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"Just Accept It" SunFrog Autism Wearables Unacceptable To Many

Just accept itBy Kim Rossi

There is a pair of leggings making the rounds on Facebook and other social media from a quick print company called SunFrog.  SunFrog does not create the designs - they just print them for the person who is the seller. Their business seems perfectly lovely and they have a strict infringement policy in terms of copyright.  We'll get to that later.

Take this pair of leggings with the autism ribbon, Nike'esque swoosh (I can't imagine Nike sanctioned this use) and ad campaign inspired "Just accept it." Meaning autism.  Here again is the message hammered into us by the Neurodiversity movemement. Guess what? Autism is really not acceptable. People with autism (oh, like my three girls) are indeed acceptable, lovable, adorable ad nauaseam.  How about a "Just accept it" Alzheimer's shirt? Breast cancer? Bipolar? Schizophrenia?

Do you really think autism is some unicorn diagnosis that isn't serious, life threatening, family ripping, economy strapping and yes, heart breaking?  Good grief!

We shouldn't have to proclaim our love for our kids, and yet campaigns like this force us to say things like:

NO! I do not accept autism.
I do not accept that my son can not speak.
I do not accept that my daughter can not tend to her monthly feminine hygiene needs.
I do not accept that my son puts his hand through glass windows.

I do not accept that my daughter wanders away from home and has no idea how to cross a street.
I do not accept that my high school age son has no friends and sits alone every day in every class and at lunch.
I do not accept that my daughter has never had a sleep over.
I do not accept that college is out of reach for my very smart son because he can not function alone.
I do not accept that my daughter can not get her driver's license despite her intelligence.
I do not accept that a group home is my son's future.
I do not accept that my child is at risk every day of his or her life because of autism.

These leggings are also an infringement on Nike's brand. You don't have to be "Bo" to know that.

In order to make submitting an infringement claim as easy as possible, we have prepared a "Report and Infringement" portal. The portal has places for you to supply all of the information required to submit a complete DMCA claim. The portal can be found at the following link: Completing this form and submitting through this portal will ensure that none of the information required to submit a proper DMCA claim is accidentally omitted. Additionally, it usually results in a quicker response time to the submission of a claim and allows us to not only track what designs are being infringed upon, but also helps us track what user uploaded the design. Once we receive the claim we will act quickly to remove any infringing designs and take the appropriate action against the user who has violated not only SunFrog’s terms of use, but also IP law in general. It is our goal for the SunFrog platform to be free from any and all infringing designs. By submitting the information required under the DMCA you are greatly assisting us in reaching this goal. We thank you for taking the time to let us know about any violations!

We repeat this mantra every time we discuss neurodiversity. WE LOVE OUR KIDS. We don't want them to disappear. We wish their autism did not hobble them in so many ways - large and small.   For more about the ND  movement and how it has been propagated, I invite you to read Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted's latest book from Skyhorse Publishing titled Denial How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future.


Tom Petrie

Stella, I read with interested your comment: "Part of the problem is that many people seem to believe that all types of autism have the same causes - but they don't....."

My first problem with the statement is that it doesn't make sense. Causes is plural, so that means folks think Autism has multiple causes to which we agree. Should I assume you meant cause--singular? Let's assume--just for discussion purposes--that is what you meant and let's just assume, once again, that this "cause" would be vaccines. And well, there are many of these, but we'll link them into one category.

As it turns out, fifty four percent of our children are suffering from one or more chronic conditions of which ASD is but one of many troubles that can be added to the mix. Other issues are obviously ADHD, learning disabilities, speech difficulties, depression, Type I Diabetes (and other auto-immune disorders) allergies and asthma. With one in 333 children now developing Cancer, this even has to be added to the mix!

Now this blog is "Age of Autism," so that's what issue they're focused on, obviously. But I doubt any educated person says All Autism is caused by Vaccines just like they don't say "All Asthma is caused by Vaccines." The truth of the matter is, however, that vaccines of all stripes cause more health troubles and cause them faster than likely Aluminum from geoengineering activities, Glyphosate pesticide or Tylenol given to children after a vaccine-induced fever.

