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Autism Community Mourns Passing of Mercury Treatment Consultant Andy Cutler

Andrew Hall Cutler photoBy Nancy Hokkanen

Andrew Hall Cutler, Ph.D., P.E., a chemical engineer and mercury chelation consultant, died July 29 in Seattle of a possible heart attack. For two decades he encouraged people to investigate the neurotoxicity of mercury in medical products such as tooth fillings and vaccines.

Cutler gave scientific advice – and the occasional diatribe – to online members of the Yahoo Autism-Mercury listserv. There, thousands of members discussed chemical chelation to eliminate mercury and other toxic heavy metals from the body. In recent years similar advocacy groups appeared on Facebook, such as the Andy Cutler Chelation Think Tank.

Cutler was born in 1956, received a B.S. in physics from the University of California, and a Ph.D. in chemistry from Princeton. He was a registered patent agent and a licensed professional chemical engineer. His research has been published in chemical engineering, chemistry and space journals. Though he’d earned a Ph.D., Cutler eschewed the title “Dr.” and took care to point out that the information he dispensed should not be construed as medical advice from a physician.

A former NASA employee, his life changed when he developed a debilitating cluster of symptoms – a “mystery syndrome” that allopathic medicine could not heal. Using his scientific knowledge as a base, Cutler embarked on intensive self-study in biochemistry and medicine. Eventually he identified his disorders’ causal agent as mercury amalgam from his tooth fillings; after having those safely replaced, his health improved.

To help others suffering similar illnesses and to prevent new cases, in 1999 Cutler wrote “a book on how to cure mercury poisoning” –  Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment. The self-published book is detailed at his no-frills website, and is also for sale at Amazon.

Eventually Cutler developed the low-and-slow “Cutler protocol”: administration of DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic acid) and/or ALA (alpha lipoic acid) in timed, metered doses to rebind mercury for excretion while minimizing its redistribution in the body. Empirical evidence of “Cutler protocol” successes has been documented by users online in listservs, blogs and YouTube videos. (However chelation is not without its critics, and some people have suffered adverse reactions to the chelator chemicals.)

In 2004 Cutler followed up by publishing Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities, which describes how to interpret hair tests for mercury and other heavy metals. Cutler alerted readers to biological paradoxes to watch for when measuring toxic heavy metals in humans:

“Some of the essential elements can be toxic if they show high hair level, others actually show high hair levels when the body is deficient and needs more of them.  Excessive stress, poor digestion, adrenal issues and thyroid problems all show up in hair tests long before they can be identified by other laboratory methods.”

Cutler traveled across the U.S., Canada, England, Japan and other countries providing information on his pioneering mercury-removal protocol. He faced opposition from the traditional medical community, which viewed chelation as an arcane and dangerous branch that should be left to practitioners of occupational medicine. Hampered as he was by most people’s lack of understanding of how mercury behaves in the human body (including many scientists), Cutler pressed on to communicate technical complexities with user-friendly descriptions.

Over the years some people found Cutler’s concise and unflinching communication style brusque and abrasive. Some listserv commenters would argue with him; the terminally offended would depart the listserv with a final huffy post. But Cutler was unwavering: he had little patience for people whose unwillingness to question corporate allopathic medicine led to unnecessary health damage.

Here are some recent videos of Cutler, such as his interview by Tex of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution.

‪Thinking Out Loud: Ep.4 Pt. 1 of 2 - Dr. Andy Cutler


‪Thinking Out Loud: Episode 4, Part 2 - Tex interviews Dr. Andrew Cutler


Wise Traditions podcast #48 Detox mercury safely w/ Dr. Andy Cutler (October 31, 2016)


A memorial service for Andy Cutler is being planned for August, in Seattle.


Nancy Hokkanen is Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



I appreciate that i'm able to comment publicly on this, but why are all the facebook groups related to Andy Cutler closed? shouldn't more people be aware of this? there is so much suffering in this world already

Deniz Coban

My husband , someone who doesn't believe in the after life said - if there is a heaven that's where Andrew Cutler will be.because he helped so many people and children tirelessly, without asking for a dime. Answering the same questions over and over and never ignoring anyone. He helped me get my daughter back out of the abyss of autism. Dark and scary place it must be indeed. Even painful. Horrible to think but she doesn't remember it. She's a funny quick witted young lady now , with a sassy attitude and oh so interesting! There was a time she was in her own bubble and would cry 22 hrs of a day. She was in pain. Thank you Andy Cutler you are a special person and your legacy will live on


Thank you so much Andy Cutler. You saved my daughter's life. I too read your book over and over. I followed your protocol and my daughter is now healthy and brilliant. She is very social and I will never forget the day we did a round of chelation and she picked up her friend's bike and off she went. I will always be forever thankful for saving my daughter from her vaccine injury.

