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Admitted Vaxxed Bus Trollster Meets his Idol Paul Offit: Philly Paper Swoons

ShameNOTE: We apologize for the loss of your morning coffee. If you are starting a diet, you are in luck.  From The Philly Inquirer. Philly is the hometown of Dr. Paul Offit, the leader of the vaccine injury denial, autism bashing movement. And he made a zillion dollars off vaccines, so there's that.  We've covered him for years, but the coverage slides off each time.  The headline calls him a "pioneer." His actual knowledge about autism and vaccine injury science wouldn't qualify him for the title of Mouskateer.  He has one mission - deny injury, promote vaccination at all costs. Even if it costs our kids their lives. The Vaxxed tour has opened the eyes of tens of thousands of Americans and we can't have that people. Can we?

Our own Nancy Hokkanen covered Craig Egan and his groupies as they belittled and ridiculed families with vaccine injured (and killed) children in Minneapolis earlier this month.  We reposted her entire piece below the excerpt from the Philly Inquirer to illustrate the cruelty toward our children and the gross negligence of the media and medical institutions.

Remember, there is only one group in America that you can threaten with violence, shame and demonize in 2017, and that's the autism/vaccine SAFETY community.  A Ku Klux Klansman would get a better reception in the mainstream media that most of us. It's an extreme form of Vaxcism - vaccine facism. And it's getting worse each day.


By Tom Avril

Uber driver protesting 'Vaxxed' film meets Philly vaccine pioneer

Craig Egan drove across the country this summer to disrupt a bus tour launched by the makers of the film Vaxxed, a group that questions the safety of vaccines.

He marched with a sign. He spoke through a bullhorn. He documented his public-health crusade on YouTube, and was labeled a “troll” in response.

This week, the tech salesman-turned-Uber driver came to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in search of a friendlier audience: vaccine inventor Paul Offit.

“He’s a hero,” Egan said after meeting the physician for lunch Wednesday.

Reprinted from AofA 8/30/17:

Vaxxed bus side
Note: As if to prove Nancy's point, yesterday we got this comment from Ken Reibel, "Autism News Beat" blogger, and  mocker extraordinaire. Imagine belittling families whose kids are sick, injured, maybe have died. Ken enjoys such sport. Don't be like Ken. Be human.  "I think a Vaxxed clown car would be more appropriate."

By Nancy Hokkanen

On August 25 the VaxXed bus arrived in Minneapolis, bringing Polly Tommey and driver Anu Vaidya for a second round of interviews memorializing people’s adverse reactions to vaccines. The number of interviewees’ signatures on the big black RV

Vaxxed bus looking
Craig Egan, Karen Ernst and Patsy Stinchfield view the VaxXed bus. (Photo by TEAM TMR’s Rogue Zebra.)

is more than 6,400.

During the 8-hour stop at Minnehaha Falls Park, Tommey and Vaidya were welcomed by dozens of appreciative vaccine injury victims and their families, along with local natural health practitioners and health freedom advocates. Visitors talked and networked by the bus and under a gazebo, distracted occasionally by brief showers – and for a short time by an impotent handful of misguided protesters.

The peripatetic Tommey, a compassionate autism mum, had allowed herself only a brief break following her internationally-publicized Australia trip with Dr. Suzanne Humphries. Among the complications and corruptions: the Australian Prime Minister’s wife chairs a pharma corporation that’s collaborated with Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline.

The official VAXXED YouTube Channel is home to Polly Tommey’s VaxXed bus interviews. As with other stops, Tommey live-streamed interviews on VaxXed’s Facebook page and using the Periscope app.

How does Polly continue this emotionally challenging archiving of vaccine injury testimonies? “Each sad report makes me more motivated to keep going,” said Tommey. “The next story is what keeps me going. ‘How dare you hurt that person; how dare you kill that mother’s baby’... That pain, it’s a knife right to the heart... I look into the eyes of these other parents, and I see it; it makes my heart weep every single time. We have to stop ‘people in pain.’”

