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Back to school cathyBy Cathy Jameson

Back to school.  I love this time of year.  New supplies and new academic adventures await.  My kids are somewhat excited to return to school but more so for the social aspect.  They cannot wait to see their friends again.  Friends are a good thing to have in life.  I’m grateful for the ones I have, especially for the friends I’ve made online. 

I belong to a lot more parenting groups now than I did when my children were younger.  The people in these groups, many who have become personal friends, are a lifeline for me.  From the old timers to the youngins’, many of whom are more in tune with their parental rights than I ever was at their age, we have a safe place to talk, vent, and collaborate.  From poop talk to getting the skinny on who’s an autism friendly doctor or therapist, I’m drawn in to several conversations throughout the year.  Since the start of school is right around the corner, some of the latest convos have been about school shots. 

I’m seeing talk about shots in several groups that are medical- or vaccine-related and in typical parenting groups, too.  People are asking if it’s true that their child must be vaccinated.  I heard they don’t have to be but my district just sent me a notice. If I don’t get her the vaccine, she won’t get her schedule.  Most who’ve chimed in to answer know quite a bit about vaccine law and about their rights.  But, since not every member of the group is vaccine savvy yet, they’re gently reminding the newer folks that what some of the schools and health departments are saying about school shots is misleading.  Once that newbie parent is provided the accurate information, that yes, their child can still go to school without getting that Tdap vaccine or that booster, some of the parents band together to set the district straight.    

Guys!  XYZ district is saying that shots are required for school entry.  Shall we go school them?  
Triple photo
Photo credit:  Google Images

And off they go to politely tell the district, or the health department, or the school administrator that they’ve forgotten something very important.  Where a district shares only part of the law, the parents include what’s been left out – that all 50 states offer at least one type of vaccine exemption. 

If you’ve learned that your local district or health department is keeping information from you and other parents of school age children, do you chime in?  Do you let that district representative, or administrator, or health department employee, or school nurse know what they’ve done?  I have.  One nurse was very receptive.  She even went so far as to apologize for neglecting to add that exemptions were indeed still a valid option.  Another time, a different nurse was not as receptive.  I already knew the information, but tested her by asking if I could turn in an exemption instead.  Begrudgingly, she said yes.  I then requested that she please consider citing the entire law – to include that exemptions existed – when she made future announcements about vaccines.  She was miffed and let me know just how angry I’d made her.  Why was she angry?  Because I asked her to be honest with the parents and children she was being paid to serve? 

Honesty will always be the best policy, especially when risks are involved.      

Unfortunately, many parents are still unaware that the law (in most states) includes being able to opt out of “school shots”.  Unless someone knows how to search for it, though, that information may not be easily found.  Not sure about what your state’s vaccine exemptions include?  Check out this map:

Nvic photo

Photo credit:

The NVIC website has more detailed information which I’d encourage parents to read.  Another great resource is Vaxtruth.   Each of those websites lists other vaccine topics that I believe are worth reading to include legislation alerts.   The online alerts can, and have, very quickly notified the people that it’s time to rally in person. 

Because our children’s health rights are worth fighting for, scores of parents across the US made a point to be in their home state’s capital during vaccine legislative meetings and hearings.  They did everything they could to be heard and seen and to help kill several vaccine bills.  Not every state representative listened to nor appreciated the presence of the concerned parents, but that hasn’t stopped these parents from continuing to work together.  I see that in the online groups that I currently belong to. 

Moms and dads take time to help each other.  They take time to layout the facts, all of the facts.  They having lengthy conversations about vaccines, vaccine exemptions, and vaccine choice, something that vaccine advocates don’t seem to care to bring up.  I encourage the talking and sharing that’s going on parent-to-parent.  The more parents know, the better able they are to make not just a good decision but an informed one. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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david m burd

@ Eindeker,

It's America' flu shots (not Europe, etc.) I'm obviously referring to, as I cited the U.S. CDC and their flagrant lying about Thimerosal being removed.

As to inspection of America's flu vaccine makers, they, themselves, clearly state year after year the vast majority of their flu doses contain Thimerosal, most being doses contained in multi-dose vials - and then drawn and injected in the typical .50ml and .25ml shots respectively given to 3 years old and up, and infants from 6 months through 36 months.

