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PBS News Hour on Vaccine Exemptions

Judy WoodruffNOTE:  I'm a fan of the PBS News Hour and watched just last night. I was surprised and glad to see that Judy Woodruff was on screen at age 71.  Her neck is wrinkled. Her eyes turn down a bit at the corners. Her dress fit her properly instead of a sausage casing as now worn by most female broadcasters. That said, PBS has been staunchly pro-vaccine and while paying lip service to vaccine safety and the general topic, comes down on the side of pharma and vaccines hard.

By Anne Dachel

Sept 26, 2017, PBS News Hour  

PBS anchor Judy Woodruff and reporter Lisa Stark covered vaccine exemptions in an 8 and a half minute segment entitled, Vermont’s rules on vaccines for school met with parents’ support and pushback

 And while the piece seemed to cover the issue from both sides, in truth, it was intended to convince viewers that exempting parents are lazy and their children are a threat to the health of every other child in school.

From the start, Woodruff slanted the coverage to support vaccinations. The measles outbreak at Disneyland was cited first thing, and we were told that that parents are “still pushing back” despite the removal of non-medical exemptions in California.  

We were shown a girl who was diagnosed with leukemia at age four and declared cancer-free by 2nd grade.  Her mother, a doctor, was highly critical of exempting parents who would endanger her child’s immune compromised health. She said they shouldn't have a right to send their kids to school.

Another doctor was included who alleged that getting an exemption is easier for a parent than vaccinating a child. Finally one more doctor was cited who had worked to end Vermont’s philosophical exemption in 2015.

Two parents were included who claimed that they’d experienced vaccine injuries in their family, but the inference was that it was based on the opinion of mothers, not doctors.

In one part of the segment, the ‘Vaxxed” bus was shown from the outside and inside. ‘Vaxxed' producer Polly Tommey was shown on camera, but her name was never mentioned and it was described as “a bus that’s traveling the nation to promote an anti-vaccine documentary,” without ever saying the title, ‘Vaxxed.’

PBS is a leader in covering up the link between vaccines and injury. The one faux pas they made was back in 2011 when they had Dr. David Amaral, research director at the M.I.N.D Institute at UC-Davis, on PBS in a series by veteran reporter Robert MacNeil called “Autism Now.”

Dr. Amaral was asked if vaccines can cause autism:

"I think it's pretty clear that, in general, vaccines are not the culprit. There has been enough epidemiological evidence showing that if you look at children that receive the standard childhood vaccines that, if anything, those children are at slightly less risk of having autism than children that aren't immunized. And so, you know, I think it probably is a waste of effort at this time to try and understand vaccines as a major culprit for, or a major cause of, autism.

"It's not to say, however, that there isn't a small subset of children who may be particularly vulnerable to vaccines. And in their case, having the vaccines, or particular vaccines, particularly in certain kinds of situations -- if the child was ill, if the child had a precondition, like a mitochondrial defect. Vaccinations for those children actually may be the environmental factor that tipped them over the edge of autism. And I think it is incredibly important, still, to try and figure out what, if any, vulnerabilities, in a small subset of children, might make them at risk for having certain vaccinations."

Sadly today, it’s as if Amaral’s interview never happened.

So Woodruff and Stark did as all the mainstream media people do, they only gave viewers one side of the vaccine safety debate. Instead of a recognized and compensated victim of vaccine injury, we were shown a child who had had leukemia.

Instead of experts fairly covering the science from two sides, we only heard from two moms who are worried about vaccine safety up against three doctors and a nurse—all promoting vaccines as safe for everyone.

Instead of admitting that vaccines carry serious, even life-threatening risks for some children, as acknowledged by the federal government, we heard a doctor say, “They are extremely safe.”

Instead of naming the film, 'Vaxxed,' and telling us that it is about a CDC whistleblower who exposed massive fraud, corruption, and cover-up at the highest levels of government vaccine research, PBC referred to it merely as "an anti-vaccine documentary."

Instead of being told that all these medical people defending vaccines (and the vaccine makers) have absolutely no liability for any injury from vaccines, PBS SAID NOTHING ABOUT HOW EVERYONE HAS BEEN INDEMNIFIED.

From the broadcast:

Several states have tightened their immunization requirements, requiring children who attend school get vaccinated against preventable illnesses. But some parents who believe vaccines should be a personal choice are pushing back. Special correspondent Lisa Stark of Education Week reports from Vermont on a fight over immunization there.

