WHO Advised to Revise Its Post-Vaccination Philosophy
La Scalata della Glaxo (Glaxo's Rapid Rise in Italy)




Personally, I think John Oliver believes that he's telling the truth. Didn't we all believe the lies from the CDC before we woke up?

I'm not sure what to think about the older mother theory of causation although in the 1980s I was given a table which showed that older mothers and mothers under the age of 20 were more likely to give birth to babies with Down's Syndrome, and a nurse explained to me that the reason for the higher rates was fewer babies were born to women in these age groups. This could also apply to autism mothers.

"Teenage mothers were 18% more likely to have autistic children, and women over 40 had a 15% raised risk "

Interesting that the Merck Manual doesn't show the rates for DS for the under 20s and is still using data from an out-dated study in 1983.

Here's a later study from 2004 and their conclusion was "Down syndrome live births declined in the US despite an expected increase caused by delayed or extended childbearing".


I think the rates were used to scare "older" women into having a raft of expensive tests, and yet, according to this article, "against popular belief, most children with Down’s syndrome are born to young mothers: 51 % to mothers under 30, 72 % to women under 35.":


I think one of the worst things doctors can do is to suggest to a woman celebrating her pregnancy, that because she's older (older than what?) that there might be something seriously wrong with her unborn child and that she needs to have these tests.

Grace Green

I increasingly believe that those who are making these sort of arguments don't actually believe what they're saying, and are probably not vaccinating their children. They are most likely a lot wealthier than they were before as well.

I've just had a thought about the "older mum" theory of causation. It could be that older mums have had more time to accumulate mercury, from fillings and jabs, to affect their child in utero. How many people have a worse affected older child? He may have got a life-time of stored mercury.


Maureen: "It does shock me that someone like Jon Oliver could be taken in "

I think it shows how vulnerable to pro-vax propaganda even intelligent people can be when it comes to protecting their own babies.

If anything untoward should happen to his son, I'm wondering if John Oliver will feel just as stupid and guilt-ridden as many of us do for being taken in, or if his doctor will be able to convince him that some children are genetically-programmed to lose eye-contact, language and skills after a vaccine, or that he and his wife, with his 38 year-old sperm and Kate Norley's 43 year-old eggs are to blame - or it was their dog's shampoo, or the new vinyl flooring they recently had installed in the kitchen.

He must already know that regardless of what he and his wife think, and how many mainstream specialists they consult, none of them will blame vaccines because they believe, or will say they believe, they're absolutely safe - even for premies - and vaccines don't cause autism.

Jonathan Rose

Actually, Bob, you're not entirely wrong about Jon Stewart. A long time ago, just before public debate on vaccines was shut down, he did have RFK Jr. on his show and actually gave him a respectful hearing. But some years after that he ridiculed liberal vaccine skeptics, told them to stop reading Mothering magazine, and apologized for airing RFK Jr., though at that point Stewart only identified him as "some guy". (Evidently Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was a difficult name to remember.) On that program Samantha Bee conducted one of those fake interviews that is edited to make the interviewee look stupid, this time with the moderator of an alternative medicine website, but the interviewee actually came off rather well, and later said he benefited from the publicity.


Thank you so much Del. I watched then entire show, even though what you presented was not new to me. It does shock me that someone like Jon Oliver could be taken in - and the fact that he has a new born premie - it is even more shocking.

Lynn waldrop

I have watch Dels program yesterday
several times and look forward to watching it many more. Highwire Talk is blasting off and Dels level of communication is masterfully evolving and being applied skillfully at acutting edge each week.

He has roasted John Oliver on high flames for over 1 hour and 45 minutes. I waited to see what John had to say only with Del leading the way ~~ what John said was inhuman, sad and most importantly dangerous. This is a powerful rebuttal and really vaporizers this clowns shtick into thin air. :::

It's very exciting to watch pure and honest news hit the airways finally

bob moffit

@ michael

Thank you for correcting me on confusing Jon Stewart with Jon Oliver .. also appreciated your observation the "smear merchants" have relentlessly .. ruthlessly .. "smeared" Dr Wakefield's name for at least a DECADE.

As I said .. that dedicated army of THOUSANDS .. NEVER FORGETS, NEVER FORGIVES, NEVER STOPS .. because ... THEY are paid handsomely every time one of their "smear" targets .. such as .. the honorable Dr Wakefield , are repeated .. over and over again .. in the only COURT that truly matters to the smear merchants ... that being the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION .. populated by main-stream media newspapers, magazines, entertainment celebrities .. etc.

