Admitted Vaxxed Bus Trollster Meets his Idol Paul Offit: Philly Paper Swoons
Revisiting the Swine Flu Fiasco of 2009

CVS Threatens Great Family Loss Without a Flu Shot!

CVS flu shotBy Kim Rossi

This poster is in the window of our tiny CVS here in Connecticut. The store is less than an 1/8 of the size of a newer CVS. It took over a small, lovely independent drug store here in my Fairfield county town.  But it has huge vaccination quotas if this obnoxious sign is any indication.

Read that photo. Breathe in that threat. Let it sink into your bones. Trembling? I was. With anger. Let me tell you about missed moments in my home, with my children thanks to vaccine UPTAKE,   Feel free to list your own missed moments in the comments. 

CVS, this is a revolting display of fear-based sales. You stopped selling tobacco years ago. Stop using smoke and mirrors to sell vaccines.

Missed moments for my family, in no particular order.

First sentence

Shoe tying

Class photo with smiling face

Dance recital

School play

Solo trick or treating

Hand written Christmas list

Turn past toddler toy aisle into 10 year old toys

Independent birthday party invitation




Swimming with friends

Driver's license

High school graduation with diploma


Sweet sixteen without Grover

Managing feminine needs alone

First date

First kiss

Second kiss


Making love to someone who loves you back


First pregnancy and motherhood

Becoming a grandparent

Taking care of Mom when she gets older and crankier.....

Dying with children who will mourn you

Kim Rossi is Managing Editor for Age of Autism.



Carter's Daddy

Pharma, particularly with vaccines, repeatedly uses scare tactics in advertising. It's prohibited by the competition act here, but there's no one challenging them. The other industries don't get away with it.

CVS: Corrupt Vaccine Shills

That idiotic CVS poster doesn't even make sense. That family is as together when they're in bed with the flu as they are when they're on the beach. Doesn't look like they missed a moment together to me.


This is the worst advertise ever!
I find the first picture actually pretty comforting. The family stays at home together, rest together, sharing their sick days, some soup maybe. They can even play games or watch a movie all together. And after that they can share memories: hey, remember that time when we were all sick at the same time?
It is just natural that here and there some family members (or all of them) get sick. So what?
Seriously that doesn't appeal as a threat to me, personally. At all. I would laugh at an ad like that and keep walking. So naïve!
Sorry, just bringing a bit of easiness to such an important issue. Here in Brazil is a terror too. If you venture saying "I am thinking twice before giving this or that shot to my kid. There are studies..." you just can't finish the sentence before a ginormous wave of criticism and threats hits you.
(That's why I am mute on the matter, even to close friends. I only open up and share sources, studies and interviews when I see someone is legit interested).

Grace Green

Angus, thanks for that link.

Mark of the Beast, indeed!


Criminal Vaccination Scheme

go Trump

The SAME PEOPLE who cannot figure out AUTISM... 50 times more common than polio for 25+ years ...

SOMEHOW KNOW what three flu viruses to pick out each year... out of over 200, and make a vaccine that will protect Americans from Florida to Alaska.... in 2009, there were fears that American might be fighting in the streets to get the swine flu vaccine.

we all miss Dr. Nancy....


Should read don't let the flu shot happen to you. It happened to me at CVS

david m burd

Kim and All,

I'm in the midst of compiling and reconciling the Flu Vaccine Industry Reports in conjunction with the FDA Approved Flu Vaccine released doses for this 2017-2018 Flu Season.

Just like all the preceding Flu-Season years, the vast majority of .50 ml flu shots contain 25 micrograms of mercury (ethlymercury) for adult;, whereas the vast majority of babies and toddlers are injected with 12.5 micrograms of mercury via their .25 ml shots, with most all of these baby/infant shots drawn from multi-dose 5.0 ml vials.

The CDC and their lying collaborators proclaim the majority of flu shots are without Thimerosal (with its ethlymercury), with two (2) shots coming at 6 months and 4 weeks thereafter per the insane Immunization Schedule.

Yet, the Flu Vaccine Industry statistics clearly show less than 5% of infants receive flu shots without its neurotoxic Thimerosal (ethlymercury).

As to adults being poisoned by their flu shots -- they will be, as was my mother and most of her dear elderly friends.

Robin Miles-McLean

Well that sure choked me up - especially the last one..... hugs

David Weiner

Woops, the 2nd list is on the right.

David Weiner

That is a very poignant list, Kim.

For someone who knows how to create the kinds of memes that circulate on social media, this provides excellent input.

On the left, the missed moments that CVS warns about.

On the left, the missed moments that we really need to worry about. (a sampling, anyway)

Jeannette Bishop

There's also the list of experiences endured more than celebrated by our injured, and the experiences one would generally hope to miss out on... the least of which might be a possibly increased risk of coming down with non-influenza infections or still contracting non-vaccine strain influenza post flu vaccine.

Added warnings from recent VaxXed TV interviews:
"I am injured by the flu shot"

"Flu vaccine killed my daughter"

Shelley Tzorfas

Corrupt Vaccine Service!

Angus Files

No doubt pay by microchip ..

Would you get your travel card implanted into your HAND? 3,000 Swedish commuters are now using microchips to pay for their journey and food.

Pharma for Prison

Janet Presson

AMEN! And this list is just a the tiniest fraction of what we families have sacrificed so Pharma can make billions every year!

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