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More Denial: Some Autism Parents Are Just ASDholes

The Really Big Lies About Autism

Big lieBy Anne Dachel

For the last 10 years I've written often about "THE REALLY BIG LIE ABOUT AUTISM,"  which is that autism's always been here, we just called it something else.

There is also another REALLY BIG LIE, and that is that autism is not a disability, just a difference how people see the world and interact.

This marginalizes autism to the realm of a curiosity, not a crisis. Look at these two stories from the UK. The first one about a mother with SEVEN DISABLED CHILDREN, SIX WITH ASD. She calls for awareness, acceptance and understanding. Autism happens--learn to live with it.

The second story is about three sisters with high functioning autism. They call autism a "superpower," not a disability.

These stories are more proof that the world will do nothing to address autism as a manmade condition that has crippled millions of children around the world. We will continue to celebrate autism, study it with no real purpose, and try to accommodate more and more disabled children until finallly we won't know what a normally functioning person is like. It's happening right now in schools around the world.

Aug 23, 2017, (UK) “They’re amazing, I’m so proud of them”: Mother of six autistic children blogs about her life"

Blog written by mother of seven, Vikie Shanks, an advocate for better awareness of autism and mental health. These are her views which she is sharing with ITV Central.

With seven children, six on the autistic spectrum, the seventh with severe dyslexia and the youngest two also with cerebral palsy, life was never going to be simple!

Rewarding, yes; straightforward, no. All of this hands-on experience has equipped me with an armoury of tools that I use. I now write books, give talks, and offer mentoring to help and educate as many people as possible. It’s my life’s mission!

My beautiful children have a range of diverse challenges, from autism, demand avoidance, dyslexia, depression, anxiety, and cerebral palsy, to name but a few. Along with these challenges come sensory issues, rigid behaviour patterns, compulsive twirling, flapping etc…and significant struggles with school and social interactions.

Following my husband’s suicide 10 years ago I was also responsible for keeping house, looking after the children and running our corporate entertainment business. I was also applying for statements of educational needs and attending up to 18 medical/educational appointments every week…..

A person with autism is expected to live in a world that was designed for ‘neurotypical’ people so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that, statistically, they are more prone to experiencing co-existing mental health issues.

The world expects a lot from them. There are so many simple things that could be done to make their lives less stressful, and all that’s needed to accomplish that is better understanding, awareness, and tolerance of their differences.

If your child is on the autism spectrum, please talk about it with them. Help them to understand that their autism doesn’t define them.

Aug 23, 2017, (UK) "Autism is an ability not a is a superpower": Children blog about living with autism

Being Autistic doesn’t bother me but I don’t like to tell people as soon as I meet them in case they judge me on it, I prefer to wait until I know them a little better so they know me as ‘me’.

I don’t really focus on the fact that I’m autistic, although there are times when I do something and wonder if it’s because of my autism, especially if it’s something I don’t see other people doing.

I don’t remember being told that I was autistic, I just grew up knowing I was and talking about it to my mum. It really helped me to know because I could ask questions and understand myself better and work things out.

I still find communication hard but I’ve learnt strategies that help me and I’m not afraid to ask now as I’ve become more confident. Sometimes people will use sayings that I haven’t heard before which I find really confusing, but people don’t mind explaining what they mean.

My one wish would be for people to understand that autism isn’t the huge disability for most of us that people think it is and give us more opportunities to show our unique talents. Attitudes really do need to change! …

But did you notice those points are all negative or stereotypical? Why has this perception of Autism become so negative? Something I truly live by in life is you have a choice. The way you think is a choice. You can think something positive is negative and vice versa.

When I was told I had Asperger’s Syndrome I was 5 years old. I remember the moment clearly. My mother sat me down on the sofa and explained what autism was and what it meant.

My mum made the whole experience so positive that I was incredibly proud to be autistic. If it weren’t for my mother explaining to me at such a young age something that made me who I am with such passion and happiness I don’t think I’d be who I am today.

