Hit and Run Vaccine Policy of the British Government Revealed: Damage Settlements Go from Hundreds to Zero in Four Decades.
Can You Cure Autism? Ask Dr. Kartzinel At The Autism Education Summit In Dallas.

Stat News Runs Incomplete Interview with Robert Kennedy Jr: Read Full Transcript

A-man-does-not-sin-by-commission-only-but-often-by-omission-quote-1By Anne Dachel

Below is a link to an interview by Helen Branswell of StatNews with Robert Kennedy, Jr. This interviewer was argumentative and out to discredit Kennedy. The narrow scope of the questions showed that. A legitimate journalist would have asked questions like this:

Is it true there is a claim from a CDC whistleblower that the government has destroyed research showing a link between vaccines and autism?

You allege that there are extensive conflicts of interests among our health officials that call their vaccine safety claims into question. Would you explain what you mean?

Why do you claim that the mercury in vaccines is dangerous when all the government's research shows it's safe?

Our friends at World Mercury Project told us today that Stat News failed to include important parts of the interview. WMP

This is the FULL and correct transcript

STAT News published the Q & A (a close version) on their site but without the last part that included Kennedy's comments about the Institute of Medicine (IOM) findings:


But then they wrote a second article that editorialized the conversation here:

Here are the World Mercury Project posts on FB and Twitter. Please SHARE!!



Link to WMP Tweet:


Read the interview, comment and judge for yourself. Was Ms. Branwell interviewing or impugning? A quick glance at who is Stat News rather tips their hand.  We wonder if Dan Olmsted would have known editor Rick Berke "back in the day?" In any case, they need some vaccine safety facts... STAT! Thank you to Mr. Kennedy for speaking with them. Couldn't have been pleasant.

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By Helen Branswell

In the early days of 2017, proponents of vaccination were deeply concerned. Donald Trump, who has long espoused a debunked link between vaccines and autism, was set to enter the White House. He met with environmental activist Robert Kennedy Jr., who has for years argued that vaccines can cause a range of developmental and other health conditions. Kennedy emerged to report he’d been asked to chair a commission into vaccine safety.

But seven months later, no such commission has been appointed and the crisis-mired White House has declined to say whether the plan has been shelved.

STAT contacted Kennedy to see where plans stood. He would only speak on condition that STAT publish the interview in a Q&A format. He argued that his assertions — which are disputed as a misreading of the scientific literature by many mainstream scientists — have been misquoted and misrepresented in the media.

Here is STAT’s conversation with Kennedy. It has been lightly edited, for length and readability. Read more here.

Read the full edited transcript from World Mercury Project here.


Kyles mom

The interviewer was like a mean girl on steroids. Thank you Bobby for tolerating these creepy people for the sake of our children


"Why do you claim that the mercury in vaccines is dangerous when all the government's research shows it's safe?"


So who actually did the research, which proves that it's safe to inject mercury into humans?

Where are the scientific papers, which document how scientists were able to establish that the amount of mercury in any vaccine, was below the toxic threshold for anyone, anywhere who might ever receive it?

I'm sure doctors must have copies of these papers. Because only an idiot would inject their patents with mercury, without having scoured through these papers first.

But how could the average citizen get copies of them?

Hans Hitten

Come on RFK , call me first before agreeing to anymore interviews with the cdc !! ffs


Helen Branswell is STAT’s infectious diseases and public health reporter. She comes from The Canadian Press, where she was the medical reporter for the past 15 years. Helen cut her infectious diseases teeth during Toronto's SARS outbreak in 2003 and spent the summer of 2004 embedded at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2010-11 she was a Nieman Global Health Fellow at Harvard, where she focused on polio eradication. Warning: Helen asks lots of questions.

(And lies a lot too it turns out . double blind placebo tested , don't make me laugh Hell_en)

Hans Hitten

Helen Branswell

Senior Writer (selective truth teller), Global Health

Helen Branswell covers issues broadly related to infectious diseases, including outbreaks, preparedness, research, and vaccine development. She also covers global health.



Hans Hitten

Helpful suggestion to Paul Offit :
Cant we get Paraquat included in the MMR vaccine in a trace amount to help speed along the global clearances ?


Paraquat, a pesticide so lethal that a single sip can be fatal, has caused thousands of accidental deaths and suicides globally, and was outlawed by EU states in 2007.

But Swiss pesticide manufacturer Syngenta is exporting thousands of tonnes of the substance to other parts of the world from an industrial plant in Huddersfield.

Campaigners have condemned the practice as an “astonishing double standard”, while a UN expert said it was deeply disquieting that the human rights implications of producing a substance for export that is not authorised in the EU were being ignored.

“The fact that the EU has decided to ban the pesticide for health and environmental reasons, but they still export it to countries with far weaker regulation and far weaker controls, is shocking to me,” said Baskut Tuncak, the UN special rapporteur on toxic wastes.