So in this case, perspicacity matters and anyone who says, all Autism is caused by vaccines doesn't understand that sometimes, an unvaccinated child develops ASD. BUT have we asked "Did mom get a flu shot during her pregnancy?" Ok, unvaccinated child--except in utero!

These are all various causes to be sure, but the most common denominator to many cases of ASD--all degrees--is vaccines. Now we're getting into Socrates syllogisms of logic and it's too early in the morning for that!

Vaccines can contribute to or exacerbate hundreds of medical conditions. Not all allergies, for example, are caused by vaccines (which over-develop humoral immunity, making allergies way more likely), but they're way less common in non-vaccinated children. Some children may not be breast fed (more allergies) and some might be born to mothers with poor nutrition (1 in 8 of our infants are born premature--that's bad!)

But no matter what the degree of Autism, ALL types are associated with vaccine use just as all chronic ailments in our children are associated with vaccine use. This is not to say that all chronic ailments are caused by vaccines--of any stripe, just that more are caused by vaccines than all other causes combined. That in some occasions, the SUM of the toxic burdens must be considered (like kids who live on farms where glyphosate is used heavily or children with vaccine induced fever who are given Tylenol that their baby livers can't detoxify properly (Seniff, MIT). So vaccines can therefore be called contributing causes.

That vaccines are not the only cause is well known, but when the major four things I've discussed are NEVER discussed in the mainstream media (Chemtrails, Glyphosate, Tylenol and Vaccines), it's hard for folks to wrap their brains around what causes what. Truth be told, vaccines injure more children in more ways than anything else, but our inability to even LOOK here, also spills over into our inability to place blame on other causes. It also prevents us from being able to say that there might be three or four causes all added up TOGETHER that can cause Autism of all degrees.

But when even asking THIS question is not allowed, no wonder the issue has become contentious.

So what forms of autism--in your mind--are linked to vaccines and what forms are not? You made an intriguing statement, now I'd like to know some examples so I understand your statement better.


The people behind this logo; I guess is trying to get our children accepted into society. That is just the way they are, cause that is the way they are and they cannot be changed.
And they should be accepted.
However; we don't need more and more of them. No one ever making a move to stop the next infant from becoming this acceptable way.

Cause if we keep on, there will be no pants at all, and we will all go about naked.


Kim-you are right as this is like saying let's just accept cancer, Parkinson's, Bipolar, MS, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Schizophrenia and everyone just learn to live with it.


What this really says, is let's just accept child abuse.

Because that's exactly what vaccine injury amounts to.

Aimee Doyle

@Stella - Regarding the "ill feeling" in the autism world.

I too wish there were less strife. I have tried to be tolerant of individuals who promote neurodiversity; if someone feels his or her autism is a "gift" or a "difference" - more power to them. I wouldn't wish a cure on anyone who didn't want it. I believe in individual choice. I believe in options for education, treatment, therapy, recovery, cure for those who want such options. I am willing to live and let live and work together on issues where we have common ground.

However, I have not received the same kind of tolerance from individuals in the neurodiversity movement. I have been consistently been reviled and called a "curebie" for wanting to cure my son. I have been told that if I just loved and accepted my son's autism, he would not have aggressive or self-injurious behaviors. I think there's a difference between "difference" and "disability" and my son is definitely on the disability side. His autism has not been a gift for him.

It is also hurtful to be told that his disabilities - due to his autism - are my fault. As Steve Silberman said in an interview with the Sun Magazine in March of this year, that "[Temple Grandin] is an example of what happens if you don’t mistreat autistic people." At an autism conference one time I was told that my son hadn't reached his potential because "he didn't have a safe place to grow up autistic." Really.

I am also disheartened that every autism organization (with a few exceptions, like TACA) has been co-opted by the neurodiversity movement. It seems no one is looking for a cure anymore. Since my son was diagnosed at age 4 (almost 25 years ago) we have tried every treatment and therapy in autism. There hasn't been anything new in ages. Not only is no one looking for a cure, even treatment and therapy options have flat-lined over the last decade. When I bring this up with his doctors, they get defensive.

