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Ten Minutes to Wapner - The OCD of Autism

OCD_childBy Teresa Conrick

If you never saw the film, Rainman (1988) , you don´t know that classic line -- Ten minutes to Wapner -- which of course meant, Judge Wapner from, The People´s Court.  That quote became a tragic joke, a good laugh at those sick or disabled, right up there with, I´ve fallen and I can´t get up.  It was a line made famous by Dustin Hoffman in his superior role as an autistic adult, Raymond Babbitt, with his obsessional routine of watching, The People´s Court

I will smile here at my own obsessional quote, one that I mention frequently as I believe it to be one of the most important sentences about Autism:

SINCE 1938, there have come to our attention a number of children whose condition differs so markedly and uniquely from anything reported so far, that each case merits-and, I hope, will eventually receive-a detailed consideration of its fascinating peculiarities.

Written by Dr. Leo Kanner in 1943, it too could be looked at as a tragic joke, as the ¨detailed considerations¨ since 1938, have been missed by researchers and doctors for decades, in so many ways. The lack of alarm that a condition, disabling and ¨peculiar¨, was brand new and rare. For over 50 years, the rates continued to be low until the vaccine schedule increased dramatically. Pesticides, like vaccines, have increased and much research shows both of these as damaging to the HUMAN MICROBIOME.

One of the most ¨ peculiar¨ pieces to Autism has been described here in the DSM as diagnostic criteria:

Restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities, as manifested by at least two of the following, currently or by history (examples are illustrative, not exhaustive; see text):

  1.    Stereotyped or repetitive motor movements, use of objects, or speech (e.g., simple motor stereotypies, lining up toys or flipping objects, echolalia, idiosyncratic phrases).
  •    Insistence on sameness, inflexible adherence to routines, or ritualized patterns or verbal nonverbal behavior (e.g., extreme distress at small changes, difficulties with transitions, rigid thinking patterns, greeting rituals, need to take same route or eat food every day).
  •    Highly restricted, fixated interests that are abnormal in intensity or focus (e.g, strong attachment to or preoccupation with unusual objects, excessively circumscribed or perseverative interest).
  •    Hyper- or hyporeactivity to sensory input or unusual interests in sensory aspects of the environment (e.g., apparent indifference to pain/temperature, adverse response to specific sounds or textures, excessive smelling or touching of objects, visual fascination with lights or movement).
  • In those first children described by Kanner, he mentions quite a bit about their restrictive, repetitive -- obsessive behaviors:

    -- He wandered about smiling, making stereotyped movements with his fingers, crossing them about in the air. He shook his head from side to side, whispering or humming the same three-note tune. He spun with great pleasure anything he could seize upon to spin. He kept throwing things on the floor, seeming to delight in the sounds they made. He arranged beads, sticks, or blocks in groups of different series of colors....Most of his actions were repetitions carried out in exactly the same way in which they had been performed originally. If he spun a block, he must always start with the same face uppermost. ..... There were also innumerable verbal rituals recurring all day long. ...his mother had to conform or else he squealed, cried, and strained every muscle in his neck in tension.

    --- To a certain extent, he likes to stick to the same thing. On one of the bookshelves we had three pieces in a certain arrangement. Whenever this was changed, he always rearranged it in the old pattern.

    --- his first move in entering the office (or any other room) was to turn the lights on and off. He was in the habit of saying .,almost every day, "Don't throw the dog off the balcony."He took a small blanket and kept shaking it, delightedly shouting, "Ee! Ee I" He could continue in this manner for a long time and showed great irritation when he was interfered with. All these and many other things were not only repetitions but recurred day after day with almost photographic sameness.

    --- Repetitious as a baby, and obsessive now: holds things in hands, takes things to bed with her, repeats phrases, gets stuck on an idea, game, etc.,

    --- He became upset by any change of an accustomed pattern: "if he notices change, he is very fussy and cries." But he himself liked to pull blinds up and down, to tear cardboard boxes into small pieces and play with them for hours, and to close and open the wings of doors.

    ---  He has gradually shown a marked tendency toward developing one special interest which will completely dominate his day's activities. He talks of little else while the interest exists, he frets when he is not able to indulge in it (by seeing it, coming in contact,with it, drawing pictures of it), and it is difficult to get his attention because of his preoccupation.

    ---  Since he talked, there has been a tendency to repeat over and over one word or statement.

    ...obsessive questions.....When he is interested in a thing, you cannot change it.....Mild obsessive trends were reported, such as pushing aside the first spoonful of every dish..

    ---There was very marked obsessiveness. Daily routine must be adhered to rigidly; any slightest change of the pattern called forth outbursts of panic. There was endless repetition of sentences....She insists on the repetition of the same routine always. Interruption of the routine is one of the most frequent occasions for her outbursts. Her own activities are simple and repetitious.

    Kanner´s summary in a nutshell - The child's behavior is governed by an anxiously obsessive desire for the maintenance of sameness….This insistence on sameness led several of the children to become greatly disturbed upon the sight of-anything broken or incomplete....A great part of the day was spent in demanding not only the sameness of the wording, of a request but also the sameness of the sequence of events.....obsessiveness, stereotypy, and echolalia

    The problem was that Kanner had no idea that, what was going on, was medical and instead used a psychological slant to explain these behaviors and to blame the parents.  Today, more and more research shows that the obsessiveness, stereotypy, and echolalia involved in a diagnosis of AUTISM seems to be coming from the gut, in that stew of bacteria and viruses called the MICROBIOME .  I can forgive Kanner.  Who knew?  But to see anymore wasted money in 2017 and beyond, on AUTISM research blaming GENES or PARENTS, is just INSANE.  So let´s take a look:

    Likely Connection Between Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and the Gut Microbiome

    ATLANTA, Georgia – A rapidly emerging field of research indicates that approximately 100 trillion microbes and more than 3 million microbial genes in the human gut may play a significant role in human health and disease.1,2 It is also becoming evident that the intestinal microflora regulates brain function and behavior, and may thus influence the pathophysiology of various neuropsychiatric disorders including anxiety, depression, and autism.3,4 ...Now, preliminary findings of research presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in Atlanta, Georgia, indicate a likely connection between obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and a disrupted gut microbial milieu.5..This chronic, relatively common, and frequently debilitating psychiatric syndrome is characterized by recurrent intrusive thoughts (obsessions) that trigger anxiety and prompt repetitive mental or behavioral acts (compulsions) performed by the affected individual to control or diminish that anxiety. The researchers extracted DNA from stool samples. ...In general, the samples collected from individuals diagnosed with OCD show lower abundance and lower diversity of microbial populations, as compared to the samples from typical control participants.

    Gut microbiome dysregulation implicated in OCD  


    SAN FRANCISCO – Patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder have a gut bacterial microbiome marked by diminished species diversity and abundance, compared with that of healthy controls, according to the first study to examine the issue...Results of this pilot study also suggest that OCD patients with tic disorder have a distinctly different gut microbiome, compared with other OCD patients, ...Moreover, rodent studies suggest that manipulation of the gut microbiome using a probiotic can diminish pathologic anxiety (Behav Pharmacol. 2014 Feb;25[1]:71-9). And anxiety is a predominant symptom in OCD,...In addition to the decreased abundance and diversity of bacteria present in the microbiomes of the OCD patients, compared with controls, another key finding was that the OCD patients had increased levels of systemic inflammation.