Syngenta is responsible for 95% of Europe’s exports of paraquat, which it sells under the brand name Gramoxone. The substance can be absorbed through the skin and has been linked with Parkinson’s disease.

Syngenta has exported 122,831 tonnes of paraquat from the UK since 2015, an average of 41,000 tonnes a year, according to export licensing data analysed by the Swiss NGO Public Eye and shared with the Guardian.


Very well done Mercury project and Mr Kennedy ,great article ,educating /informing the public to see and hear the full and the whole picture , rather than the usual "Smash and grab media headlines"

The Rabbit--Duck illusion 1892 " Seeing that " Versus " Seeing as"

Mr Kennedy effortlesly sticks to the main points eg Where are the vaccination Health and safety Risk assessments .

Can someone tell these pompos , sleekit ,and obnoxious media people that the public do not need your approval,your opinion ,your attitude ,or even your notice of us. However we do need you to step aside and get out of our way!.
No risk assessments or fully informed consent available then, No consent, No compromise, not now not ever.



In the original transcript, Ms Branswell got a right pounding.


In this interview with Dr Suzanne Humphries and Professor/Attourney/Journalist Lizz Gunn Dr Humphries makes the comment that the ethos now is to pit the mother of a vaccine injured child against an accomplished doctor.

I would love to see how Princess Kate and Imal Clooney fare regarding what is being injected into infants, with (said) Dr Humphries, and/or Dr Obuchyanich, or how about Dr Mikovitz, OR HOW ABOUT DR ANDREW WAKWFIELD?!


Grace Green

This interview is Biblical. Notice how three times this wifey tries to rubbish Mr. Kennedy's assertions, and three times he says, "No, you're wrong about that." A good phrase for us all to memorize! He's not a lawyer for nothing.

cherry Misra

It might seem that Ms Branwell hoped that she could keep Mr. Kennedy on the topic of Trump and his committee plans throughout the interview, so that she would not have to include any vaccine truths. But Kennedy did not let that happen. Notice, everyone : the long list of disorders , which Kennedy has given that may be attributed to vaccines. We ourselves make the error of staying fixated on autism.
medical pharma cartel is definitely very worried about Kennedy's effect on this issue. You cant interview him because his scientific points wipe you out and his personality and conviction are impressive.
thanks for this great article, Anne Dachel

Angus Files

The Pharma faithful cowards showing yellow as we know them all to be.Astonishing but not surprising the deliberate lies being pimped by the journo shill as the word of Kennedy - really!
I just hope Trump defeats the globalists who are turning about face, the policies he got elected on the latest one today Afghanistan.

Pharma for Prison


Jake Crosby

"Why do you claim that the mercury in vaccines is dangerous when all the government's research shows it's safe?" - That's not a question a legitimate journalist would have asked either, at least not worded that way.


I felt just as Linda1 did after reading both versions - unedited and edited. From the unedited version, it is quite obvious that author Helen’s entire focus was on the formation of a Vaccine Safety Commission, whether headed by RFL, Jr. or by anyone else. Helen was clearly asked by her superiors to conduct an interview with Mr. Kennedy, Esq. to squeeze him for information about that commission due to the blackout of all information from the White House on the idea of forming an actual Vaccine Safety Committee. This lack of information from the White House is apparently scaring and disturbing individuals with a vested interest in protecting and expanding the vaccine program in the US and everywhere else around the world. In this instance, perhaps silence truly is golden. We need to keep on praying, now more than ever before.


One in forty-five children diagnosed with autism every day. One third of all children living with a chronic illness. Someone tell the truth STAT!

Thank you so much WMP and AoA for doing so!!!

david m burd

RFK is quoted "B: So today, in the last three or four years, that [128 million] number [of Thimerosal loaded flu shots] has been reduced to 48 million. So today there are around 48 million Thimerosal containing doses, so about a third, were loaded with mercury."

Actually, RFK has bought into the CDC's own lies stating but 48 million flu vaccine doses still have full loading of Thimerosal. The American Flu Vaccine Industry most recent available data (for 2015-2016 flu season) show that over 80% of manufactured/distributed flu vaccine doses still have full loading of Thimerosal, and both the FDA and CDC also list fully loaded Thimerosal flu shots from 5.0ml MULTI-DOSE VIALS IS TO BE USED FOR BABIES 6 months and up.

I hope RFK's people will read this and send me any questions and for verification of what I have previously reported here last Fall of 2016 --- dburd2367@hotmail.com

John Stone


I don't know whether she was stressed out at the beginning. She seems pretty full of herself - perhaps she would never have embarked on it if she thought she would not be able to keep control of the conversation, but then she didn't, and no doubt she was flustered.

