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Merck CEO Resigns: Citing Conscience

Ken FrazierApril Fools! Well, not really. It's August 15th, 2017.  After the violence in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend, Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier resigned from President Trump's Manufacturing Council:

Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier is leaving President Trump's American Manufacturing Council, saying, "I feel a responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism."

The resignation came after Trump was criticized for his response to the violence at white supremacist events in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend. The president, famous for his ability to be direct and forceful, was faulted for condemning violence "on many sides."

Ken found his conscience?  I think a Ken doll has more cojones than Ken Frazier. 

Dan Olmsted always referred to AofA as "agnostic." Our discussions of autism and vaccine injury have praised and damned Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals alike. The epidemic sees no party when it strikes a family.  What happened in Virginia goes well past politics into chaos. That said, the resignation of the CEO of the very company that makes the very vaccines that have made our kids so very sick on the grounds of "conscience" from the President's Manufacturing Council is head turning.    I can only speak for myself, and I can tell you I do not condone the violence and extremism that happened in Virginia. The mantra of white supremacy and the violence are repugnant to me.  

But I fear that the the not-so-veiled undertones of vaccination status supremacy now freely discussed in America are Pan Commentapproaching a similar progression.  Crazy, you think? Not so much. We say, "Ignore your rights, and they will go away." We're seeing that. Doctors who condone calling Child Protective Services on parents who do not fully vaccinate. Laws to keep healthy American kids out of school based on vaccination status. Even a threats of violence toward families who make medical choices that go against the 100% vaccination compliant mantra.

Merck makes a fortune from vaccinations. The former head of the CDC became Merck's President of the Vaccine Division after leaving her post in Atlanta. Dr. William Thompson, a CDC scientist, blew the whistle on how the autism MMR link was watered down in study machinations - putting African American male toddlers are particular risk of autism.

How about this for intolerance? Merck's $250M equal-pay lawsuit gains heft as 400 more women claim discrimination

And who could forget the planet's BIGGEST fines for illegal marketing of Vioxx and THEN for the deaths and injuries?  Merck Vioxx killed and injured hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Merck made a hit list of doctors who had to be "neutralized" or discredited because they criticized the anti-arthritis drug the pharmaceutical giant produced.

Eve SwitzerStaff at US company Merck &Co emailed each other about the list of doctors - mainly researchers and academics - who had been negative about the drug Vioxx or Merck and a recommended course of action.

The email, which came out in the Federal Court in Melbourne yesterday as part of a class action against the drug company, included the words "neutralise", "neutralised" or "discredit" against some of the doctors' names.

It is also alleged the company used intimidation tactics against critical researchers, including dropping hints it would stop funding to institutions and claims it interfered with academic appointments.

"We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live," a Merck employee wrote, according to an email excerpt read to the court by Julian Burnside QC, acting for the plaintiff.




David Weiner

John, Gary, and others: I appreciate all of the insights shared here.

John Stone


But we can and will change history.


John, thanks for you comments, agree with what you say ,special interests politics/policies causing atrocities and avoidable harm. As with other types of "Behaviour out of control" it gets tackled ,one small chunk at a time ! History can not be changed. MMR injury and mother Donalda's Vioxx wounding is in the past but future injury prevention for other people is certain through public coaching and mentoring . John Please read The impact of the papilloma virus in Scotland --A changing landscape at www.pharmaceutical-journal.com States Case controlled study identified that women with suspected severe adverse events were more likely to exhibit healthcare-seeking behaviour prior to HPV vaccine . "what utter tosh!" Please read excellent article at Alliance for Natural Health on HPV article on Information and choice not imtimidation.
Read Also NHS Choices info about HPV States Side effects of unknown frequency . IT is not possible to reliably estimate how frequently other side effects occur . This is because information is is recieved from people reporting side effects themselves , rather than controlled clinical tests .
"They that will not be counselled, can not be helped" Proverb

John Stone


The problem is, if not now, when? We see a million false moves, and not one remotely credible appointment. There are issues of competence, and there are issues of will. I would love to see it.


bob moffit

@ John Stone

"Someone like Frazier - a very different kind of businessman - knows how to ride issues and look good in the mainstream media: perhaps he even believes in his own myth, but it is a sham. The fractured politics of our oligarchical democracies - and their hidden political dimensions - is truly dismaying and these event display some of them in a microcosm. How do you recover the situation?"


@ Gary Ogden

"Make no mistake about it, we are facing a foe who is implacable, ruthless, and astonishingly wealthy.


If not Trump .. WHO?

