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A Comment On The Recent European Court of Justice Vaccine Injury Ruling

Shocking Statistic: 22% of Irish Schoolchildren Need Special Education

Sad cloverWhen will the world wake up to the tragedy happening in front of our collective eyes?  Children unable to learn, to function - at all levels, not only autism and its iterations. 22% of Irish schoolchildren are in special education, and the numbers are climbing unabated.  

I teach children karate.  The girls seem to be able to stand still, listen, process and make their bodies do what we ask of them. Many, and I mean many, of the boys can not stand still. Their bodies literally wobble.  They need a command several times to take notice and then require extra processing time to make their bodies move. Left is right. Right is left. Crossing midline is difficult. Staying focused nearly impossible. Army crawling looks like a sea of frozen right legs being dragged. Hopping on one foot a struggle. Even running back and forth in a straight line is a challenge.  Children are simply not the same. And then you have the 20+ men who are shooters. Raging. Unable to find the "this is wrong" button and control their anger. 

When will eyes turn away from the nonsense of "better diagnosis" to the world of pharmaceutical and chemical interventions that are changing the brain for the worse?   Teachers did not suddenly forget how to teach. Parents have not forsaken basic parenting rules. THE RAW MATERIAL is different - the children themselves are not the same.



RAPIDLY increasing numbers of children with special educational needs is causing spending to spiral, a new audit report has found.

Annual expenditure on SEN is now higher than £250 million, placing greater pressure on the system.

A report by comptroller and auditor general Kieran Donnelly published today focuses on how children with SEN are provided for within mainstream schools.

The Special Educational Needs and Disability Order places a duty on the Education Authority (EA) to ensure children can be educated in the mainstream.

Mr Donnelly's report found, however, that education bodies were unable to demonstrate value for money in terms of economy, efficiency or effectiveness in the provision of support to children with SEN in mainstream schools.

These schools were also finding it increasingly difficult to strike a balance that allowed all children to learn at a different pace and often in a different way.



Hans Hitten

Try not to laugh at the outrageousness of the Irish Health criminoThorities :


HSE criticises campaign against HPV vaccine and accuses opponents of ‘playing God’
Wed, Jun 28, 2017, 18:32 Updated: Wed, Jun 28, 2017, 18:38

Pot & Kettle comes to mind !!!!

Hans Hitten

Varadkar the Impaler says Vaccine Injury doesn't exist . (GSK owns him)
I believe Leo has put Bexsero live in Ireland already .

Vlad already dismissed the Gardakil girls when he was Health(try not to laugh) minister.

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Kyles mom | July 03, 2017 at 07:48 PM

But we do know that aluminium & mercury combine synergistically & exponentially .
Mercury is 1000 times more toxic than lead .
Themiserol is the zyklonB of our time . See the Geiers at AutismONE 2017 .

Ask your leaders and local representatives if they take the flu vaccine ?
If not , why not ? Ask your doctor to take the flu vaccine .

Adding fluoride to the water is a (freemason) crime against humanity.

Kyles mom

Mercury is also a cofactor that is synergistically toxic with lead. I don't know is aluminum is also made worse with lead.


It's going to be very difficult for Irish public health officials to to get away with their Blarney Stone wares with fellow smooches.

Do not mess with Irish mothers!

Anne McElroy Dachel

Since no one is ever alarmed over more and more and continually more kids in America with an autism diagnosis, 22 percent of kids in special ed, as announced by the Irish News won't be more than a ripple in the public arena.

Back on Feb 3, 2017, New Haven (CT) Register ran the story, Special education costs drives up Ansonia’s school budget. http://www.nhregister.com/general-news/20170203/special-education-costs-drives-up-ansonias-school-budget

They quoted a school official:

'In our current school year, there are 530 special education students; they comprise 20 percent of the total student body (in and out of district) of 2,626 students.'

Stories like this are constantly in the news, and here's what's they're telling us:
It's not just autism going on with our children.
The number of special ed kids continues to go up and up, with no end in sight.
Disabled children in our schools are costing the districts a fortune, typically double the cost of a regular ed student.
Special ed is now a huge percent of a school district's budget.

The burden of ever-increasing numbers of disabled and dependent students will fall on the local communities and states. And school costs are just the beginning. What we can all fear in the future is the cost of lifetime care for many of these children, along with a large percentage of adults who will never be able to fully support themselves.


Here's hoping that will happen soon.

Tom Petrie

Yes, Fluoride chemicals may be neurotoxins, but one of the bad things it does is to dramatically increase the uptake of aluminum in the child's developing brain, by three-fold. Since it is a general protoplasmic poison, it can effect numerous enzyme systems in the body. Thus the multiple ways it can cause us harm. Brain damage is just one of the reasons I summarize as to the harmful effects of fluoride on the human body. Many more are discussed in the link below. (tompetrie.net/fluoride) Be sure to spell fluoride correctly!

Tom Petrie

I enjoy reading the critics of the link between vaccines and various neurological problems like Autism. It is important to look at all toxic exposures and that a child is Autistic who was NOT (allegedly) vaccinated is no proof that vaccines weren't used. For one, they are sometimes sneaked into a child via school nurses WITHOUT the parent's knowledge. Secondly, there are many mothers given flu or Gardisal shots DURING THEIR PREGNANCY and one could still claim "well, my child was never vaccinated.

