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The British Establishment In Ethical Collapse Over Vaccine Damage

More Autism Parents "Waiting for a Miracle"

DenialBy Teresa Conrick

As the Autism Epidemic keeps on rolling, we hear from too many deniers how GREAT it is, and that having a diagnosis of ASD is just a different way of life.  I disagree.  I have a young, adult daughter who has been ill since her regression into Autism.  Lab reports show an immune system that is extremely dysfunctional, with GAD antibodies, positive antinuclear antibodies, and an IgG, the immunoglobulins that fight infections, at 402, when the normal range is 694-1618.  Far too many children and young adults are in physical and emotional pain.  Megan is one of them and they deserve proper medical investigations and treatments.  Many cannot speak or if they do, they have language but are not conversational.  They don´t know danger.  They have a gut microbiome and immune system that have been shown over and over, to be the epicenter of OCD, tics/stimming, perseveration, sensory issues, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, aggression, and self-injurious behavior. They have a leaky gut AND a blood brain barrier that is compromised.  This sentence may sum that up best:

...non-self antigens crossing a damaged intestinal barrier elicit a local and/or systemic inflammatory reaction that, associated with a breach of the BBB [blood brain barrier], may lead to ASD in genetically predisposed subjects....In conclusion, our results seem to point to a dysfunctional gut–brain axis associated with neuroinflammation in ASD. 

What´s an antigen -- a toxin or other foreign substance that induces an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies.

What's a non-self antigen?  - A vaccine works by training the immune system to recognize and combat pathogens, either viruses or bacteria. To do this, certain molecules from the pathogen must be introduced into the body to trigger an immune response.

These molecules are called antigens, and they are present on all viruses and bacteria. By injecting these antigens into the body, the immune system can safely learn to recognize them as hostile invaders, produce antibodies, and remember them for the future. 

I am sure there are other examples of ¨foreign substances that induce an immune response¨, and keep in mind that many parents report that Autism resulted either after an acute vaccine response or a regression in health and skills for weeks and months after the vaccination.  

The families suffer as well.  This article speaks to that (excerpts):

Seahawks legend Curt Warner shares family’s struggles raising twins with autism 

Seahawks legendary running back Curt Warner says he disappeared from the spotlight for two decades because his family was in crisis.

Warner battled back from a career-threatening knee injury during his career with the Seahawks in the 1980s, but says that pain could not prepare him for raising twin boys with autism....Two of Warner's four children, twins Austin and Christian, now 23-years-old, are on the lower-functioning end of the autism spectrum disorder. It's something the Seahawks great kept secret from friends for 20 years....He continues, “I can talk about it now. Whereas beforehand, I probably couldn’t talk about it. Without choking up. Literally choking up because nobody wants to see your children suffer.”

...But they were parents who would be pushed beyond anything they could imagine when the twins became teenagers. Unable to communicate and frustrated by it, Austin and Christian would kick holes in the walls, bite themselves bloody and bang their heads against the floor. But the Warners say, they hit rock bottom in February 2008....Austin had found a lighter. Their house burned. All of Curt’s keepsakes and awards from a remarkable football career and all of the families belongings were lost in the fire.

...The Warners' oldest son, Jonathan, now 24, remembers it too well.

“That was a breaking point and I’m like, ok, I’m done. I’m done with all of this. I don’t want to be in this family anymore,” Jonathan recalls.

He says at that time his brothers’ behavior made him feel isolated....

...Curt adds, “I love my wife and I love my family. I got to help and assist in any way I can.”

Curt and Ana Warner hope greater awareness and stepped up research will lead to a medical breakthrough for autism, giving Austin and Christian a better chance at a more typical life.

They have written a book about their experiences, titled, “Waiting for a Miracle”. They’re now looking for a publisher.


Across the pond, another family is just beginning this path.  They too have twins and while many may say, ¨See all of these twins, so Autism must be genetic¨, remember that quote from the research above -- non-self antigens crossing a damaged intestinal barrier elicit a local and/or systemic inflammatory reaction that, associated with a breach of the BBB, may lead to ASD in genetically predisposed subjects.

Chrissy McGuinness won’t let her husband Paddy or twins see her cry after their autism diagnosis 

Chrissy McGuinness and husband Paddy have revealed how they’ll stay strong after receiving the devastating news that their twins are autistic.

Speaking to The Mirror, the 29-year-old said that despite the tragic situation, she will never let her husband or her children see her cry.

The model is attempting to remain strong for her family’s sake in the wake of the news about twins Penelope and Leo.

Doctors only recently discovered the four-year-olds have autism, and McGuinness was initially vocal about her anger over the news.

She continued: ‘You always want to avoid the meltdowns. My mum helps most weekends but the biggest help has been through the nursery and the special education needs team.’

Despite her tough stance, Christine admits that she finds family life difficult, saying her and husband Paddy ‘will manage and be able to cope’ better when the twins start school.