Autism is an ability not a disability. I am proof that autism if nurtured and understood positively, is a superpower.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


John Stone


It is interesting and for once relatively benign that in the UK we had an Autism Act in 2009 which placed responsibility on local authorities to recognise and support autism as a disability. It was partly based on the fiction that historic levels of autism were much higher than they were but it did emerge at a time when the first huge wave of young autistic adults was landing. As of the present we do recognise autism as a disability in the UK, although, of course, recognising any disability adequately within the system is fitful, and you worry greatly about the future as costs continue to rise - not to mention the fate of many individuals at the moment, who can easily fall through the system, or be inadequately supported.

I have a problematic and somewhat bitter view of our National Autistic Society who piloted this act when it was essential, but also ruthlessly covered up the truth of what was going on.

Jonathan Rose

Notice that none of these bloggers demand more services for autistic children and adults -- just more "understanding", which of course costs nothing. If you say that autism isn't a disability, that leads to the inevitable conclusion that autistic people aren't entitled to disability payments or special services. And throughout the Western world governments are closing budget gaps by slashing spending on the disabled. That seems to be the not-very-subtle agenda here.


"Autism is not a disability", then what is it? My son is 18 and a high functioning autistic person but he can't function in a, let's say, "normal" world because he won't be able to go to college or find a job where he will need his abilities to do what is required from a person with abilities he doesn't have. If someone who is 18 and cannot perform as such then I think there is some disability in the brain of that person. Let's see autism as ASD which goes from Asperger's syndrome all the way to people with autism that cannot speak. Now if this is not a disability, tell me what it is. I am convinced that autism is a disability. This is the opposite of ability. People with autism do not have the ability to function in a world created by people without autism. If this modern world had been made by people with autism, then the rest of us would be the disable ones. We can help them if we put them in classrooms that are designed for Special Education or for Structured Learning, etc. They receive some training to be prepared for part of the real world but their world is not real (to us) . They don't know it and we don't tell them. We pretend they are receiving help from us but the reality is that we as a society have created this man made illness that some people, like the one who wrote this article, still think that autism is not a disability. I guess this person haven't lived with one that is on the other side of the ASD, so severe that cannot speak. What kind of ability is that if they can't communicate with one another, needless to say if they can't communicate with non autistic people". Autism is an ability not a disability" makes no sense to me. The husband killed himself maybe because he could not bear to see and live with whom he had around him every single day, and because he loved his children and couldn't do anything to make them function in his world. Some times it's a feeling that gets in the brain which to me is hopelessness, emptiness. To say that autism is an ability is totally insane and makes me think that this person is, either living inside a box and don't see the rest of the world or they walk and see only the people they want to see.

Dorie Southern

The husband committed suicide. I guess life was not a bowl of cherries for him.

cherry Misra

To Hans Litten, You dont believe a word of it? In my case I just go bezerk at the stupidity. Do all these academics live inside boxes- just like the doctors. ? When all the mercury and aluminium toxicologists know that these elements and other toxins cause dementia, you are off running after Lithium as a treatment. ? When you should be figuring out how to stop people from being poisoned by dental amalgams and fish and vaccines with mercury and Al? I mean these guys should be feeling like an Olympic level runner , who takes the wrong track .
Here is another example:
Kawasaki Disease was known to have similar symptoms to Pink Disease
Pink Disease was known to be caused by mercury.
But Hot Shot Researchers in the U.S. "Looked at mercury" and decided it was not the cause of KD.
Kawasaki Disease was formerly common in California.
Now the doctors notice that it has almost vanished.
Vanished? No more cases? OK- ..... next patient !
Excuse me, doctor, since mercury has been reduced in vaccines in California, the KD incidence has fallen. So, could mercury have been the cause?
Of course not, We already know that mercury is not the cause of Kawasaki.
Some doctors at UCLA think its probably a virus, and there is something about the winds from China!
That's what I love about modern medicine. They leave no stone unturned. Speaking of stones, they are still "digging around" for the causes of autism .


Said Shanks: “With no family to rely on and only a handful of close friends, every day was a logistical nightmare.” Will readers entranced by the article’s gushy superlatives and model-pretty daughters ignore that key sentence?

