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A Lifetime with Autism

Dara Berger on Doctors Callous Treatment of Autistic Patients

How to Prevent Autism-RGB for webPART TWO, Dara Berger

By Anne Dachel

Here Dara talks about the attitude of doctors toward these suffering children. In her words, they are “left for dead.”

“The medical community is completely failing us parents.

“I can’t tell you how many of us feel like we are just left for dead. Left for dead like twice over.

“First you have the pediatrician that’s doing a lot of things wrong. They’re not recognizing all of the signs that we talked about: chronic constipation, reflux, constant ear infections—that something is wrong with the immune system. They keep giving us a prescription or a symptom suppressing drug which a lot of times creates even more problems and more havoc in our gut.

“Then the worst thing—and they keep giving more and more vaccines with no thought to—if a child has eczema, it used to be, like 20 years ago, they wouldn’t vaccinate that child. That was a contraindication on the vaccine insert that you don’t vaccinate a child whose immune system is not working properly.

‘And then after the child develops autism, a lot of times I’ll go to these mainstream medicine doctors, and they’ll dismiss symptoms. I’ll tell them about my son, let’s say, having migraines. Or a lot of these children have severe gut issues. And they kind of cast it off [as] just a symptom of the autism, and it’s not real. They just don’t understand, our kids are so sick. They have immune dysfunction. They have toxic heavy metal poisoning. They have all kinds of gut issues, horrible inflammation throughout their bodies and their brains that’s keeping their behavior, self-injurious behavior. Whether it’s seizures, the list goes on of problems that our children have, not speaking. In my son’s case, it was severe inflammation, neuro inflammation of his brain.

 “So a lot of us stop going to doctors. I mean I have to tell you a lot of times I go to them maybe just to try to help me with a diagnosis. Most of the time, my son has never been treated by a Western medical doctor in years because they really just look at autism still as kind of this psychological disorder. All his symptoms are just part of the autism, and that’s just wrong. Our kids are sick, and we know they have all kinds of things going on in their body. My son has pandas, so I’m constantly treating the pandas. A lot of doctors don’t even think it exists, which is of course ridiculous.

“It’s really sad that our pediatricians are part of the reason our children end up with autism in the first place because they don’t tell us to eat right, stay away from toxins, to control all these things that we can and to make their immune systems as strong as we can.

“Then they’re injuring them with these drugs and with these vaccines. And then when we go back to them to try to get help, there’s no help because the pharmaceutical companies have not found a drug to control the autism symptoms. All they do most of the times for me—I don’t know about everybody else—when I go to a doctor a lot of times, they have me leave with a prescription.

“Right now I go to an integrated physician so we talk about actually what’s going on underneath and what the real issue is, and we treat that real issue holistically so we can get to the root of the problem. So it’s really upsetting what going on and a lot of us just stop going to doctors altogether.”

It isn’t just autism and it isn’t just vaccines. We need to change our way of life. I have two young adult daughters and this is my message to them. Happily, I can say they’re miles ahead of where I was at their ages. They eat organic, buy organic makeup, and they never plan on vaccinating their children. One of their friends is about to have her first baby, and I said, “Get How to Prevent Autism for her.” Dara Berger explains it all so well and makes it clear that we’re not helpless victims. Take charge.

Here Dara summarizes her message.

 “Yes, autism is part of a really big picture. Unfortunately we’ve gotten very used to the fact that our children have never been sicker. We have epidemics of pediatric cancer, asthma, ADHD, juvenile arthritis, diabetes. So something is going wrong for our children.

“My book is called, How to Prevent Autism, but when you’re preventing autism, you’re preventing almost every other childhood chronic illness—all sickness.

“We really need to look at what’s been going on now that wasn’t here 20 years ago when we didn’t have these epidemics, all these illnesses.

“Well, first of all, we have Wi-Fi coming at us from everywhere. That’s a huge problem. We have Wi-Fi in the schools. So as much as you can, keep your home safe from Wi-Fi.

“Try not to eat genetically modified foods because that’s a huge experiment that’s been going on with us.

“As often as you can, eat organic. If you have the ability to, grow your own. If you can’t afford [organic food], you can volunteer at a CSA to try and get a discount on organic food.

“There are many things in my book that I talk about, how you can live a healthier life, how you can try to prevent chronic illness in general, but especially a neurological disability as devastating as autism.

 “So we really need to do as much as we can to keep our children safe. There are so many things in the world that we can’t control: We can’t control the pollution that’s in the air or the water, but you can build your immune system up and detoxify your bodies on a regular basis to keep your immune system strong so that you can handle the things that we can’t control.

“And the one thing that I want to leave people with is—

“I know you are bombarded by the media telling you that what you eat doesn’t matter and all these products are okay, they’re not really unsafe, but remember every choice you make matters.”