Sometimes the results are extreme when, for example, a patient in the office where I formerly worked, was born with a huge brain tumor. The 17 year old mother was coerced into getting the Gardisal vaccine a few weeks into her pregnancy. That's criminal! Meanwhile, mercury is NOT the only thing that can cause Autism and even if it can, it works its mischief most in YOUNG children, not 180 lb men or 125 pound women working with mercury in hats! There is a big difference between 7 lb baby being given a Hep-B shot at birth, when their immune systems are hardly developed and a fully grown adult. Some critics seem to miss this point. In addition, while mercury has gone down in many vaccines, (but not all flu shots), aluminum has gone up dramatically! BOTH are proven neurotoxic and one only need to read the vaccine insert to know this.

The valid question of the day is this: Find me more than ten children NOT VACCINATED and whose mother was never vaccinated, with autism! Not the one exception, but at least twenty UNVACCINATED children, with autism. There's a reason that autism is rare in unvaccinated children and that reason is very simple: Vaccines cause autism. That does NOT mean all vaccinated children get autism. It also does not mean that vaccines are the ONLY cause. Glyphosate also appears to cause autism. This is where knowing basic logic can come in handy. Jim Fixx (the distance runner) DID die of a heart attack, but MOST distance runners have very strong hearts and rarely suffer heart attacks. The exception doesn't negate the rule; it proves it. Besides, what percentage of children with a chronic disability is acceptable to vaccine apologists? To me, over half of American children suffering from a chronic ailment is terrible and unacceptable! So what do we say to the fifty percent with no "major medical problems" ? Vaccines are perfectly safe, my child/children were fully vaccinated and they're fine! To me, too many parents are lacking basic analytical and reasoning skills and this is very sad.

Occam's razor is a basic statistical principle that says the most likely cause of an effect is the one most obvious. If my child was perfectly healthy BEFORE vaccines and then appears seriously ill AFTER that vaccines, listen to what Occam's razor commands you to do: Accept what logic tells you. It was the vaccines. Healthy children do NOT suddenly become ill with non-reversible illnesses or diseases. We weren't built that way. There is ALWAYS a cause. It's just up to us to open our eyes (and brains) to see the obvious and if you're not paying attention, you'll miss the multiple chemical onslaughts that are poisoning us adults and our youngsters, alike.

Patrick Rahilly

No surprise here , their diet is wrong to begin with. Parents are mislead by information in the media and packaging on foods in supermarkets. Never here the media saying eat yourself healthy through whole organic foods . But media only too happy to promote big Pharma.


oops, I meant compared to other states without a mandate. sorry for the typos


I wonder if any study has been done to compare California autism rates compared since the mandated law compared to states without a mandated law. If their autism rate when up after the law and other states didn't, then there's proof that more vaccines damage more.


Thank you for helping me understand that.

Shelley Tzorfas

Many of the children are diagnosed with Speech and Language impairment instead of Autism for a variety of reasons. It is generally less expensive to give the children a couple of hours of Speech therapy than it is to provide a battery of services for the child including occupational therapy, physical therapy, shadows or aides, small group instruction and more. Some parents feel better when they believe that their child is simply language delayed. By separating this all out in the DSM5, the authors were gearing up to make headline news ," Autism Numbers are Finally Decreasing but Researchers Do Not Know Why..." I have read that 1 in 3 children now require some sort of special services. The reason the CDC still gets away with claiming that 1 in 68 children have Autism is because they objected to the way the questions were asked. They think changing the wording in the questions will somehow magically increase the numbers of children with Autism. If we change the questions on the topic of Cancer-we will still get a correct number regarding how many people got cancer. Some people also say that 1 in 18 toddlers have Autism these days. I commend the Irish writers for saying 22% of school children have Special Needs, rather than sweeping it under the rug. Millennials were the first generation to get hit with these chemical bombs and those younger than them are getting ravaged.


The numbers are shocking and I simply do not believe the 1 in 68 figure cited by the CDC.
You folks are smart and well read, what do you think the diagnosis is for the 24,885 speech and language kids in this data set if its not autism ? A few may have Downs, epilepsy or cerebral palsy but this number is 3 times the autism rate...thx in advance

California Kindergarten 2016-17
Intellectual Disability 1,807
Hard of Hearing 515
Deaf 168
Speech or Language Impairment 24,885
Visual Impairment 134
Emotional Disturbance 106
Orthopedic Impairment 652
Other Health Impairment 2,082
Specific Learning Disability 1,028
Multiple Disability 325
Autism 9,120
Traumatic Brain Injury 45
Total Disabilities Kindergarten 40,867
Total Enrollment Kindergarten 535,379

Autism Rate (Percent) 1.7%
(Incidence, 1 in x) 59

Autism + Speech (Percent) 6.4%
(Incidence, 1 in x) 1 in 16

All Disabilities 7.6%
(Incidence, 1 in x) 13



Ireland also has fluoride in their drinking water, another neurotoxin along with the toxic vaccines!!

Angus Files

Poor teachers plate spinning on steroids comes to mind.

Pharma For Prison


Han Litten

Simon Harris , Kate O'Connell , Margaret Stanley , Peter Sutherland .

Proud of yourselves ?

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