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Hit and Run Vaccine Policy of the British Government Revealed: Damage Settlements Go from Hundreds to Zero in Four Decades.

Broken-britain-finalBy John Stone

Bad faith through and through: we have reached a point with the vaccination program where it is impossible to draw attention to or discuss openly even government published data. Information which has recently to come to light concerns the way the British parliament moved to recognise vaccine damage nearly forty years ago, making many – if modest – settlements, but then the government machine massaged the problem out of existence by silently changing the criteria.

In the first two complete years of the scheme in 1979-81 – when the program itself was much less ambitious -  the United Kingdom Vaccine Damage Payment Unit recognised 573 cases. Settlements had reduced to a trickle by the end of the 1980s, and by the beginning the present decade (the years 2011-14) there were none at all. Indeed, earlier this year even the Court of Appeal was forced to reject the absurdly flawed and contradictory criteria of the United Kingdom Department of Works and Pensions.

Sad to report that once again the British Medical Journal has so far failed to publish a letter drawing attention to this issue. I submitted a letter twice adjusting the language the second time to make sure it could be no obstruction to publication, while the information I cite is in government documents. This is the second submitted letter:-

Request for an open discussion

If we look at the table of damage settlements from the Vaccine Damage Payment Unit provided under Freedom of Information in December 2014 it tells a pitiful and disturbing story [1]. In the first full year of the scheme, 1979/80, there were 317 settlements, and in the second 256. It is not to be supposed the Department of Health and Social Security, as it was then, paid out frivolously. But it must also be reflected that in those day there were only 5 or 6 infant vaccines on the schedule, with relatively low compliance.

It is evident that the VDPU then began to play by different rules or use different criteria for assessment. By 1988/9 -  the year Social Security was split from Health - they had got it down to just three settlements, and after 2010 until the end of 2014 there were none at all, even though the schedule just kept on expanding and compliance was generally over 90%. Bureaucratically speaking there was indeed no vaccine damage at all during this period, though even on the basis of manufacturers' data you would expect some. We also, of course, know from the Court of Appeal earlier this year that the Department of Works and Pensions was subverting the spirit and letter of the act by employing logically contradictory rules [2], and unfortunately what we fear is that they will seek out new pretexts to deny compensation, because this means has failed. It can only be said that this is a profoundly opaque culture, and one which could lead to untold damage, because major checks have been removed from the system.

Does anyone want to answer for this?



John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


Angus Files

Another little snippet that is not compensated for either is pork in vaccines.We all seen the fury Trump got this week when he mentioned pigs blood and bodily intestines fluid and skin being referred to when he raised General J Pershing and his control of Muslims.. oops! flatvaxxers its also in your vaccines how you gonna square that circle?? with your zombie cowardly followers?

Pharma for Prison


Grace Green

I should have said, not having autism!

Grace Green

I have an ironic twist to this. Earlier this year I was advised by my Member of Parliament (Scottish National Party, although the previous Labour Party MP was no better) that all my problems would be solved by claiming vaccine injury compensation, and she gave me the link to the website. My vaccine injury happened in 1953, when I was a baby so I can't describe what happened, and was caused by a vaccine not on their list. My disability is not as bad as being profoundly deaf, in my opinion. I think it was on that website that I read you had to be at least 60% disabled to qualify, and an example of that level of disability was given as losing a leg from below the knee. I would gladly hand over half a leg in exchange for even my level of autism! What a total waste of time.


nothing is going to trump the scientific reality of what gets injected into children
no one understands that better than the trump

i miss dan
he'd soften the blow
in a way Amy Goodman, Rachel Maddow
Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee
Stephen Colbert, and Jon Oliver
could, or would't
Mr Olmsted,

John Stone

Hi Jenny

However, it would be a mistake to think that the racket was restricted to H1N1 (Pandemrix) and narcolepsy. The British agencies had their hands forced because the narcolepsy effect was picked up by two agencies in Scandinavia, but it does not mean the same strategies were not being used to deny other claims. You mention Robert Fletcher who was the last case to be compensated in 2010 after decades of foot-dragging and a tribunal. In that case the prosecuting evidence was provided by a US expert over a video link, because any British expert could have expected retribution before the GMC and there was no prospect of anyone coming forward.

What the Pandemrix/Narcolepsy episode did was to bring in to the open the culture. Faced with open and shut cases - by international concensus - they employed a "Catch 22" which would effectively stop any claim ever being met. It was too stupid for words.

It may be mentioned also that the DWP has no fund to meet vaccine damage claims. They would be forced to go cap in hand to the Treasury for each individual payment.

Jenny Allan

Yes John - The H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Narcolepsy scandal is shameful, with the UK Government dragged 'kicking and screaming' to compensate victims. The Finnish Government acknowledged the harm caused by the vaccine and paid up promptly.

