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Experienced Florida Pediatrician Offers True Informed Vaccine Consent

Doctor angelThank you to the Vaxxed team for this video.

By Anne Dachel

March 31, 2017, FL Pediatrician: ‘Kids Are Sicker Than Ever’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hgmjie_GcUE

Dr. Cornelia Franz, a Florida pediatrician http://www.thefranzcenter.com/team/anne-j-downing/   with over 30 years experience, talked to Polly Tommey about the state of our children’s health. Hers is an extremely rare and courageous position in the medical community. While she does vaccinate patients, it’s on a very limited scale and based on what parents want for their children. While many might be critical of a doctor who gives any vaccines, Dr. Franz provides parents with an option that is almost non-existent anywhere else, and in her practice, there is real informed consent.

“I started out the same as everybody else: ‘You need your vaccines.’ When I started practice everybody only got two at a time. I actually began to see problems with it even early on because when I started practice, we used the original DTP. So kids on monitors, I noticed that they had increased alarms after vaccines. …

“As time went on, in the late 80s, they started to increase the number of vaccines, and I had a problem with that because giving just two at a time was hard enough, but now they wanted to give 4, 5, 6 at a time. I made the decision at that time that our practice would only give two at a time. So it was never more than two at a time.

“As more time went on, I started seeing truly vaccine injured kids.  I started seeing a lot of autistic children, and their parents all said the same thing. They said: My child was fine till they got this shot and then within a week, we lost him. …They quit having eye contact, they lost language. And I heard that so often, and so then I started doing research. And the more I started researching, the more I found that the ingredients were also toxic.

“I can tell you today, having been in clinic practice for over 30 years, that the children I see today are sicker than they were when I was a resident. It’s like they’re genetically weaker. And we give four times, quadruple, the number of vaccines that we did when I started practice. …

“There’s a sign …that says by the time your kids is five, they get 81 different vaccines. It’s really 117, and it’s not really vaccines, but it’s antigens. So like a DTP is diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough, and there are three ingredients. So you get diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough—you get five of those total. So you get 15 different components there. Hib has three separate strains, so you get four times three, you get 12. Prevnar has 13 strains of pneumococus, so you get four times thirteen, 52. When you add all that up, leaving out the flu vaccine, you get 117 different vaccine antigens by the time they’re five. When I started practice, they got 30 to 33. So it’s huge.

“What I can tell you is from clinical practice because my field is clinical practice, not research. I’ve just seen so many vaccine injured kids. It’s over and over and over.”

Polly asked Dr. Franz what she does when parents come to her for vaccines.

“My practice is integrative. So we do both traditional and non-traditional. In our practice, our policy is we don’t even start vaccines till age one because it’s not the kid’s immune system until really after six months, and it’s really not strong till 12 months. So we don’t even begin until age one. That way, I don’t have a lot of problems with them early on.

“Many parents come to us because they don’t want to vaccinate the traditional schedule with 5 and 6 shots at a time. We support what they want to do, and it’s turned out really well because these kids seem to be much healthier than previous decades.”

Polly wanted to know if Dr. Franz typically tells parents about side effects connected with the vaccines a child receives in her practice.

“…We don’t give the measles vaccine till age 3. I won’t even entertain it. I would then ask you what is your problem with measles. What is your fear, what is your concern? I would educate you on that because measles is a virus. It can cause problems. It’s going to cause more deadly problems in people who are vitamin A deficient because we know the measles, mumps, rubella shot drains vitamin A stores, and then that creates a disconnect in the brain, and many kids become autistic after that. …

“I try and debunk what is your fear about measles because there are alternative ways to treat it that are equally as safe, that bring you through it with no harm.”

Polly was interested in why Dr. Franz doesn’t give the MMR until age three.

“Because so many children become autistic after the MMR that I believed before I had the evidence and before ‘Vaxxed’ came out that there was a very clear connection.

“So, if autism is a naturally occurring congenital problem, typically shows up by age two, and the MMR is really implicated, then I just separate them and said, why do it? Initially I wouldn’t give until after two, and then I just moved it to three.”

Polly then brought up the risks associated with Gardasil, the HPV vaccine. Polly asked her if she gives this vaccine.

“ No, no. I’m very adamant and passionate about not giving Gardasil. I did give it to five girls initially …and all five had bad reactions. Fortunately, none of them were lethal, none of them were long term crippling, but it was enough for me.     And then when I did the research on that—the last time I looked at the data, Gardasil had killed 120 girls outright, it has maimed over ten thousand, it is causing premature menopause,…

“I actually have an ethical issue with it too. …What happened to teaching our kids values? …Why do you need a shot?

