The Really Big Lies About Autism
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More Denial: Some Autism Parents Are Just ASDholes

WeepBelow is a horrible story of a mother charged with murdering her teen daughter with "high functioning autism."The girl's name was Savannah Leckie.

According to the article, it sounds like the girl was more than a handful - and don't we know what that's like? Autism is rarely what we see on sitcoms and news clips of snapshot moments of success. Life is a continuum of struggle, love, frustration, love, hard work, love, sleepless nights, love, staying home, love, limited social life, love, stalled dreams, love. Now, take out the love and what do you have? A recipe for murder. 

This poor young woman didn't stand a chance. According to the AP story, she was put up for adoption as a baby. Her adoptive mother "gave her back" to her birth mother because her fiance did not get along with the girl. (Please review long love filled sentence above.) Her birth mother treated the girl like a war hostage, with cruelty and punishment.

Growing up doesn't mean growing out of autism. I hate to tell you, but our work gets more difficult as school ends, services Denialdiminish, budgets are slashed. The result will be more of this literal insanity - parents killing their children with autism and sometimes comitting suicide afterward.  Denial of the epidemic means trauma and tragedy.

Learn more about the squashing of the truth about the epidemic in DENIAL by our own Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill, available now.

May God rest Savannah's soul. KR

Missouri woman charged with killing autistic daughter [Associated Press]

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- A Missouri woman was charged Tuesday with killing the autistic teenage daughter she gave up for adoption as a baby, weeks after the girl's remains were found in a burn pit on her remote property and months after the girl moved back from Minnesota, where she was raised.

Rebecca Ruud, 39, is charged with first-degree murder, abuse of a child resulting in death and second-degree felony murder in the killing of her 16-year-old biological daughter, Savannah Leckie. She is also charged with tampering with physical evidence and abandoning a corpse, said Ozark County Prosecutor John Garrabrant. He declined to say whether anyone else would be charged, but Sheriff Darrin Reed said the investigation is ongoing and more charges are expected.

Ruud is being held in the Ozark County jail. A cellphone number listed as hers wasn't working, and the public defender's office didn't immediately reply to a phone message seeking comment.


Jeannette Bishop

"He declined to say whether anyone else would be charged, but Sheriff Darrin Reed said the investigation is ongoing and more charges are expected."

In the past, wouldn't the type of the details reported here (with all of whatever integrity can be assigned to this news agency--I have no idea with the media anymore) have been kept out of the public arena at least until after a trial to prevent a mistrial? When it feels like someone is being convicted in the media, I get suspicious that someone or others just as guilty or much more guilty are getting off.

Michael Potvin

The refunder attitude is an entitlement attitude.

"I didn't get what I wanted. Get rid of her," is this monster's attitude. No one guarantees you a normally developing child. This entitled woman is asking for the death penalty by the heinous crime she committed.

I'm against the death penalty due to innocent people being put to death from convictions on little evidence or coerced testimony. Then you read about gruesome crimes such as this one. Do certain people want to get executed? Look at their crimes! They're asking for it. In a woman's prison or jail, they'd kill her if she's in the general population. No different than a men's prison.

Autistic children and adults are extremely vulnerable to neglect and abuse. Neurological disorders are rarely grown out of. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are the exceptional exception to the rule.


Interesting that most of the news outlets reporting this don't mention the autism.

Dorie Southern

This story leaves one with a lot more questions than answers.


About the adoptive mother in Minnesota:
"Leckie-Montague adopted Rudd's daughter Savannah at birth. She also legally adopted another daughter from Rudd. 
"She later got divorced and is newly-engaged to Cary Steeves. The couple has a blended family and lives in Columbia Heights. 
"The family says Savannah has autism and was not able to get the attention or help she needed at home. 
"'We sat down as a family to discuss the best options to figure out what was best for her,' she said."

Hopefully Savannah's sibling will not be similarly discarded.


Death penalty for disabled killers this is a hate crime I do not care if the mother was 'over whelmed" or "lack resources and help". Isn't it funny that a white women can kill her kids disabled or not and cry "mental Illness" which is what I imagine in this case will be brough up in court but a black man commits a less serious crime like assault and robbery and they give him life.



bob moffit

Don't know which is worse .. the absolute sadness I have for Savannah Leckie .. a child who lived an extremely hard, difficult life, a life without LOVE, a life no child should have had to endure ... or ... the raging anger I have for those responsible for her life-long suffering.

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