Judy Woodruff:
“For some parents in the U.S., it’s a question in the fall: Should they vaccinate their children to send them to school? The American Academy of Pediatrics believes so and says that a measles outbreak that started at Disneyland a few years ago shows how fast childhood diseases can resurface if not enough children are protected.

“California and several states have since tightened their immunization requirements, but some parents are still pushing back.”

Lisa Stark of PBS partner Education Week reported from Vermont:

“Seven year old Merin Blake is a second grader at Champlain Elementary in Burlington, Vermont, a school her parents picked for her back in kindergarten, not because of class size or test scores, but based on how many students had all their vaccines.”…

Merin’s mother, a physician, didn’t want her in a schoolroom with unvaccinated kids. She was “aghast” when she checked vaccination rates at local schools. Merin was diagnosed with childhood leukemia at the age of four.

 Stark: “Christine Finley runs the immunization program for the state of Vermont.

Finley: “If you don’t have a large percentage of the children vaccinated, then, basically, your shield isn’t going to work, because you have got places where a disease can begin to spread within a school.”

Stark: “”Finley says, by 2014, vaccine rates had dropped to alarming levels. At some public schools, as many as 20 percent of students without all the required shots, and at a dozen private schools, 50 percent not fully vaccinated.

“Vermont, like every state requires vaccines to attend school, but, like all states, allows exemptions.

“In every state, children can get waivers for medical reasons. 47 states permit families to skip vaccines for religious beliefs, 18 also allow for personal or philosophical exemptions. ...”

We were told that California’s vaccination rates jumped to the highest levels in 15 years after they removed anything but medical exemptions, “nearly 96 percent.” …

Dr. Daniel Salmon, Johns Hopkins University: “The problem is in many states, it’s easier to get an exemption than it is to vaccinate your child.”

We were told that parents merely sign a waiver in many states.

“Much less effort than getting children vaccinated.”

Salmon: “We’re starting to see communities where more and more parents are refusing vaccines.”

Stark: “Low vaccine rates in some communities are blamed for three large measles outbreaks in the past four years ...”

Stark then cited Ariel Brewer Louis (non-vaccinating mother). “She told her story onboard a bus that’s traveling the nation to promote an anti-vaccine documentary [‘Vaxxed’] and record vaccine testimonials.” Stark noted that Louis believes her brother was vaccine-injured, “according to their mother.”

Stark acknowledged past claims to a link between vaccines and autism “which have been discredited.”

Next Jennifer Stella, head of the Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice, was shown.

Stella: “I’m pro-choice. I think that everybody should have a choice—“

Stark: “Stella says her two children reacted badly after receiving several immunizations. Her son cried incessantly, stopped nursing and seized in her arms, and her daughter had head to toe rashes.”

Stella: “I don’t think vaccines are safe enough for my children.”

Stark: “Pediatrician Jill Rinehart says vaccines are extremely safe and effective.” …

Stark: “Rinehart and other doctors helped push the state to tighten Vermont’s vaccine laws. … In 2015, lawmakers eliminated the state’s philosophical exemption. Parents can still opt out for religious or medical reasons.”

When Brewer Louis was asked what her religious reason for exempting her child from vaccines, she said, “I don’t have a religious objection to vaccines, but that’s my only choice. And the way I see it, I have done my research, and there’s no way I am going to vaccinate my children to send them to school.”

Stark asked Merin’s mother, a doctor, about parents who say they should have the right to exempt their child. She said that if they used that right, “they also have to bear the burden of opting out of the benefits of organized education.”

The segment ended with the news that “Merin is considered cured of leukemia, and in August, was deemed healthy enough to resume her vaccines.”

(Clip showed Merin being vaccinated.)




Hello Eindecker sorry for any confusion over your nickname or otherwise . From today onwards you will be affectionately known as "Jimmy one Wing " to avoid any further confusion .
Re "Good Book" The Bible. Words are powerful ,take them seriously by The Great Architect of The Universe "Still The best book of all time . However if you are referring to "The Green Book " Immunisation against infectious disease Gov.Uk PLC is in Big serious trouble for selling us" All lip service ,but no substance". If any books are going to get chucked about in the near future it is "the Green Book " Aye aye m'lord the book the whole book and nothing but the book.
As they are fond of saying in Bad Sackingen "Behut Dich Gott " bewware of the Chief in charge .

