When Schools Become Health Clinics To Meet Special Ed Demands
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Special Ed Should Be Renamed "Regular Ed"

Autistic_kidsNote: As summer draws to a close next month, Anne is focusing on Special Education and the toll it's taking on districts.

By Anne Dachel

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been researching the explosion in special education needs EVERYWHERE.

The percentage of kids receiving services for learning disorders is staggering. I can’t figure out why there is no alarm or even questions being asked.

Sioux Falls, SD: 15 percent of children are sped.

Baltimore, MD: 15 percent of children are sped.

Spokane, WA: 15 percent of children are sped.

Oakland, ME: 16.6 percent of children are sped.

Brooklyn, NY: 19 percent of children are sped.

Reading, PA: 19 percent of children are sped.

New Haven, CT: 20 percent of children are sped.

Rochester, NY:  20 percent of children are sped.

Glen Falls, NY: 21 percent of children are sped.

Ellsworth, ME: 22 percent of children are sped.

Labrador/Newfoundland: 22 percent of children are sped.

Waterville, ME: 23 percent of children are sped.

Fitchburg, MA: 23.5 percent of children are sped.

Staten Island, NY: 24 percent of children are sped.

Vancouver, BC: 25 percent of children are sped.

Woodland Hills, PA: 25 percent of children are sped.

On July 22, The Irish Times in Dublin: 25 percent of Irish schoolchildren are sped.

The Times also said that 26 percent of children in Holland and Britain are sped.

So many of the articles I’m finding announce that the numbers have exploded from recent years, AND they expect things will get worse.

Just how bad will things get? What will these percentages be in like in  five or ten years?

Well, if this sorry from Taiwan is any indication, there’s no end in sight.

July 17, 2017, The News Lens International (Taiwan): Nearly One in Three Taiwanese Kids Suffer Mental Disorders – Study

A national study on child and adolescent mental disorders has found that early 30 percent of children in Taiwan suffer from mental disorders and need professional consultation and assistance.

It is the first national epidemiological study on child and adolescent mental disorders of its kind in Taiwan, and is aimed at obtaining prevalence rates (in the periods of lifetime and within the recent six months) and identifying the psychosocial, individual, environmental, and familial risk factors for mental disorders in the youth group.

The mental disorders referred to in the research include learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder, and conduct disorder.

They also include mood disorders (major depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders, phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, sleep disorders, eating disorders, and substance use disorders.

The school-based survey was conducted among students in the third, fifth and seventh grades, who were selected from 69 schools in 19 counties and cities around Taiwan.

A total of the selected 10,122 students received clinical interviews by Gau's research team with their own and their parents' consent. …

The mental disorder with the highest prevalence was ADHD (11.1 percent), followed by nightmare disorder (8.8 percent), phobia (6.4 percent), conduct disorder (4.4 percent), separation anxiety disorder (3.3 percent), oppositional defiant disorder (1.9 percent), social phobia (1.8 percent), and autism (1.0 percent).

Gau concluded that the preliminary results are similar to Western studies, which show that around 25 percent of children and adolescents suffer from at least one kind of psychiatric disorder.

The results indicate that "mental disorders are common in Taiwanese children and adolescents," she wrote in the study report.

Resources should be allocated to the prevention and intervention of child and adolescent mental disorders, Gau said.

*Note that there is a call for “prevention” of “mental disorders” in Taiwan. I can’t imagine anyone seriously doing that. No official is interested in studying what’s happening to our children. Most likely, it’s because they already know that our out-of-control vaccine schedule is the cause, and the only way to prevent these disorders is to STOP THE MADNESS.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Special Education Jacksonville

This article was written by a real thinking writer without a doubt. I agree many of the with the solid points made by the writer. I’ll be back day in and day for further new updates.


It's not just an explosion of disability in children. Just the other day I pulled into the parking lot of a grocery store. Where there used to be one or maybe 2 handicapped parking spaces, there are now 8. The healthy shoppers are parking further and further away to make room for the ever expanding population of special needs shoppers. Soon enough it will probably be half and half.

Aimee Doyle

I'm curious about these statistics - is it all students with an IEP or just students in self-contained classrooms? And like, David, I wonder how these numbers compare to numbers in the past. I suspect even these numbers are low, in terms of counting the numbers of injured children, because school systems don't generally like to provide extra, expensive services like speech, OT, PT, and low-teacher-student-ratio special education. Frequently parents have to fight hard to get SpEd and related services.

Another statistic I'm wondering about is the number of kids/adults who receive SSI from Social Security (my son has received SSI since he was 18 years old - it's not much money, but it helps and it comes with Medicaid for healthcare). SSI is the hardest federal dollar to get - you pretty much have to prove permanent disability from birth or childhood. Has the number of kids/adults receiving SSI increased over the years? And what proportion of those receiving SSI have autism as a disability? (Note: SSI is different from SSDI - which is the disability that you get if you've worked as an adult and then become disabled. The SSA website explains the differences).

And, Linda - I agree with you about electromagnetic radiation - it's everywhere and the effects have not been tested. I also worry about the effects of GMOs and pesticides in our food, and chemicals in air and water.


That's your legacy Anthony Fauci - 25% disabilities.

Row Labels % Disability

Marshall Primary School
Belton, SC 29627 24.8

Grace Green

It's important for us to beware of studies and reports which conflate learning disability with psychiatric conditions. Some at least of the latter may be caused by socio-economic factors rather than neurological damage. I think these reports are intended to confuse the issue in order to cover up the real cause of neurological disabilities. Notice that there are no children with Down's Syndrome mentioned in these figures. I believe some people might be thinking that autistic people are just badly brought up, badly behaved, and the "prevention" required is early intervention in the form of psychiatric conditioning. I for one will always strongly refute any such idea.

David Weiner

Would be interested in seeing how these numbers have changed over time. What was the sped % say 20 or 40 years ago? I would think that it was not higher than 5% when I was growing up.


Not to minimize the effect of direct vaccine poisoning, but this generation is also being immersed 24/7 in rapidly increasing astronomical levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The brain is an electrical organ, known to be adversely impacted by these frequencies. EMR is definitely a factor.

bob moffit

If history is to be our guide .. I suspect it safe to assume MOST .. if not ALL .. those children diagnosed with .. "mental disorders" .. which include .. "learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorder .. including .. "mood disorders" .. major depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, phobia, OCD, sleep disorders, eating disorders .. and .. SUBSTANCE USE DISORDERS. ........



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