Vaidya has driven about half of the roughly 40,000 miles on the VaxXed bus. Like the autism parents he meets, he has become an insightful analyst of his voluminous readings and firsthand observations. “At a certain point, anecdotal evidence actually builds on itself and becomes a large enough data set to be scientifically relevant – at which point you should be developing scientific studies and actually research it,” Vaidya said. “So to disregard anecdotal data is to say that you don’t even want to think about a hypothetical scientific discovery. Which is anti-science.”

Vaxxed mutant and proud
Protesters at VaxXed bus in Minneapolis 8-25-17. (Photo by TEAM TMR’s Rogue Zebra.)

Some Minnesota VaxXed interviews were done earlier, off the bus, such as a conversation with a doctor who formerly was staunchly pro-vaccination. Dr. Bob Zajac is a board-certified pediatrician and father of eight with 15 years in child development and special education. A self-described former “bully” about vaccines, he began noticing that chiropractic patients were healthier than his. “When I started reading vaccine inserts, I was blown away at what had been studied or not studied… It changed my life when I saw vaccines having a higher injury rate than expected.”

Without violating patient confidentiality, Dr. Zajac talked about two undeniable cases of vaccine injury in his practice. “Hard to admit that I struggled with recognizing that really happened to my patient… it opened up my eyes.” He now reads an hour a day about vaccine issues, and acknowledged the amount of information gathering done by parents: “Once your child is injured by vaccines, you’ll never stop researching it.”

Organizers of the Minneapolis VaxXed stop withheld its Mississippi River stop location publicly because of troublemakers. One was Craig Egan, a miscreant with suspect funding who boasts online about his national stalking of the bus and its grieving visitors. Nonetheless he and a handful of protesters appeared brandishing a few signs (such as the inapplicable “Mutant and Proud”), but left after some sprinkles of rain. Someone even attempted to shut down the VaxXed event by calling park police, though event organizers had a permit.           

"I wonder why Craig Egan and the rest of his trolls are trying to intimidate families who have vaccine injured children?” asked Wayne Rohde of the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota. “He has no heart or conscience for understanding others who are living and struggling with disabilities."

Another empathy-challenged intruder was Karen Ernst of the faux consumer group Voices for Vaccines, who showed up to



Make American Vaccinate again
Karen Ernst of Voices for Vaccines and Craig Egan laugh it up while vaccine injury victims, families and advocates visit the VaxXed bus in Minneapolis 8-25-17. (Photo from Egan’s site.)

lurk and smirk. Though the VaxXed bus is a travelling monument recognizing health damage and deaths caused by vaccines, photos taken that day indicate she found the gathering amusing. Her disturbingly inappropriate affect is profoundly disrespectful at an event commemorating the sick and dead, their caregivers, and their mourners.

Adding insult to vaccine injury, Ernst approached the bus with Patsy Stinchfield, a long-time Children’s Hospital nurse, media favorite and (per Linkedin) “Infection Preventionist” who’s pushing to add a third MMR shot to children’s vaccination schedules. “I was shocked to see Patsy Stinchfield attend with a paid troll who has made serious violent threats to the VaxXed crew,” said Patti Carroll of the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota. “This supposed ‘professional’ took part in harassing people who were telling their vaccine injury stories.”

Rather than listen to victims’ health realities or suggest medical treatments, Nurse Stinchfield patronized them by proposing what amounted to irrelevant “alternate facts.” “Stinchfield actually tried to suggest alternative diagnoses for them — without knowing anything about their medical history, which vaccines were received, or what their health status was at the time of the vaccine injury,” Carroll said. “This is a perfect example of the callous disregard shown by the medical establishment toward those who are harmed by vaccines."

That same day the self-serving Stinchfield apparently made a YouTube video with Egan, who to all but the cognitively Craig YouTubedissonant appears at times emotionally unstable. Also that day, Minnesota officials declared that state’s measles epidemic ended. Though the Internet abounds with Stinchfield’s quotes about measles, she is suspiciously quiet regarding Minnesota’s epidemic of mumps in vaccinated people – whose etiology likely hearkens back to vaccine failure and the Merck whistleblower “Protocol 007” lawsuit in Pennsylvania.