John Stone


If you mean you can play around with the immune system and suppress infectious diseases, well of course you can, up to a point - but that does not tell you at what cost. If you mean ideological mantras like "the benefits far outweigh the risks" that is not science, it is propaganda. And if the thing is only sustainable by hate campaigns against people who have borne the cost then it is supported by something which negates evidence, and is completely unscientific.

We have seen the bizarre claims of Offit which his acolytes are now denying.

Elizabeth Miller was still proclaiming the true religion in somewhat careful language only two years ago, but really we are back on the tack not of some scientific core principle but simply of vitriolically suppressing dissent, and witch-hunts against "bad people".

Back in 2004 the wellknown Nobel laureate, plagiarist and Aventis book prize winner, Lewis Wolpert, was accusing Andrew Wakefield of challenging core science (or engaging in innuendo to that effect). Well, that was bullshit. Andrew Wakefield was posing the entirely legitimate question whether a product was safe.



According to reports by her current husband, Rebecca Bredow was not present at the hearing when her lawyers signed for her, agreeing to vaccinate her son. When she questioned her lawyer about it after the fact, her lawyer told her not to worry, that she can use her exemption. No big deal. So she was misled by her lawyers.

Another tidbit left out of the MSM reporting, is that there are reportedly 3 CPS cases against the biological father for exposing the child to pornography. That's presumably why he is in therapy. Yet this judge awarded temporary custody to the father so the boy who suffers nightmares from the trauma the father already put him through, could be injected with a pail of toxic crap within 7 days. I guess being vaccinated is more important than having his mind and innocence protected. To hell with that. Got to have him up to date lest he be the first person in 20 years in this country to die from measles.

A court order to undergo a medical procedure of any kind should not be allowed or valid in a free country and no one should be pressured into signing such a pledge to take part in a medical procedure for any reason. It is barbaric on principle. One should be able to change one's mind for oneself or one's child up to the moment it is scheduled to occur.


vaccines are a religion - without any core scienceDo you really believe that John?? and I thought better of you.
And yes I did misspell "Eindeker", careless of me

John Stone

But Grace, vaccines are a religion - without any core science - and a highly intolerant one.

Grace Green

Angus, thank you for those very moving quotes, to remind us that we will win in the end.

Eindeker, you show your ignorance by assuming that "religion" means only Christian , or perhaps Jewish. There are many religions, and some, like mine, which don't have a name. From the few that I know anything about, I don't remember one which states it's fine to injure or kill anyone, especially your own god-given child. Conscientious objection is allowed in the UK against fighting wars. Before it was allowed many of my Quaker forbears went to prison, or even died, because conscience actually takes precedence over the law, to those who believe.

John Stone


You have spelt the First World War aircraft correctly but some reason our Eindeker drops the "c".


Hello Eindecker,genuine apology for misspelling your nickname.I'm still looking for the spellchecker on this laptop? .It's a communication training deficiency for now.
Did you know that the closest thing to human breast milk is that from an ass[ equus asinus] since Biblical times as well ! Perhaps its long overdue the time to get a randomised controlled trial organised,
"aluminium salt bucket standard" to see who has been given what formula in infancy.
Some folk will not meet the entry criteria however as whatever tick box they choose on the Questionnaire is guaranteed that their dear mothers picked the wrong formula?
Paralytic disparging or worse, of families of families with tragic vaccine injuries is not getting tolerated.
It is totally not acceptable.

susan welch


Re posts from John and Angus:

I would like vaccine injuries, resulting sometimes in the destruction of families, to stop.

I would also like to see those from the Pharmaceutical industry, who are responsible (and know about the carnage they are creating) spend a long term in jail.

Use all the semantics you like, bully with you nit-picking, but it really is simple: we have experienced the trauma of vaccine injury in our families and we do not want it to happen to others. Some of us also feel that those that created this 'monster' should be held accountable.

Angus Files

Oh! The bible, silly me not the sort of language you associate that advocates everything Pharma.

Pharma for Prison is xactly what it says on the label ALL in jail

The English for "pharmacy" comes from the Greek word "pharmakeia". It means "sorcery" and "witchcraft". The word "druggist" or "pharmacist" comes from the Greek word "pharmakon" meaning "poisoner"

That pretty well describes Pharma and all who defend it never mind Nobel prizes it should be the rope they get.

