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Stalkers & Mockers Fail to Disrupt VaxXed Bus in Minneapolis

Help Autism Families Devastated By Harvey Flooding

UA graphicHi, friends. At times like this we are ONE community coming together to help one Women handsanother out in any way possible. Unlocking Autism is the organization we'd like to recommend for you to please make a small donation to families affected by Harvey flooding. $5 from each of you will make a difference. Shelley Hendrix is the heart of UA - you might not have heard that dear founder Nancy Cale passed away a couple of weeks ago - a stunning loss to our community.

If YOU need help click here.

UA donates 100% of every penny to families - there is ZERO overhead. No admin.  Just volunteers getting WalMart cards to give to bereft families who need very specific items for their children with autism.

Unlocking Autism is responding the needs of the autism community in South Texas as a result of historic hurricane and flood damage. We know first hand how difficult recovery can be. You can best help families right now by donating so that we can provide them with gift cards to Wal-Mart so they can get what their unique family needs to begin rebuilding.

All donations received through September 30th will go to this effort. You can make an online donation here or mail a check to Unlocking Autism, PO Box 41312, Baton Rouge, LA 70835. Thank you for helping others in need!



go Trump

.... Prayers always, I am sure the Texans will show the rest of the country how a recovery is done, help is on the way if they are not there already...

However ... I am sure there are some pediatricians STILL in the water, pushing a floating plastic tub .... full of iced down vaccines from their offices.


My prayers are with you, stay strong, we are use to fighting everyday.

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