Even the Colorado Health Dept. has a public document telling nursing personnel to take .25ml flu shots from 5.0ml multi-dose vials (20 shots total from each vial).

Yeah, "it's the dose" I agree, and the .25ml infant dose contains at least 900 Quadrillion atoms of ethlymercury, about a thousand mercury atoms for each and every one of an infant's cellular makeup.


Well Barry since there hasn't been any thiomersal in the routine UK vaccine schedule for children for more than 20 years now that's a bit of a pointless question isn't it? Care to show any evidence that ASD rates have dropped anywhere since thiomersal has been eliminated from childhood vaccines, as pointed out before by John Stone the year by year rates ASD rates in Scotland continue to climb, how does that fit with lack of thiomersal?


it's the dose that makes the poison never heard that phrase? so that's fail #2


So what is the safe dose of injected Thiomersal for a 25 pound toddler? And how exactly was that safe dosage determined?


However, there is still today full loading of Thimerosal in virtually all flu shots, That'll be fail #1 David Burd, Thiomersal is used as a preservative to maintain sterility in multi-dose flu vaccine formulations, it's not used in single dose formats because there is no risk of microbial contamination of the vial. Thiomersal has been removed from all childhood vaccinations in the UK since 2003/4. Looks like 120m of the c170m doses of flu vaccine for the 2016/17 US season were thiomersal free
Before you start saying this is all lies etc just remember the vaccine manufacturers are liable to unannounced inspection by regulatory authorities, the US, Europeans, Japanese etc., they had to institute manufacturing technology to eliminate the need for a thiomersal preservative and prove it’s effectiveness to the regulatory authorities in removing the need for a preservative
a horrific chemical called Triton X-100, while you are at it look at another "horrific chemical" and all it's uses: biocides, paints, deicers, detergents and cleaning products etc it's called ethanol :-) does that mean you don't enjoy the occasional whisky or beer Mr Burd, after all they contain this "horrific chemical" used in cleaning and paints, it's the dose that makes the poison never heard that phrase? so that's fail #2
And yes having caught flu a couple of years ago I'm at the front of the queue for an annual (single dose :-)) flu shot, believe me flu is not "just a heavy cold"

david m burd

@ Eindeker and Tribulusterrestris, There are no Aluminum adjuvants in flu shots. However, there is still today full loading of Thimerosal in virtually all flu shots, including those going into 6 month babies. The CDC has consistently, flagrantly lied when they claim Thimerosal is just a small percentage of shots: The Flu Vaccine Industry has reported for years virtually all (90% plus) of their flu vaccines have either a full dose of Thimerosal, or just a "Trace". Many esteemed biochemical professionals such as Dr. Frank Engley and Dr. Paul King, and Phd George Lucier have condemned even "traces" of mercury being injected.

@ Eindeker (and All): There are many other toxic excipients (in addtion to Thimerosal) in most all flu vaccines, including a horrific chemical called Triton X-100, also called "octylphenol ethoxlate".

This is from the Scottish Environmental Association citing octyphenol ethoxlate:

"What is it?