The Bible (original King James) uses the word, “pharmacea” for witchcraft and sorcery it literally means “drug abuse” It may be legal drug abuse or it may be illegal drug abuse but if there is some substance that has control over you, the Bible says that it’s called witchcraft: hatred, discord, (which means you divide instead of unite) In Galatians 5:20-21 Paul speaks of this along with dissentions, factions, envy, drunkenness, orgies, and the like. He then says, “I warn you as I did before that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

But perhaps the biggest clue to the spirit of “Big Pharma” is towards the end of the whole bible: "For by thy sorceries (pharmacea) were all nations deceived. And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth". Rev. 18:23,24].

Paul says in Ephesians 6:12“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, against rulers of darkness in high places ”

And if you think I am deceived by you cunningly referencing Insulin and ant-biotics think again you ALL need locking up and the keys destroyed. Anti-biotics and Insulin are not going to give you an exemption card, your all going- straight to hell - perish.

Pharma for Prison



Dear Angus "good book" the bible Angus, since she was claiming religious exemption for her views. What bit of your little by line Angus don't I understand, well of it, for starters who are you going to put in prison? You including pharma that makes antibiotics, insulin, blood pressure drugs etc etc ??

Perhaps she deceived herself it would go away. But unlike you it does not make me happy. yes I agree with you John, she probably deceived herself that she was above the law and it would all go away, no it doesn't make me happy, it's all sad & I'm sorry for the child involved. I don't believe in mandated vaccination anymore than I believe in misinformation/false news/"post truth"/Trump speak (or tweet), exemplified by the likes of Alex Jones so beloved of Angus


Lets see Endecker which part of `Pharma For Prison` don’t you understand explain maybe I can help you?
What "good book" are your referring to?is it one that OFF-in-it wrote or somebody who gains financially from the administration of vaccines?

NO she wasn’t jailed for contempt she was jailed for not vaccinating her child” refusing to obey court orders mandating she vaccinate her nine-year-old son” contempt of court is more wooly and less prescriptive.

NO she agreed with her husband “Bredow says she originally agreed with her ex-husband to space out vaccines, and signed a document agreeing to space them out”.

When arguing it helps if you stick to the source that I gave you here again for you

and not a second hand government paid state propaganda channel The BBC.

Pharma for Prison


John Stone


I don't know - perhaps she ran out of money to pay the lawyer. Perhaps she deceived herself it would go away. But unlike you it does not make me happy.

What do I want to stop? The malfeasance and the cheating. Then we can decide what's left.


So Angus care to point out what exactly was incorrect in the BBC report, wasn't she jailed for contempt? Didn't she renege on a previous agreement? Didn't she sign court documents that she would vaccinate the child 12 months ago yet has failed to do so? I see she is claiming vaccination contravenes her religious beliefs....last time I looked in the good book I couldn't see any mention of vaccines....Finally Angus please tell me what on earth Pharma for Prison means??

And John Angus is always telling us that they should go to jail - and he is probably right - but I would just like it all to stop. all what to stop John, vaccination? Since you seem to agree with Angus care to explain what your take on his by line is.


Endeker NO

Thanks that was hilarious, the BBC no less well what can I say .,.Mind you the comments on the BBC articles are always better than the articles these days ..sums your post up on here.

“Vaccination is not a matter of choice - it is a herd matter.”

Pharma for Prison



Hello Endecker, do you remember the other one? A famous incident at Glasgow Sheriff Court,when during a court case one of the witnesses was German and it soon became apparent he could speak little English . The court clerk in exasperation asked the courtroom if anyone could speak German to translate for the court .A wee Glasgow Jimmy stood up saying "I can speak German m'lord ,learnt it during the war " He was asked to come forward and ask the witness his name. He went to the front of the the court cleared his throat and bawled out loud "VOT IS YOUR NAME ,,,EH! " He was fined for contemt of court ! The excellent Doctors and Nurses I worked beside in Bad Sackingen General Hospital thought it was hilarious .

John Stone

Hi Eindeker

I expect you like that kind of thing!

There have, incidentally, probably been a number of parental disputes in the British courts in which instance the judges can always be relied upon to side with the government committees. There was the interesting instance when London GP and homeopath, Jayne Donegan, acted as an expert witness - was pilloried by Mr Justice Sedley, only to be completely exonerated by a GMC panel (a decidedly unusual occurrence).