“…In the movie, ‘The Greater Good’  —it was such a really good movie—and that young lady who was probably just the beginning. Her story was so awful, and it was so clear it was the Gardasil, that I go, ‘I’m not doing that.’”

 Next Polly brought up the childhood schedule. “As a pediatrician, are you not supposed to follow the CDC schedule?”

“No, it’s a recommendation.”

Polly asked her if she’d seen vaccine injuries in her practice.

“Not that I can recall from my own practice. I have received patients who have been injured after age one. Yeah, lots of them actually because that’s when the MMR is, after age one. So in that age group of giving it at 12 to 15 months, I think there’s probably the largest number of problems with autism afterwards.”

Polly asked her about the attitude of doctors who don’t see a connection between the MMR and side effects like seizures and bowel disease.

“…There has to be a temporal association. I maintained for years that if you brought me a healthy child, I give a vaccine and within a few days, they’re back sick, there has to be some kind of temporal connection.

“Early on in practice, there were kids that would come back that were ill, and I found myself saying, ‘Oh, it’s a coincidence. Oh, it couldn’t be the vaccine.’ And then one day I stopped and went—because I didn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth. I had to stop and think about it, and I went, ‘This doesn’t make sense.’

“So you start looking, and you start listening, and you listen to the parents: ‘What motivation do you have to lie to me? I need you to tell me what’s wrong with your child, and I need you to make connections.’

“I’m also a homeopath, and so we do homeopathy and one of the big things in homeopathy is ‘Never been well since.’ And it happens very often. People will say, ‘I have never been well since I had the flu.’ ‘I have never been well since I broke my leg.’ ‘I’ve never been well since I had a vaccine.’

“And that has to be real. It’s a very clear point in time.

“’So you’re telling me, prior to that flu you had, not even a vaccine, just a flu, you were healthy.’

“’Oh yeah. I could do anything’ …It’s very clear when you listen to people. …”

Dr. Franz then talked about the toxins in vaccines like aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and why she’s worried about them.

Polly asked Dr. Franz if, based on all she knew about vaccines, it was hard for her to vaccinate a child.

“It is, but it’s ultimately not my decision, it’s the parents’. All I can do is educate and support. And I do trust a parent’s gut. And so I tell them the thing I require is that you must be at peace about this vaccine. If you are not at peace, I will not give it. If you as parents are arguing about it, …I will not give it….”

Polly raised the question of SIDS and asked if Dr. Franz had had any SIDS among her patients.

“No, no.” She added that she’d never had any ‘shaken babies’ either.

Polly asked the critical question: “If you were a young mom today, would you vaccinate your baby?”

“No. …I would not.”

Then Dr. Franz went further.

“The other thing that I’m seeing, and I don’t have any evidence or numbers to back it up, so this is what they call anecdotal or clinical empirical evidence. I’ve been in practice long enough now that some of my own patients are coming back with their kids. …I can actually tell you that the unvaxxed kids are healthier.

“I’ve been in practice long enough that I can also tell you that if the unvaxxed kids are a problem, if my population is a problem, then according to what’s out there, they should have a very high risk and there should be a lot of hospital admissions for my unvaxxed kids getting those things. And I’m seeing the opposite. They’re not. …The children I have who are unvaccinated are across the board, healthier. …”

Dr. Suzanne Humpries asked Dr. Franz about the claim that all the children with autism are the result of “better diagnosing.” “Where do you think all these autistic children were 30 years ago?”

“It just wasn’t there. …They weren’t there.  …We’re more informed because we’re seeing more of it. Thirty years ago, it didn’t exist. …

“I have one statistic that autism’s up 6,000 percent in the last 30 years. That’s not because we’re better informed or better at diagnosing. We’re better at diagnosing because there’s more of it.”

Then Dr. Franz addressed the failure of vaccine makers to provide separate mumps, measles, rubella vaccines. “For those who chose to do it, the single vaccines had fewer problems.

“Would I push that? No.”

Polly asked Dr. Franz what she would do if she were head of the CDC.

“I wouldn’t be head of the CDC.”

Dr. Franz called for more research, including a vaxxed/unvaxxed study. She also said she would never vaccinate an autistic child. “And I won’t do their siblings.”