Yes, it’s heartwarming and encouraging to see a beating-the-odds story about a loving family led by a determined parent. But they are just one family of many with autism, whose experiences vary widely; they can only speak for themselves, not others.

Unfortunately that article feeds stale cliches into a media monster that refuses to look honestly at autism causality. Reporters love reinforcing the notion that anyone can survive autism if only they have the right attitude. Not so. Survival also involves having the right skills, resources and mental stability.

The stalemate seems to be this: change society’s mind, or heal society’s minds? “Awareness” won’t bring down those obscenely high rates of autism-related suicidal ideation. As long as autism is normalized by media, then government, industry and society can keep discouraging research on treating and preventing vaccine-induced damage to our physical and mental health.

susan welch

@Tom Petrie (and anyone else in similar position) thank you so much for fighting this evil on behalf of families of brain injured children. My reason is because of my son and his family, with 2 boys on the spectrum. I have so much admiration for those who work so hard for those injured and for future generations, purely for justice.

Angus Files

"Autism is an ability not a disability"It`s neither- in my son`s case and I suspect a lot of kids and adults on here he has the school assessed age of a two year old and he is 18 years old .He has no physical disabilities whatsoever.You meet one child with autism you have met one child with autism you meet seven you have met seven you have not met the population of the autism community just your seven by the sounds offit.What a silly person does it look as if were all zipped up the back..beam me up Scotty please!

Pharma for Prison




"Now if we REALLY want to have super healthy children, we can go one step further as do the Amish of Pennsylvania and Western New York. Avoid vaccines.

Funny, how we NEVER hear about the healthiest children in the United States: the Amish! Virtually no allergies, no asthma, no Type I Diabetes, no autism. And oh, I almost forgot: They don't vaccinate either."

They don't have electricity.

As for the decrease in fertility, electromagnetic radiation is known to damage and kill sperm.

Shelley Tzorfas


Shelley Tzorfas

If "Autism is a Superpower.." will he or she be able to live alone "Super-Unassisted," finish "Super-College," pay "Super-rent," drive a "Supermobile" pay "Supertaxes" cook "Superfoods" keep the home "Superclean" have other "Superpower friends (Real ones, not from tv, comic books or Scrabble with Friends)" make and keep "Superappointments" do ""Superlaundry" digest foods Super-well or will the society continue to be "Super-Dillusional?"

Gary Ogden

Tom Petrie: It is the propaganda campaign, ongoing for decades, but greatly accelerating during the Obama years, which has thoroughly warped many American's view of reality. Having read Carl Bernstein's 1977 Rolling Stone article, "Stonewalled," "The Big Autism Coverup," and Anne's posts here, I've connected the dots. It is about controlling the message to control the sheep. The controllers are very powerful and wealthy enough to do as they please, leaving not a trace of evidence. The good news is, you're right. People are waking up. I'm convinced, from all the conversations I've had with random strangers since SB277, that a majority of Americans are at least somewhat skeptical of vaccine safety. And there are so many vaccine-injured children now that they know something is wrong. Thus the propagandists efforts to normalize disability.

Hans Hitten

This is actually brilliant :
(It may as well be written by Poul Thoresen because I don't believe a BBC word of it, just gut instinct)

Lithium in tap water may cut dementia
By James Gallagher
Health and science reporter, BBC News website
24 August 2017
People with higher levels of lithium in their drinking water appear to have a lower risk of developing dementia, say researchers in Denmark.
Lithium is naturally found in tap water, although the amount varies.
The findings, based on a study of 800,000 people, are not clear-cut. The highest levels cut risk, but moderate levels were worse than low ones.
Experts said it was an intriguing and encouraging study that hinted at a way of preventing the disease.
The study, at the University of Copenhagen, looked at the medical records of 73,731 Danish people with dementia and 733,653 without the disease.
Tap water was then tested in 151 areas of the country.
The results, published in JAMA Psychiatry, showed moderate lithium levels (between 5.1 and 10 micrograms per litre) increased the risk of dementia by 22% compared with low levels (below five micrograms per litre).
However, those drinking water with the highest lithium levels (above 15 micrograms per litre) had a 17% reduction in risk.
The researchers said: "This is the first study, to our knowledge, to investigate the association between lithium in drinking water and the incidence of dementia.
"Higher long-term lithium exposure from drinking water may be associated with a lower incidence of dementia."