Octylphenol ethoxylates (OPEs) are a group of related chemicals. They are chemically very similar to Nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs). Under normal conditions, OPEs are thick liquids or waxy solids, varying in colour from clear to light orange. OPEs are stable. The degree to which they are soluble in water varies, but most are readily soluble in organic (carbon-containing) solvents.
What is it used for?
OPEs are widely used in cleaning agents. They are also added to paints, coatings, treatments for textiles and chemicals used in paper manufacture. OPEs also have some medical applications. For example, they are added to some drugs to improve the rate at which they are absorbed in the intestine.
Where does it come from?
Releases of OPEs may occur during their manufacture or during the many uses and disposal of products containing them. There are not thought to be any natural sources of OPEs to the environment.
How might it affect the environment?
OPEs are known to be very toxic to wildlife, particularly aquatic organisms. There is also concern that they mimic the behaviour of animal hormones, that they are an "endocrine disruptor". OPEs break down relatively easily into Octylphenols (OPs), which are more harmful and can be very persistent in the environment. This persistence means that they can be transported far from the point of original release of OPEs. OPs are accumulated and concentrated by aquatic organisms and birds. It is therefore possible that the presence of OPEs and hence OPs in the environment poses a long-term threat to wildlife on both a local and global scale.
How might exposure to it affect human health?
Octylphenol ethoxylates can enter the body either by inhalation of air containing octylphenol ethoxylates, ingestion of contaminated food or water, or by dermal contact with octylphenol ethoxylates or products containing octylphenol ethoxylates. There is little evidence available for the full effects of exposure to octylphenol ethoxylates on human health. However, exposure to high levels of octylphenol ethoxylates may cause irritation of the lungs, digestive system, skin and eyes. Octylphenol ethoxylates are thought to interfere with hormones in animals and may therefore interfere with the development and reproductive system in animals. Octylphenol ethoxylates readily degrade in the environment to the more toxic, octylphenol. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has not designated octylphenol ethoxylates in terms of their carcinogenicity.

@ Eindeker, I give you my flu shot for free, every year, no charge.

@ Tribulusterrestris, You're either terribly naive, or are a 'troll double" for Eindeker. Either way, I give you both my flu shots every year - no charge.


The answer to any busy-body check-point vaxxhole (thank you fro that Del Bigtree) is to simply say, 'we are pursuing titre draws'.

Let them stew in that. And then move on to the next chekpoint.
Good Luck!

How did we get here? How did we get to the point where REGISTERING YOUR CHILD FOR SCHOOL was a matter of luck?! God Bless America


@Eindeker. I am finding varying accounts of flu vaccine ingredients such as:
What Ingredients Are In the Flu Vaccine?
The this year’s common quadrivalent flu shot contains the following ingredients:

Flu Strain A/(California) (H1N1)
Flu Strain A/(Hong Kong) (H3N2)
Flu Strain B/(Brisbane)
Flu Strain B/(Phuket)
Aluminum Salts ***
Chicken Egg Proteins


However, it looks like they are mistaken like I was. Thanks for setting it straight. Your sources look more reliable. Best regards, brad

Marie Simonton

Even with California's Nazi-like laws, students with an IEP cannot be denied their education, according to SB277. Parents need to read the entire law, make a copy of it, highlight the part that says that and show it to school administration when they try to badger them into getting vaccinations. These kiddos have enough on their plates to deal with.

bob moffit

@ Ally:

"I have a preschooler and this is my first year working on vaccine exemption paperwork. I can't help but be a bit nervous about it. I'll be looking at all of your resources provided above. THANK YOU!!!

Here is an article on VOX .. that clearly demonstrates how the "media" .. (VOX) .. distorts information regarding vaccines .. if you take a moment you will see the entire article is about "improving vaccination rates" .. NOTHING SAID ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT THOSE STATES OR COUNTRIES THAT HAVE INCREASED VACCINATION RATES HAVE IMPROVED THE OVERRALL HEALTH OF THE NOW FULLY VACCINATED CHILDREN.

Here is my quick email to "reporter" .. who is "away" and cannot respond to my comments.

"Hi Julia

just read your column .. "The global crackdown on parents who refuse vaccines for their kids has begun" .. and .. would like to comment as to your observations.

#1 .. " We know vaccines are overwhelmingly safe and effective at preventing the spread of disease"

If, as you suggest .. vaccines are "overwhelmingly safe and effective" .. why have over a BILLION dollars of "compensation awards" been awarded to parents whose child has suffered severe adverse reactions .. including death? After all .. a billion dollars in compensation is extremely troubling .. especially since everyone agrees the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) .. a completely voluntary and well known flawed reporting system .. receives less than 15% of reportable adverse events?

#2 .. "For example, there are laws in various states requiring parents to use car seats or seat belts for their children"

Common sense dictates there is quite a distinction between mandating a "one size fits all vaccine" .. and .. mandating "car seats or seat belts" .. which .. unlike vaccines .. are ADJUSTABLE to fit each individual child. Do you really believe parents would accept a "one size car seat or seat belt'? Indeed, would you?

