our life mirrors each other. I too had a DPT vaccine at the beginning of the fourth month of my pregnancy. I lost that baby at the end of that fourth month. I was not even asked if I was pregnant, so it has noting to do with first, second or third trimesters.. Who studied DPT, or for that matter the DTaP on pregnant women? Yeah, were there studies? Are there? Really, are they?

We must have in our a midst, those that lead us complete bozoos, this NIH and CDC. Not only bozoos, but perhaps they have criminal intent, and a criminal mind. Cause they can't be that clueless, can they? Can they?

Some here says greedy. Well maybe, but how greedy can you be before you get scared witless?
I mean by that they are destroying the next generations, which means they are destroying the United States from within. Not only the United States, but other countries as well; they are going to break down the entire human society. what good will money do them then when the rest of us are bartering over food and using clubs if we don't get it. Who would not be scared witless about that possibility?

The boozoos have got to catch on that it is accumulative, that it matters what a person has had the year before, maybe the year before that too. Maybe just maybe it matters what a pregnant woman had as a child; maybe it is accumulative from one generation to the next --- to the next -- to the next.

Grace Green

I just found out that flu vax was advised for all pregnant women in the USA since 1957. That was definitely not the case in the UK, certainly between the Thalidomide tragedy and the 1980s. We were told to take nothing during pregnancy, although I was given Debendox for morning sickness which I didn't take, but found a natural strategy instead. Even then, they were not following their own advice.

cherry Misra

Do these people ever listen to what they say.? Hey, Laura Riley, obstetrician- to -be -avoided, LISTEN TO YOURSELF ! You just got the news that flu vaccines are possibly causing miscarriages, and you instantly forget about the precautionary principle, which you, no doubt preach to other people, and instead you worry about pregnant women not getting flu shots. You should be calling for a moratorium on flu shots to pregnant women instead. Do you even know that flu vaccines often contain a dose of mercury. ? Have you ever heard the word THIMEROSAL ? Where exactly were you, in the days when children were born without limbs from Thalidomide and all the doctors began preaching that no drug of any kind should be given to pregnant women?
Friends at AOA, where is the truth here.? I thought we had been told that inserts for flu vaccines stated that flu vaccines had not been evaluated for safety in pregnancy. Now they are telling us that studies have shown flu vaccines to be safe during pregnancy.
There are many countries in which tetanus toxoids are given during the first or second trimesters of pregancy. No doubt those are also causing miscarriages.
No doubt it is important that the flu vaccines be given during the first trimester, so that the miscarried babies will not survive . That would cause a new problem- The problem of having to explain away whey there are more premature infants in the Nicu's As all intelligent people know- problems are not good.
Well, lets end this comment by going to the first chapter of the Bible of Mercury Toxicology:
Verse 1. Dr. Boyd E Haley : " What would be surprising would be if mercury injected into a person did not cause harm "

Gary Ogden

"Panic and stop getting vaccinated???" Does alleged Dr. Laura Riley think people are stupid? That they rely on and trust the government to tell them what to do? Vaccination is quackery, and vaccination in pregnancy clearly a criminal act.

david m burd

The closeup photo in the ABC article shows a nurse practitioner drawing a flu vaccine dose from a "multi-dose" vial, which means the shot contains 25 micrograms of ethylmercury.

Numerous highly qualified toxicologists and biomedical scientists have long published ethylmercury is equally (or more so) as lethal or biologically damaging as methylmercury, yet the CDC persists in its dogma that ethylmercury is harmless. Of course the book Age of Autism by Olmsted and Blaxill documents exhaustively the lethal and damaging effects of ethylmercury in vaccines (and in a plethora of other historical applications).

The ABC photo, ironically, actually shows a purposeful "medical assault" by injection of mercury about to take place.

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