    Autism Symptoms Subside With Strep Throat Antibiotic Targeting Gut-Brain Link  

    After the boy was put on a prescription for antibiotic amoxicillin to treat strep throat, he was suddenly able to make eye contact, his speech development improved, and he had a new drive and energy — none of which his parents had ever observed before the antibiotic. Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), affect one in 68 children, and the prevalence of diagnoses are growing, according to Autism Speaks. Researchers are increasingly focusing their efforts into studying the gut microbiome’s role in ASD, which experts call the “gut-brain” connection. Current research has demonstrated the type of bacteria inside a child’s gut plays a role in their disorder that transmits to the brain. Rodakis’s child isn’t the only one to have ASD-related symptomatic responses to antibiotics, which is why researchers believe there could be a key to understanding the core biology of autism.  

    It’s not that antibiotics should be used by parents to curb their child’s autism symptoms, but instead research efforts need to be invested into understanding why they have any effect on autism at all.

    My daughter, Megan, exhibits many obsessive/compulsive behaviors:

    - As a toddler when regressing into the behaviors of autism, she had to carry 2 magnetic letters in her hands all day and sleep with them.

    - Watching the same shows, DVDś and songs over and over. Christmas songs ALL year long!

    - Turning light switches on and off repeatedly. Closing and opening doors repeatedly.

    - Stereotyped movements with her hands in front of her eyes.

    - Non-verbal echolalia - Meg is non-verbal but she freezes up or has vocal tics until WE SAY the same thing over and over. For example, before she goes to bed, every night, she must hear repeatedly, french fries tomorrow, cookies tomorrow, french fries tomorrow-- in that order or it must be started over.  

    - Vocal tics over and over.

    - Touches or smells over and over.

    - Fixated on water fountains, constantly requesting to drink from it.

    - Obsessed with Youtube videos of ballpits and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, sung in ANY language

    -  Routines for bathing and eating, bedtime, in the car etc….this obviously can lead to frustration and aggression.

    - If something is out of place, like a rug is turned or the salt shaker is moved, she must fix it--- BUT this and other behaviors diminish or stop when on Azithromycin for Strep or other treatments targeting the Microbiome.

    We are light years ahead of when Kanner wrote about Autism and even from when Rainman was made. It´s a painful life for far too many and those diagnosed deserve Immune and Microbiome treatments to help stop these debilitating behaviors.

    If you can, leave a comment about your child´s Obsessions, Compulsions and Autism. Thank you.

    Teresa Conrick is Science Editor for Age of Autism.



    No Benedetta, it is not "just one more" to be dismissed nonchalantly. Acetylcholine levels are a critically important biomarker that can already be tested for. No DNA or tissue tests necessary. Back a couple decades ago it only cost, depending on the lab method used, about $10 to $60 dollars. If ingredients in vaccines are cholinesterase inhibitors, every citizen should have the right to obtain such a test as a logical step in deciding whether and when to vaccinate themselves or their children. The test was already on the books so that employees exposed to chemicals as part of their daily job could be tracked and informed when their levels became concerning. And if there are ingredients in vaccines that affect the acetylcholine process, it would be very easy to document that both in animals and humans by running the lab before and after vaccination, and TEST the CDC recommended "multiple shots at one time are safe" hypothesis. If babies are born and are already in a state of acetylcholine imbalance, then they would not be vaccinated, but rather treated medically to restore balance before even entertaining the idea of vaccinating. Things like atropine and oxine are already used medically to stop the effects of poisoning from toxins that affect this pathway. And conversely, there are drugs that are specifically designed cholinesterase inhibitors that are being used to deal with things like ADHD. So there must be a J curve involved, implying the pathway being just right.
    AND, among all the wonderful things that healthy bacteria secrete and give to its host human, well acetylcholine is also secreted by bacteria (" Acetylcholine (ACh) is known generally as the neurotransmitter in the mammalian central and peripheral cholinergic nervous systems. However, ACh is also widely expressed in non-neuronal animal tissues and in plants, fungi and bacteria, where it is likely involved in the transport of water, electrolytes and nutrients, and in modulating various other cell functions")- so a wrecked microbiome obviously would affect acetylcholine levels in humans. Or exposing that bacteria to cholinesterase inhibitors could critically change the secretion.

    And - if plants and fungi express acetylcholine also - well, that readily explains the general notion and stories you hear that a person may not every be able to achieve excellent health without eating organic. Pesticides could be shifting acetylcholine expression in the food we eat.


    Grace Green; I bought a whole bunch of the soy and coconut yogurt and I still am reacting to it.
    It must be the strains of bacteria in it. Dang.

    My understanding was that Europe way back in the 12th or 13th centuries, volcanoes lead to colder winters, starvation, diseases, migration of rats carrying plague out of the steps of Russia, a perfect storm that caused 1/3 of the population of Europe to die. When that happened it brought on the Dark Ages - for centuries. Only when the populations began to climb back up did Renaissance Age begin.

    The same volcanoes caused droughts in South America, and also in the United States. Archaeologists are just now piecing it together what happened to thriving, large cities, and these great civilizations went . The only thing left were ruins of stones of the cities, or giant mounds they built. Their populations still had not returned to any great numbers. and what the Europeans found in 1692 were much more primitive and really sparse populations.
    Gates and WHO really did put a hormone in the vaccines and gave it to the women of Africa. When caught, like all criminal liars they said that Kenya and all African nations do not have the medical labs to really test for that hormone. Really saying they did not have the intelligence.

    Never mind that that test for that hormone is so easy to test for; as in, every western woman that wants to know if she is pregnant runs down to the corner drug store, and buys the same test. Easy Peazy.

    All living things populations are not all that easy to predict what will happen to them in the future. Too many Variables. So, we have elites that made their money off the backs of many in various ways sitting some where dreaming up ways to play God.

    But I think we are just talking pass each other. Sorry.


    You have put a lot of thought into this and studying.
    I did too - at one time. It seemed reasonable to me that what we did to insects, we might have done to ourselves too. Except it was not a spray on a field that did it, but a vaccine. Actually there are many biological, metabolism pathways that seem to be messed up, and that is just one more.

    Grace Green

    Bennedetta, I think there is a bacterium, Bulgaricus, which is supposed to be one of the most beneficial in yogurt. Maybe that's the one you're allergic to? It should be possible to avoid that by choosing other makes. Good luck with that!
    On the subject of population, one last comment. I saw a TV programme on the plague in Europe in the middle ages. The population had been quite dense but was reduced massively. As a consequence the peasant class found that there was a shortage of labour, and their terms, prospects and rights improved immediately. This is why I believe TPTB don't want depopulation but to turn us all into zombies, so we don't have the intelligence to fight back!
    But I can't improve on the latest comments by ATSC, and nobodyeverybody. I think we should all be working together, as that's the only hope for survival of our species and the many others with whom we share the planet.


    Teresa, I simply selected a name that felt right at the time. A nobody can still talk about science without needing a special degree, and it's a topic that effects everybody now, whether they know it or not.