Gary Ogden

British Autism Mother: I don't know. The information came from a reliable source. The advertisement was published. So it is likely it is real and if it is real it is no doubt also a front for political interests, almost certainly from the Left. The Right has no difficulty getting people to come to their events without paying them. It's a topsy-turvy world. I always considered myself a liberal, and like Dan, a life-long Democrat (until SB 277). President Clinton (a Democrat) started the globalist takeover with the North American Free Trade Agreement (which had come from Republican policy) and the World Trade Organization, which can overrule national laws and protections. Corporate global government is actively aided and abetted by the political Left in the U.S. Actually, both parties promote it. I no longer have a political home. What I do is educate and advocate (and support AoA!). I bring up the quackery of vaccines with every chance encounter, and more often than not, people agree with me! So the majority of the public isn't fooled by media propaganda. It's a big step, though, to get them to stop lining up for shots.

Gary Ogden

John: Excellent analysis. You've pretty well nailed Trump. As to how we fix what is ailing our governing structures, I think it's going to get ugly before it gets better. We are under corporate domination the world over, and they're not going to give an inch without a fight. This is what was so awful about Obama (but I, for one didn't see it): He is corporate to the core, and weak where it counts. We were blinded by false hope, and appalled by eight years of dangerous incompetence in the White House.

Grace Green

Gary, our own British journalist, Melanie Phillips, put up an excellent defense of President Trump this morning on BBC radio 4's Sunday programme, in debate with a Rabbi whose name I don't remember. They were discussing the Charlottesville event. I myself think that Donald Trump is an astute businessman who knows what he's up against. We commenters on AofA have some experience of corruption in high places, but I think we don't know the half of it! I think DT is working his way through the swamp, and it's going to take time, but if he can't do it, no-one can. That's how it looks to me, from over here. (And I protested against his golf course up the road, but if he fixes the vaccine holocaust I'll forgive him!)

British Autism Mother

@ Gary Ogden and others

Please look up www.crowdsondemand.com. Are they for real or are they a "front" organization? If so, for whom or for what? I don't expect any answers but do wonder who is pulling the strings and why.

John Stone


I think you put your finger on a problem with Trump is that there is a big gap between being an effective businessman of a sort, knowing how to drive hard bargains from a position of financial advantage, and knowing how to govern a country. You may succeed in the former almost by reflex, and think you have been very clever but it may not give you any insight into the latter. Of course, Trump perceives problems like anyone else, and can be blunter than most - hence his genuine if flittering interest in the vaccine/autism issue - but transferred from his natural habitat he is anything but a master tactician, and does not seem to be shrewd enough to know where to get good advice or listen to it. To make good political decisions you have to understand and balance out a myriad of detail rather calculate narrow financial benefit. Unfortunately, Trump had also prior to these events made himself unsympathetic over race associated issues, so he was already vulnerable though he likely meant no harm.

Someone like Frazier - a very different kind of businessman - knows how to ride issues and look good in the mainstream media: perhaps he even believes in his own myth, but it is a sham. The fractured politics of our oligarchical democracies - and their hidden political dimensions - is truly dismaying and these events display some of them in a microcosm. How do you recover the situation? Well, I wouldn't start from here...

Gary Ogden

John: I wasn't taking you to task at all; quite the contrary. Your commentaries are always powerful, insightful, armed with unquenchable facts, and greatly increase our knowledge base on this side of the pond. My only point is to help you understand the peculiarly American nature of what is going on here. The roots of racial strife go very deep here, but that is not what is going on today. The perpetrators of violence since the appearance of Trump on the national stage are anarchists and Marxists, along with professional instigators like those I mentioned, but the media has dropped the ball on most everything these days, so I don't think many people know this. The media are, wittingly or not, aiding and abetting this. Trump is not an ideologue, though he has hired some, but a businessman, one with more warts and peculiarities than average, but it is completely unfair to him, and to Americans in general the caricature they have painted of him from the beginning, and the attempt they are making to destroy his presidency before it gets out of the chute.

Han Litten


Australnazi ups the ante yet again . Not far off from mandating the flu vaccine for all .

Han Litten

March in Poland on Thursday 24th August For the defence of the family .
For Vaccine Freedom

John Stone

David, Tom, Gary, anyone who has taken me to task

You are probably correct, and whole thing is an infernal mess. To me President Trump looks like a confused man (well out of his depth) but there is much malice in his detractors - and lots and lots of people trying to make trouble with no regard to the appalling consequences, or worse trying to create conditions for more chaos, to be further exploited.

