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Vaxxed: Bus of Ten Thousand Names In Land of Ten Thousand Lakes

VaxXed 2 Polly Tommey Anne Dachel 8-25-17
Polly Tommey and Anne Dachel

By Anne Dachel

On Aug 25, 2017, Polly Tommey and Anu Vaidya brought the ‘Vaxxed’ bus to Minnehaha Falls Regional Park near Minneapolis to talk with families of vaccine injured kids. Since I live about 100 miles east of the Twin Cities, I seized the opportunity to connect with members of the ‘Vaxxed’ team once again. (See Vaxxed - The Movie.)

These people are incredible.

After three weeks of showing ‘Vaxxed’ and recording stories in Australia and New Zealand, here they were up from Texas all the way to Minnesota. (And if you were following Polly, Anu, Dr. Brian Hooker, and Dr. Suzanne Humphries on their tour, you saw what crowds they drew in both countries.)

This was the first time I’d actually been aboard the ‘Vaxxed’ bus, although I’d seen so many videos of parents telling their heartbreaking stories sitting on the bus.

Everywhere you look, there are the names of the victims, thousands of them, inside and outside the bus. I sat in on interviews

Anne Vaxxed MN
Anne Dachel with Anu Vaidya

with parents on the bus, and I marveled at Polly’s ability to keep doing this. There’s a constant theme: healthy child was vaccinated and was never the same again.  

I asked Polly to update us on ‘Vaxxed.’  You can see her unstoppable dedication to telling the parents’ stories. (And I noticed Polly’s lunch was still sitting on the counter at 5 pm.)

Polly Tommey ‘Vaxxed’ Minneapolis, Aug 25, 2017


Polly: “Australia was a huge success, despite the ending—which shouldn't take away from the huge success of ‘Vaxxed’ going out, all the parents with their stories, the packed out venues.  Australia has a huge, huge strong team. The fact that the health minister, or whoever thought that I was a threat to Australia and banned me for three years—that’s irrelevant. Australia’s rising up and doing their thing. All good there.

“Now we’re on the bus. We’re here in Minnesota. And we’re doing story after story after story.

“We have the Daily Mail here asking silly questions. Apparently, Andy Wakefield came here in 2007, and 2017, right now, measles [among Somalis] is the result of his visit in 2007. Wouldn’t you know!

“So that’s the kind of thing we’re dealing with.

“Parents stories, strong as ever. Unvaccinated, beautifully healthy, no ear infections or hardly any ear infections in the unvaccinated. Interesting. I think it’s interesting. Vaccinated, sick. Unvaccinated, not sick.

“As we go on over the next month, people from around this country and around the world are going to be doing my job. They’re going to be going out and recording the stories, the vaxxed vs unvaxxed, that will go live on our social media. Maybe even Age of Autism. You never know. “

Polly deserves all our thanks. Her interviews are the lasting record of what an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule has done to now multiple generations of children.  She has my undying love and gratitude.

(Technical assistance: John Dachel)



Jeannette Bishop; WOW!

Grace Green

Autism uncle, most people living in the UK have the same attitude to the BBC, who daily claim to be bringing the news to people around the world (the arrogance!). I myself worked for the BBC for a time - in the classical music programme, not the news - and it has been very hard for me to become aware of the level of their lies and corruption. Having watched the recent "interview" of Ian Birrell on the VaXxed bus, in which he spouted the usual mantras about Andy Wakefield, etc., etc., more or less unchallenged, I have to say I think the best way to respond to these "arguments" would be "have you actually read or experienced that information first hand or are you just repeating what you've heard?" Otherwise they don't even begin to address the facts.

Elizabeth Gillespie

Since the arrival and departure of the Vaxxed Team here in Australia, we have been connecting with more and more vaccine injured families taking up the courage to step out.

We thank-you and the AVN for organising such a successful tour.

Elizabeth Gillespie

Jeannette Bishop

"The Vaxxed Bus headed to East Amherst"

autism uncle

This Post is relevant to our everyday lives. For instance, I've recently "lost a friend" (she is still alive, but despises what I say about vaccines/autism} who believes everything NPR (National Public Radio) tells her, day after day, and she literally hates what I might say about vaccines' damages.

Her NPR radio always tells her that Andy Wakefield was a fraud, and that the whole (horrendously toxic) vaccine Schedule is a blessing, and has zero connection to the autism spectrum.

She adores NPR; it just shows the power of medical-propaganda - and the power they wield.


Polly, You need to look at the strength of your position. You have been made a martyr by the gov't of Australia! The flak is heaviest nearer the target. You were singled out as the biggest threat and that is a measure of your success. You are the B-17 bomber over the Schweinfort ball bearing factory that must be stopped! This blunder on their part is like the Tribeca Film Festival banning VAXXED. It created intense interest and blew up in their faces.
Keep up the good work, my friend! ~brad

Angus Files

A cowardly desperate measure on behalf of the pharma morons who are behaving very scared and panicking.

Well done Polly and all.

Pharma for Prison


cherry Misra

To Anne Dachel and Polly Tommy and all members of her team- Thankyou so much. You are all the reasons that the truth is coming out; the clock cannot be turned back and the rest of us, feel renewed in our determination to do whatever we can. The beautiful VaxXed bus is a living , moving museum.
Is now the time for some sensitive children's book author to write a childdren's book about the bus ?

Loraine Fishel

Polly Tommy and all of the Vaxxed team and Age of Autism team have done so must to help spread knowledge and dispel fear. I am in awe of what you are doing to right a terrible wrong. Stay strong and I will try to do the same. Thank you for being here!

Grace Green

The transcript should say "despite the ending - which should NOT take away from the huge success of VaXxed....."

Elaine Albrecht

Great interview! One slight change that needs to be edited is that Polly said "Australia was a huge success, despite the ending-- which shouldn't take away...." you reported should. Please don't post this comment, just edit the article.

susan welch

I have so much admiration for both the Vaxxed and the Age of Autism teams.

Thank you all for your dedication for for being instrumental in getting the truth to the general public.

bob moffit

" The fact that the health minister, or whoever thought that I was a threat to Australia and banned me for three years—that’s irrelevant"

I suspect the "health minister, or whoever" that "banned" Polly as a "threat to Australia" did so out of FEAR ... NOT OF POLLY .. BUT .. FEAR OF THE TRUTH SHE REPRESENTS.

Anne: "Polly deserves all our thanks. Her interviews are the lasting record of what an unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule has done to now multiple generations of children. She has my undying love and gratitude."

Amen to that .. god bless all involved with spreading the TRUTH.

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