To victims of iatrogenic injury, being perversely subjected to cruel harassment by a pharma-friendly nurse should warrant professional repercussions. "Why does Patsy Stinchfield berate and ridicule parents of vaccine-injured children, who are waiting in line to share their story?” Rohde asked. “That is not professional; that is not what a caring medical practitioner would do. Maybe the state medical board should review her actions.”

As a VaxXed driver Vaidya has interacted with a variety of protesters at the bus who’ve been misinformed about Tommey’s intent, and/or don’t realize the evidentiary value of the myriad vaccine injury recordings. “What we’re out here to do is these stories; it’s not about making a big public statement,” said Vaidya. “And so situations like today where we have people show up that are protesting, it just doesn’t make any sense – the argument being that since it’s anecdotal, it should be disregarded.” In describing evaluation of scientific evidence Vaidya cited historical examples such as Galileo and Babylonia, adding, “The truth of the matter is that most discovery science has started from an anecdotal perspective.”

Why is Minnesota such a hot-button stop for the VaxXed team? Because it’s a financially entangled hub of vaccine promotion, home to:

- Merck researchers Dr. Gregory Poland and Dr. Robert Jacobson, at Rochester’s Mayo Clinic;

- pharma-funded faux consumer groups Immunization Action Coalition and Voices for Vaccines, whose members publish scientific inaccuracies and malign vaccine injury victims online, and whose board members have financial conflicts of interest;

- CIDRAP, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota; in fall 2012 director Michael Osterholm angered many by suggesting influenza vaccinations need an extensive, expensive “Manhattan Project” revamping;

- America's Health Insurance Plans' Vaccination and Immunization Working Group member Dr. James Nordin, whose hot-button studies include flu shots, Tdap and HPV vaccines during pregnancy (why?); wheezing in asthmatic children after nasal vaccination (now withdrawn); and race/ethnic disparities after vaccination (think #CDCwhistleblower).

- former ACIP member and measles alarmist Kris Ehresmann, the state’s infectious disease division director who has an autistic son.

With so much pressure from vaccine promoters, Minnesota is also home to:

- ever-increasing numbers of educated parents of vaccine-injured children working to prevent others’ injuries;

- including a disproportionately large population of Somali immigrant families whose children suffer a high rate of autism caused by the MMR vaccine;

- established health freedom activists united with other groups across the state, nation and internationally;

- organized pushback maintaining one of the strongest vaccine exemption policies in the U.S., including a philosophical exemption.

Though the VaxXed crew is performing a crucial public outreach service by archiving medical experiences for posterity, they do not receive state or federal funding. The VaxXed website provides a wealth of vaccine safety information; one important file is downloads of the CDC autism/MMR files released by CDC senior scientist Dr. William Thompson.

Davenport, Iowa was the next stop for the VaxXed bus, followed by stops in Missouri and then safely back to Texas. The bus’s home base is about 200 miles northwest of Houston, where Hurricane Harvey made landfall.

To help bring an end to vaccine injuries, Tommey advises everyone to report their families’ vaccine injury observations online. “Join us on social media; join our team,” Tommey said. “And go out on their social media, and go out on everywhere, because we have to. We have to shout, and the best shouting is out on social media these days. Contact us; if anybody wants to be an ambassador, they just contact”




@Linda. You are close to hitting the nail on the head. Who was it that came out defending Craig and giving instruction about an apology (on his FB page)? It was Dorit. Even when Egan, in his apology video, claimed that the stunt was his idea - only his idea, Dorit was there. When I posted screen shots (on his page) showing that someone else bought the airhorn and was promoting and laughing about its use (Susan Robinson, self-professed vaccine scientist), Dorit jumped in and tried to come to his rescue. I wonder if he'll ever tire of being used by his "friends"

Grace Green

Perhaps someone should tell him HOW MANY children have died and then he might realize he really is a jerk.


Good one Linda, "not because Egan's young girlfriend needs to see a pediatrician"


So let me get this straight -

An Uber driver from the state of Washington decides he's going to stop working to follow the Vaxxed bus around the country with his girlfriend and after logging 7000 miles, they just happen to land in the office of Paul Offit for a photo op, not because Egan's young girlfriend needs to see a pediatrician, but because Offit's friend who is a law professor (obviously the infamous Dorit Reiss) "supports Egan's efforts".