Gary Ogden

John: This may seem completely off-topic, but it is not. It represents the same implacable foe we face here. I want you to understand what went on in Charlottesville, Virginia, and why it matters. The purpose of the “white supremacist” rally was to protest the removal from a local park of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. This is Robert E. Lee, from Samuel Eliot Morison’s 1965 “The Oxford History of the American People”:
“They had found a leader, Robert E. Lee-and what a leader! . . . No military leader since Napoleon has aroused such enthusiastic devotion among troops as did Lee when he reviewed them on his horse Traveller.”
First in his class at West Point, hero of the Mexican War, Lee was the man to whom President Lincoln turned to lead his army. But when Virginia seceded, Lee would not lift up his sword against his own people, and chose to defend his home state rather than wage war upon her.
The violence we’ve seen in the last year or two, at UC Berkeley to stop a conservative speaker invited by students, at Trump (but not Bernie) rallies, at the inauguration, in Charlottesville, and elsewhere, is coming from shadowy, club-wielding, extreme-Left groups who wear all black and cover their faces with black masks (and probably most of them have white skin). In Berkeley, the police did nothing to stop them. In Charlottesville, they appear to have made things worse. The Right is certainly capable of such violence, and if it did come from the Right, there would be headlines in every newspaper; TV hosts would be wringing their hands. But the media gives tacit acceptance to both the violence, and the idea of pulling down monuments to public figures, because most are aligned with the Left. And they blame Trump! Who condemned both sides!
Why does this matter to us here? These are the same people-the Democrats-who are most in denial about vaccine injury, who brought forced-vaccination to California, and under Obama developed a powerful propaganda machine still in operation today (read “Stonewalled”), though now with private rather than public funds. It is no accident that during the Obama years permission to discuss the safety and efficacy of vaccines was taken away from the public discourse. (I voted for him twice, but I won’t be fooled again).

Gary Ogden

John: Additional information on what happened in Charlottesville: According to Mike Adams (Health Ranger), the organizer of the “Unite the Right” rally was Jason Kessler, a professional activist previously involved with the Occupy movement (a left wing group). Nothing reported in the press is reliable any longer. We are being played, not only on the vaccine issue, but on anything which our corporate overlords perceive as a threat to their rule and profits. The founding fathers of this grand experiment in self-governance really were were white supremacists (read our Constitution), but today rare indeed is anything like that sort of sentiment. Americans are basically good, honorable people like folks the world over. Corporate views Trump as a greater threat than probably any other president, so vast amounts of capital and printer’s ink along with amoral hired guns like Kessler and David Brock are being deployed to take him down. Some of the scare stories in the media (such as those about the KKK) are staged and scripted. A Los Angeles-based PR firm called Crowds on Demand hires “actors and photographers,” and pays them $25/hour to participate in rallies and protests. Like the CDC which gives hundreds of millions of our tax money to PR firms each year to disseminate their pro-pharma propaganda. Sad to say, we no longer have a free press. And Google and other tech-behemoths are attempting to actively censor the internet, to suppress knowledge. The tech-community, like the media, generally favors the (corporate) Left, but the (corporate) Right likes Trump not at all, either. Make no mistake about it, we are facing a foe who is implacable, ruthless, and astonishingly wealthy.

John Stone


Unfortunately, we can highlight how ridiculous, hypocritical and even villainous pharma executives are on AoA, but we do not command - thanks to corporate/government influence - the widest possible audience. We can laugh at some of it, but the reality is wickedness which has to be stopped.


Grasping the behavioural cusp of observable temper tantrums .
If the paediatric and pharmacy sector wish to throw ,sling and chuck their delinquency disordered dummies and soothers out of their prams they are getting left to pick up their own dummies .


I don't listen to mainstream media with their fake news about Russia causing Trump to win and their fake news about vaccinations being safe and effective. And their constant bashing of Trump. Their bosses are globalist and Trump is nationalist so they constantly denigrate him. The real news? Vaccines are dangerous and ineffective. Trump won the election fair and square.

Hans Hitten


Ken Frazier can I collect your conscientious opinion on the fact many of Murcks concoctions\vaccinations are testing positive for glyphosate ? A known carcinogen amongst many other problems that it causes . And the mmr is especially loaded with it ?

Ken , it is great news though to hear of your presumably newly discovered integrity !
Where has it been hiding all these years you damn scoundrel .

Tom Petrie

Heah John, who's "Wiki Frazier?" You must mean according to Wikipedia, (Ken) Frazier, bla bla bla. Oh, my, that missing comma! But seriously, you make a great point. The bashing of President Trump is very sophisticated and he is being punished for having the audacity to even recommend a "Vaccine Safety Commission." He should call them out on their nonsense, but I fear he has neither the courage nor the intelligence to do it now or ever.

