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Dara Berger: Author, How to Prevent Autism from Skyhorse Publishing on Imus In the Morning

Imus Dara


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August 7, 2017, Don Imus interview with Dana Berger

Don: “So what do you do to make a living?”

Dara: “What do I do to make a living? I’m an author right now and a documentary film maker, and I’m a mom to my two kids.”

Don: “Ms Berger has written, How to Prevent Autism; Expert Advice from Medical Professionals. And one of the women in here, a Maureen McDonnell, I believe, was a nurse out at our ranch in New Mexico one summer, in fact, several summers.”

Dara: “She’s fabulous. …”

Don: “Before we talk about how to prevent autism, what do you think causes autism?”

Dara: “People have been studying this for years, integrative physicians and scientists, and what they’ve come up with is, it’s a total load theory.

“So basically, you have a child that’s born maybe not with the best micro biome, which is your good and bad bacteria that helps you build a healthy immune system, and then, of course, we all know that we’re living in a much more toxic world, so you start layering these contributors one after the other. Maybe it’s store bought formula with all kinds of chemicals and preservatives, GMO foods, and then we start seeing these soft signs, is what we call them.

“That could be food allergies, reflux, colic, and you know pediatricians just consider this normal. They give you a prescription. But you keep doing that, and you’re not treating—you’re treating the symptom, you’re not treating the cause. And then it starts to snowball, and then eventually the child meets a trigger. That trigger could be a vaccine, it could be a virus, it could be that you were out on a lawn sprayed with pesticides. Then what happens is the immune system just implodes, the brain ceases to function properly, and the child has a full-blown autoimmune condition.”

Don: “There is …a huge number of people who attribute their children’s autism solely to vaccines. Do you subscribe to that at all?”

Dara: “I know for me personally that is the case. It is a big trigger. It’s that straw that broke the camel’s back, that’s what it is.

“For my son, at eighteen months, I was doing a very alternative schedule, just one at a time, and I only did six of the—I don’t know how many there are today, and he suffered two ischemic strokes after an eighteen month vaccination. He didn’t speak for seven years.”

Don: “It’s so controversial. I first was made aware of it by the book that David Kirby wrote called, Evidence of Harm—I believe it was called. …

“And that was something the CDC said they had investigated the component thimerosal in vaccines and determined that they could find no evidence of harm, which was 180 degrees from saying that it was safe.

“There a vicious lobby of people who ridicule people who think vaccine causes autism. And my question [is] why is that? …Why is the lobby so angry and vicious toward people who believe it’s the vaccines?”

Dara: “Unfortunately there’s so much money at stake. I mean we’re talking about billions of dollars. It’s the same thing with the cancer industry when someone says there’s a natural cure for cancer. It’s the same sort of attack, but it is more vicious with autism and vaccines.

“First of all, you go to your pediatrician, and that’s supposed to be the person you have a conversation unbiased with about vaccines, right? But unfortunately what we know is they make money off  vaccines and the visit, and then they’re incentified, they’re given money—we call it a kickback—to fully vaccinate children.

“There’s been a document going around Facebook, Blue Cross Blue Shield has an incentive program. I’ve read it, and I believe it’s real. And it shows like $400 per child fully vaccinated.  If 63 percent of your practice is fully vaccinated, that’s $40,000 for a doctor. And if that’s true, that’s an enormous amount of money.”

Don: “…So what can you do to prevent autism?”

Dara: “You can do a lot to prevent autism. It starts with pre-conception wellness, cleaning out your body before you get pregnant, eating a really clean diet, staying away from genetically modified food, using cleaning products and personal care products that are without toxins. That’s really easy to do these days.

“And then, once you are pregnant, continuing the same diet and careful standards. And then once the baby is born, if you start to see these soft signs, this reflux, the colic, the chronic constipation, that’s the time to get yourself to a holistic doctor and treat those symptoms holistically before they snowball into something else. Besides autism, you don’t want your child to suffer from asthma either.”

Don: “If someone did everything that you suggest and other suggest in this book,  …what would be the odds of a child still developing autism?”

Dara: “That’s a hard thing to say. If you do everything right, I think you drastically lower your risk if you do all of these things. I wouldn’t be able to say that there’s a hundred percent certainty because there are so many external factors that we can’t control. So we just have to control the things that we can and then work to detox our bodies, support our immune system to deal with the ones that we can’t control.”

Don: “What about the people who think it’s genetic.”

Dara: “Well, we’re been studying the human genome for years, and they’ve never found one single gene that causes autism. But that’s not to say that there aren’t genetic predispositions that can lead to illness. We all have them, to many different illnesses, but without the environmental factor, the toxin, you would be less likely to develop any of these illnesses that you have genetic predispositions for.”

Don: “So your position on vaccines is what now?”

Dara: “I don’t think any of them are safe. I think every single one is Russian roulette. There’s neurotoxins, there’s known carcinogens, there’s DNA from all different species. You really just have to look at the ingredient lists. When you go to your pediatrician, ask to see the vaccine insert and read it the way you would look at a box of cookies in the supermarket because most people would be horrified at what’s in them.”

Don recounted his wife’s concern over thimerosal in vaccines back when his son was born.

Don: “The pharmaceutical industry has made a big deal out of taking thimerosal out of most vaccines, I guess still contained in the flu vaccine, but you’re saying and others are saying, that there’s a lot of other stuff in there besides from the thimerosal.

“Do I understand that correctly?”

Dara: “The year they took the mercury out, everybody was expecting to see autism go down, and of course it didn’t, but what most people don’t know is they raised the aluminum. So even though they took the mercury out, they raised the neurotoxin, aluminum.

“Again, there’s so many other things in vaccines, and the whole schedule has never been tested the way it is given.  Many of the vaccines have never been tested, certainly not a double blind placebo study, which is what they do with every other drug. They compare it against a placebo, and that doesn’t happen with vaccines. Many times, I’ve heard, when they do a study they’ll give just aluminum or some other vaccine as the placebo. That’s not real.”

Don: “What happens when you try to get on other shows like Good Morning, America, the Today Show? You tried any of those?”

Dara: “I believe me publicist has. I’m not sure they’re interested, and I think the reason they’re not interested is there is resistance going on to the idea that autism is treatable and preventable. That’s a big problem that’s going on, and certainly the vaccine issue—they don’t want to touch on that because it’s so hotly debated. And many of those shows have pharmaceutical sponsors that they rely on. I think they don’t want to upset them.”

Don: “Anybody who’s going to have a child ought to read your book, in my view. …”



Thank You Ms Berger!!!!!

When the American Press Corps exercises its power to ignore
It leaves us all IGNORant!!
Eff You Amy Goodman
Eff YOu Rachel Maddow

I am not going to ignore THE FACT that Italy is exploding in protest over mandatory vaccinations...
neither is Putin, and the aforementioned ladies just allowed their pride to cost us our American democracy. The 'free press' has fallen prey to its own pride.
The facts just the facts, ladies, everything else is irrelevant judgement. IRRELEVANT!!!!!


Just finished reading this book. It is fabulous.

Jeannette Bishop

Great interview!

This article or the links within it to CT might be what Dara is referencing going around Facebook regarding insurance vaccine reimbursement quotas:



Gary Ogden

Dara nails it. In some traditional cultures both parents ate special, nutrient-dense foods prior to conception, and the mother during pregnancy, particularly to raise vitamin A and D and EPA/DHA status, as the developing fetus needs large amounts of them.

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