Additional video: Vaxxed Tour Stop Orlando Q&A Dr Franz Dr Suzanne & Polly Tommey – YouTube



go Trump

Dr. Franz covers everything very well. With 30 years in practice she has seen about enough.

One always has to wonder just how far in debt an average 25 year old pediatrician is... with school loans, house & car loans and the cost of setting up their office. I would guess $300,000 to $500,000.

The debt alone would determine their stance on vaccinations.

Jeannette Bishop

Wish I knew a doctor much like Dr. Franz in our area!

Meanwhile, via Del Bigtree's show today, some people again studied--with meme-like charts even--and determined that vaccine resistance does not improve, sometimes even increases despite presentation of vaccine "facts."


"Misinformation lingers in the memory..." sheesh!


As good as it gets - Pratitioner excellence in action ! A presentation of The Art and Science of Healthcare in equiblibrium .
Integrative Medicine, Dynamically the "Best Remedy for sturdy,hardy,healthy, happy childrens futures. " Peoples individual stories of their experiences are very important ,a basic essential to have active listening skills actually switched "on" very refreshing to watch someone who is able to effortlesly communicate with people rather than regurgitate current stoogied guidelines and crippled criteria .
"And it's a human need to be told stories.The more we are goverened by idiots and have no control over our destinies, the more we need to tell stories to each other about who we are,why we are ,where we are, and what might be possible " Alan Rickman wasn't he just fab .
If the film Vaxxed gets censored ,banned and barred ach well,don't worry about it too much ,theres always an alternative. We'll just organise Community Celtic Ceilidhs instead !and then make a real song and dance about it !
Dress code The Gunn /MacDonald Tartan " No Passports required "
1st dance on the agenda Runrig The Message -youtube
Slante ma ha, to your very good health,

Grace Green

If this doctor could see such clear evidence in her own practice, then all the others who deny it are just, plain, lying. Full stop!

Angus Files

A true hero.

Pharma for Prison


Jock Doubleday

Perhaps vaccination-friendly M.D.s should be taken to court and put in prison for assault, attempt to commit bodily harm, attempt to commit homicide, homicide, etc.

"Imprison pro-vaxxers who support mandating childhood vaccines containing mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, and aborted fetal cell tissue?"
- Jock Doubleday
Author, "Into the Labyrinth: Discovering the Truth about Vaccination"


When I was young in the 1950s everyone got every illness that they now vaccinate for. We all got mumps, measles, Rubella or German measles as it was called then, chicken pox. Everyone caught these illnesses and after a few weeks got over them and were fine. Nobody was harmed and nobody died from these common childhood illnesses. The vaccines were totally unnecessary and now we have a whole generation of immune dysfunction children and adults who can't function normally. We, the families, are now left with the problem of raising our children and adults who are vaccine damaged. Outrageous and despicable.


She is a brave and honest doctor to admit that the shots had the effect of causing normal children to develop autism. I wish I knew then what we know now and I would not have vaccinated. Now I'm left to hope some researchers discover a way to reverse the damage done to my son and all our unfortunate children.

bob moffit

Dr. Cornelia Franz:

“So you start looking, and you start listening, and you listen to the parents: ‘What motivation do you have to lie to me? I need you to tell me what’s wrong with your child, and I need you to make connections.’

Imagine that .. a doctor who actually LISTENED TO WHAT PARENTS WERE SAYING

Dr Franz:

"I’ve been in practice long enough that I can also tell you that if the unvaxxed kids are a problem, if my population is a problem, then according to what’s out there, they should have a very high risk and there should be a lot of hospital admissions for my unvaxxed kids getting those things. And I’m seeing the opposite. They’re not. …The children I have who are unvaccinated are across the board, healthier. …”

Ah, yes .. the good doctor has provided the perfect solution to providing conclusive data that unvaxxed children are more healthy than vaxxed children .. which would be a RETROSPECTIVE study .. of children DIAGNOSED AND ADMITTED TO HOSPITALS FOR DISEASES FOLLOWING VACCINATIONS. How difficult would it be to quickly determine there are far more VACCINATED children being diagnosed and admitted to hospitals .. than are the UNVACCINATED.

A RETROSPECTIVE STUDY .. lays to rest ANY reasons that morally/ethically bankrupt public health bureaucrats have given as their excuse NOT to conduct a scientific study of vaccinated v. unvaccinated populations .. after all .. THIS IS COMMON SENSE .. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

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