Thinking about Oliver's possible "motivation" for his "smear merchant" attack .. ridiculing and attacking anyone who has been IDENTIFIED by the vaccine industry as a threat to their BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.

Trust me ... as Shyral makes perfectly clear .. the continuing attacks on people like RFK, Jenny McCarthy, etc.. once TARGETED BY THE INDUSTRY .. are NEVER GOING TO STOP.

Which leads me to Oliver's possible "motivation" .. to stop those relentless attacks on HIMSELF for his prior observations on the Pharma DRUG industry ... he allowed himself to gain relief from the relentless "smear merchants" ...by acting as a "USEFUL IDIOT' for the vaccine industry.

Wouldn't surprise me in the least.


Bob Moffit--Thanks for the tip on Sharyl Attkisson's new book : http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2017/06/28/excerpt-sharyl-attkissons-the-smear-how-shady-political-operatives-and-fake-news-control-what-you-see-what-you-think-and-how-you-vote/ When you read this excerpt you can substitute Andrew Wakefield's name or the names Jon Oliver and the rest of media smear.

When you wrote Jon Stewart you really meant Jon Oliver...or not???

Tom Petrie

Lengthy "interview," but....TOTALLY WORTH IT! BRILLIANT! Just watch it and....let's petition the C.D.C. to study the Somalians of Minnesota. I doubt they'll do it, but the study of Autism in the NON-vaccinated Somali population MUST be done!


Few people can captivate an audience in a solo show for over an hour. Del Bigtree is so enormously talented. My only problem with the show is the name. Should be "LiveWire".

Hans Hitten

Bye Bye Anne Schuchat (I'll never forget that Elizabeth Warren interview you did and the outrageous lies you told to your entire nation\ the entire world in fact).

BrendaFitzgerald (do you have any idea of the true nature of the job you have taken ?) - this is for you :

Vaccine Injury captured on film . Gardasil .

Doug Troutman

Oliver uses all Paul Offit talking points. Scripted by Paul Offit. I have heard the same exact thing for years.

Jake Crosby

" John Oliver's vulgar and vicious tirade about vaccination choice."

Vaccination choice??

No, it was a defense of the child-poisoning vaccinations themselves. But I realize that Age of Autism is merely about fighting for people for have the "choice" whether to permanently injure their child.

bob moffit

Just started reading Shyral Attkisson's newly released book .. "The Smear .. how shady political operatives and fake news control what you see, what you think, and how to vote"

I suspect Shyral would include Jon Stewart among the virtual ARMY of "smear merchants" .. literally thousands of well-financed operatives .. whose ONLY purpose is to conduct a public "smear" campaign against ANYONE the vaccine industry deems a threat to their lucrative ... BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.

Indeed ... Jon makes a perfect "smear merchant" .. presenting himself as a talented humorist .. thereby allowing him to use the "smear merchant's" most powerful weapons .. PUBLIC RIDICULE AND SHAME .. all the while pretending to be well-informed on a subject he obviously knows nothing about .. other than the CDC's usual "talking points" .. which Del exposed for the sham they have proven to be.

I would love to know what motivated .. (can't just be the MONEY) .. Jon to do a show devoted to presenting vaccines as "man's greatest medical invention" .. but ... I do know that Jon has seen what happens to others in his field of entertainment when THEY dared raise serious, unanswered questions .. exposing vaccines for being far less than the miracles they have been reported to be?

As Shyral claims .. that virtual ARMY of smear merchants NEVER FORGETS, NEVER STOPS .. reaching out continuously EVERY DAY .. producers, writers, CEO's .. ANYONE .. who can SMEAR whatever target they are being PAID to SMEAR.


Whatever was Jon's motivation .. he none-the-less has become just ONE of thousands of USEFUL IDIOTS .. THE SMEAR MECHANTS RELY UPON.

Hans Hitten

Del Bigtree are you sure about the Somalian rate of autism at 1 in 32 ? (Swedish disease & its the same for the Somalians in London too)

I have it at 1 in 8. Reportedly the Ugandans in Northern Germany are returning 1 in 6 !

Nevertheless I love your interview. You have done great work .

All of the governments are just not reporting the figures anymore.
The UK & the BBC are guilty of a complete news blackout .
They are taking a new risk , of recommending the Gardakil for gay men now .

And as if it isn't bad enough being in prison . They are targeting the incarcerated too .
Gypsies and the homeless next no doubt .

Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell said: "I am delighted to announce the introduction of an HPV vaccination programme for MSM in Scotland from today.

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