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"Boo To The Flu" Vaccine Campaigns in Schools & Hospitals

Boo to flu
Yesterday was the first day of Fall and here in America that means flu shot sales season is about to take off like a bride's pajamas. Fast. The photo is a flyer from a Boo to the Flu program that ran last year, and we suspect will run again and all over the nation.  The irony of the mascot is not lost on us: home of the PANDAS. 

Schools make money ($2 per shot) when students get a flu shot while under their care.  Remember the old Two Buck Chuck wine at Trader Joe's. Well, this campaign is a Two Buck &*#$.   If you really want your child to get a flu shot, that's your right.  We won't deny you your medical rights for your children. It's not our way. Take him or her to a doctor.  Do your homework. Please seek out mercury free doses.

Schools can't serve a PB&J at lunch, but they can provide an invasive medical procedure and make money too.  Below is a flyer from a hospital with a similar program this year.  Trick or treat AND get a flu shot!  The bad jokes write themselves. Feel free to Snicker....

Boo Flu trick or treat

This is what we see...

Candy van

No matter your opinion on vaccination. Gift from God or scourge. Necessary or never.  Marketing them along with, and like candy is bizarre and dangerous.  But I guess that's the state of American "medicine" in 2017.  Be careful if you say "boo to the flu" instead of the flu shot. You might end up like Charlie Brown.


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