    Talking about cholinesterase inhibitors because Rachel Carson pegged the issue down in her lifetime and it's a critical pathway in several lifeforms, affecting so many processes in the body, just like autism affects more than just social behavior. In her day she discussed it in light of pesticide use, specifically DDT. But there is a long list of pesticides known to be cholinesterase inhibitors, and symptoms of it overlap symptoms seen in autism cases. This could account for the virtually non existent numbers of autism prior to the late 19th century, proceeding to the early 20th century. Now, heavy metals are being researched because they also may be cholinesterase inhibitors (I'm sure I saw specific mention of mercury, lead, and aluminum if I recall my periodic chart symbols correctly), which I'm not sure, but I think is a much more recent development than Rachel Carson's original information on pesticides. If it's true, that would account for the slight uptick in autism in Kanner's time, and autism's continuing slow upward trend. Mercury and lead were both used often in laboratory experiments, and not just for pesticide development - the huge flurry of evolving science in the late 1800's and early 1900's meant a rapidly expanding population of scientists who were exposing themselves to these things during the study of organic chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, and pharmocology. Logically, this would have induced epigenetic changes in people in many science fields, not just those developing fungicides, setting them up to further susceptibility, as well as their children and future children, and would explain why not quite all of early autism cases were vaccine and mercury fungicide induced. The microbiome would have started shifting more dramatically in those families, making it more likely that families with a history of any one of a number of experimental lab backgrounds were more likely to been seen in the early autism numbers. If heavy metals are also cholinesterase inhibitors, it would also explain the ever exasperating claims that autism has always been around because we have found 3 people in the past 2000 years who are described as acting similarly to those with autism. Heavy metals have been around and in public use in non-lab environments so naturally there will been a few people here or there, but more than enough good microbiome reserves to prevent population wide impacts. Throw in the advent of synthetic pesticides, which shifts and destroys an environmentally supportive microbiome in, on, and around us, and whammo, the addition of vaccines and the significant increase in them in the 1980's becomes completely unsustainable.
    What I'm talking about is a hypothetical unifying pathway underlying heavy metals (which includes vaccines) and synthetic pesticide effects on any biome/virome/yeast, and their direct and indirect effect on human physiology which could direct future research into product safety and whether or not a substance should be on the market, or forced into use.
    Like, in California how cancer promoting products need to be labled as such. Maybe what should be happening is substances and products containing them that are cholinesterase inhibitors should be labled as such because they contribute to cancer AND autism.

    When cancer, autism, and other serious major chronic illnesses start to combine their forces, I see an uptick in other politically inflammatory rhetoric that seems to me to be an attempt to re-separate and redirect attention away from the causes of these problems. For instance - we are supposed to believe in global warming because the ocean environment will be destroyed and waters rise, and if you don't believe you are a denialist. But when was the last time the major media reported anything about the devastating health effects on human beings right here in the U.S. due to non-renewable energy, never mind the polar bears a thousand miles north of us? We are all stranded on our own melting iceblocks of chronic disease. William Thompson raised his voice with what could have been a unifiying revelation, but what we all heard on the media was the Fergason tragedy which divided the country again into black vs white. And when vaccine was about to be news again, some jackass attacked a church. Never one to let a good acute tragedy slip by, major media was dominated by the church tragedy until vaccine could slip back into shadow. Medical tyranny and autism effect our entire educational system, but what we hear is how stupid Trump is and how he should be impeached. He and the wall against immigrants are the big patsy being used to keep the public divided with eyes away from the encroaching pharmaceutical regime incrementally taking over all aspects of society. And if the near complete failure of the medical system and coercive vaccine program, and its control by the synthetic pharmaceutical industry was about to become a fiery topic, what happens but they dig a detour trench so that horribly inflated drug pricing schemes placing meds beyond the reach of the average consumer takes on the role of public scapegoat, a not-quite-as-important pharma issue everyone can unify behind as opposed to the really really important other issue, aptly containing the crisis yet again as the public's eyes are deflected from the nuclear effects of vaccines. Even within worthy causes resulting from the same point of origin they have planted dissent. Who has it worse, the family with cancer or the family with autism? If the vaccines and cancer don't kill ya, the red herring will.

    Can you imagine left leaning environmentalists, independent scientists, and right-leaning religiously based republicans alligning with all the cancer, autism, alzheimers, and diabetes victims, rich and poor alike, of all different colors, and all agreeing that yes, these major health issues could be drastically reduced if we reduced our dependence on carbon energy sources and the synthetic chemicals & pharmaceuticals in our environment that are toxic to the acetylcholine pathway? That EVERYONE has that in common and that that one commonality is more critical to social equality and economic stability than all other differences we are continually being told are the issues?


    All I know is that when a bunch of people that have the power; gets in a room together, and talks about population control of the masses, and peons: corruption, and abuse will follow, and there is - not an if, or might in that situation.

    Here is an article that suggest that common every day microbes might trigger asthma.

    Which makes me think about how children with autism have less types of microbes; less diversity. What happens if our immune systems is constantly attacking common gut microbes, in the allergic like way?

    On a personal note: Yesterday; I ate some, a small amount of my red cabbage sauerkraut. I am okay, I am alive, I am well.
    Today I went to the store to buy buttermilk for my Mother. I almost bought the Bulgarian buttermilk, again. That is what I had about two or three months ago that really messed me up.

    Bulgarian buttermilk is made from yogurt, and has the same cultures of microbes that yogurt has.

    It occurs to me that I might be allergic to a common microbe that is found in yogurt and kefir? Not the casein, milk protein after all.

    I did not have any reaction in the last couple of weeks to some cheese, I dared nibble on.
    On the low carb diet, I followed Dr. Atkin's seven day menu to help us get started. A few days in we experienced the low carb flu. That was the day after feta cheese.

    Does feta cheese have some strains of microbes that yogurt and kefir would have?

    So, if kids with peanut allergies can be cured by giving tiny bits of peanut butter; -- well you all can see where this might lead us to.


    I would be most surprised if I ever become a grandparent for the reasons Betty Bona gave and I'm happy with that because not only is the world in such a terrible mess, I fear that compulsory vaccination for all, if it should come about, will only be the beginning of complete control over our lives from cradle to grave. Compulsory annual medical check-ups with compulsory vaccines and compulsory medication and compulsory contraception, and maybe compulsory microchips to monitor everything about our health, lifestyles... and more.

    Sadly, I'm sure that most people would welcome Nanny Government making decisions for them or there would have been greater outrage over SB277. What surprises me is that the "My Body - My Choice" feminists were strangely silent on this issue which gives me the impression that the movement is right behind the depopulation agenda. Same as gay rights. I'm sure that to TPTB, the more people having any type of sex that doesn't lead to conception the better. Young people might celebrate the sexual freedom they have but the downside is oral and anal cancers, STDs such as gonorrhea which is becoming untreatable, and porn-induced erectile dysfunction.

    People talk about longevity today. Isn't science marvellous because we can expect to live into our eighties? That depends on the quality of their lives. It makes no sense to keep old and infirm people unnaturally alive for a decade or more past their 'three score years and ten' unless they are enjoying life as many elderly people in the past did who died naturally in their eighties or nineties.

    Three members of my family suffered greatly for 10 to 15 years before they died - two with alzheimers. Their lives only being artificially extended by a raft of pharmaceutical drugs and painful surgery after painful surgery. It is the medical profession and pHarma who are benefiting, not us. Same as they do from medications for the multitude of neurological problems and mental illnesses that the young have today like OCD. No wonder so many young people are suffering from anxiety and depression because the old standards of morality and a sense of purpose for life have gone.



    With overpopulation in mind, what would be the purpose of a government rewarding women, regardless of their marital status, for having children, and how many unmarried mothers, having baby after baby, are living off benefits? Is this good for any country? I agree with Hans: "their game is to completely atomise the remaining nuclear family".


    Back to the article:
    Hands washed till they bleed.
    Worried about touching dead animals, which they have too since they live on a farm, but they have to be assured all is okay after wards.

    Which makes you wonder if microbes are communicating anxiety and OCD to protect themselves.

    I will never get over that there is a cat parasite that if it gets into the brains of rats - the rats become attracted to cat pee like it is an aphrodisiac and actually go hunting for a cat to be eat - in which the parasite is back in a cat. Is that just not scary creepy? Yes, it is.

    Grace Green

    Hans Litten, I totally agree with all of your latest comment. Been there, done that , home-educated the kids. What I think is, They are really trying to control us, not kill us. The relatively small number of severely autistic children are when their ploy went too far. Those of us who are only mildly affected are more malleable, more easily conned and persuaded. That is, until we get wise to what's going on! I think They were reckoning on getting enough of us, especially the intelligent ones. into the neurodiverse mindset before this got out into the media, and those who were still capable started fighting back. Lets all keep up the pressure.

