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An Open Letter to the Editor of the Guardian, Katharine Viner

Back To School Week!

Sept 2012 012
Simply couldn't resist the video below.  Remember this ad?  Happy back to school everyone!  My kids don't start until Thursday, but I'm in countdown mode, and so are they. Bella follows me to Mia's day program bus every day, trying to board. Imagine an almost 17 year old young woman is bored to death with her mother?

 This photo is from back to school 2012, but you all know how hard it is to get 3 kids with autism to look at the camera - so I'm using it.  I don't mind shaving 5 years off my age, either.  Kim

Hoping your son or daughter's year is healthy, happy and successful.


Angus Files

I remember when we were kids we always got our older brothers old school uniforms (hand me downs) and 9 times out of 10 the uniform made its way down the ranks to the youngest.My mother would be so proud to say "that was your oldest brothers jumper or trousers or whatever that had survived the test take care of it".

I noticed with my older sons clothes that were passed to my son with autism they never went any further than that -destroyed before normal life expectancy just like him.

Lovely picture Kim, well done you!

Pharma for Prison



It's not because i think you are the best person in the world that i am so grateful for this post, it's because i think You are the WEIRDEST person in the world.

Stay weird, You Brilliant fellow You!!!
And thank you, thank you, thank You, for everything You do!!!!!

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