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Ruth Hanckel | August 30, 2017 at 10:10 AM

Just speculating Ruth but couldn't it just be as likely that the blood pressure and aneurysm are caused by the initial toxicity that you are chelating for (ie the mercury) ?
Like everyone else , I'm very sad at Andrew Cutlers passing but he did leave a great legacy .

Its definitely slow and steady does it .

I saw a YT video of a well known scientist recently (alive and well) saying he had been chelating for 8 years continuously , often twice a day .

Ruth Hanckel

well, this is pretty devastating. I'm somebody who has done 150 rounds (I had quite severe dementia symptoms - got lost two streets from my own home, couldnt remember 2 items on a shopping list). I got hugely better. My osteoarthritis was also cured.

But minutes before finding Dr Cutler had died at a relatively young age, and of suspected heart condition, I emailed to ask him if it was possible that his protocol caused heart and blood pressure issues in the long term as I now have these issues plus an aneurysm. I guess I wont be getting an answer.

Rest in Peace Andy Cutler. You were a genuinely good person who dedicated yourself to all of us. You changed my life.

Michelle B

When I met Andy I told him I was so grateful to him for saving my son's life. He refused credit saying that it's parents who save the kids. Humble and brilliant--how often does that coincide?

His protocol took my son from a 4 year old moderate ASD child (not verbal, not potty-trained, and stimming all day long is "moderate" in ASDLand!) to a boy who has never been in SPED, and has recovered in every way.

I have mentioned Dr Cutler many, many times in the comments section of this blog, I'm sad that only now he warranted an entry. If you haven't tried his protocol, DO IT NOW. Mercury doesn't cause permanent damage. Get it out of your kid's brain--it works!

Adam Mortenson

Best advise I got from his work - fix the problem that is causing your other problems first. Another one was tests don't you make you better, the chelators do. The tests are to help you find out what you have. Once you know what you have don't waste resources on being someone's science experiment. Read the description of mercury poisoned people. If that sounds like you or your kid then you probably have it. Especially if you know you were exposed. Brilliant man. Owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Caroline McIlhenney

I studied Amalgam Illness from cover to cover. It explained EVERYTHING mercury does to the body and did not mince words. Hope was right behind the insights. When I e-mailed him once, he e-mailed me back. It meant a lot to me.

Betty Bona

We need personalized medical care when it comes to detoxifying our bodies. As that is not available to most people, Andy Cutler filled a void with his protocol that is as safe as a can be expected for mass consumption. Low and slow reduces the risks so that the benefits outweigh the risks for most people. Still, what we really need and deserve is a professional to work with each one of us who needs to detoxify. Andy Cutler moved the realization of mercury detoxification into the open and helped so many people. Even people like me who tried and got scared by negative reactions learned that toxicity is a huge part of today's declining neurological health. He will be missed.


I will always be grateful to Andy for helping me to give my daughter her life back.I too watched round after round my child slowly speak.After 160+ rounds my daughter is mainstreamed and fully conversational with an amazingly funny personality I would've never known w o Andys guidance.Believe what you will his protocol works.How could I ever have thanked him enough.I am so saddened to hear of our community's great loss though we are losing more and more great Dr's these days and a question if anyone could ever fill Andys shoes.He will be missed and his no nonsense approach is what the community imo needed.Im a very longtime member of frequent dose chelation yahoo group, Autism Mercury, and Fight Autism and Win and his contributions to those groups were astounding. Thank You Mr Cutler you will never be forgotten.I can only hope we all make you proud while we continue the fight to healing ourselves and our children.


To JH: Regarding your assertion that adverse reactions to chelation chemicals "only occur when it is not taken in accordance with Cutler's Protocol,” I once shared your optimism — until I heard otherwise.

I’ve read the Yahoo! Autism-Mercury listserv almost daily since 2002 and had some correspondence with Andrew Hall Cutler. Years ago a patient he consulted with had developed Stevens-Johnson syndrome as an adverse reaction to DMSA. (I am omitting details to protect the patient’s privacy.) A few other people have mentioned less serious effects that nevertheless put them off DMSA.

Regarding critics of chelation, an Internet search using keywords “chelation” and “mercury” shows that the naysayers’ online presence has dwindled sharply over the past decade. Perhaps an occupational medicine trade group has some legitimate theoretical or empirical data of interest to you, but I would be disinclined to expect much from the likes of the faux consumer group Quackwatch.


