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What Did The CDC Know And When Did They Know It?

CdclogoBy Dr. William H. Gaunt and Spencer M. Gaunt, RN

“O let me ne’er forget that though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.” (From the hymn “This Is My Father’s World”)

Scientists and doctors at the CDC vaccine division knew in 2000 that mercury in vaccines was causing neurodevelopmental disorders including autism.  That year CDC scientist Thomas Verstraeten did a study of over 400,000 infants comparing children who got the most mercury from vaccines with children who got no mercury from vaccines.  The children who got the most mercury were more than 7 times as likely to become autistic compared to those who got no mercury.  

The data from this study was shared at a conference but the study was never published.  A meeting(called the Simpsonwood Meeting) was called to address this “mercury in vaccines causes autism” problem.  CDC doctors and scientists were joined by vaccine experts from all over the country.  There was agreement to remove mercury from vaccines as soon as possible.  One of the doctors in attendance was notified that his first grandson had just been born.  He called his son and told him not to allow his grandson to get a vaccine containing mercury. 

Mercury was subsequently removed from most pediatric vaccines within the next 3 years.  Unfortunately, the flu shot and the dtap shot have since been recommended for pregnant women.  Multi-dose flu shots still contain mercury and the dtap vaccine contains aluminum.  Mercury and aluminum are both powerful neurotoxins and when injected at the same time they work synergistically to multiply the risk of brain damage. 

When a pregnant women is given these vaccines, it is equivalent to injecting the developing fetus with mercury and aluminum.  The ability of the body to detoxify heavy metals is nearly nonexistent in a fetus.  Do vaccines given during pregnancy cause an increase in fetal death and miscarriage?  Do the children born to women who got these vaccines during pregnancy have a higher rate of neurodevelopmental disorders including autism? 

The answers are likely yes and yes but studies that would provide the answers are discouraged.  Studies funded by the CDC can’t be trusted.  Independent studies by scientists not paid by the CDC are needed to get honest answers to these important questions.  The CDC’s official position is: “several studies prove that vaccines do not cause autism”.  The studies the CDC refers to are heavily manipulated scientific fraud.  They even claim that no more studies should be done on the vaccines-autism connection because “the science is settled”.  The truth is that vaccines can and do cause autism and many other problems.  This denial by the CDC is preventing scientific studies that can identify which ingredients in which vaccines are the causal factors.        

In 2001, the CDC knew that children who got the MMR vaccine on time between 12 and 18 months of age were far more likely to become autistic compared to children who got the MMR after age 3.  This effect was most striking in black boys but was statistically significant in all races and both sexes.  The study did not include children who did not get the MMR.  The MMR vaccine does not contain mercury so the mechanism of action causing autism is different than in mercury containing vaccines.

Several studies now show that the measles virus portion of the MMR is infecting the gut and the brain.  The documentary film “Vaxxed” clearly shows the manipulation and deliberate disappearance of data in that study. The final publication in the journal Pediatrics in 2004 concluded that there was no increased risk of autism with earlier MMR vaccination.  CDC scientist whistleblower Dr. William Thompson is the central figure in “Vaxxed”.  He has revealed details about how the data was manipulated and disappeared so the final published study could have a conclusion that is the opposite of the truth.  More than 5,000 petitions in Vaccine Court for autism were dismissed based on this fraudulent study.

A vaccinated versus unvaccinated study was published on April 27, 2017 in The Journal of Translational Science.  The lead author was Dr. Anthony Mawson of Jackson State University.  It analyzed health data on 666 homeschooled children.  The unvaccinated children had a higher incidence of chicken pox, measles, and whooping cough as expected.  These diseases are rarely fatal.  They help the immune system mature while providing permanent protection from reinfection.   The vaccinated children had 4.2 times more autism, 4.2 times more ADHD, 5.2 times the incidence of learning disabilities, and 30.1 times the rate of allergic rhinitis compared to the unvaccinated children.  Many other health factors were analyzed and the unvaccinated children were far healthier across the board.  