Hans Hitten

Ken Frazier defended Vioxx . Great find JDS . Conscience my big left hairy foot !
I see this attempted soft coup as being all about the defending of vaccination and nothing else .
I hope Trump is astute enough to know what he has done by even peripherally questioning vaccination . But I fear he really doesn't know he has brushed up against a hornets nest .
If Trump falls (as looks likely) , we will continue on regardless . We expect these assaults .

perfect war machine :


CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Received Polio Vaccine In An 8-Year Span When It Was Contaminated With Cancer Virus
by IWB · Published August 31, 2015 · Updated September 2, 2015


This afternoon Carbone is examining an SV40-infected cell-culture plate under a microscope. He speaks almost fondly of the virus he has studied for most of the past decade. SV40 is “the smallest perfect war machine ever,” Carbone murmurs. “He’s so small. But he’s got everything he needs.”

Magnified 50,000 times under an electron microscope, SV40 doesn’t seem particularly menacing. It looks almost pretty — bluish snowflakes, against a field of white. The virus consists of six proteins, three of which make up the twenty-sided triangular scaffolding that is the virus’s protein skin. But one of the remaining proteins, called large T-antigen (for “tumor antigen”), is, according to Carbone, the most oncogenic protein ever discovered. It is unique, he says, in its ability to cause cancer when it is set loose inside a cell.

George stevens

Trump condemned the alt right and alt left, the media lost its mind because he condemned the alt left also. Which was the correct thing to do. Keep a watch on Trump in the next few weeks keep an eye on the Awan IT scandal it's going to bring down some big names. Once he is done with them, big pharma is next and merck knows it.

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Yeah, I think I might have hallucinated a dry chuckle coming from heaven. Hi Dan, we're coming along down here. More and more people are seeming to be waking up. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Gary Ogden

John: You have to take the mainstream media's description of this rally with a grain of salt. Most of them favor the Left. Much of what they write is distortion, anyway, especially when it concerns political activities of the Right. As I understand it, the rally was called to protest the possible removal of a statue of General Lee, a Confederate hero, from a local park. The Confederacy's loss in the Civil War is still a sore point for some in the South, and this does not necessarily mean they are racists. There were no doubt some white supremacists who attended the rally, but in the U.S. the numbers of such people are minuscule, and the young woman who was killed, was killed by a single person using his truck, and like the coward he is, he immediately fled. The rally organizers were denied a permit (the counter-demonstrators were granted one), so with the help of the ACLU (normally considered a leftist organization), they got a federal judge (and Obama appointee) to overrule the city and grant the permit. I favor neither the Left nor the Right; I make judgements based on clarity about what is right and what is wrong.


And you know what "that" means. not "they". sorry.


Looks like Merck is trying to neutralize and discredit Trump.
And you know what they means about Trump.

David Weiner

John Stone,

Every rally convened by the hard left is a "race rally" ... a platform for denouncing white people, and often men and others who hold to traditional views of morality.

And, for the record, I don't think much of any sort of race rally.

John Stone

Hi Jeannette

I don't have any brief for Mr Frazier but a race rally is always troubling on its own. Once you start having demonstrations against people on the basis of some inherent feature which they can do nothing about like the color of their skin or their ethnic background it is going to make those people unhappy and frightened, particularly if it is allowed to happen in the first place. Absolutely, Mr Frazier ought to contemplate how frightened he makes us feel, which goes well beyond over-pricing his products - though Trump himself now feels frightened of saying so - and learn a lesson about how decent people behave.

The vaccine lobby have taken a leaf from the fascist play book: anyone who criticizes them or their products gets labelled by journalists and public relations manipulators as "anti-vaxxers", generically bad persons who ought to be excluded from comment. According to Wiki Frazier led the defense of Merck over Vioxx so presumably he does have not any difficulty with that episode where a Merck executive sent out a memo saying: “..we may need to seek them out (critical doctors) and destroy them where they live….”. They also published fraudulent studies with the help of Reed Elsevier.



Legally, being head of a great corporation may excuse many things (after all it is the shareholders who take the risk), humanly it does not.



Posted by Linda of FB......my thoughts EXACTLY.

Don't let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out!
Don't profess to be taking the moral high road while killing babies & destroying lives by the millions with your defective products!

Just seeing the words Merck CEO and Conscience together in the title here is both sickening and laughable.

Jeannette Bishop

President Trump condemned acts of violence on all sides, so I guess this resignation indicates that Mr. Frazier feels that is an extreme position and some acts of violence should be tolerated? Am I getting this straight? I know we're supposed to assume that Trump is bigoted because the media tells us so, now as well as before the election even, and we're maybe being reminded of what we're supposed to already know again because we're, hopefully, not getting the message about Trump's "collusion" with Russia, so if we, again hopefully, can't have world war to cloak the winding down stages of some major financial crimes, then maybe we can have a "civil war" instead?