#3 .. “It's looking like in California, simply closing nonmedical exemptions is having a desired effect in terms of boosting vaccine coverage in public schools,” Hotez said. “Based on that evidence, I think that needs to be the focus — closing nonmedical exemptions in the 18 states that still allow it.”

This statement is correct .. if the ONLY "desired effect in closing nonmedical exemptions" is to "boost vaccine coverage in public schools. However .. there is absolutely no evidence that closing nonmedical exemptions has improved the HEALTH of children in California .. in fact .. quite the opposite is true. California schools .. as well as MOST State public schools .. have been overwhelmed with an alarming increase in Special Needs children .. as well as .. ever increasing numbers of children with chronic autoimmune disorders, such as, asthma, juvenile type 1 diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, allergies (peanuts?) .. on and on .. chronic autoimmune disorders that were far less common in all previous ... LESS VACCINATED GENERATIONS.

In other words .. you ought not be measuring the success of California's mandatory vaccine polices by the number of children being vaccinated .. but .. by the deteriorating poor HEALTH of those now fully vaccinated children .. where 1 in every 6 child is suffering some type of childhood development problem .. such as .. 1 in 45 with autism.

My friend, I could go on and on challenging your shallow observations regarding the "global crackdown on parents refusing to vaccinate their children .. but .. I suspect I would be wasting my time ..

May the wind be always at your back and the road ahead rise up to greet you ...



Cathy is absolutely right — our children’s rights are worth fighting for. Public health policymakers construe silence as agreement with their decisions. Policies won’t change until sufficient numbers of people speak out against them.

Tribulusterrestris makes a great point differentiating between training vs. education. People who are mentally conditioned via training, e.g. through assembly line public schools, may be susceptible to rah-rah slogans such as the infuriating “No Shots, No School.” Which legally is Not True — but vaccine PR people don’t let facts stand in the way of profit.


@ Tribulusterrestris I respectfully suggest you check your facts re flu vaccine, assuming you're a US citizen there are no licensed flu vaccines that used aluminium adjuvants, always worth checking these things before you unnecessarily worry your sister

Grace Green

I can't help thinking, couldn't retirement age doctors stay on a few years and just do these exemptions privately? They wouldn't have to worry about persecution by the state, just keep doing it as long as they can!


Kenneth Stoller, MD does vaccine evaluations in his office in San Francisco, CA.
His web site is:
Our daughter will be able to stay in her school thanks to Dr. Stoller.


I have a preschooler and this is my first year working on vaccine exemption paperwork. I can't help but be a bit nervous about it. I'll be looking at all of your resources provided above. THANK YOU!!!


Sun~Rosse, California does have a medical exemption but for all intents and purposes it is unavailable. It is extremely hard to get--Almost nobody gets it. The doctors are scared to death to be sanctioned for giving out too many of them. Del Bigtree emphatically scolds us for being so timid and submissive asking why are we begging these people for a few crumbs. Just don't do it. He shouts out: "BE BRAVE".
Yes, it can get messy but so is vaccine injury. Home school if you have to. Move out of California if you must. What's so great about California's schools anyway? It is time for civil disobedience. ~Nike motto~ sort of~ "JUST DON'T DO IT". We owe it to our children and our seniors.
Related to this idea is my sister who is a nurse and genetically has a twelve times greater risk of Alzheimer's. I cited the new study on Alz and aluminum: No aluminum in the brain--no Alz. She said that, as a nurse, she has to get the flu shot or wear a mask. My thoughts to her are: Which would you rather wear, a mask or a diaper? Is this the only job available to you what with your skills and intelligence? It is very frustrating as I don't think they are even reading the information that I send them. All I hear is hand wringing over her fate, yet there are solutions but they are ignored. They don't believe that I could know something that "everybody" knows has to be false. Has not the world been saved by vaccines? DOCTORS know best. Doctors are trained, not educated. It will be of little comfort to me to be able to say to the next victim of autism or Alz: "I told you so."

Cathy Jameson

Hi Sun~Rose,
I hear that it isn't easy to obtain, but yes, even in California. The medical exemption is allowed. From the DCPH, see #17 for specifis:


Even California?
Nice article Cathy.

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