But what I generally find, Eindeker, is that the vaccine lobby is allowed to operate beyond any normal legal constraints. Angus is always telling us that they should go to jail - and he is probably right - but I would just like it all to stop.


NO Angus
She was jailed for what we in the UK call "contempt of court" ie refusing to obey the ruling of a court made following the request of the father for her to abide by their previous agreement: That's a very different matter unless you consider her above the rule of law

& Hans I see the "one sided" BBC has quoted Barbara Loe Fisher (!)



This happened in the UK a few years back where the married coupe were no longer speaking as one.Although unlike this warrior Mom the lady in the UK never went to jail nor did she vaccinate the kids due to the time it took to go through the courts the children were old enough legally to make their own decision-of the top of my head.

Pharma for Prison



Thank goodness for Age of Autism ,as this is a really good example of a totally scripted piece of work.
The accent may be different, but the sales technique and metholodgy is exactly the same tosh as is getting chucked about on the BBC or STV Scotland's news presentation . They [the scripters] really do must think that the puplic's heads zip or button up the back by electronic suggestion of being told how and what to think just because it says so on the telly vision?. Luck bag /lucky dip, so called safe and effective vaccinations for pregnant woman, but no clinical risk assessments available /not done in the first place ? re same .
Their sales techniques are about as useful to humanity as a lighthouse in the middle of a hospital car park as well . Just exactly who are the CDC and the Who, World Health Organisation accountable and responsible to . Who pays their wages ?

go Trump

They never provide the "other side of the vaccine issue" with ... A DOCTOR ...

Such as Emergency Room Director / Toni Bark MD who could provide endless case information of what she saw with hundreds of "vaccine day" infant & toddler ER visits.


Rebecca, a better argument still is asking this doctor if she ever brought her child to her place of work (for any reason).

Doctors spend their lives surrounded by sick people so they must be easily society's greatest disease vectors. And visiting a doctor at their office or hospital would presumably be a million times more dangerous than going to a school with some healthy unvaccinated children.

That is how you destroy their arguments.

You force pro-vaxers to either accept that doctors are lying when it comes to diseases being contagious or to accept that it is actually doctors who are society's greatest disease vectors.

Doctors will be far more reluctant to push the herd immunity barrow if it gets turned against them.


Has anyone noticed lately that some pharma ads caution that the drug advertised shouldn't be taken if you've had a recent vaccine. Seems like pharma's own 2 worlds are colliding.

Also why don't side effects for vaccines have to be mentioned in commercials they way they do for medications?!

Tom Petrie

This is such a pathetic distortion of the facts by PBS I too can't watch them anymore. To call "Vaxxed" an "Anti-Vaccine" film is a lie. They should be sued for libel AND the truth about the film be told--what it is and what it isn't.

What will PBS say when about one in ten of our precious children is on the Autism spectrum in the next six or seven years? What will they say when our schools are bankrupt with all these chronically ill kids. Isn't it bad enough already?

Disgusting and sad. That's all I can say.

Margaret J. Jaeger

I see the adverts on tv for all adults who are around small children advised to get a whooping cough vaccine. And adverts to get young boys and girls a vax against HPV, they show a teen of each gender who has contracted HPV then show them as a child of..?? 12 or so, asking their parents to give them HPV vaccines so they wont have it in their future selves.

I loved the PBS series Call the Midwives....until the author read her beliefs and statements over some of the shows about women who had more children than they wanted or young women at their pregnancy clinic who hated to be having a baby they didn't want from...accidentally getting pregnant. The author says it is such a pity that these women in their day didn't have a choice to terminate which would have saved them so much human misery. Itnstarted with an Irish born couple who already had 7-8 kids, one close after another, and she got pregnant again, she tried to get an abortion by a regular physician and was told, kindly, that they were sorry but the law forbid it. So she sought out a back alley abortion, nearly died but after a long time, and a hysterectomy, recovered. So the author noted how great their future would be now. That Completely soured my ...admiration...of that show. And it was based on true experiences of the author, a retired nurse. They did show at least one shownwhere an unwanted baby was placed in a cold metal basin, in a cold room with windows open and no covering on the child. A Dr.'s wife found it by accident and was trying to save it when the original nurse caught her and reprimanded her. The child might have had deformities or some such, didn't matter to the nurse who found it. She was forcibly ushered out and the child returned to its dieting room situation.