No, I will never "just accept it."

Tom Petrie

Thanks for that post Kim. I too am angry about this whole "neurodiversity" and "just accept Autism" thing/trend. What the heck?

Just this week, a new issue of Natural Awakenings came out with a totally absurd article entitled "Fresh Looks at Autism: Focusing on a Child's Optimal Potential." I was so mad after reading it, I started talking about it to folks in the store I was in!

The article was written by a Linda Sechrist, senior staff writer and started like this: "A new paradigm shift regarding autism spectrum disorder (ASD) centers on evolving possibilities for those living with autism, as well as the unimagined brilliance they possess and their need for supportive help."

Really? Then she goes on to discuss two books that encourage folks to learn how to handle the "lifetime committment" your child will require including "courage, perseverance, patience, determination, emotional strength, outside-the-box thinking and unconditional love." I'm not making this up! One book was by Carly Fleishman (Carly's Voice) and the other was by Dr. Andrea Libutti (Autism: Embracing Autism, Self, and Hope for a New World).

Ms. Sechrist then goes on to discuss parents of autistic children who have gotten them involved in their own businesses. One child likes "folding cloths" so the father helped him set up a "simple small laundry business in the family garage. "At first, he could only fold clothes he liked..."

And then the last paragraph of this article begins: "Such powerful stories specifically relate how parents, grandparents and helpful friends forged networks that freed them and their afflicted children of the inhibiting stigma of autism and enabled them to realize their fullest potential."

I am so angry at this kind of thing, I really don't even know what to say.

Can someone explain to me why folks in the Neurodiversity movement (if that's what it's called), NEVER seem to mention the word "Vaccines, Environmental Toxins if discussing ASD?

For references, please go to my website:

Stella Waterhouse

It's sad that there's so much controversy and ill feeling in the "autism world".

Part of the problem is that many people seem to believe that all types of autism have the same causes - but they don't.....

Angus Files

Just tolerate it ...whilst they train wreck your kids and family..why not indeed.

People who use words like that are pharma phanatics - also cowardly losers.

Pharma for Prison



Zoey-I didn't realize it was a sun frog product and not a Nike product. It's a DESPICABLE thing to do no matter who did it!

bob moffit

@ Zoey O'Toole

"Gayle and Bob, you missed the point that this ISN'T a Nike product. It is a SunFrog product that, in all likelihood, constitutes Nike trademark infringement. Nike may be as eager as anyone to get it removed from the market.

You are right .. I missed the fact the "product" is a SUNFROG product .. not NIKE.

And so .. I am now eagerly awaiting NIKE's MEDIA-WIDE LEGAL THREAT AGAINST SUNFROG .. to "get it removed from the market" .. not so much because Nike's "trademark" has been infringed .. but .. THAT NIKE AGREES WITH ME ... THE MESSAGE ITSELF IS DESPICABLE.

Zoey O'Toole

Gayle and Bob, you missed the point that this ISN'T a Nike product. It is a SunFrog product that, in all likelihood, constitutes Nike trademark infringement. Nike may be as eager as anyone to get it removed from the market.

Michael Potvin

Why should we be okay with pharmaceutical companies causing autism to generations of children? It's not okay to profit off sickness and death, and deny you're doing anything wrong.

Sometimes you're too angry to say much. This time I can't say much.

Nike....just don't do it.


Injustice is unacceptable.


Kim-you are right as this is like saying let's just accept cancer, Parkinson's, Bipolar, MS, Alzheimer's, Dementia, Schizophrenia and everyone just learn to live with it. I will never just accept my son's autism as it is a tragedy that never should have happened. He should be able to live his life just like everyone else and I will never give up on a cure for his unfortunate condition. I will never buy a Nike product and never have anyway. Let's just hope they go out of business.

bob moffit

Nike .. DESPICABLE .. no other word for them.

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