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Seeing Clearly

Thank you for fighting the good fight for our health and the health of our children and not being afraid or ashamed of calling what is clearly an epidemic an epidemic and then saying we need to start implementing the cures and a healthy lifestyle. My gratitude goes to you with

Just one advice for you and that is go harder don't water down your message that we need to cure autism because it might hurt someone's feelings be as hard as a rock harder harder not mean not violently abusing just be bold and hard.


Grace ,yes indeed culture shock for us in 1986 arriving in what our class described as hell on earth for patients . yes culture shock with upset warning .
Lennox Castle Hospital A Hidden History You Tube Parts [1-4] A very sugar coated documentary .
Lennox Castle had the same heavy oppressive atsmophsphere ,even walking around the beautifully manicured grounds of the Hospital Estate . The exact same heavy oppressive unexplainable atsmophere as walking around Dachau Concentration Camp Visitors Centre in the 1980's as well ! Once experienced not forgotten .
Patients hidden away for years at Lennox Castle Mental Hospital Daily Record 15 April 2013 .
History is not going to be repeated for people with Autism "That's a definate certanty " but the potential is there for it to happen again as well ." time to get all hands on deck for it"

Grace Green

Thankyou, Morag. What a pity we don't have human rights in the UK, until, that is, we're charged with a crime (as one solicitor told me!) What an awesome list of diagnoses, and that was as recently as the 1980s? How much longer before these people open their eyes to reality?

Grace Green

Borne, yes that's almost right, except that when I became autistic in the 1950s autism was nearly unknown, Asperger's paper wasn't even available in English until Uta Frith translated it in the 1990s, and many of my generation, especially women, have been labelled as mentally ill due to childhood trauma (even if they deny that that happened!). Physical symptoms such as gut problems, allergies, lack of energy and muscle weakness were also blamed on psychosomatic effect. Other sufferers on AofA have also described this attitude towards their children's illness. My childhood autism remains unacknowledged by the medical profession, but I do have a diagnosis of ME, which is another result of vaccines.
It may be that our visitor wanted to insinuate that I was not really ill, but suffering from the effects of childhood trauma, or it may be that she was sent in with that message by another party. Those who comment on AofA regularly are probably aware by now that my father was a pharmacologist who worked on vaccines during WW2, and that I believe he could have been a whistleblower against either vaccines themselves or else the biowarfare which is now known to have been being researched by the UK and the USA at that time.
If on the other hand what you say is correct, that they think autism is caused by childhood abuse, then that is something everyone reading this blog should be deeply concerned about, so I keep trying to alert people to that danger.

Willie, I definitely think pesticides, GMOs junk food etc., are all very bad for our health. However, if you think they are a greater cause of autism than vaccines I think you should consider the quantities of toxic chemicals, and the fact that vaccines are injected into us (or worse still, tiny babies). Jesus said, whatever you eat goes out into the gutter. Many people who have been, or whose children have been affected by vaccines were already following a strictly healthy lifestyle, as was true in my case.


Great article ,Dara is very plain speaking and pinpointing the Health and Social Care utter failures/training deficiencies with Doctors and Nurses inferiority complexes aggrivated by additional egos the size of Ben Nevis ,some with pitiful self -serving attitudes which have not improved over the past 100 years. In the 1980's only qualified and trainee staff at Lennox Castle Hospital were allowed to look at Patients Medical Records . Many People had been stamped labelled and branded with diagnosis such as Idiot, Retard ,Feebleminded, Imbicile , mental defective Moral delinquent [ iepregnant but not married] and more . Unfortunately the Medical community has only shifted it's own ethical and moral goalposts and it's current buzzword terminology rather than give up its own totally institutionalised control freak behaviour . new buzz words neurasthenia /neurotic /hysterical/ psychosomatic /attention seeking behaviour /extreme illness beliefs . The new labels are having a field day HPV ! not for our young ewe's dont know about yours ? Grace, did you know it is a basic human right [1] To be listened to and [ 2] To be believed .
Therfore if you had an odd/peculiar visitor to you home, you have damn well got a right to be believed that it happened the way you say that it did !

susan welch

Willie. I don't think many readers of AoA would deny that pesticides and other pollutants (we don't have GMOs in UK) may contribute to some neurological/physical conditions. However, for those of us who have children/grandchildren who were progressing perfectly normally, had a reaction to vaccines and regressed in the days afterwards, the 'coincidence' is too compelling.

Also, many of our injured members of family were born in the 1980s/1990s when the environmental problems were not as great as they are now.

Do you really think that parents whose children regressed have not researched everything?


Does anyone here have the courage to blame non vaccine entities like pesticides, GMOs?! Yes fat mom and old dads and freeways are something that is not safe for child barring and are also environmental and man made problem! Rarely do Age of Autism commentors blame something other than those darn vaccines even though I believe a few cases fo autism are from vaccine but most are not, still almost all cases of autism are man made from the environment. I hope this women's book covers these topics.


Grace, I think I understand the situation a bit better now, i.e. she was insinuating that you must have been abused as a child to become autistic. Similar to the original theory that autism was caused by the mother not being affectionate towards the child.

