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Not Published In The British Medical Journal: 'Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics'

British-Medical-Journal_0By Jackie Fletcher
In the controversy over compulsory vaccination this letter by Jackie Fletcher, director of JABS, remains unpublished. Given the British mainstream media's craven failure to report any of the issues over the vaccine lobby's moves to make vaccination compulsory in the UK, the BMJ must be given some credit for allowing comments in their Rapid Responses, but they do not allow all. In 2010 her son Robert's vaccine injury was finally acknowledged, after a  legal appeal. It should be noted further in response to the outrageous, conscienceless lies of the Italian Health Minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, that according to official sources - and irrespective of any alleged influence of Andrew Wakefield - only three people have died in the United Kingdom from contracting measles since 1992 (out of about 13m deaths all told). Even the official record admits that the main cause for the last of these deaths was medical negligence.
Lies, damned lies, and statistics
Further to Dr Anand's earlier post about accurate information I would like to add that Public Health (PH) spokespersons, even after almost 28 years of the MMR controversy, still refer to MMR vaccines as 'perfectly safe'.

Press statements have included: "...[MMR] is perfectly safe and perfectly effective." "That may mean that some young children will have three MMR jabs...That is not a problem. It is perfectly safe and perfectly effective." and one of the strongest claims: "There's no adverse effect to this extra jab [3rd MMR]..." Even yesterday in the Guardian an expert '..stressed that parents should not be concerned about side-effects of vaccination. "The scientific evidence is very clear, abundantly clear, that these [MMR] vaccines are safe - there is no relationship with autism," he said.'

From a doctor's or nurse's point of view giving the vaccine is perfectly safe. It is extremely difficult for any parent to hold the vaccinator, the practice, the health department or the manufacturer to account if the child is seriously harmed or dies. 

From a parent's point of view perfectly safe means that little Robert isn't going to have his brain scrambled and stay forever as an infant.

Let me make this clear: vaccines are NOT perfectly safe. The manufacturers know this and so does the Government. The former lists the adverse events both minor and severe in their product information supplied with the vaccines. The latter administers the DWP Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme following an Act passed through parliament which has paid out over £74.1 million so far. Some of these payments have been made to MMR vaccine-damaged children, some of whom have died from their injuries. There is no mention of any of this when PH officials give interviews or when a parent is called to have their child vaccinated. How can parents make an informed consent?

And what of measles and statistics? During a measles outbreak in Wales in 2013 PH officers were interviewed and provided the initial diagnosed numbers of measles cases. However, when the actual numbers of laboratory confirmed cases came through, these much lower numbers were never adjusted and publicised in subsequent press reports.(1)

In Italy were it has just been announced that 10 vaccinations are to become compulsory we find that their Minister of Health has given interviews in 2013 in which she has stated over 260 children died in London because of measles. This claim was repeated a year later where she stated that the number of children who had died in London was 200.(2) 

I repeat how can parents make an informed consent when these kind of statistics are used to pressure, scare and coerce especially when this bad information is coming from public officials who are supposed to be acting in the public's interest.






So from a screenshot in the video (2) of the official measles notifications and confirmed cases for England, there were 8482 measles notifications in 2013 and of the 5422 notified cases, 961 tested positive for measles infection. Meaning that approximately 83% of clinically diagnosed measles cases turned out to be something else, and of the 17% who tested positive for measles infection, 1 immune-compromised person died.

And yet the Minister of Health for Italy can get on TV and state that 200-260 children died from measles in London that year, and people believe what she says because in her position she should know. If she thinks she is speaking the truth, then she must trust the word of her medical advisors who have deliberately misinformed her and who know for a fact that she's lying to the public. She's a puppet.

She also stated in the following video that "pertussis is a bacteria that walks and hops" which demonstrates how ignorant she really is.

L'imbarazzante performance della Lorenzin a Piazza Pulita

"how can parents make an informed consent when these kind of statistics are used to pressure, scare and coerce especially when this bad information is coming from public officials who are supposed to be acting in the public's interest."

They can't, and that's the way they like it. When ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise or when the public's ignorance is bliss, it is folly for officials to inform them of the truth.

It doesn't surprise me that the BMJ didn't publish your letter because not only would the appearance of the mother of a vaccine-injured son "compensated" by the government be proof that vaccines are not "perfectly safe", but someone would have to admit your facts are right and that lies are being told, and, publicly, they wouldn't be allowed to say so. Far better for them to gag the truth-tellers than have the truth come out and public health ministers and officials, and doctors lose all credibility. But I believe in time they will. With mandatory vaccination on the horizon for everyone, more and more people have joined in this fight and they won't be able to keep the lid on the truth for much longer.

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." - Abraham Lincoln


It's not about whether or not the greater good should be maintained, it's about who TRULY represents it.

Angus  Files

I met a lady in the swimming pool where I was with my vaccine damage son also.As you do sometimes you get talking and she was one of us no explaining needed.Like me and my family my sisters and brothers were of concern as the doctor was giving her sister guarantees' that the MMR and other vaccines' aretotaly safe.

Doctors just have to keep the uptake up to keep their cowardly jobs.

Pharma for Prison


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