    Hans Hitten

    Grace Green :

    4,250% increase in fetal deaths reported to VAERS after Flu Shot given to pregnant women

    Hans Hitten

    Posted by: Betty Bona | July 13, 2017 at 02:25 PM

    I spoke with an 80 year old mid wife recently . She said to me , something is definitely going on .
    When she working back in the 50s & 60s women would come in crying all the time about how they had fallen pregnant again (they were terribly upset to be having even more children.)
    But now she says , people cannot fall pregnant , and there are fertility clinics everywhere .
    Does long term contraceptive use cause permanent sterility ? Plastics BPA ? HCG ? Vaccines ?

    I have read other articles suggesting there will be wave of gender confused children coming down the pipe due various chemicals now in use . No accident I'm sure .

    Science is not being used for good , but for evil . Whilst we were thinking the world was a nice safe place , the criminoThorities have been busy setting traps for us all .

    I personally know at least 100+ childless women in my life who look like will never have children .
    And if you look at the brainwash machine (TV) the subliminal messages are pretty clear .
    They have surreptitiously destroyed the extended family over the last 100 years and now their game is to completely atomise the remaining nuclear family .
    People think its all their own freewill and their own choice but they are being cleverly influenced in devious subtle ways via the lying lamestream . Boycott the BBC I say . Disband the BBC.

    The criminoThorities know full well the impact of autism , the family generally has no further children . The family is likely to break up - 90% do . The autistic child themselves will never reproduce and the siblings are less likely to as well . They will have all this recorded on Dbs .
    Databases have changed the world . They have all the data and have it all recorded .

    Cashless society is the next big plan they have for us . To completely control the money supply .
    They have begun microchipping people in Aus. and Sweden I think .

    Hans Hitten

    Grace , I beg to differ .

    "I don't think TPTB want population reduction" really ? The evidence is overwhelming , nssm200 (Henry Kissinger 1974) & Agenda21 .

    "but if that's the case they've miserably failed!" They certainly have not failed . In fact they have been remarkably successful . They have stabilised the world pop , so much so we are in a plateau phase . Every nation in the world is in their crosshairs . They have a multitude of policies in play .

    "An estimated 59.1 million babies in the U.S. have been aborted since 1973." Another part of the policy .

    Aids , Marburg , Ebola ? Polysorbate 80 ? Gardasil causing ovarian and testicular atrophy .

    Flu vaccines to seniors ? Ethyl Mercury given to 100M via the vaccine scam ?

    Have a listen to the Richard Day diaries perhaps .

    Grace Green

    Hi Benedetta. What you say I would largely agree with. However, I don't think it's those who are in power who are saying this, but thousands of ordinary "greens" like myself, who are concerned about our environment, including the vast numbers of species which are being made extinct. I don't think TPTB want population reduction. Some say they've wanted that since WW2, but if that's the case they've miserably failed! Our own PM ten years ago started a scheme to PAY people £500 for every new baby! I was also interested in your reference to the Book of Revelation. If it's the bit I'm remembering, I think the point was, there would be no people left by the time Jesus returned because of the wars, famines and diseases, the very things I mentioned in my last comment.

    Hans, neither Captain Malthus nor I has said anything about euthanasia! Suggesting to people that if they care about the planet they should consider having smaller families is in order to AVOID suffering and deaths, and is obviously entirely voluntary. By the way, your original comment on this matter was completely off topic, given Teresa Conrick's interesting article. It would have been more appropriate on the "Don't criticize what you don't understand" thread. Some of us felt we couldn't let it pass unchallenged.

    Hans Hitten

    Posted by: Captain Malthus | July 14, 2017 at 05:14 AM

    Same to you Captain .No offence intended in any way .
    Love the name btw . Wish I had thought of it . Makes me laugh everytime .

    As regards overcrowding. My point was I am not a "useless eater" .
    I do not submit to being chemically dispatched . I suggest you do the same and resist these criminals with everything you have got .

    I object & refute everything vaccine .
    I cry foul about the fluoridation of water (or infants milk in Blackpool by the PHE)
    I think the 6 mercury amalgams I had for 20+ years was attempted murder and the BDA should be prosecuted in court for that crime which is still ongoing .
    I think we all should try growing our own foods as much as possible .Every Garden, EveryStreet .
    I object to FrankenFoods GMOs.
    I object to aluminium in the food supply like our bread . And in sprays .
    I believe Autism & Alzhemiers & MS & ALS & Alzheimers & Parkinsons & all Cancers to be deliberately manmade diseases brought about to harm us and profit from us . And more too .
    Government needs to be challenged and reigned in (they have overstepped their authority).

    I do not accept the current education system that ties people up for up to 2 decades and teaches people little or nothing (except to learn to behave and to submit to be controlled) .

    Captain Malthus


    I what way was that in any way implied in what I said? You are making several logical leaps.

    Hans Hitten

    Posted by: Grace Green | July 13, 2017 at 04:56 PM

    Grace , I obviously was asking the Captain if he was volunteering to self euthanize ?
    10 Fun Ways to Euthanize Yourself

    Can I respectively suggest that first of all , according to these criminals , having 2 children , is 2 too many . And furthermore , they definitely do not want you to have any grandchildren .
    They want to end your bloodline. That is called Hg-enocide .

    No offence intended whatsoever . I am not a Bilderberger .

    John Stone


    Yes, I can see that could/would have been part of the strategic consideration.


    Oh Grace; I cannot imagine some one having 16 kids now a days. They are so rare that they make TV programs about them. It looks like a mess to me. Normal people though, can reason it out that they cannot afford too many children. Does a bunch of people that have some power needs to be sitting around in some room talking about population reductions?
    7 generations ago, 16 was a good number, but the generations that followed made a choice to have fewer and fewer children at least they did in my family, and most in my community did the same. Two is the average number. .
    I had two.
    and my two children will have 0. Not their choice. I wonder what will become of our farms, and homes and possessions, who will inherit it all?
    I guess it will be absorb by the government.
    John Stone; I heard about France not have many men to fight and it encouraged Germany; on one of those WWI history channel programs. It is not that I researched it or anything..

    John Stone

    Hi Benedetta

    I am not sure about your story of the origins of World War I. I seem to remember that what they invaded was Belgium due to the collapse of treaty arrangements, and the general state of international paranoia. They invaded France of course in 1870 (or the Prussians did) and again in 1940. The UK and France currently have identical population numbers, but of course France is more than two and half times bigger in land mass, so it is certainly much less crowded (and you can buy a house much more cheaply), and this has probably been reflected through history.

    With France particularly we may be looking at a repeat of the conditions of the Revolution of 1789 with the state and the populace being bankrupted by various franchises, monopolies and dispensations - as are we all. But it is true that it is still not a particularly crowded country by modern standards (nor is the USA which is about 3 times less densely populated than France). Macron, of course, is an unhinged technocrat who will just make things worse.

    Grace Green

    Hans, I'm not sure what you're asking Captain Malthus if he's volunteering for, but I volunteered to have just two children! THEY look as if they're not going to have any, probably for the reason Betty Bona describes.
    Benedetta, that's all very well, but more people needs more work doing. If you want to have 16 children so they can look after you in your retirement that's going to create a huge demographic problem. As for me, I'll probably go on working till I drop! The overcrowding we have here in Europe creates poverty which results in even professionals not being able to get adequate housing. Also, maybe if we hadn't got this far in the first place, the governments wouldn't be trying to kill us all by poisoning.


    LOL! Individual people should have no say so over their reproduction cause after all the human masses are nothing but just a bunch of brainless cattle with out any thinking capacity when it comes to having those babies. LOL.

    We are the only species on this planet that is concerned about populations of cattle, dogs, horses, birds --humans, and any species that appears to be an abundance we think we need to do something about it.
    It is hardwired into our brains like language and symbols.