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Jackie Murphy | August 15, 2017 at 12:39 PM

Yeah I know , & agree .
But it was years after the Berlin wall came down that I fully realised what had happened (to be fair I was young then). The point being is that the end of this vaccine led holocaust will surprise us all .
It will happen quick and fast and we could be much closer than we all think .
It does not depend on DT or AW or any one person (there are so many of us all doing our bit).
From Kenya to London to Bombay to Melbourne to Galway to Bogota (the protests are everywhere).
We are Global . The situation for them is untenable. Its in every country . We are all talking .
Italy\Poland has scared the hell out of them .Make no doubt. People are listening to us now .
Tens of thousands marching against supposed healthcare (fake healthcare) .
So much so , they have censored this news very carefully so it is silo-ed in each individual country or state . Californazi talking about succession, who is to say that isn't about sb277.
Australia's new draconian vaccine laws are sheer desperation (the Turnbulls\Murdochs know it).
All this does is make us fight harder .

There are many of us who know Hg-enocide when we see it .Putting mercury in the teeth of children? Or fluoride in the milk of infants ? Come on its all so obvious .
This project relied on the facts never being known .Well we all know them.
77 holistic doctors suicided so far . That's sheer desperation (protecting both vaccines and chemo).
Polly Tommey "an enemy of the state" - she is a mum ffs ,
Banned from Australia for 3 years for telling the truth about vaccination .
What will they do to each of us ? Crucifixion after consulting with Pontius Pilot (Paul Offit)?
This whole debacle is actually laughable now .
Book after book , study after study , all saying the same , vaccines = destruction .
They cannot stem the flow anymore . Kill a few of us , so what , everything is documented.

If you can say you can cure cancer , they will arrest you , they will harass you , they very well might exterminate you . That is an untenable situation for them . We will win .
If the dam of sheer lies breaks in any one corner the whole thing will collapse .

Jackie Murphy

@ Hans
I'll believe it when I see it. I won't hold my breath.

David Weiner

This is the model that politicians have devised:

Virtue-signal your compassion over some symbolic, though largely inconsequential, current event.

Simultaneously, ignore your role in promoting some course of action which was genuinely and massively destructive, such as Obamacare, the latest war of aggression, or what have you.

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Jackie Murphy | August 15, 2017 at 11:36 AM

How about this then : (what do you think of them apples ?)


Now that Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma has resigned from President's Manufacturing Council,he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Aug. 14, 2017

Hans Hitten

This is a very development interesting indeed .


Is there reason to hope ?
The only one to quit that really meant anything was a Pharma Harma man .
Kevin Plank doesn't count (Under Armour who? sportswear)
I'm not sure about the Intel guy .Brian Krzanich . Does he have any Pharma links ?

Like Ken gives a damn about equality , or has a conscience for that matter .
Conning Science , yes maybe , is that what you meant Ken ?

Jackie Murphy

Well, what about Trump?? It is concerning that this man is showing more integrity than Trump. That doesn't exactly bolster confidence in believing he truly supports vaccine concern issues.

Rebecca Lee

What astounding hypocrisy! My only hope is this industry is going to overreach at some point, and self-destruct.

Hans Hitten

Ken you have some nerve . Damn scoundrels everywhere !
Ken did you ever hear of William Thompson\Brian Hooker and the statistically significant American African boys cohort (vaccines cause autism) , does that prick your conscience (emphasis on the prick)?

The whole vaccination industry is based on "intolerance and extremism" .

Angus Files

The Pharma coward mis - understands the meaning of conscious but if your conscious thoughts are skewed and being bought all day every day things would be strange if the green manailishi never arrived in your bank account every time you had a clear thought.

Pharma for Prison


Mark Wax

Mr. Frazier did what was "easy." Hard decisions and true conscience is the domain of heroes. Ken Frazier is no hero.

bob moffit

"It is also alleged the company used intimidation tactics against critical researchers, including dropping hints it would stop funding to institutions and claims it interfered with academic appointments ... we may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live," a Merck employee wrote, according to an email excerpt read to the court by Julian Burnside QC, acting for the plaintiff."

This would be an example of ONE company .. that hired an entire industry ... "smear merchants" .. comprising thousands of dedicated employees whose daily sole purpose is to "seek out and destroy" their selected targets .. that Sharyl Attkisson describes in her recent book .. "The Smear .. how shady political operatives and fake news control what you see, what you think and how you vote"

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