The British Establishment In Ethical Collapse Over Vaccine Damage
Autism Community Mourns Passing of Mercury Treatment Consultant Andy Cutler

Special Education As a Result of Vaccine Inury

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Below, Anne Dachel interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield on the inevitable and growing fallout of vaccine injury... children who need special education. And who will become adults who need far more than what is available in an average career.

By Anne Dachel

More from my talk with Dr. Wakefield

Andy, do you see this expansion of special education as directly related to the ever-increasing vaccine schedule? >

“…Given our experience of the last 25 years of development disorders of a much broader range, until proven otherwise, absolutely. …I believe that not only from a practical standpoint: what can we do about it, how can we investigate it, rule in or rule out that vaccines are causing this, but also based on my sincere belief, based upon my experience with autism, that vaccines can most certainly can do this kind of damage to a developing brain leading to the massive problem that we have now.”

How long can we sustain our current levels of prosperity and growth with more and more of our children disabled?   (Wakefield 3)

Andy explained that providing more money and services for disabled students doesn’t address the root cause of the problem. He mentioned that he observed at this son’s graduation from the University of Colorado in Boulder because the valedictorians were all three, girls.

“That did not reflect the number of students coming in, the ratio of boys to girls coming into the college. What you see in education is that there is a sex-specific effect: boys are failing at much higher rates than girls. …When you see that sex bias, this is organic, a problem, a medical problem. This has its roots, not in the educational system, which would produce pervasive failure across the board. But this is a biological phenomenon, and it’s because boys, I believe, are more susceptible to neurological injury from vaccines and other environmental toxins in their early years than girls. Girls are not failing to anything like the degree [boys are].

“So it’s not a problem with the educational system per se. It’s a problem with the raw materials the educational system [is] dealing with. That’s the students. So our emphasis has been entirely in the wrong place.

“Stop overhauling education and look for the root cause of why boys should be failing at a much greater rate and at [much greater numbers], compared with girls.

“How long can this be sustained? It’s not being sustained, and as you know, if you look at schools now, you have this immediate effect. So the children who are damaged…and they are requiring special educational input, which is hugely expensive. …

“But not only that, they are taking—or that system, that special educational system, is taking funding away from honors programs, sports programs and other things because there’s only so much money to go around, so the excellence in schools is being reduced. Also the other students in the classrooms are being compromised by having to be in a class with disruptive children.

“So the effects go way beyond the immediate injury to children affected by special education needs—way beyond. …”

Andy continued, “They know there is a problem, there is a pervasive problem with the developing brains of children throughout the developed world. And the burden falls largely upon the educational system. And it may well be that the educational system turns round and says, ‘Enough is enough. There is something happening to these children that needs to be sorted out. And until proven otherwise, it is the childhood vaccination program.’...”

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Birgit Calhoun

David Weiner! I am actually also not preoccupied with anyone becoming a soldier. I merely presume that Dr. Wakefield probably uses the military example as iconic for the loss of manpower. To me it is much more important to have a functioning society. I wouldn't be too hard on Andrew Wakefield for that. It is much more important to have a healthy society. One autistic person diminishes not just one life but also the lives in that family. There is never anything enriching about autism or damage from any toxic influence, whether it is vaccines or food additives or mercury from other sources. We need honesty in what kinds of substances are given or inflicted on people in the misunderstood name of "Wellness". Education is the answer. Teaching people how to maximize ability in all forms of education is essential to keep all our society well.

Carolyn M

@David Weiner

The founders expected every adult male citizen of this country (who was of sound mind and body) to be a member of the militia - to own and properly maintain a working firearm, and to be proficient in its use. They expected the militia to defend this country when it became necessary.

Unfortunately, the world has become a much more dangerous place since the time of the founding fathers, so a "standing army" has become necessary.

I am detecting a distinctly anti-military tone to your recent comments. The rest of this comment will address that.

The vast majority of members of the U. S. military serve this country honorably - whether currently serving, retired, or those who have sacrificed their lives in service to this country.