Lithium is known to have an effect on the brain and is used as a treatment in bipolar disorder.
However, the lithium in tap water is at much lower levels than is used medicinally.
Experiments have shown the element alters a wide range of biological processes in the brain.
This broad impact could explain the mixed pattern thrown up by the different doses, as only certain dosing sweet-spots change brain activity in a beneficial way.
Prof Simon Lovestone, from the department of psychiatry at the University of Oxford, said: "This is a really intriguing study.
"In neurons in a dish and in mouse and fruit-fly models of Alzheimer's disease, lithium has been shown to be protective.
"Not only that, but lithium is used to treat people with bipolar disorder and some studies have suggested that people on lithium for this reason, often for life, might also be protected from Alzheimer's."
He said there should now be studies to see if regular, small doses of lithium could prevent the onset of dementia.

At the moment, there is no drug that can stop, reverse or even slow the progression of the disease.
Dr David Reynolds, from the charity Alzheimer's Research UK, said: "It is potentially exciting that low doses of a drug already available in the clinic could help limit the number of people who develop dementia.

"[Our analysis] suggests that a treatment that could delay dementia by just five years would mean that 666,000 fewer people develop dementia by 2050 [in the UK]."
The problem with this style of study - which looks for patterns in large amounts of data - is it cannot prove cause-and-effect.

Prof Tara Spires-Jones, from the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, at the University of Edinburgh, said: "This association does not necessarily mean that the lithium itself reduces dementia risk.

"There could be other environmental factors in the area that could be influencing dementia risk.
"Nonetheless, this is an interesting result that will prompt more research into whether lithium levels in the diet or drinking water may modify risk of dementia."

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Paul Thomas | August 24, 2017 at 09:15 AM
That comment made be both sad and vengeful all at once . Thanks Paul . Good to know too .
A midwife I know from the same time said she cannot understand the change in fertility rates over a similar period (what can it be ?).

Posted by: Tom Petrie | August 24, 2017 at 10:48 AM
"How can people be so naive? After ONE vaccine injured child, wouldn't you hesitate to vaccinate the second or third, or fourth or fifth or sixth? I mean, come on!"

Its called Fluoride ! Tom , and its called conditioning & obedience . MKultra , Operation Mockingbird.
People have to relearn resistance . None of us are doing enough (me most of all).
Where is the famous French Resistance ?



Friendless man


Vikie Shanks is superwoman. ?
Following her husband's suicide with 7 injured/sick/not typical (I have a thousand thoughts on that statement; going all different directions.
She writes books while sitting in all those the doctors' offices?
And if it is so wonderful how come all the doctor visits?
Just goes to prove some people can write a Greek Tragedy in a tone that is so falsely up beat that it makes you almost envy them.

Envy, and to think here I am unappreciative and envy people that have grown children, with full lives, like a job, a spouse, children, a home. I am just selfish like that. .

Aimee Doyle

"Autism is an ability not a disability. I am proof that autism if nurtured and understood positively, is a superpower."

I hate the way the neurodiversity community blames parents for their kids' impairment. Obviously they think that all the parents of severely affected kids didn't love or accept their kids - and didn't provide a "positive, nurturing environment."

I had someone actually tell me that - at an autism conference one time - that my son's self-injurious and aggressive behaviors were because I hadn't provided "a safe place for him to be autistic."

Tom Petrie

I read AoA on a regular basis, and quite frankly, I was hoping and wishing the post would end as soon as possible! Argh! It felt like a horror movie where you are hoping the bad guy is finally caught!

How can people be so naive? After ONE vaccine injured child, wouldn't you hesitate to vaccinate the second or third, or fourth or fifth or sixth? I mean, come on!

I'm all for NOT having a standard definition of normal, really but accepting children that have been damaged by poisons as "normal" is utterly ridiculous.

