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"Where Were They" The Ten Year Wait to See a Patient with Autism: Denial by Blaxill & Olmsted

The Vaxxed Bus (like a rolling Vietnam Veteran Wall) is Coming to Burlington, VT

Kim VaxxedNOTE: If you have not seen the VAXXED bus, and are within driving distance of the beautiful city of Burlington, Vermont, please plan a trip on September 8. I was fortunate to be in Tampa, Florida last year when the bus was also there. I Uber'ed over to the park and was instantly struck by the thought that the bus, covered with the names of vaccine injured Americans, mostly children, was a rolling memorial.  Each name (including those near to my heart, since they grew under it) is a life changed. A family whose trajectory would never be the same. Because a vaccine caused an injury, and in some cases, death.  I felt like a family member must feel at the Vietnam Veteran's wall. Our own Mark Blaxill will be at this event. We encourage you to participate as a spectator, and/or as a sponsor if you can.

Click here for tickets. The daytime events are FREE.

Vaxxed Burlington VT

During the day on Friday, come and visit the Vaxxed bus, share your story, meet the team and sign the bus.

With us will be: Vaxxed producer Polly Tommey, camera-man Anu Vaidya and Dr. Suzanne Humphries.

Please click here to sign up in advance to get on the bus and tell your story.

On Friday evening, join us for a very special event with Team Vaxxed!

This event is brought to you by The Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice, in partnership with:

  • Health Choice Massachusetts
  • The Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice
  • Health Freedom New Hampshire.


  • Daytime Events - Free
  • Exhibitors - $250.00 + $7.27 fee
  • Special Evening Event, Adult - $29.00 + $1.72 fee
  • Special Evening Event, Child - $5.00 + $1.12 fee




I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to do a meet and greet and personally pray for the bus and all it stands for. I am curious of other stops you are making in New England.🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

cherry Misra

@ Go Trump- Thankyou for your input ! I often think of that wall. In my mind it is never black- it is white for the good and pure children whose lives were changed forever. There is a second wall- a black one for the evil people who lied and lied until so many people believed their lies and half truths. Remember- When it comes to autism, a half truth is a full lie.
Could anyone locate a dull ugly black stone to use here.? Dont honor the shamed with a shiny smooth granite.
This summer in California, my grandkids came home one day, shouting at me -" Grandmother- you should have been there . You would have liked it There was this car - all covered with pictures of babies and the words AUTISM AWARENESS. " Then one of them added, "it was creepy"
Yes, dear children, Well, it should be creepy . This is the lion's den. This is the pied piper calling the children. Some of the people we trusted lied to us and others that we trusted believed the lies and lied again. Let a thousand Vaxxed buses grow.

Jennifer Saines

I can't wait to come to Burlington on September 8th.

go Trump

The Vietnam Memorial Wall is made up of two, 250 foot sections and contains over 58,000 names.

The Autism Wall at present would need to be about 17 to 25 times longer.

Tracey RN

Seeing the bus up close takes your breath away ! I had the privalage this last June to spend 2 days with the most Humble man ,Dr. Andrew Wakefield in Utah.. I was eager to share my experience with the pediatricians I work with. I had stated to one in particular what a incrediable man Dr. Wakefield is. The reaction I received from this pediatrician leads me to believe they are feeling the PRESSURE of this movement . I said to this Pediatrician " whoa I must of hit a raw nerve "!!! He sreamed a few things at me and walked away!!! I loved it!!! Carry on vaxxed team you are making a difference in the WORLD!!!

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