I think I had seen earlie shows on PBS with interviews with Dr..Wakefield and thenone with Matt Lauer which was mean, mean and snide. So when they air shows aboutnvaccines, I no longer watch them either. They've become totally leftist liberals over the last few decades on items in the news. I can stomach no more of their lying crap...and amoral shows.

susan welch

Unfortunately for us in UK, the BBC appears to have a similar stance regarding vaccines. Just lately the benefits of vaccines are featuring in much of its broadcasting.

The Powers that Be across the world are speaking in a united voice for vaccines and none appear to air anything about possible reactions.

Could it be that Pharma really is getting worried about the public becoming more aware of the dangers?

I hope this is the case, although my sister informed me today that she and her husband got their flu vaccine!

One step forward - and two back.


In 2015 PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler took issue with Judy Woodruff’s 2010 donation of $250 to the Clinton Foundation, which she insists was earmarked only for Haiti earthquake relief.

Ethically, journalists are supposed to avoid the appearance of partisanship; the column cites ABC-TV's George Stephanopolous as a more extreme case of ethical compromise.

On Donations: It’s Not the Money; It’s the Idea


How revealing that PBS and Judy Woodruff let vaccine profiteers determine what the word "safe" means. However our dictionaries define "safe" as "free from harm" or "not exposed to danger or risk."

Where there is risk, there must be choice.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. driving 190 miles per hour might be considered safe -- for him, under specific conditions. That speed is not safe for most other people. But even for him, having just one thing out of place can suddenly make 190 mph completely unsafe. A slippery track can kill... just like a contaminated vaccine.

Assessing one's vaccine injury risk is like realizing one cannot safely drive at 190 miles per hour, even with optimal vehicle and conditions. It’s a personal decision, based on private medical information -- and an understanding that humans' limitations inject uncertainty into any situation. There is no room for fear-mongers and profiteers in making such a person-specific factual analysis.


Unfortunately this poor little girl who had leukemia quite possibly contracted leukemia from infant vaccine doses and the other thing that they don’t mention in this PBS news cast is that she is still exposed to all the kids around her shedding the virus from their vaccines so I find this PBS news cast to be highly misinformed and uneducated .


Cancer Patients at MD Anderson are strictly advised to avoid immunizations and anyone in the household is to avoid immunizations.


*WHY* has no other commenter here pointed out the OBVIOUS - that the Pharmaceutical industry is a HUGE funder of PBS....????.... Even PBS isn't stooped enuff 2 bite the hand that feeds them. PBS is ONLY EVER gonna toe the corporate line/LIE.....
PBS is also the paid mouthpiece of the Globalists, - the "GREG B.'s", - the Global Ruling Elites and Global Banksters.... Their agenda is $ELL DRUG$, and get EVERYBODY hooked, and controlled by any propaganda means necessary....
To my friends at AoA, *KEEP* *UP* *THE* *GOOD* *WORK*....
(c)2017, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction

Shelley Tzorfas

PBS is no longer Public Broadcasting. It is VACCINE Pushing Broadcasting. I learned that when I saw the show "The Vaccine Wars" several years ago. Originally they interviewed some great doctors who knew that Vaccines could harm or kill innocent children. Just before the show aired those honest and moral doctors received letters that due to time constraints-their interviews were cut out. It ended up being a show about Dr Offit against dumb mothers who he claimed did not understand science. Since then PBS has aired Sesame Street shows teaching TODDLERS how vaccines are good for them as well as other programs promoting vaccines -Marketing to little children. Since then, Brain Encephalitis aka Autism has gone from 1 in hundreds of children to 1 in 45 children, 1 in 25 boys and possibly 1 in 18 toddlers. Some say that 1 in 3 toddlers now suddenly require Speech, Occupational, or Physical Therapy just to be able to walk or talk. There are numerous financial benefits to having done this. For one thing, many of these chemically injured children will be watching Sesame Street past the age of 4, 5, 6, and for the rest of their lives!

Sally Rubin

What a disappointment. But, not surprised.


No one is ethically or legally obligated to take on a medical procedure for someone else's benefit. McFall v Shimp (Pennsylvania court case where a cousin refused to donate bone marrow) found that the court cannot force a person to submit to a non therapeutic procedure (one intended to increase the health or well being of the individual) as it violates the sanctity of the individuals body. The judge feared forcing a bone marrow donation would set a dangerous legal precedent for body autonomy. I believe that vaccines fall into the category of body autonomy and non therapeutic procedures. Therefore no one has the right to dictate that a child receive vaccines to keep another child healthy, regardless of how the moral implications are viewed. This doctor suggests that healthy children not go to school because they might get sick. In addition, this doctor does not seem bothered with taking her child to places where she cannot verify the vaccine status of all individuals, so every time her child leaves the house she is in danger.