The U. S. military is a volunteer force, which is willing to defend this country when necessary. Military service members do not have a burning desire to wage war - nor is there a desire to conquer other countries. At the Normandy American Cemetery there is a quote: "If ever proof were needed that we fought for a cause and not for conquest, it could be found in these cemeteries. Here was our only conquest: All we asked...was enough...soil in which to bury our gallant dead." It is attributed to General Mark W. Clark, Chairman American Battle Monuments Commission, 1969 - 1984. This is still the view of those who serve in the military.

Please also note that the rate of autism for children of military service members is very high. Comments which are a generalized attack on the U. S. military are insulting to those who are serving or have served, and may very well alienate people who either already agree with the opinions of commenters here regarding vaccines, or who might be persuaded to do so. Alienating potential allies is not a wise course of action.

David Weiner

I have to chuckle when I hear Wakefield fret about having "no standing army".

If you know anything about the founding fathers of the U.S., you know that they disagreed on many things, but one thing that they all agreed upon is that a standing army was a dire threat to liberty.

It is too bad that few people recognize this nowadays.


@go Trump

Excellent comment!

Jeannette Bishop

Re referencing "no standing army," in a country that has spent several times more on "defense" than all other "developed" nations combined (or something like that), post 9/11 with just about all our rights being surrendered so some of us might feel safe (including the right to say no to some vaccine in the future), I think it's a pretty genius and to-the-point point to motivate some who largely accept all that's being done by controlling authoritarians to rethink (if not think about for the first time) the value (or take some note of the costs at least) unchecked, society destroying vaccine program.

David Weiner

Birgit, I agree that there are many good reasons that we need healthy young men (and women, for that matter).

It's just that the reasons that Wakefield always gives just seem tone deaf to me.

I don't know about you, but I don't lay awake in bed worrying about whether there will come a a point in time when there won't be enough healthy adult males to invade other countries or brutalize people here on the streets.

Birgit Calhoun

David Weiner! The military is only an example why it would be disconcerting to have fewer able-bodied boys becoming men. There are other reasons why it might be worthwhile keeping our male population healthy. Maybe the reason why healthy men are needed is so that they have healthy children. And how about employed men. There are more disabled men when more men are autistic. It's a serious problem not just for the military. We could go on forever, and we would find that eventually very few healthy men make it to adulthood. If you are a woman, you might think that for breeding purposes you need only very few men. Evolution has shown that it's better to have a 50/50 ratio of men and women. Western society is not into polygamy.

Dr. Gaunt! Trump is going to let you wait for a long time before he gets around to something that serves someone other than himself. The Russian problem occupies him more than autistic children.

Birgit Calhoun

I wished the Wakefield videos were not so off and on mediocre quality. It's difficult to listen to that. I appreciate what he says, however. He hits the nail on the head. The powers-that-be need to acknowledge that there is a problem that didn't exist before the government started injecting too many vaccines into one child at too early a time for the child to fend off the toxins.

go Trump

The hockey stick graph of the Autism epidemic also matches special needs spending in the United States. Those in power have done nearly two trillion dollars in damage to over a million children.

Every day one thousand children start on ADHD meds caused by excessive vaccines... 160 new Autism cases each and every day. . . same cause of course.

The RUSSIANS are not the problem for the United States, it collapsed a few decades ago and has been rebuilt rather well. Part of the collapse was caused by a well connected series of FAX machines in the late 80’s that showed how badly ... their NEWS media ... was LYING to the Russian people.

This is where we are at today.

Once again, the war billionaires want to get something going somewhere to divert our attention from the real problems. Most of the world and most of the US does not need more high tech anything, they need peace, better food and perhaps a bit of medicine that is not designed to harm them and profit the mainstream drug lords.

WAR is when the government tells you who your enemy is,,,, REVOLUTION is when you figure it out for yourself.


Re the parental rights amendment. The key for me on that legislation will be in the all inclusive definition of "care" in Section 1. Care--the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.

Grace Green

David Weiner, interesting point. I can't speak for Dr. Wakefield, but I think most people in society would find that idea concerning, and maybe that's why he raises it. For myself, I'm a pacifist and therefore think it would be no great loss to do without the military. Indeed, our police force in the UK is so corrupt from the top downwards that I expect an ever increasing number of people think we'd be better off without them. Many autistic people think the world would be a better place run by them. Maybe soon we'll have to give them a go!