The couple also have another daughter, ten-month-old Felicity.

Despite her brave outlook, Christine has said that counselling has been on the cards in order for the couple to move forward.

She said: ‘We have spoken about having counselling, it is a huge loss when your children are diagnosed with autism. You fear for their future.’

She continued: ‘All those things you have planned, family holidays, just sitting in a cafe, parties, Christmas.

It is a devastating diagnosis and then a more recent article about this family included this:

'WE'LL GET HER THE HELP SHE NEEDS' Paddy McGuinness’ wife Christine fears 10-month baby daughter might have autism too as she is showing symptoms similar to the twins

Christine, 29, opened up about their twins Penelope and Leo’s condition in a touching Instagram post on their fourth birthday.

The couple are also parents to Felicity, who was born last year, and the model has admitted she fears the little girl may also have autism....revealed one of the signs that led to her twins being diagnosed was that they both walk on their tip toes, and Christine reveals Felicity does the same.

During an appearance on This Morning today, she said: “I am looking for little things.

“If she does have autism, we’ll get her the help she needs....In an honest interview, Paddy 43, and Christine 29, recently opened up about their daily heartbreak seeing their children struggle.

Speaking to the Mirror, Paddy said: “Some days, it feels like you’re slowly drowning. It’s like you’re under water desperately swimming up to get oxygen, but never getting there.

My heart goes out to the McGuinness´ and I hope that they have an excellent doctor who is aware that their children need medical help.  The most current research keeps showing that the immune system is connected to the gut microbiome and thus -- the brain.  

What I want to tell anyone who has a newly diagnosed child, or children who exhibit any symptoms that hinder their ability to enjoy life, is to know there is help, medical connections, to their child´s Autism.

The other thing I want to tell those parents is to know you are not alone.  We are living in an era of increasing Autism and do not let anyone bully you or try to deny that truth.  The history of Autism is, SINCE 1938.  Knowing the true facts is imperative to help so many affected by this devastating disorder. .



Recently watched HBO's VICE "Autism through the lens" episode.
Yep, yep, no known's all genetic
But wait, Mr Robinson......that means there's also (wait for it)
No known cure......
What say you,
Bully Pulpit

I so wish the American government would stop discriminating against the genetically vulnerable.


In the vein of, "It's the economy stupid":
IT'S the EPIGENETICS stupid!

Thank you so much Ms Conrick for all the brilliance you disseminate! In today's world we have the scientific awareness to understand how some children will be genetically susceptible to vaccine injury, however we are not allowed to live by that scientific awareness because acknowledging the injury will hurt Merck's bottom line. That is not only unenlightened, IT IS CRIMINAL!!!

Kyles mom

Read the book ghostboy for a story of what it might be like for some of our children. The author Martin pestorius escaped the trap of not being abl to communicate after 6 years of consciousness when no one knew he was.

David Weiner

So glad for this website. A living testament to the reality of our times and a standing reproach to the corruption all around us.

Is bovine colostrum being used to help kids with leaky gut? I have read very good things about it.

Tracey RN

Great article ... but so frustrating ... I work in Health Care and face pediatricians daily and voice my concern to co- workers all the time. The other day a co- worker says " Hey Tracey you will like this story since you are against vaccines. I was accepted into a masters nursing program and had titers drawn for the HepB, I've had the series twice not IMMUNE! and then I received the chicken pox vaccine and got chicken pox"!!! My reply to her. " See I told you they don't work now quit inoculating your baby "! They just look at me with a blank stare...

Mark Wax

This article is spot on. This truth is immutable. The vaccine industry ( makers and the governments that are complicit) has committed crimes. Sadly, there is also the tacit approval of most people who have bought into a "greater good" characterization of vaccination benefits. These same dynamics literally brought the Nazi regime to power 80 years ago. Volumes have been written to support this.
Our family was permanently altered by the crime delivered upon our son. He is mentally incompetent and will never live independently. My immediate has always been to care for him first and then seek revenge upon those who did this to him. This is impractical, even though morally justified. Nevertheless, I suspect that we will one day read of a person or persons getting revenge upon a select few who can be seen as directly tied to these crimes. The rule of law is only as good as the ideals of those who craft it. Never forget, this is not the first time in history that supposed legality has been to protect the criminals. The dustbin is full of those people. We need another clean sweep.


Teresa-thank you for writing this article about how we truly are living in an era of increasing autism. Hearing about famous people living through the same extremely difficult life with autism makes us realize that this dreaded diagnosis could happen to anyone and with absolutely no warning. Why is this happening to so many of our young generation and when are the researchers going to find a CURE for the suffering so many of us are going through with this terrible diagnosis of Autism. I pray every day for God to give me the strength to keep going and for my family and for my son to be cured. God will hear our prayers, but it's hard to wait as one suffers so greatly.

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