    France populations fell so much prior to WWI that it encouraged the Germans to invade it.
    Back in the 1700s, in the book of Rob Roy; the author of southern England was appalled that the wild highlands had filled up with highlanders. Southern England needed the area to raise sheep, for wool for the textile factories in southern England, to make sails, to go forth in the world and collect riches.

    Controlling human populations was a way of thinking prior to WWII that played a major role in some of the horrible ideals of the Nazis regime.
    IF all the people of the world right now were lined up, and placed back to back, all crammed into one area- it would be the size of the city limits of Los Angles.

    In the book of Revelations; there is a passage that there would be not one left (humans) if Jesus did not return.

    Cambodia - the perfect society would be one million people, and so they went about producing the killing fields.
    My ancestors came with Daniel Boone through the Cumberland Gap, and most had a family of 16 kids cause there was not enough people to make life easier in the division of work.

    You want a hard life, let there be not all that many humans dividing up all the work, and you will find out just how hard life can be.
    I can sew, I can raise a garden, I can save the harvest it is hard work and very time consuming. Populations of people is a nice thing; it is a wonderful thing that there is a lot of workers making electricity.
    Something to think about when we are all nostalgic about hiking trials and wishing for less houses and roads, and people.

    Betty Bona

    Hans, Captain Malthus and Grace,
    If you spend any time with young adults in their twenties, you will see that a significant number of them are reluctant to move forward with having families of their own. Many of them know families who have endured great misery and despair because of autism, and they are afraid to fill their lives with the same misery. They know that they can't just assume that it won't happen to them. Even their friends who have not suffered autism in their children have babies with severe colic. They see babies that spit up constantly and cry in pain rather than from hunger or dirty diapers leaving their parents feeling helpless. They see so many babies with gastrointestinal issues. They see babies that can't sleep through the night for years, and babies and toddlers that just don't respond to the usual methods of discipline and can't be left to "cry it out" in timeout or otherwise. Today all of these issues are considered "normal". That's just what a new parent can expect. Young people in the seventies used to joke about the expense and drudgery of having children, but it was really just a joke. Most people accepted the expense and hassle of having children willingly even when they were surprised by the intensity of parenting. Some of today's potential parents-to-be have opened their eyes somewhat. We may be seeing a drop in the number of babies people are having because the "new normal" that parents can expect is just too hard. I am in no hurry for my children to have their own children. I'm afraid that the life of a parent today has already become the kind of miserable that Grace mentions. Is it a conspiracy or just the way things are and the way things have worked out? Who knows, but, still, the drive to have children is strong. Hopefully some of those young adults will learn ways to increase their chances of having happy, healthy babies.

    Hans Hitten

    Posted by: Captain Malthus | July 13, 2017 at 10:47 AM

    Are you volunteering ?

    Grace Green

    Hans, I totally agree with Captain Malthus. I think the original Malthus's main argument was that people will keep having more children and increasing the population until life becomes miserable, and as they will keep doing that life will always be miserable. Smaller families have more resources (money and time) and live in better conditions, and the same principle applies to the whole world. Surely it would be better for us all to decide to have fewer people and a slightly bigger bit of cake each? I fear that if we don't, nature eventually sorts the problem out herself - with famine, climate change disasters, disease. And I don't see how your argument fits with the vaccine holocaust cause. It just makes both look like conspiracy theories.

    Captain Malthus


    What numbers are we talking about? It seems to me a reasonable proposition that the numbers cannot go on expanding indefinitely without conditions ultimately becoming unsustainable: it possibly needs to be thought about sooner rather than later. This does not, of course, justify mass deception, murder, and assault and battery.

    Hans Hitten

    Posted by: Captain Malthus | July 13, 2017 at 04:43 AM

    Totally and completely disagree . Found your name most amusing however .

    And we sure the planet cannot support these numbers .
    After these so called leaders of ours are completely untrustworthy .
    Are you sure it isn't all about having their own private safari parks .

    On the subject of Malthus , didn't he say the populations were totally unsupportable back in 1850 .

    This is all about greed , sheer greed , and total control . Despotic rulers , same as always.

    Captain Malthus


    With a view to the long term viability of the human species and the planet it might at least be better if people attempted to have fewer children rather than leaving it to governments to surreptitiously poison them.

    Cherry Misra

    @Bill, - It is certainly possible for a person to have a very mild situation similar to autism. There are many examplles. One child that I know had about 8 symptoms found in autism at age 2-4, but they were not severe and he spoke well, so he was treated as "normal" by most people, tho his parents found some of his behavior odd and one babysitter wondered if he had autism. Over the years his symptoms diminished until at about age 14-15 he became quite a typical kid. I also know older adults who have some symptoms that we associate with autism, and usually they have had lives that somewhat deviate from the norm.
    but there is no need to think that you are stuck with this situation. You can look into this microbiome topic and I would suggest that you remove all sources of mercury and aluminium from your life. For mercury that would be- stop eating fish- refuse all vaccines, get your silver-mercury dental fillings removed by a biological dentist and see lists of mercury exposures. You might find some unusual source of mercury in your life. For aluminium, stop use of deodorants that contain al and stop use of al pans and foil and, once again, stop vaccines. If you like, you can get your mercury levels checked by Quicksilver Scientifics ( avoid use of just any old laboratory for this). You can also look into some of the products that are used for mercury toxicity such as fish oil, sublingual vitamin B's , R lipoic acid, Haritake, others. Note that change will not happen quickly- but after several years you may notice distinct improvement. If you have a lot of dental amalgams, it will take longer. Good luck- I know it can be done !


    Here, wade through all of this from my jumbled mind, and see if any of the questions are answered or it just leaves us with more questions.

    I am sure there are many cases that pesticides can cause poisoning and problems. That is how they are designed, to mess with the nervous system, and the immune system of invertebrates; and we will find that those pesticides will do the same to us.if we are exposed.

    But all those kids sitting in suburbs, or cities with ever increasing health problems are not likely to run into such environmental issues., at least is vast numbers.

    More likely it would be something in the vaccines, considering that most parents can tell you, their eye witness accounts of vaccine reactions, and injuries. .

    I for one sure can, and I can tell you what happened when we repeated the shots, each and every time; which were many times cause I was about the slowest mother to ever walk this planet.

    Heavy metals would be in the vaccines, like mercury, and now I suspect aluminum is even the worse culprit of them all. .

    You ask about Choline, and that gets us back to problems with methylation.
    I am not sure what methylation is?
    Is it just putting CH3 groups on everything? Apparently gut microbes do just that. Microbes in sauerkraut, do a lot of putting on CH3 groups on vitamins . Wonderful stuff, right?

    Sauerkraut makes my psoriasis arthritis worse, with whole body inflammation flaring, from skin to joints in my toes. . I can't do it. This is after years and years of trying, and it is a pity cause I got pretty good at making sauerkraut. I love to do the red cabbage sauerkraut. However; it makes my ears itch just thinking about it. And butter milk - sigh, I have always loved buttermilk, but it makes my blood pressure plummet, as does gluten. No eating or drinking probiotic methyl vitamins for me. I do wonder if eating gluten helps some microbe grow and give off toxins? Maybe a low carb diet is best. Everyone says keto is the way to go.

    or does methylation mean:

    Is it more about our own human body's inside the cells; the Kreb's cycle, metabolism, mitochondria producing ATP and how all the steps toward that end can be messed up. Oxidation phosphorylation cycle of the mitochondria is missing Co enzyme Q 10 and why is that? We know that for many of the children there are problems with iron deficiencies or too much iron. It does not end with iron, B12 has to be methylated or it becomes stuck, and can not be used. Kids with autism at the Royal hospital were found by Dr. Wakefield to have large amounts of unused B12 in their blood It was stuck, just like the choline is stuck and can't go on to produce Acetylcholine ,or the folate is not there and it should be; and it is stuck some where in the metabolism path too. Many have high cholesterol so there is a lipid transfer problem. Kawasaki disease which is vasculitis and a common vaccine injury have problems with lipid transfers. Maybe it is the glucose metabolism that is messed, so we have to rely more on the keto metabolism.