The UK Government also officially 'buried' for 20 years the known widespread harm caused by the MMR Urabe vaccine, 1988 -1992. Even then, it was the vaccine manufacturers, not the Government, who withdrew the vaccine for fear of litigation. JABS founder, Jackie Fletcher, got a belated derisory payout for her son Robert, but another now adult victim, left profoundly deaf, got zilch because she was considered not disabled enough. The Judges, who threw out the MMR litigation cases of 1500 children, would have been unaware of the Urabe MMR Vaccine harm, as were the GMC panel who found Dr Wakefield and his two clinician colleagues guilty. ( Professor Walker-Smith was exonerated two years later by Lord Justice Mitting in the London High Court - the Judge had some scathing comments about the panel's 'inadequate and superficial' examining of the evidence, and 'quoshed' the GMC verdicts.)

The best 'court' verdicts are those in the 'court of public opinion'. We are all being subjected to an avalanche of misinformation and 'spin doctoring' , sponsored by the hugely powerful pharma and medical-political establishments. Thank you John for persistently pushing the truth about vaccines, in spite of overwhelming opposition and censoring.

Han Litten

Vaccine ruling from Europe's highest court isn't as crazy as scientists think
Media and scientific uproar over admissible evidence 'exaggerated', say legal scholars.

Laura Castells& Declan Butler
28 June 2017

HepatitisB vaccineFRAUD caused MS . And an EU court agrees . The lamestream does not.

Han Litten

More on France : (I dont think Europe is going well for them - lol)

"There is no debate: Vaccines are very effective, they are proven to work, and they save millions of lives."

Gary Ogden

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Jill Rowan

Please subscribe me.


Thank you John for all your succinct responses in BMJ. I was very relieved to read your comments on the unlikeliness of the UK mandating vaccination. Any mandatory mass immunisation is surely a Fascist act?

John Stone


Yes, you can't change the past but lies will ultimately succumb to truth providing those who know the truth stick with it, and with purpose.

Angus Files

I remember this lie being prostituted in The Houses Of Commons London by the Pharma paid cowards.. and its put across in all seriousness what a bunch of morons.

Steve Webb: To ask the Secretary of State for Health how many vaccine damage payments were made in respect of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine in each of the last five years; and what proportion this represents of (a) all vaccine damage payments and (b) all doses of measles, mumps and rubella. [82325]

Mrs. McGuire: I have been asked to reply.

The Vaccine Damage Payments Unit (VDPU) do not hold information about specific vaccinations linked to successful claims. Claimants are asked to specify on the claim form all the vaccinations that the disabled person has received, not just the vaccine that is claimed to have caused the disablement. As a number of vaccinations are often given in close proximity, often on the same day, it is not always possible to state categorically which has caused the adverse reaction. It is therefore not possible to state how many vaccine damage payments have been made in respect of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.

(a) The VDPU does however record details of all the vaccinations noted on the claim form. Out of 24 successful awards in the last five years, there have been two where the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine was among those listed on the claim form.

10 July 2006 : Column 1629W
(b) If those two claims were awarded in respect of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine this would represent one per 4.3 million doses of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine.

Pharma for Prison


John Stone

Thanks Jake, thanks everybody for all your interested and supplementary comments.

Jake Crosby

Best of luck, John.

David Weiner

It has become abundantly clear that those who put stock in these vaccine courts made a deal with the devil. And we are getting what one would expect from such a deal.

Actually, the whole government vaccine program is a deal with the devil. It should be abolished. We should have a separation of vaccines and state.

John Stone


The British government has different means towards roughly similar ends, presently. We don't have mandates and this according to current information seems likely to remain for the time being despite a big vaccine lobby push in recent weeks: in principle we have informed consent and this leaves the legal risk with the vaccinated person or their families rather than the state. The rather theoretical payments from the VDPU are not comparable to those from the VICP (fixed around $200,000). Theoretically, also you could still sue the vaccine companies but unless you were in the super rich class you would be dependent on the politicised Legal Aid Agency for support - and that is never going to happen. They even blocked litigation against Merck over Vioxx.

Jeannette Bishop

The U.S. system seems to have been (probably still is) a drag-you-out-until-you've-not-much-fight-left system, then maybe you get some hush money and a lot of shame (is this part of the draining the fight?) for thinking you deserve it, if you're one of those with a powerfully persuasive case, the type of case pharma wouldn't especially want to risk fighting in court before a jury. I love how much certain online social media personalities start pointing out how the injured fare so much better under this program when the subject of abolishing it comes up than they would under the somewhat quietly suspended U.S. seems to be a clue that pharma wouldn't fare better, so I doubt the injured would do worse, and maybe the greatest gain would be less pushing of insane vaccine recommendations by medical minions who would share in the liability. I think we've got to end the program as part of a last ditch attempt to save society over here.