Yes, Bob, they're telling close family members and others that they all need to have certain vaccines prior to visitations w/former NICU babies and/or infants w/immunodeficiencies.

David Weiner

Really, what should we expect from "Federal Government TV" (PBS)?

Rebecca Lee

I remember that doctor with the immune compromised child. That was at the last bunch of hearings in Montpelier and I think it was her testimony that got our philosophical exemption done away with here in Vermont.. I must say I wondered, if the mom was so worried about young Merin's vulnerability to infectious diseases, why she dragged her into the State House which was packed to the gills with unvaccinated adults.
I am really sorry that this doctor is now going to start vaccinating the little girl, again. She must be a true devotee of our new state religion and its holy sacrament of vaccination.

Grace Green

We should be asking these vaxtremist doctors, how many children got leukeamia before the advent of vaccinations, and what do they think has caused the massive increase? Maybe if her daughter hadn't been vaccinated she would have got measles instead of leukeamia. Would that be such a bad thing?

Alan V. Schmukler

I can't listen to NPR anymore. They're always trotting out Paul Offit who is a major propagandist for vaccines and has earned millions from vaccines ( which they never mention). On many other issues as well, this once progressive station is now a mouthpiece for the corporate world.


PBS and NPR are biased media platforms, just like the rest.


..."organized education" haha. If 'organized education' requires me to also join the organized religion of vaccines than I'll happily opt out.

david m burd

Anne, Many years ago I gave up on the PBS News Hour, when they kept slandering Andrew Wakefield's seminal warnings and the 1998 MMR Paper signed on by 13 of England's top gastrointestinal experts.

PBS goes lock-step with every lie spouted by our hopelessly corrupt CDC, fear mongers everything, and kneels at the NIH Altar and their IAAC hearings that for years have completely shot down the obvious direct cause/effect of America's most toxic vaccine schedule in history. For years Tom Insel led this charade focused entirely on "genetics". NIH's Insel is truly the Devil Incarnate along with the CDC.

For MY mental health, the only time I will listen to public broadcasting is to hear The Tappit Brothers or The Prairie Home Companion - everything else on NPR or PBS is as far left as it gets. If that's someone's agenda they will keep you in nirvana.


When I vaccinated my son, I had no idea I could have exempted him. No one told me that and I didn't know to research it then. I thought they were required and I had no choice. So maybe shows like this will make more people realize that they do have a choice (at least for now) and look into it more. Even though it is extremely one-sided I feel like had I seen something like this I would have at least known there were options.

bob moffit

"We were shown a girl who was diagnosed with leukemia at age four and declared cancer-free by 2nd grade. Her mother, a doctor, was highly critical of exempting parents who would endanger her child’s immune compromised health. She said they shouldn't have a right to send their kids to school."

This "doctor" is highly critical of exempting parents who would endanger her child's immune compromised health .. and .. suggests those parents shouldn't have a righto send their kid to school. Really??

Would love to hear her explanation regarding recently vaccinated .. (live vaccines known to shed) .. visiting children with "compromised immune health" .. which are outlined in this article:

"Physicians and public health officials know that recently vaccinated individuals can spread disease and that contact with the immunocompromised can be especially dangerous. For example, the Johns Hopkins Patient Guide warns the immunocompromised to “Avoid contact with children who are recently vaccinated,” and to “Tell friends and family who are sick, or have recently had a live vaccine (such as chicken pox, measles, rubella, intranasal influenza, polio or smallpox) not to visit.”


"A statement on the website of St. Jude’s Hospital warns parents not to allow people to visit children undergoing cancer treatment if they have received oral polio or smallpox vaccines within four weeks, have received the nasal flu vaccine within one week, or have rashes after receiving the chickenpox vaccine or MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine.

By the way .. whatever happened to CDC "cocooning" of new born infants by recommending ANYONE in immediate family .. parents, sibblings, grandparents, etc .. receive a "booster" vaccine for chicken-pox and whooping cough? Does anyone know if "cocooning" is still recommended?

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