Vaccine Court has awarded over 3.6 billion dollars for vaccine injuries.  This represents only a tiny fraction of vaccine injuries that have occurred.  Most people have never heard of Vaccine Court and they believe their doctor when told that sudden infant death, autism, seizures, or other injuries were not caused by vaccines.  Vaccine Court officials tell us that they have never compensated any family for autism.  Researchers have found 83 cases of children with autism whose families were awarded millions of dollars.  Here is the vaccine court’s tortured logic:  They will compensate for encephalopathy(brain damage) caused by vaccines and they admit that encephalopathy can lead to autism but deny compensating for autism.  Lawyers for families in vaccine court have learned to avoid the “A” word if they hope to win compensation for the families of autistic children.  

The agenda of the CDC and vaccine companies is to create more vaccines over time and pass laws to make them all mandatory.  This is financially beneficial for the vaccine companies but increasingly detrimental to public health.  Autism rates have gone from one in ten thousand children to one in fifty children since the dramatic increase in scheduled vaccines started in the late 1980s.  Truth and public health are being trumped by corporate greed.  One factor that is allowing this to continue is the control big pharma holds over mainstream media.  The advertising revenue received makes it nearly impossible to present any point of view unfavorable to vaccines. 

Our individual efforts sometimes seem insignificant but collectively we are having an impact.  The great harm that vaccines are causing will be recognized and corrective action will follow.  Some of us avoid vaccines completely and others follow a selective and delayed schedule to minimize the potential damage.  The “wrong that seems oft so strong” are the greedy bullies who profit handsomely from vaccines and deny the harm they cause.  Sincere thanks to all the doctors, scientists, lawyers, authors, documentary film makers, people running vaccine information websites, and others from all walks of life who are working tirelessly to awaken the public to this tragedy.  Here are a few resources for people who wish to learn more about this issue:

Dr. William H. Gaunt is a retired doctor of naturopathic medicine.  He has also taught chemistry, biology, and anatomy on the high school and college levels.  His previous articles can be found by googling “articles by Dr. William H. Gaunt on ageofautism.com”.   Spencer Gaunt is Dr. Gaunt’s son.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology and is a practicing registered nurse.


Shelley Tzorfas

The last time I looked into Vaccines during pregnancy the package inserts that the doctor got-but does not bother to read said the vaccines are Not tested for safety or efficacy for pregnant women or the fetus...In my day you had to ask a doctor for permission to take an aspirin. I have read that there has been an 4,250% increase in Fetal Deaths from vaccines in Pregnancy. My analytical side has come up with plausible explanations as to why pregnant women are now practically forced to take the toxic chemicals.
One reason is to allow for Data Mining so pharmaceutical companies could quietly collect more data.
The second reason is actually in Defense of the Vaccine program. Pharmaceutical companies have always sung a song ..."Children are BORN with Autism." The only way for them to prove it is to cause toxic overload to the developing fetus and his or her brain and gut by shooting Aluminum and mercury as well as around 40 other poisonous substances into them and Create Brain Encephalitis aka Autism in the womb so they can sing another verse in their song that goes something like this; "See we Told You that Babies are BORN with Autism..." That way by the time the infant is a few hours old and gets shot with 250 MCG of Aluminum and other chemicals, parents and the media will Not be able to say "I think it was from the Chemical Vitamin K shot (With no vitamin in it) or the Hepatitis B shot given before the baby's liver was fully developed. The MEDIA and The PARENTS as well as THE BABY does Not Stand a Chance with This OBFUSCATION!

susan welch

Thank you for this very comprehensive article. It's great to see so many pieces of the corruption pulled together in one place.

bob moffit

"Truth and public health are being trumped by corporate greed. One factor that is allowing this to continue is the control big pharma holds over mainstream media. The advertising revenue received makes it nearly impossible to present any point of view unfavorable to vaccines .... the “wrong that seems oft so strong” are the greedy bullies who profit handsomely from vaccines and deny the harm they cause."

That more or less describes the public health bureaucratic SWAMP CREATURES .. corporate greed, pharma control over media, greedy bullies who profit handsomely from vaccines and deny the harm they cause .. that MUST BE DRAINED!!!!!

Waiting to see if new HHS and CDC leadership will enthusiastically endorse creation of an independent Commission to conduct a long-over due study of vaccine "safety and efficiency".

It either "drag their feet" .. WE CAN ASSUME THAT "DAMNED SWAMP" WILL REMAIN.

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