We should support this legislature of sen. L. Graham and urge our representatives to support it.

However, I have a legal question. The parents of vaccine damaged children can't sue manufacturers for vaccine damage, but can they have a class action lawsuit against CDC and corrupt US congress for massive poisoning of American children with toxic vaccines, which they enforced using pharma money? CDC and Congress are also responsible for vaccine induced US demise and this should be treated as high treason..

David Weiner

I very much admire Dr. Wakefield, but I have never understood his comments about the risk of not being able to field armed forces.

It is abundantly clear, at least in the U.S., that the greatest threats are our domestic enemies, primarily in D.C. and the state capitols.

Able-bodied (and minded) armed forces have not been able to protect us against such enemies. Could it really get any worse?


The corrupt US regimes and congress which introduced mandatory, poisonous vaccinations and gave immunity to criminal vaccine manufacturers are directly responsible for massive biological destruction of Americans and demise of US as a developed country. I believe this is irreversible damage.

David Weiner

"And it may well be that the educational system turns round and says, ‘Enough is enough. There is something happening to these children that needs to be sorted out. And until proven otherwise, it is the childhood vaccination program."

Well, I would love to see this happen, yet I consider this scenario highly unlikely. Why? Because most of the educational system is part of the same government that is endorsing, promoting, and mandating vaccines. They know better than to bite the hand that feeds them.

Even private schools may not feel that they have the latitude to do so, being under the "regulatory" boot of that same government.


Here's one study. There are many:
"The influence of direct mobile phone radiation on sperm quality"

Sally Rubin

Hi Anne,
Is it possible for someone to transcribe these. There are places on YouTube where it cuts out. (Deliberate?)
Sally Rubin


Electromagnetic radiation, what is emitted by cell phones and wi-fi, damages and kills sperm. Media reports are omitting that little truth bomb in order to preserve big telecom's profits. The reason for more damage in our country could be because our FCC standards for exposure are literally hundreds of times less protective than in most other countries, including China.

Re the educational system's role in damaging children. I do think that boys, being boys, have a much harder time sitting through long days of tightly programmed highly supervised and restrictive scheduling, that for many includes very early and very late before and after school programs. I think boys more than girls need to be active and free. Girls of course need to be free and active too, but I believe they are more resilient. Boys are more strongly driven to move and test their environment. Doesn't work so well when chained to a desk.


To correct Mr. Bob Moffit, Brazil is a South American country but more industrialized than it's neighbors along with Argentina. So there has to be something there that would cause a sperm concentration decline like diet or air pollution. Brazil (with it's cities of millions of people and towering sky-scrappers /factories) also has way more autism and other problems than Bolivia or Paraguay which are rural mostly native American countries with little pollution and good diets unlike mostly white Brazil and Argentina. Going back to What Dr Wakefield said this Autism epidemic will cost the west dearly. It will compromise the national security with fewer soldiers and federal police because a person with autism cannot be drafted and protect us from enemies foreign and domestic. It will cost the economy to care for those with autism ans the fact very few will be able to work. We most invest in employment and healthcare and affordable housing of those with Developmental disabilities not just autism. So much money is wasted on genetic research even though it is obvious most DD are environmental.

Dr. William H. Gaunt

President Trump is the wild card. There is evidence that he understands that vaccines are causing great harm. Will he take action? When? How?

bob moffit

Dr Wakefield:

"What you see in education is that there is a sex-specific effect: boys are failing at much higher rates than girls. …When you see that sex bias, this is organic, a problem, a medical problem."

We can observe the very same "sex-specific effect" .. sperm counts falling among men .. from CNN "special report":

"Based on their analysis, the international team of researchers from Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Spain and the United States reported a decline in sperm concentration of 1.4% per year with an overall drop of 52.4% during the entire study period for men living in industrialized, Western countries. Meanwhile, total sperm count among the same group plunged 1.6% per year and 59.3% overall. By comparison, the researchers found no significant declines in the sperm counts and sperm concentrations of men living in South America, Asia and Africa. "

As for Dr Wakefield's observation that providing more money and services for disabled students doesn’t address the root cause of the problem .. it is worth the effort to once again review the "Town of Allopath" misidentifies the "root cause of problem":

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