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Age of Autism: We Now Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Program!

We're liveWell, that was fun! Did you miss us? First vacation I've had in ten years!

We had a tech glitch and it took many minds and a few sleepless nights to get us back online. Now now, haters, no hissing, that's not nice!

Imagine a world without Age of Autism - the horror!

Every crisis is an opportunity, yes?  So how about a donation to keep us live for a long, long time? Or at least until next week?

Donate large or tiny - little by little your help adds up!  Send a check to Autism Age, PO Box 110546 Trumbull CT 06611 or use our secure online donations site through Bank of America Merchant Services - see the donate button on the right over there? Click it!  Or go to our link here.

We apologize for the heart palpitations of that "GONE" screen. It freaked us out too. But all's well that ends well. Onward Rebel Alliance!




..."They now have very well informed scientists investigating their problem, as we do. Indeed, targeted individuals tend to be scientists, or as in my case, children of scientists. And autistic people also tend to the scientific brain. We have a lot in common..."

Indeed. William Binney and Kirk Wiebe are now conducting what I believe to be the first global survey re TI or Targeted Individuals:

Targeted Individuals are not just those of whom may have certain connections within the scientific community. They can be anyone: They can be children of parents who are involved with intelligence agencies, or individuals who are involved in the military and/or are drug users and the downtrodden (to be used as human guinea pigs for some of these exotic technologies).

Grace Green

Linda 1, Thanks. At the moment I'm concentrating on mercury detox (which has now caused eczema!). We are also completely off-grid, so no danger from smart meters. Most of what we experience is being "Wakefielded" since before Dr. Andy was even born, I think due to my father being a vaccine whistleblower in the Pharma industry. This takes the forms of financial, biological, chemical and psychological as well as sociological. They might have been testing things on us before applying them to the general population. Everything is changing now.


So sorry for what you are going through. Have you tried to decrease your exposure? There is Powerwatch UK. Maybe someone from that org can advise you or lead you to someone who will come to your home to measure EMF/RFR?

Grace Green

While you were on vacation (e-hm!) I was drawn into a youtube series of videos (by Dr. Katherine Horton) about "targeted individuals" (another misnomer like autism). Many of those who suffer this fate experience similar symptoms to some of us - ringing in the head, headaches, sharp pains in different parts of the body, at random. I found myself thinking, mercury poisoning. They would say it's EMF, a problem which has been raised on AofA. And then neither of those explains the persecution to the point of threats on our lives, which I myself have experienced. I can't help thinking that all these groups should get together, and then we'd have more power. They now have very well informed scientists investigating their problem, as we do. Indeed, targeted individuals tend to be scientists, or as in my case, children of scientists. And autistic people also tend to the scientific brain. We have a lot in common. I'm no good at putting links, but look up Techno Crime Fighters Forum. (I'm not going to abandon AofA though!)


I have to type "www." in the address bar to get to the site. If I just type, it says the DNS address can't be found.


So glad you're back!!

Jeannette Bishop

@tim lundeen,

Thanks. Duck Duck Go ranks several autism sites better than Google thinks they deserve apparently. I suppose complete censorship is a special commendation.

Tim Lundeen

@jeanette bishop

Re Google and their search results, it is interesting that Duck Duck Go has Age of Autism's front page in their top 70, google doesn't have it in its top 500.

I switched to using Duck Duck Go some time ago, I'm happy with it.

Gary Ogden

So good to have you back! Don't know how you do everything you do, Kim. Wonder Woman. This is my first-thing-in-the-morning daily connection to this wonderful community every day. The site has been on the fritz off and on today, so I've been unable to comment until now. I expected the worst, especially since I've nearly finished "Stonewalled." Now I understand why things have gotten so much worse with the media during the Obama years, why it is no longer permitted to openly question anything about vaccines. He's still in D.C. doing who knows what. I voted for him twice! Never again will I be fooled by a politician.


Thanks Kim for getting us back our Age of Autism Website. I was afraid it was hacked and gone forever. I read it every day and couldn't imagine a morning without it.

Angus Files

Pharma party pooper Kim!


Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

I had to browse through 40 plus pages of Google the past couple of days searching to for signs of Age of Autism (on a search of just "autism"). Couldn't find any. It's like you've got to know what you don't know, but I did find a couple moderately to mildly interesting links:

Ketogenic diet and gluten free diet both help improve scores:

Some metals/mineral levels role in autism:

And a couple of links regard the facilitating to brute force efforts in perpetuating the epidemic disabling of children:


That was scary. Let's not do that again.

Tim Lundeen

@bob I'm rooting for a big lotto win for you :-)

Glad the site is back up!


Glad you are back!


Don't do that again. It was awful!


Glad you all are back - missed you! Hope you were able to relax a bit for a few days. I was worried that some provax fanatics or one of the "actually autistic" who care nothing about our regressive kids might try to buy up the AoA web domain if they could.

bob moffit

Kim .. if anyone deserves a well-earned vacation it is YOU.

My modest check will be in today's mail .. wish it could have been more .. but .. I have already bought my lotto tickets for upcoming drawings .. and .. should I win .. AoA will be among the first to share my good fortune.

John Stone

Well done Kim, for getting us back!


Cathy Jameson

Thank you, KIM!
xo, Cat


Wahoo! Thanks, Kim, for your diligence.

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