Vaxxed's Polly Tommey Ousted from Australia
Experienced Florida Pediatrician Offers True Informed Vaccine Consent

Dr. Eve Switzer, Meet The Google.

Eve switzer photo
No, but vaccine injury denial is....

There's a pediatrician in Oklahoma who is one of the chief Twits when it comes to tweeting incorrect information and outright lies and angry attacks on parents of vaccine injured children. Her name is Eve Switzer. We've written about her in the past - when she encouraged false reports to CPS for any parent trying to recover their children from autism.

Ginger Taylor pointed out her latest ignorant Twitstorm on Facebook this week. Seems Dr. Switzer missed the class on vaccine induced brain injury.  Oh wait, there isn't one.
Eve switzer brain damage
May we suggest a quick trip to the University of Google, Dr. Switzer? Seems the University of New Mexico was insufficient to the task of educating you.

Switzer Google search
Lest you think Dr. Switzer is not an active American doctor, take heart! She performs many important medical procedures! Just look at her profile!  Why, one might even want to call her Dr. Eve of Destruction. At least for skin lesions.... 

Switzer snipser



woman just took an apocalyptic attack on thoughts where this: How could this lady be pediatriciana ?!! She is so cold and in total defense its sickening....scary.

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Izzy Bickerstaff | August 09, 2017 at 01:33 PM

Good work .
An example to us all .
Challenge the individual .

John Stone


I have been thinking about this long and hard. We have to focus on the bad ideas, and why people do bad things. No doubt they look for self advancement: perhaps they are even foolish enough to believe they have good ideas. Nevertheless, at the end of day I don't think it helps to dump people in the category of "bad people" - the ad hominem argument which is being used relentlessly against us. We have to focus on the folly of what they say and do.

Traci Frost

I have said previously and I tend to think people brush the idea aside. But Eve along with her other cronies Dorit Reiss etc are both sociopathic in nature.
A quick google search returns this result,
a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

If lack of conscience sums up Eve Switzer then there's never a more fitting word of description! ANYBODY who researches and is willing to go down the rabbit hole will discover that the Pharmaceutical industry are some of the most corrupt organizations on the planet. And to deny innocent children and their families the justice they deserve she is nothing short of psychopathic.

Is she aware of the corruption? Of course she is. You can't NOT work in this type of industry where she has been presented with medical facts on many many occasions, including scholarly articles, citations, etc and be oblivious to Big Pharma corruption. Its just very unfortunate and sad, like during the Holocaust when there were two sides of the Nazis, Oskar schindler and Josef mengele, one chose to save the Jews, the latter chose to maim them. I think this concludes where Eve Switzer is, the latter of the two versions of Nazi above! What a pity that Eve Switzer doesn't understand Universal Karma.

Michael Potvin

Don't get me started with circumcision. That is violation of body autonomy. Circumcision is not necessary. This decision should be made when you're an adult. But I digress.

Eve is cold and callous. All were doing in the autism community is using her own words against her. What a concept.

What are parents supposed to do with autistic children? Put them in diapers and give up? No way. Never. Ever.


"Oh No, stop it, it's too funny!
Foosty Tweetments and Oinkments for silly sausages .
It was the "Hot Topic "in the hospital canteen .
"Aye that one over there , paeditrician of the month wrote what! in young Jimmy's Medical Records?
Child vomited 2pm .Mother coming up later.

Michelle Harris

Izzy, How dare you speak Inconvenient Truths to her??? LOL

Indiana Switzer and the Temple of Doom

Born in Indianapolis. I wonder if her parent(s) worked for Eli Lilly?

Date Of Birth
Aug 31 1969

Place Of Birth
Indianapolis, Indiana

Izzy Bickerstaff

I replied to 2 of her tweets yesterday with questions:
1) what is the upper limit to the number of vaccines that can be safely given to one human over a lifetime?
2) you said that there is no study or science showing that multiple vaccines cause harm, but there is this:
[Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?]

She did not bother to respond.

She just blocked me.


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