    Is it really about our metabolism, or what is growing in our gut though?

    More on Choline; and bipolar which given my family history is just one more vaccine injury..
    Inositol is a B vitamin and it is given every time with choline. Choline helps the body use inositol.
    I have a friend that lost a sister because the big drug companies did some kind of trial medicine on her and stopped her liver producing choline and she stank like fish. She later got liver cancer and died. Go figure.
    But back to bipolar.
    A little bit of history here is that ; at one time they thought that inositol and thus choline was the problem, and they suggested diets low in inositol and choline, for people with bipolar. All the while on this diet, those with bipolar were taking lithium pills that did seem to work. But why? Well because now it is known that lithium allowed inositol to stick around, or be reused -- like re up take; comes to my mind. I have long since forgotten most of this.

    I am beginning to think more and more that it is all about food allergies. It seems that food allergies that drives our histamine levels and if you want to see some one appear zoned out ; histamines can zone a person out.

    So what did the vaccines do to cause problems with methylation metabolism, over driving the immune system to react to so many common foods and histamining us and inflaming us to death?. Did the vaccines kill off microbes that dampened our immune systems? Perhaps the vaccines killed off all the microbes that were busy putting methyl groups on our vitamins so our metabolism can use them? Perhaps we are growing something that is usually there but growing more of it ,and it produces toxins. Many do have yeast infections, the immune system is not working to dampen that fungus down. Perhaps the the vaccines have a bit of protein attached that are common in our foods and confused our immune system to attack proteins found in our common foods?

    It is not just peanut allergies, or gluten allergies, or casein allergies but a rather long list of foods that are histamine producers. Which Teresa's research tells us that some microbes can dampen the immune cells and thus keeps histamine production from going wild.

    I am not giving up tomatoes - I am just not-- well they have yet to come in from the garden, and my ears ,and other places are not itching right now, nor is my hands and feet hurting. I may have too give them up. I have found over the years though that many times it is the amount of certain foods that I consume that matters. Hmmm, my Mother and my daughter cannot eat too many onions. Not whole, or raw for sure. Onions rich are rich in inulin to help certain microbes grow. Onion also have sulfur.

    Another book on sulfur could be written here. , .

    As for SIBO. My Mother has had that for years. It seems that the sweeping of the little brooms (fila) on the inside of our small intestines is driven by hypothalamus, a lower brain function that receives and sends messages to the gut by the vagal nerve.

    A doctor; told my Mother years ago said that the messages from the hypothalamus to the gut was messed up, and it might signal for the sweeping to begin at the end of the small intestines and not at the beginning and thus not following through like a well synchronized machine as it was designed to do. what would inulin from an onion or a sunchoke do sitting in an un swept area of the small intestines?

    Many with brain injuries and not just from vaccines, but car wrecks, head trauma have such problems with irregular sweeping out of the small intestines. .
    Yet the health of hypothalamus can be affected by our diet. It does appear to be a round ring; a give and take system. So if we have a brain injury of the hypothalamus; perhaps eating right -- can heal the hypothalamus. Then there could be damage to the vagal nerve too, in which case we will need plenty of methyl B1 , thiamin, and other Bs to heal the vagal nerve.

    So if we are missing gut microbes that put these CH3 groups on vitamins well ---- healing the hypothalamus or the vagal nerve could be difficult.

    Which gets me into Parkinson disease that my father has. Apparently what ever causes Parkinson disease travels from the gut very slowly up the vagal nerve to the lower regions of the brain affecting movement and eventually the hypothalamus. The doctor told us there will come a time for my father that his blood pressure will become erratic, as well as other things that the hypothalamus controls. It controls about everything including the rhythm of the heart. .

    If I do not get better soon, the next food I am going to give up is eggs. I heard that if you can't eat chicken eggs (they use that in vaccines a lot don't they?) well you might can eat duck eggs. I already have goose eggs. My geese are getting rather old though and only lay in the spring. Do ducks lay a lot of eggs?

    Meanwhile; I have a son that is 31 and all he is interested in is playing video games. I suppose that in this fantasy world he is considered a worthy person by society. If he does not succeed in something else soon, I am so afraid. As are we all for our children.

    And it is about this time of night that I begin to think how I would love o see some people all dressed up in orange jump suits.

    I just finished a cold icy smoothie of coconut milk, stevia, turmeric with the pepper, but no extra fat. Oh, and ginger --- time for sleep to resume the fight tomorrow.

    Teresa  Conrick

    Nobodyeverybody-- not sure why the no name....but in answer to your many questions about cholinesterase inhibition..I have no idea. A quick google glance and that topic goes back years. Are you researching that for a particular reason?


    Is it possible that when exposed to cholinesterase inhibitors, the gut microbiome shifts into a state of SIBO and/or yeast overgrowth due to (whatever, you fill in that blank), and maybe that shift creates a morphology in the bacteria that includes the bacteria secreting some kind of innate natural cholinesterase inhibitor itself as a survival mechanism (what hormones have been shown to be cholinesterase inhibitors?), and that only when antibiotics wipe out the bacteria are the symptoms of cholinesterase inhibition alleviated? Meaning it would be critical to have a new, fresh, immediate source of non-contaminated bacteria to replace the morphed strains. Maybe even necessitating repopulating not just the gut, but the house, yard, appendix, colon, throat, mouth, armpits, etc., all at once, and simultaneously going organic in order to protect a revised state of health.
    Or another hypothesis: do specific compounds or molecules in certain antibiotics themselves act as a possible antidote to a cholinesterase inhibitors, freeing up the blocked mechanism to work properly. Are certain families of antibiotics more successful at resolving symptoms than others, and why?

    DDT, Carbamates, Organophospates, heavy metals, endocrine disrupters, etc. all seem to have anticholinesterase properties and cholinesterase levels can be tested. Have you any insight into whether reduced cholinesterase levels have been specifically tested in the autistic population?

    These two articles are very enlightening, and seems it could apply to things like autism, OCD, repetitive movements, tics, etc. Though I don't know much about lyme, isn't it sometimes cyclical, too? When not in remission, could that be the time when a spirochete could produce a compound causing some kind of anticholinergic response, or produce a self defense action in a body that includes cholinesterase inhibition for some reason? and would that be similar to what an auto immune disease looks like?

    Jeannette Bishop

    Thanks as always, Teresa!

    With this post's inclusions of excerpts of Kanner's case descriptions that were somehow overlooked at whatever rate cases of autism of matching severities "have always been with us," as we're now more supposedly superiorly aware, and with some other things that have occurred or are ongoing, I'm thinking I'm experiencing heightened OCD over people "needing" to get a clearer picture of things.

    Very similar to what you've shared here, my daughter at times has needed us to reply to certain statements in a way that provides a "normal" pattern so that she can maybe move past some position of mental/physical (I don't separate these as much as I used to in conceptualization) distress and sometimes it's very difficult to accomplish. The words for sure, probably the rhythm and maybe the pronunciation emphases all need to be a certain way for her, and maybe sometimes that is not enough (it's hard to be sure) to prevent a meltdown that I actually think she sometimes resorts to giving in to, in hopes a physical struggle will resolve something internal (maybe because it sometimes actually does) even though she doesn't really like going there generally as far as I can tell. Other times she can go through a day, sometimes even a high stimulus day with no difficulties. On the best days she almost seems to be reveling in this measure of freedom she only rarely experiences. I long for this to become the "normal" for her. The negative symptoms/behaviors/obvious suffering that makes her want to withdraw from activity all seem to me rather obviously (now) physical, medical, and probably preventable (as seems pretty clear when certain exposures are followed by acute prolonged suffering), but I'm in a pretty small circle with few who will consider this viewpoint.