He certainly was a great man - one who will be missed. When I spoke with him and read both of his books, I knew I was hearing "the truth". You know when someone is "telling the truth" - you feel it in your gut. We had heard so many lies about mercury toxicity from the medical community back in the late 1990's and early 2000's (and still today!). I do remember on chelatingkids2 when we would get in these discussions over Andy's protocol. I know we were helped by him- my kids were helped in ridding the mercury from their bodies. I truly respected Andy Cutler as I do many of you who are in this to save your health or a loved one's health and getting the word out to anyone who will listen!

Rebecca- I would love to read your book - please post when and where it will be available.


Thanks for the nice article about a great man.

Would point out though with respect to the following sentence: "chelation is not without its critics, and some people have suffered adverse reactions to the chelator chemicals"

This does not make it clear that adverse reactions to a "chemical" like alpha lipoic acid (in reality a common over-the-counter supplement) only occur when it is not taken in accordance with Cutler's Protocol. Would be interested in specific theoretical or empirical data backing up the allegation of these critics.


Years ago I asked Andy what he thought of the Wakefield controversy. He replied, I will only say one thing about it. Every year thousands of bad scientific papers are published. They are never retracted. Why is this one paper retracted? That's all I'll say.
I took that to mean it was a political move that had nothing to do with whether the science was good or not.
Very sad to lose such a remarkable human being.


Thank you Andy - I read your book until it fell to pieces in my hands. I watched my boy start talking while doing round after round after round. Long and slow like you said, it worked and I am forever grateful. Rest in peace


I will be forever grateful to Andy who showed me how to get back the quality of my son's life and his health after he was mercury poisoned by vaccines. there are just not enough words to express my gratitude for all the advice and information he gave to us over the years. My son would never have had a chance at an independent life without Andy Cutler. He will be missed.

Birgit Calhoun

He was one of the few people who had the science down. It was immediately noticeable that he had found something that conventional medicine does not get. He was a giant to people who had been searching for so long for what was ailing their child. A huge loss to science and a guiding light for people who search for a cure of the symptoms of mercury poisoning, Dr. Cutler deserves the highest praise for seeing what was acknowledged by some but denied by the general medical profession.


Just a wonderful man. One in a million. Super smart and deeply helpful. I am shocked by this news.

Rebecca Lee

Andy was my teacher and I feel it terribly to have lost him. My guru died!

Andy thoughtfully made plans to keep his work going after his death. His current books will continue to be printed and sent out. The support groups are self sustaining and strong. Any infringements on his copyrights will be ferociously pursued. The rules for following his protocol are stringent and should not be messed with. The latest book, which he was writing with me, is almost done and will be published soon.

Hundreds and hundreds of people have been posting thank yous for what he did for them. The comments from parents are particularly touching. Many comments of, "Thank you Andy for saving my child." He would sit at his computer all night just helping people.

He was very active on the support group. We are going to miss him so much! Who is going to interpret all those EKGs, now? Who is going to know and comment about weird genetic conditions off the top of their head?

He died with an awful lot of information still in his head and not written down. I got some comfort when I realized how many people he corresponded with and really trained. His knowledge continues for us in many different minds.

He was selfless in the best sense of the word. He helped thousands of people just for free and never thought much about it. When I first asked him to mentor me he said he would. When I asked to what extent, he said, "Probably quite a lot because of all those poor sick people out there."

So blessings on you, brilliantly intelligent and most modest Andy Cutler. In my mind you merit the title, "great soul." Mahatma Andy.

Angus  Files

A great man and has done his bit in curing the vaccine poison train crash.

Pharma for Prison


Michael Potvin

What an amazing man. It takes courage to say, "You're all wrong. I know what I'm doing, and I'll prove myself right by getting results over and over." Age 61 is a young age to die. Fortunately Cutler accomplished his destiny in helping thousand of people heal from mercury/lead induced sickness. Andy Cutler will continue to help people in death. Your traditional MD cannot say that.

I am getting results with ALA. My body temperature regulates better and gaining healthy weight, albeit slowly. Other symptoms will take time to improve which I shall not delve into on this forum.

Heavy metal poisoning prevents vitamins/minerals/amino acids from absorbing properly. Remove the metals and supplements will work better.

Oh, and Cutler insists you take the recommended vitamins. Chelating is stressful. Vitamins get depleted on the protocol, thus take the vitamins! Be nice to your body so your adrenals do not crash. Never be in a hurry to increase your ala dose. Take your time.

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