Grace Green

Borne, It's interesting that you question my experience and that I've never come across your name before on AofA. The lady who came to our house gave us her name as Janet (my sister's name) Springblossom, but said her real name was Tough! I wonder if your name too is a pseudonym - the vaxtremists are trying to get us to believe we're "born" with autism. To answer your question, many adult women who now believe they have vaccine induced autism have had a lifetime of misdiagnosis with psychiatric illnesses, most often childhood trauma. It could be that the medical profession really don't understand that neurological poisoning would manifest in psychological symptoms as well as physical ones, as I charitably gave them credit for in my last comment, or it may be that they are deliberately looking for a way of covering up their crimes with whatever excuses they can think of, including older dads, fat mums, living near dense traffic etc. I have said to the medical profession regarding their accusations that they can burn me at the stake - it's against my conscience to make a false accusation against anyone. What's more, it wouldn't help the cause of all the lovely people in this movement. So far, the buglars have been too cowardly to take me up on it.

John Stone


I can't answer for Grace, but I think in part what is happening here is that there are many causes of distress, and also people looking for psychogenic causes when they may be medical/environmental. People are being placed in the Munchausen category. Perhaps this person just had some bee in their bonnet, as it were, but highly disrespectful - or perhaps they had some wider agenda.


Grace Green, I don't understand your comment. How does that strange accusation fit in with autism?


"Vaccine poisoning": I agree with Grace Green. Injected or ingested substances vary in effect on each individual.

GeneSight testing can indicate whether a person's physiology may have a reduced or enhanced response to specific medications. And don't forget alcohol tolerance inconsistencies in the general population. Anecdotes abound about small women handling drinks that put a large man under the table.

To believe vaccines affect each person similarly, and only as intended, is unscientific -- that's magical thinking, often used in advertising when prioritizing profits over people.

Angus Files

The autismaphobic` Drs taking care of themselves as we all have experienced.

Pharma for Prison



Doctors don't often directly blame parents these days, but...I've watched the gene-chasing scientific research for two decades - as scientists keep looking for those "autism gene(s)".


I think the other term for what that 'research' seeks to find, is the anything-but-vaccine gene.


Doctor's Hippocratic Oath of "First, Do No Harm" went out the window 30 years ago.
Especially pediatricians!!

Now it is, "First, Admit No Harm"

Aimee Doyle

Sometimes it feels we've come full circle with parent-blaming - from "refrigerator moms" to today's theories, which also blame (mostly) moms, but dads too.

Doctors don't often directly blame parents these days, but...I've watched the gene-chasing scientific research for two decades - as scientists keep looking for those "autism gene(s)". Not much in the way of results, and the number of responsible genes keeps growing - I've read that possibly "hundreds" of genes are implicated in autism. I remember my husband and I being told - by a doctor - that we were "a lousy genetic match" which is why our son has autism. No one else in his family or mine has ever been diagnosed with autism.

And of course, there are the other parent-blaming studies - old dads, fat moms, moms who take anti-depressants, parents who buy houses near freeways...etc. I've seen some doctors point to those studies.

Finally, the neurodiversity movement likes to blame parents - if your child is severely impaired with autism it's your fault - you didn't provide the right kind of love and support for them to thrive. According to some neurodiversity proponents, parents who do it right have kids who grow up to be like Temple Grandin.

Some days I just want to yell in frustration.


Dara, you are so intelligent and you nail it.
Thank you for warning about wi-fi. People don't realize that so called smart meters that utilities are installing across the country are silent killers that also communicate via wi-fi and will be sending waves back and forth through homes to appliances and every electronic device and anything that has a sensor (and the plan is for everything to have a sensor), through our and our children's bodies multiple times a second. If you have a so-called smart meter and don't notice an adverse effect, know two things. One, for some it takes time for the harmful effects to be felt. Two, the utilities aren't stupid. They don't turn on all the function right away. They wait because they don't want people to make the connection between installation and symptoms. Also, as time goes on the meters will be used to send and receive more and more data. This is a form of invisible pollution. Not invisible at all to our body's cells.

Grace Green

This is heart-breaking. I myself have experienced being totally ignored by the medical profession. My sons wouldn't even go to a doctor, after seeing the way I was treated.
I want to share with you all something that happened to me in 1995, after forty years of strange events, but not strange enough for any of us to connect the dots. A stranger (with an Australian accent) visited us on the pretext of being a friend of a friend. During her visit she accused me of having been sexually abused as a child. I denied it, but she said, "You must have been." I insisted that was not the case, and she dropped it, leaving in a great hurry the next morning. The conclusion I now draw from this is, They believe "autism" is psychological or psychiatric, and moreover that families know the cause of the problem. I believe this is why many of us are treated with such hatred. The solution is, we need to stop calling it autism. We/our children/relatives are suffering from medical conditions caused by vaccine poisoning. It's not a behaviour problem, and can't be solved by training, educating, shouting or electric shocks. We need to all sing from the same hymn sheet.

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