    It seems further that there will be huge benefits in a general recognition of the roles of pollution and a rather anti-biotic societal obsession in autism and various other disorders. What is the main substance of the mental (is it physical? or microbial? Can microbes make us crave our toxic exposures too?--I hope that's going too far, but these posts have me considering it) societal blocks that won't let us recognize and stop the autism and related epidemics and truly go forward?


    your child´s Obsessions, Compulsions and Autism:
    I do believe that Video games, TV shows of Dragon Ball Z, other Japanese cartoon movies is for many their obsession.

    I think the Japanese is way ahead of us on entertainment for those that are effected by Kawasaki's disease/vasculitis/inflammation/autism.

    Lots of plastic toy figures of Dragon Ball Z characters- is just one collection of a long list of series of collections of plastic toys obsessions. Bat man, star wars being just a few.

    Was there not a recent advertisement where some guy was going to sell off his collection of plastic toys for a down payment?

    If not for these would these children, as Mike Rowe mentioned on a TV interview - would then develop a will?

    A will to work, to actually live a life.


    Thanks Teresa, I can't wait to read those!

    Hans Hitten

    THERE IT IS , depopulation is the goal .

    While riding public transportation and recycling are the most common methods to reduce one’s “carbon footprint,” a new study is calling on people to save the environment by having fewer children and living entirely car-free.

    “Recycling and using public transit are all fine and good if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, but to truly make a difference you should have fewer children,” wrote Sid Perkins in Science magazine.

    Teresa  Conrick

    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for your comment! I have been interested with FMT and did write about it-


    Your gut microbiome controls your brain and body in many ways. you have many more bacteria cells in your body than you do humans cells. They help you in many ways and you help them. They are not just in your gut, they are throughout your body and there is even evidence that the 10-5000 mitorchondria in each cell which produce all your energy were once an independent bacteria which over prehistoric time incorporated into the cell during life creation.
    Your gut bacteria 'talk' to your brain constantly, releasing chemicals, triggering genes, etc. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and many psychiatric disorders can be related to an unhealthy gut. when you eat, you are feeding trillions.
    Interesting example is if someone eats a lot of sugar regularly they will have a lot of sugar eating bacteria. If they decide not to eat sugar, those bacteria will release a chemical that makes them crave sugar.
    I've always had horses, they have 5 lbs of bacteria in their gut, they help break down their hay and keep them warm in the winter. Performance horses are given a lot of grain (not a natural food), they develop a lot of grain eating bacteria, if someone forgets to feed the horse one day (which can happen in a large barn with multiple workers) too many of the bacteria will die off which is toxic, may horse founder, colic or die from that small mistake.

    Teresa  Conrick

    Hi Bill and thanks for visiting our website.

    But, I really don't see how "gut microbiome" directly affects the brain in producing autism/ocd. Can anybody explain the mechanism of action, - in simple terms?

    There is so much research and it keeps coming. Here are some sites and I pulled a couple quotes to help clarify but in a nutshell, the Microbiome makes/effects/controls many chemicals/metabolites/neurotransmitters/hormones etc...... in the human body and they are responsible for the diseases/conditions:

    ¨Some of the most intriguing work has been done on autism. For decades, doctors, parents, and researchers have noted that about three-quarters of people with autism also have some gastrointestinal abnormality, like digestive issues, food allergies, or gluten sensitivity. This recognition led scientists to examine potential connections between gut microbes and autism; several recent studies have found that autistic people’s microbiome differs significantly from control groups....Exactly how the microbes interact with the illness—whether as a trigger or as a shield—remains mostly a mystery. But Mazmanian and his colleagues have identified one possible link: a chemical called 4-ethylphenylsulphate, or 4EPS, which seems to be produced by gut bacteria. They’ve found that mice with symptoms of autism have blood levels of 4EPS more than 40 times higher than other mice. The link between 4EPS levels and the brain isn’t clear, but when the animals were injected with the compound, they developed autism-like symptoms.¨
    ¨Interestingly, the authors noted that since the study showed that microbiota in the gut can influence the brain, it “adds to evidence suggesting that the intestinal microbiota may play some role in the spectrum of brain disorders ranging from mood or anxiety to other problems that may include autism, Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis.”¨
    ¨We suspect that gut microbes may alter levels of neurotransmitter-related metabolites, affecting gut-to-brain communication and/or altering brain function. [...] Correlations between gut bacteria and neurotransmitter-related metabolites are stepping stones for a better understanding of the crosstalk between gut bacteria and autism."
    ¨The gut-brain axis seems to be bidirectional—the brain acts on gastrointestinal and immune functions that help to shape the gut's microbial makeup, and gut microbes make neuroactive compounds, including neurotransmitters and metabolites that also act on the brain. These interactions could occur in various ways: microbial compounds communicate via the vagus nerve, which connects the brain and the digestive tract, and microbially derived metabolites interact with the immune system, which maintains its own communication with the brain.¨
    ¨The microbiota, and the genes that comprise its microbiome, play key roles in human health. Host-microbe interactions affect immunity, metabolism, development, and behavior, and dysbiosis of gut bacteria contributes to disease. Despite advances in correlating changes in the microbiota with various conditions, specific mechanisms of host-microbiota signaling remain largely elusive. We discuss the synthesis of microbial metabolites, their absorption, and potential physiological effects on the host. We propose that the effects of specialized metabolites may explain present knowledge gaps linking the gut microbiota to biological host mechanisms during initial colonization, and in health and disease.¨

    Teresa  Conrick


    Yes, I have read it a few times and here it is in case some people are not sure what you were talking about.

    Yes, some of it is pertinent for Meg and I bet others, I´m not sure how much blogging is done on the Micrbiome and autism.....

    From the site:

    About Me

    I am an independent researcher, trawling through the scientific literature and doing some experiments along the way. I am not a doctor. I do have a Master's degree from a top science-only university and another one from a top business school. More relevant is my motivation.

    I am developing a novel drug therapy, the Autism Polypill, to treat classic early-onset autism, since this is the type that affects my son. His type of autism is characterized by autistic behaviours, pollen allergy, asthma, some SIB, high serotonin, high cholesterol, high euthyroid, high IGF-1, but without seizures, GI problems, food intolerance or severe MR. I think that ADHD and Asperger's are likely to be very mild forms of this phenotype of autism. Many other types of "autism" are entirely different. As this blog shows, at least classic autism is treatable using today's drugs.


    Humm, I have been reading more and more about the relationship of damaged microbiome and also damaged cell mitochondria function being a factor in autism. This article makes me think of the interesting studies have been done with Fecal transplants. When the stool from a fat person is planted into a sterile mouse, the mouse will get fat, similarly if stool from a skinny person is planted into a fat mouse, the mouse will quickly get skinny. I just listened yesterday to an interesting one where they took stool from bears during hibernation (fat burning) and summer/fall (fat loading) and the mice became fat burning or fat loading (makes you wonder how they managed to get the stool!).
    Anyway, as my daughter wanted to give vaccines we followed several precautions including giving probiotics before and after, knowing antibiotics with shots may contribute to autism. Luckily she hasn't had any issues.
    Fecal transfers were quietly done by many doctors until a few years ago when FDA stepped in and disallowed them totally, there was an uproar and then they said they could only be done with c-diif patients and only after several rounds of antibiotics which is often too late. During a fecal transplant stool from a healthy family member is administered to a sick person through enema.
    I met a woman who's mother was so sickly with c-diff that she and her mother decided to take things into their own hands and just did it themselves, her mother got almost instant relief in just a few hours. makes you wonder.