If the existence of a similar program is now merely cosmetic in the U.K.? Then of course they don't want that out there in discussion. You could reverse the Australian moniker "No Jab, No Pay" to "No pay? No jab!" perhaps, if there were means to disseminate the message.

Laura Hayes

Great info, John...thank you.

Related info below...and, of course, no mention of vaccines as THE major culprit.

"A Striking Increase in Serious Allergy Cases"

John Stone


I was thinking of how reminiscent it all was of the scene in "1984" where a reduction in rations is announced as an increase (you used to be able to link the classic clip with Peter Cushing and Donald Pleasance), or like the CDC presenting more disability as better recognition (an absolute triumph (!!!)) and they can spin it any way they like. You may have seen the excellent article by Sharyl Attkisson today:

In our post plural, oligarchical pseudo democracy, we can pretend briefly that it all doesn't come from the Ministry of Truth because it comes through multiple mainstream news source, but of course they are all rubbish.


Accurate article John ,very good . With Vioxx damage we had to quickly adapt ,adjust and" get on with it", the damage from vioxx had been done, it could not be undone ,that's what I mean by you can' t change history or specific events outwith your control . .Where does it go from here ? .

Hans Hitten

Autism is a VPD (vaccine preventable disease) .
Don't submit to vaccination and you will not get Autism . (credit Sallie Elkordy)

James Grundvig

Totalitarian authorities in UK, USA, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and elsewhere, for starters. You can add China to the mix, the #1 offshore outsourcer of manufacturing vaccines. They are neutering and erasing all rights of their citizenry, and now are gaming to take over Hong Kong 3 decades before the official turnover in 2047. This is bad news for everyone. We must expose the lies.

Hans Hitten

How did Liz Mckean miss the vaccines debacle ?
Did she ever investigate vaccination ?

John Stone


Of course, the state whether the US or the UK (and I imagine most other places) would never actually even officially acknowledge the injuries they do compensate, but it has to be said they would not compensate at all unless they were presented with pretty compelling reasons. In the case of UK VDPU it might also be mentioned that the management has for long (certainly more than a decade) been outsourced like other benefit assessments to the commercial company ATOS, which is notorious for its harsh decisions. And presumably if they could not be guaranteed to keep the costs down they would lose the contracts.

Ed Yazbak

Thank you John for your informative report.

Our "Data and Statistics Report" related to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program was jut published on August 1.

It starts with the reassuring statement that " The United States has the safest, most effective vaccine supply in history. In the majority of cases, vaccines cause no side effects, however they can occur, as with any medication—but most are mild. Very rarely, people experience more serious side effects, like allergic reactions."

This is followed by the following explanation: " Being awarded compensation for a petition does not necessarily mean that the vaccine caused the alleged injury. In fact: • Almost 80 percent of all compensation awarded by the VICP comes as result of a negotiated settlement between the parties in which HHS has not concluded, based upon review of the evidence, that the alleged vaccine(s) caused the alleged injury."
The updated statistical tables follow staring on page 2 .
The table on page 7 provides a quick summary of the number of cases adjudicated from 1989 to date.

Angus Files

Superb article John .The shameless cowards of UK Pharma who have covered and concealed the vaccine damage just like they are trying to stop the US from doing the same.

Pharma for Prison

John Stone


Perhaps they have no shame, and that's the problem!


bob moffit

John .. from your comments on the Vaccine Damage Payment Unit .. it appears the VDPU has an abundance of one thing .. that would be SHAME.

Hans Hitten

Ian Duncan Smith (yes we need to put names on guilt here) is just typical .
Scandinavia admitted at government level vaccines (swine flu h1n1) was causing narcolepsy in many children and it paid out . But the UK media tried to silo that information (state censorship again) and block similar compensation (but for the pressure of the likes of JDS & AngusF) .
They quietly conceded in the end (very quietly in the Guardian or somewhere) the swines !
Edwina Currie brought the MMR poison to the UK (you wont be forgotten for that Edwina).

“A study undertaken in 1979 at the University of California, Los Angeles, under the sponsorship of the Food and Drug Administration, and which has been confirmed by other studies, indicates that in the U.S.A. approximately 1,000 infants die annually as a direct result of DPT vaccinations, and these are classified as SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) deaths. These represent about 10 to 15% of the total number of SIDS deaths occurring annually in the U.S.A. (between 8,000 and 10,000 depending on which statistics are used).” (Leon Chaitow, Vaccination and Immunization, CW Daniel Company Limited, Saffron Walden, Essex, England, 1987.)

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