Every week, I seem to be adding a new documentary or book to my website. However, I think I'm mostly wasting my time! How many books do we have to read or how many youtube videos do we have to watch before we learn that environmental poisons (esp. vaccines), are harming our children?

We'll recall that the book, "Every Second Child," by Dr. Archie Kalakeranis was banned in Australia when it came out in 1980. Yup, reducing infant mortality from fifty percent in the aborigine children to which the good doctor attended, to zero with JUST vitamin C and less vaccines. No, we can't let folks learn about this! Nope, we rather lose half of our children than embarrass ourselves. That doctor was treated much like Andrew Wakefield is now being treated: contempt for speaking the truth.

It appears as if our brains haven't changed that much since Galileo was tried by the church for his terrible "crime" (that being when he confirmed the Copernicus theory of the heliocentric view of our solar system, that the earth DOES revolve around the sun)!

Is that where we're at now? We don't want to embarrass ourselves by admitting vaccines are damaging our children? Are we that thick that we can't remember a list of say six things necessary to keep our children healthy and "normal"? It's somewhat an arbitrary list, but let me give it a go anyway: Good healthy non-GMO food, regular sunshine exposure, regular exercise or at least daily outdoor activity, good sleep habits, loving parents and avoidance of electromagnetic influences like cell phones? Now if we REALLY want to have super healthy children, we can go one step further as do the Amish of Pennsylvania and Western New York. Avoid vaccines.

Funny, how we NEVER hear about the healthiest children in the United States: the Amish! Virtually no allergies, no asthma, no Type I Diabetes, no autism. And oh, I almost forgot: They don't vaccinate either.

I think the series that are coming out right now, are very much helping to wake people up. Vaccines Revealed, The Truth About Vaccines, Vaxxed and others are REALLY waking folks up. I can't wait to show these in a theater near my house. I don't know how, but even though I do not have a vaccine injured child (my daughter, now 36 was always vaccine-free), I feel bad for all those with this and other challenges that "might have" been caused by the medical profession and their ridiculous practice of endless vaccinations. This women's doctor should have said, "Mam, maybe after that first vaccine-injured child, you should hold off! OF maybe they have an inherited liver dysfunction and should NOT be given Tylenol if they get a post-vaccine fever!

It's a good thing I'm an extrovert! I'm taking e-mails of folks. with whom I engage a conversation (with infant children), so I can get them to watch one of the documentaries on this topic. Do you know what? Parents are waking up! They're learning the truth! I seldom get a negative response.

I'm sad, however, that after six or seven children, the lady written about in this post did NOT learn more about good nutrition (I wonder what her folic acid status is!), the dangers of environmental poisons (does she live near a chemical plant?), or the dangers of vaccines.

Sorry, I got off on a tangent and forgot my point! We do NOT accept cancer as "normal" or an affliction that we should "learn to live with," so WHY do we accept vaccine-induced brain damage as "normal," and something that we should accept as a variation of normal?! We should not and neither should have this lady with six or seven vaccine-injured children.

I once asked a lady in the supermarket how she knew there were blueberries in the blueberry muffins for sale. She said, "of course, there are blueberries in these muffins. When I pointed out the fact that they were "fake" blueberries and there weren't any blueberries in these muffins! No anti-oxidants to help your eyes be healthier, no other benefits to "real" blueberries, she got mad as if to say, "whatever."

Yup, folks are looking at all these "not-normal" children all around us--in Walmart, in our classroom, our next-door neighbors, as normal and seem to be saying "whatever"! W.T.Heck?

I have figured it out, really, or I think I have: Folks do NOT like thinking! We are losing our ability--or at least some of us are losing our ability to think, as if thinking is painful!

Folks this crisis is WAY WORSE than companies making us think their blueberry muffins are made with real blueberries. Vaccine damage is REAL and all we have to do is to do what Dr. Thomas did with that retired teacher: Ask the question! Did you see Autism in your classrooms in the 1960's? How hard is that to do?

I sure hope that the "sequel" to Dr. K's book, "Every Second Child" does not have to be written in just thirteen years, say 2030, when--if things keep up as they're currently going in the U.S.A., it'll be "every second child" (with Autism)!