    OK, OK, I'm following you all so far.... But, I really don't see how "gut microbiome" directly affects the brain in producing autism/ocd. Can anybody explain the mechanism of action, - in simple terms?
    What strikes me, is that I have had MOST of the "symptoms" listed above, but in a much milder form.
    Is it possible that I have/had "sub-clinical" ocd/autism?
    These are all serious questions, and I hope somebody here can at least begin to answer them.....

    Tom Petrie

    When cancer was rare--about a century ago, one in one hundred getting cancer was the norm. Now it's about one in two (and one in three men and one of four women dying of the disease or from the treatment!). We have, in short, come to "accept" this state of affairs as "normal."

    Normal? Just as no sane person should accept so many of our citizens getting and dying from this horrible disease in ever increasing numbers, so too, should we NOT accept an ever increasing number of our precious children getting various learning disabilities, chronic ailments and autism. Yet, in fact, this is exactly what's happening right now.

    The problem as I see it is both lack of intellectual acumen--actually spending the time to think the issue through, but also one of selfishness. NO ONE cares about severely injured children EXCEPT their parents! The only Congressmen (or women) who ever try to do anything is if they've got children or grandchildren with Autism, but otherwise, NO ONE CARES--"my child got lots of vaccines, and he/she is fine--so what's the big deal", kind of thinking.

    Do I have a point? Yes--we need to CARE about why Autism has gone from one in 10,000 back in the 1960's to what it is now--1 in 45, which varies according to the study you're looking at. This is a way faster increase than the path of our increased cancer incidence in about 100 years.

    Just like they named non-paralytic cases of Polio as "The Coxsackie Virus" back in 1955 to hide the true incidence of polio over sixty years ago, so too are they hiding (or trying to hide) the true incidence of chronic ailments NOW (like Autism), that so often can be linked to our miserably toxic environment (e.g., glyphosate, vaccines, etc.). To me, it comes back down to intellectual laziness AND selfishness. "It's not my child" is no longer a valid way of thinking!

    With over a million children Autistic today and over half of all school-aged children suffering from a chronic disability of some kind, this crisis WILL affect you! How? Through your school taxes! School districts across the country are now going broke because they do NOT have the money to take care of all their chronically ill children! Want to know why school taxes keep going up and up and up? Well, that's one reason and it's the biggest--Big Pharma (esp. Vaccine makers) are killing our children, and by extension, the backbone of our future prosperity.

    And that "sameness" that so many Autistic and OCD individuals crave? Well, folks, our "American way of life" sameness is about to be destroyed for EVERYONE--"Normal folks" just can't afford to keep our heads in the sand anymore on this issue! If you don't care about the potential for vaccines injuring generations of children and making us financially bankrupt in the VERY NEAR FUTURE, shame on you for both your selfishness and for not taking the time to study an issue with which you ought to be more familiar. Big pharma is killing adults with the over prescribing of various drugs and so too are they killing our children with vaccines.


    Love the article! Great mix of historical, personal, clinical and medical - I for one appreciate your examination of OCD angle.
    In fact, PANDAS (acronym for pediatric auto-immune disorders associated with strep, i believe) typically is sudden-onset of severe OCD in prepubertal children. Nonetheless, mainstream psychiatry continues to see this as rare - likely because it is reserved only for those 'typical' cases of sudden, overnight rather marked cases associated with acute strep throat. Never for more gradual, waxing & waning symptoms and certainly never for autistic children (where OCD-like behaviours are part of the diagnosis as mentionned) as everything is believed to be 'genetic' by the medical establishment - at least that is my opinion.

    Sharon DeNunzio

    I wrote a 20-page story about my son in 2002 following IV antibiotic treatment for Lyme titled "What does Autism have to do with Lyme disease?" We were ecstatic that, at the time, his 5-month aggressive antibiotic treatment had allowed him to move to middle school, drop the full-time aide, enroll in advanced math, achieve the honor and effort rolls, take the regular bus, and have no issues participating in the band (played the clarinet). Yes, microbiome healing from chronic infections most certainly played a role in his recovery.

    Here's the beginning of his story, and I'd be happy to share the full story for anyone who is interested:

    Why do I write this story? For several reasons –

    1. To highlight to the medical community the imperative need for more definitive tests for Lyme disease because without progress, more kids will suffer and more families will break apart.
    2. To highlight to parents, teachers and caregivers that just because a child is diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, this DOES NOT rule out Lyme disease. In fact, Lyme disease may cause a child with autism to look a lot more severe than he/she really is.

    What Does Lyme disease have to do with Autism?
    A Story of One Boy’s Journey through both

    This story is a small slice of my 12-year old son’s life. Described are some of the challenges and successes that he endured over the past four years. A remarkable boy, diagnosed with PDD, or high-functioning autism, at age 3, and first diagnosed with Lyme disease at age 5, then again at age 9. I felt that this story, which reveals such a dramatic improvement in autistic symptoms through Lyme treatment, should be shared…

    I look at my 12-year old son now with incredulous awe and pride, reveling in all that he has accomplished in a few short months in his transition to the Middle School in sixth grade. In a mainstreamed program, with no academic modifications, Doug successfully achieved a spot on both the Effort and Honor Rolls during the first marking period. As well, he happily participated in a four-day, three-night overnight experience in Nature’s Classroom, without an aide, with the rest of his sixth grade class. (This was his first overnight experience away from Mom or Dad.) He loved this trip so much that when he returned, he told me for days how “boring” it was to be back home. For any typically developing boy, maybe parents would simply expect all of this. But having a son who was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum at age 3, and diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease at age 9, I did not come to expect any of this. In fact, I had come to expect a great deal of ups and downs. I realized that daily micromanagement of Doug’s issues was the only way that our family was getting by. So when I began to realize that Doug was managing things quite well independently, I began to realize what a difference the past year’s aggressive Lyme treatment had made in the overall well-being of my son.


    I remember it well - lining up hot wheels, light switches on/off, and ceiling fans. Loved him then and love him now.

    So I don't mean to be obsessive compulsive but I ran the numbers for one new case every 20 minutes and it doesn't seem to tie out. It looks more like 1 every 5 minutes if you believe the CDC and in reality may be one every minute. This is an analysis subject to interpretation by more informed members of AoA, but not trolls since they work for Merck and generally suck.

    PER YEAR (one every 20 minutes scenario)
    1 20 min
    3 hour
    72 day
    26,280 new cases each year...this is too low

    PER YEAR (Actual, CDE data extrapolated to US)
    9,120 year/California (8.3% US Pop)
    109,880 year/USA
    301.0 day
    12.5 hour
    4.8 One every five minutes...this doesn't include kids with "speech & language" disability.

    PER YEAR (Autism + Speech)
    34,005 year/California (8.3% US Pop)
    409,699 year/USA
    1,122.5 day
    46.8 hour
    1.3 One every minute (closer to the truth)

    California Kindergarten 2016-17
    Intellectual Disability 1,807
    Hard of Hearing 515
    Deaf 168
    Speech or Language Impairment 24,885
    Visual Impairment 134
    Emotional Disturbance 106
    Orthopedic Impairment 652
    Other Health Impairment 2,082
    Specific Learning Disability 1,028
    Multiple Disability 325
    Autism 9,120
    Traumatic Brain Injury 45
    Total Disabilities Kindergarten 40,867
    Total Enrollment Kindergarten 535,379

    Autism Rate (Percent) 1.7%
    (Incidence, 1 in x) 59

    Autism + Speech (Percent) 6.4%
    (Incidence, 1 in x) 16

    All Disabilities 7.6%
    (Incidence, 1 in x) 13

    Hans Litten

    Teresa , do you folow the ephiphany\blogspot ? out of interest ?
    And what are your opinion\views on it ?

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