Here we have Ms Branswell pronouncing on what the science and the history of the issue is, and talking in a patronising way, while actively engaged in the suppression of knowledge but more fundamentally engaged in an exercise of social repression

Indeed John, but why does she need to do this. and take a patronising tone? Most would say that in advancing the scam they need to take slaps at 'antivaxxers'. And, while I agree this is true, I also feel something else is at play: It's also a desperate move to assuage their conscience knowing that the truth is not on their side. They're super stressed.

Loraine Fishel

A thousand million times Thank you Anne Dachel and World Mercury Project for trying to save the world as we wish it could be.

Mark Wax

Yes, Marcus Aurelius has said it all. Yes, America will meet the same fate. Think Rome,.... late Rome.
Disgusting and deplorable.

John Stone


Yes, the journalism is itself a key instrument of scientific bias, the diminishment or more usually worse of anyone who speaks up or poses questions. And every time what is actually going on is an act of intimidation against anybody else who has inconvenient experience or knowledge. Here we have Ms Branswell pronouncing on what the science and the history of the issue is, and talking in a patronising way, while actively engaged in the suppression of knowledge but more fundamentally engaged in an exercise of social repression. She is relatively courteous because she has Bobby Kennedy Jnr there but it is still an exercise in narcissism: indeed her status is bound up in it - she really thinks she knows it all.


thank you Anne Dachel and World Mercury Project for this information.

susan welch

I read the transcript of this interview yesterday on the World Mercury Project's website - and what a thoroughly entertaining read it was!

RFK came across as dignified and well informed. Ms Branwell as biased and, quite honestly, pathetic.

Tom Petrie

I'm so tired of interviews and "educational shows' comparing the "science" of vaccine safety and effectiveness against uneducated or uninformed parents. The reader may recall that recent and awful 54 minute PBS special on Frontine, entitledl "The Vaccine War." Their introduction to the show compares "the science of vaccines, as if it's all based on proven science" to opposing parents (obviously--so they want you to think--UNscientific, UNinformed parents).

The arrogance AND apparent ignorance of these folks knows no bounds!

This is the way bias works. If you're paying attention, it's the tone of voice, the questions they DO ask (argumentative) and the questions they DON'T ask (don't want to REALLY educate the audience).

We have to spread the truth everywhere we go; eventually, TRUTH, (like the truth about tobacco and various diseases), will prevail! We must keep speaking the truth, whether or not the powers that be want to hear it and even disparage those that speak it. And if speaking the truth, makes us "anti-vaxxers," so be it. All I want are SAFE vaccines with PROVEN safety and effectiveness, with no ingredients I wouldn't want to eat and with complete liability on those that promote and use them, NOT liability born by the parents whose children are injured by these products.

I could have greatly shorted this piece by saying to STAT: Haven't you read Anne Dachel's Book, "The Big AUTISM Cover-up?" If not, why not? Are you idiots afraid to learn something? I think we already know the answer to that question. Meanwhile, the victims? It's our children STAT!


Branwell not only edited Mr. Kennedy's words. She also heavily edited her own, to hide her ignorant viciousness. It's nice to have the unedited version to compare. A story in itself.

The best part is how she chopped up the Gardasil comment where Mr. Kennedy explained that it was tested against aluminum, a known neurotoxin. Since Mr. Kennedy has provided a print record of his "unintelligible" response, she should correct her article to include it now.


I mentioned prior the public/private dissonance going on with vaccine safety. Publicly, Government and public health officials scream that 'vaccines are safe and effective', and they're definitely not linked to autism, but privately they ''know'. Privately, they know that where vaccines are concerned, we have a serious mess on our hands, marked by epidemic numbers of sick children that are just not going away.

I know many here will be disappointed that Kennedy is suggesting that the commission might not be a go, but read between the lines folks! We have the FDA and NIH meeting with Kennedy and his Mercury Project organisation, that they all deride as a crazy antivaxx group. And to boot, we have the head of the FDA, Gottlieb, taking to twitter to vociferously deny the meeting, when the FDA's own public records confirm it.

In all, I really don't think we 'antivaxxer' appreciate how much they're crapping their pants, as they desperately search for a way 'out'. Commission or no Commission, the ground is stirring on the vaccination.house of cards

bob moffit

It seems odd to me that Ms Branwell seems to accept RFK's .. science driven .. life-long environmental commitment .. to reduce environmental toxic exposures .. but .. when she questions RFK about his "commitment to investigate vaccine safety" .. she not only questions the NEED for a Presidential Commission to investigate vaccine safety and efficiency ... but .. even more troubling she suddenly questions RFK's scientific qualifications as well?

I guess it's okay for RFK to challenge toxic dangers we breathe, eat, touch, etc .. but .. not okay for RFK to challenge the SAME toxic dangers being INJECTED INTO CHILDREN?

Odd .. especially since RFK's well-justified concerns regarding federally "approved and regulated" childhood vaccines containing well-known toxic ingredients .. such as .. aluminum and mercury .. to name just two of many others .. are being INJECTED directly into infants and children at the most critical time of their still developing immune systems?

Beam me up Scotty .....

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