To hear CDC spokespersons (like Dr. Anne Schuchat) say, there's no link between vaccines and Autism makes me just want to scream. So do articles like this present AoA post.


"Neuro-diversity" is nonsense autism is serious and those that talk about 'neuro-diversity' are most likely ADHD or OCD types that self diagnosed themselves with the more serious HFA Aspergers syndrome. They are not representative of most with HFA. Also a quick mini rant someone mentioned wheelchairs well guess what society has a fetish for wheelchairs to the detriment of other disabilities I mean look at all those ramps and lengthened walkways where are the braille inscriptions of the sign language interpreters compared to the handicap access whatever. I have HFA and hate it. I am Unemployed Unmarried and not in school or a day program as of yet.

Rebecca Lee

I can't stand it! Particularly the mom with all the kids. What astounding vanity!


"Autism is an ability not a is a superpower"

I believe that's the most naïve, ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
Instead of "Superman" we'll have shows called "Speechless Man", "Bully Fodder", and "Friendless Man".
I'll stop there since I know the deep pain a parent feels when they lose their child to vaccines. Mine included.

Paul Thomas

I had a grandma in my office yesterday with her daughter who was pregnant and interviewing me to be her pediatrician. Grandma had just retired from teaching. She started teaching in the 1960's. I love talking to teachers who were in the schools before the 1980's and I asked my usual question:
"How much autism did you see back in the 1960's and 1970's?"
"None" was the response.
"How much did you see last year?" She was teaching 4th grade in a local school in the Portland Oregon area.
Her response: "we had at least 5 in my class of 25 and one so severe they needeed a full time aide."
"So you just were missing all those kids back in the 1970's and 1980's?" I asked with a smile.
We both laughed at the complete absurdity of that thought.
AUTISM is a new MEDICAL DISASTER - and it is just the tip of the iceberg. These kids are our canary in the coal mine. Wake up. Pay attention. It does NOT need to be this way.

Grace Green

I can sort of see both sides of this. Some would say that's because severe autism and Aspergers are two different conditions. I don't believe they are, but rather very different degrees of the same condition. If someone is blind, deaf or uses a wheelchair they quite rightly expect society to make suitable provision for their disability. I think society should make provision for the needs of autistic people who are otherwise able to go out and about. But society must also recognize what the medical condition is, and what causes it. I think we have to stop calling it autism. A doctor in the field, I can't remember who, suggested "Toxic Encephalopathy" or for those who can't pronounce it I would suggest chemical brain injury. If we started calling it what it is, we will separate ourselves from the 'neurodiverse', but eventually we might be able to prove that they have this condition too.

A person with autism is expected to live in a world that was designed for ‘neurotypical’ people so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that, statistically, they are more prone to experiencing co-existing mental health issues.

Aarrgghh!!! Don't know whether to scream or puke when I hear that oft repeated line. Please explain what a world better designed for autistic people would look like?! Would it involve filling in pools, rivers, lakes, seas-- oceans!--around the world so autistic kids don't wander and drown?! How about padded walls everywhere so autistic people don't hurt themselves banging their heads?! Hey -- while we are at it -- how about some better biological engineering, to final get parents to live forever, so they will always be around to look after their autistic kids?!!

Hans Hitten

The Guardian Views Censoring The Internet As "Necessary"

Funny because I view the bankrupting & closure of the Guardian as mandatory !

Hans Hitten

Malaria Vaccine Can Cause Negative 'Rebound Effect,' Study Says (Try not to laugh)

In fact, for some areas with high rates of malaria, the vaccine actually had a negative effect, according to the paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine Wednesday.

"We don't know the extent of the problem. I think it raises a question that needs to be followed up on," Dr. Philip Bejon, Director of the Wellcome-KEMRI-Oxford Collaborative Research Programme and co-author of the study, told me on the phone from Kenya.

Early in the trial, the vaccine was fairly effective, with a 27 percent efficacy against a first episode of malaria after vaccination. But over time, the efficacy waned: By the end of seven years, the overall efficacy was 4.4 percent.

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