Reiss supports his efforts? As in - pays him? That kind of support?

Then there's this:

"He regrets one stunt, in Kansas City, when he spoke through a bullhorn outside the Vaxxed bus and urged passing motorists to honk their horns, unaware that inside the filmmakers were interviewing a woman whose child had died.

“I felt like a jerk,” he said."

Why was that published? There's a shift here. It's still full of misinformation, but there seems to be a crack in the facade. There's confusion over what the message should be.

Hopefully Egan will realize that he is being used by very evil people.

bob moffit

Wayne Rohde: ""I wonder why Craig Egan and the rest of his trolls are trying to intimidate families who have vaccine injured children?”

I suspect they qualify as members of what Sharyl Attkisson describes as "smear merchants" .. who get PAID to show up at various events .. to disrupt and otherwise ridicule someone their corporate handlers have "targeted" for smearing. In this instance .. I suspect their "handlers" would be the pharma industry ..

One thing we can be certain of .... these "smear merchants" are not wasting their time and energies harassing the Vaxxed Tour bus .. without being well-paid to do so.

Jonathan Rose

The Philadelphia Inquirer admits an awful lot. It admits that Egan was out to "disrupt" the Vaxxed tour, not to engage in reasoned discussion. It admits that one of the mothers whom Egan ridiculed had a child who died from vaccination. And whereas the Vaxxed tour has attracted thousands of sympathizers, Egan stands pretty much alone with his hand-painted sign. I'd say this is excellent publicity for the Vaxxed bus and terrible publicity for the Dark Side.

It also makes clear that there is no mass grass-roots movement in favor of compulsory vaccination. Of course, if asked by a pollster, many parents will say they favor compulsory vaccination, but they're basically passive: only vaccine choice advocates will turn out by the thousands in public demonstrations. (Politicians notice that.) When SB 277 passed, the New York Times ran two photos: one of a distraught mother, the other of cheering lobbyists. That said a lot.

Losing My Lunch

Man, the other side certainly has a knack for attracting the most unsavory characters, doesn't it?
I think we should have a good old-fashioned Age of Autism Contest to see who can guess exactly how much gas money Offit gave to these two fools. The winner receives a patented Craig Egan "I brake for flu shots and Big Macs" bumper sticker.


My Age of Autism article was quoted in another piece on Craig Egan Sept. 5 in the Boston Globe Media’s STAT, a medical publication. (Competitor Boston Herald ran the “hanging offense” op-ed Mark Blaxill wrote about here that same day.) Of four comments at STAT’s article by Rebecca Robbins, only one was from a “science is settled” pseudo-skeptic parrot.

STAT was criticized recently for running a Sept. 1 op-ed, “How pharma sales reps help me be a more up-to-date doctor” by Robert Yapundich, MD, which subsequently was retracted over its conflict of interest omission.

On Sept. 8 STAT reporter Robbins wrote an article critical of pharma trials titled, “It’s not just one suspect herpes vaccine trial: Most experimental drugs are tested offshore — raising concerns about data.”

In the photo showing middle-aged Egan and his disturbingly young female friend, even Paul Offit looked uncomfortable. Cult leaders may not necessarily like their followers, or be able to control them.

Tom Petrie

I'm very disappointed that I was unable to make it to Burlington, VT, three days back for the VAXXED bus tour. Work precluded me being able to make it there. Still what you're doing is AWESOME and I'm happy you're still plugging along, despite all the obstacles!

Angus Files

The vaxamization of the world.We all hope and pray somebody is coming to the rescue but what if nobody ever does come to save the populations as God intended all to be -its not worth thinking about.

5X5X5 Tell five people so they pass onto another five- thats about it.

Pharma for Prison



Another reason Minnesota is a hot-button stop for the VaxXed team: In 2014, the Mayo Clinic found that Somali-American children have twice as strong an antibody response to the rubella component of the MMR vaccine as Caucasian children. 

Hmmmmm, think that might have something to do with their increased risk of severe autism? Remember, prenatal rubella infection is an accepted MEDICAL cause of autism.

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