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Not published in the British Medical Journal: the dangers and conflicts of Infanrix Hexa

InfarixBy John Stone

The British government have announced the addition to the infant vaccine schedule of a Hepatitis B vaccine from August 1, as one component of GSK’s controversial hexavalent vaccine Infanrix Hexa which also includes DTaP, polio and HiB. Additional to this a two month old infant will receive rotavirus vaccine, 13 strain pneumococcal, and Meningitis B vaccines. So far, the British Medical Journal have not allowed my electronic response to its news story:

I read with concern the report by Torjesen that the United Kingdom government plan to add a Hepatitis  B vaccine to the infant schedule as part of hexavalent vaccine product Infanrix Hexa, manufactured by GSK [1].

Irrespective of considerations such as the policy of the World Health Organisation, or the financial viability of the intervention, eyebrows may be raised at the ethics of  the vaccination of many children against a disease from which they are little at risk (as Torjesen's article admits).

In 2015 Puliyel calculated  a potential excess of 69 sudden infant deaths from Infanrix Hexa over a two year period based on a confidential pharmacovigilance report submitted by GSK to the regulatory authorities which had been released to the public domain by the Italian Ministry of Justice. His observations are published on PubMed Commons [2].

The recommendation to include this vaccine on the infant schedule was made at the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation meeting of October 2014, chaired then [3] and now by Prof Andrew Pollard [4]. Prof Pollard is Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group which develops vaccines and conducts trials on behalf of industry [5]. Prof Pollard is also a Trustee of the Jenner Vaccine Foundation with Dr Norman Begg, Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer of GSK Biologicals [6] which manufactures Infanrix Hexa. The Jenner Vaccine Foundation is chaired by Dr David Salisbury [6] who as Director of Immunisation, Department of Health, chaired the panel that appointed Prof Pollard as Chair of the JCVI in 2013 [7].

[1] Ingrid Torjesen, 'UK adds hepatitis B to infant vaccination schedule', BMJ 2017; 358 doi:  (Published 10 July 2017)

[2] Response to Baldo et al, 'Combined hexavalent diphtheria-tetanus-acellular pertussis-hepatitis B-inactivated poliovirus-Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine; Infanrix™ hexa: twelve years of experience in Italy', PumMed Commons 2015, January 13, 06.40am

[3] Draft minutes of the JCVI meeting October 2014




[7]Chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI)

 Information pack for applicants   p.12 . The closing date for applications was 23 June 2013

As long ago as 2007 Prof Pollard was calling in  the British Medical Journal for a Hepatitis B vaccine to be added to the vaccine schedule. On that occasion he made the following disclosure:

Competing interests: AJP conducts clinical trials on behalf of Oxford University, sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines, Novartis Vaccines, Sanofi Pasteur, Sanofi Pasteur MSD, and Wyeth Vaccines and has received funds from vaccine manufacturers to attend scientific meetings. The University of Oxford has received unrestricted grants for educational meetings organised by AJP. Industry sourced honorariums for lecturing or writing are paid directly to an independent charity or an educational/administrative fund held by the department of paediatrics, University of Oxford.

An Oxford Vaccine Group newsletter of autumn 2008 states that they were conducting trials on a meningitis B vaccine using Infanrix Hexa according to the European schedule. Later on in 2012, just two years before Prof Pollard led the committee making the recommendation for the use of Infanrix Hexa OVG were conducting trials for its introduction in the UK. As has already been copiously recorded in these columns Prof Pollard was the lead developer of Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine which as chairman of the JCVI he also recommended for the UK vaccine schedule. This recommendation led to huge commercial advantage for Bexsero and immediately preceded the asset swap of Novartis’s vaccine division - which manufactured Bexsero - to GSK.

In a response to Prof Pollard’s 2007 appeal to include Hepatitis B vaccination in the infant Dr Marc Girard wrote a letter to BMJ Being and Not Being an Idiot pointing to the horrific association of the introduction of the vaccine with the rise of multiple sclerosis which had led to it being withdrawn in France in 2000. More detailed testimony regarding this can be found at Dr Girard’s website, .

 While no one can doubt Prof Pollard’s sincere enthusiasm for these products, the British government are vastly negligent in failing to police the borders between the public interest and that of the vaccine industry. The situation is already descending beyond farce into catastrophe, with the industry trying to exact ever more devotion, and making demands for compulsory vaccination and exemption from criticism , following their bullying successes in mainland Europe and Australia.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.

Note (Friday 14 July 2017, 16.54 London time) : I requested an explanation from the BMJ this morning about why they had not published my letter, and none has come.


Angus Files

All guilty and complicit in the promotion of making the population dead or dumbed down right down to the MSS media all guilty.France voted for Macaroni Marcon and are doomed.

Pharma for Priosn


Han Litten

Documents obtained highlighting conflicts of interest show Buzyn was directly compensated for various activities by the pharmaceutical laboratory Genzyme, now a subsidiary of Sanofi, from 1998 to 2011. In addition, between 2005 and 2011 she was also paid by the laboratories Bristol Meyers-Squibb and Novartis. The two laboratories together with Pierre Fabre and Schering-Plow (a subsidiary of Merck) also financed the Robert Debré association headed by Agnès Buzyn.

FLASHPOINT: France Attempts Forced Vaccination on Unwilling Population

Han Litten

Posted by: John Stone | July 15, 2017 at 08:37 AM

I have just been banned from Farcebook for a second time .
Suspect Carry Look is behind it , him of sb277 fame .


John this might be of interest ? I wonder if the current vaccination mandates/ schedule will pass a "HAZFILE" Risk assessment for human toxicity of ingredients acute or chronic compared to this .
Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials by N Irving Sax 1975 Your single source for quick hazard-analysis information 13,000 common industrial and laboratory materials . "Dangerous Properties " has proved to be an indispensible tool for fire officers safety experts, chemists, engineers and non-technical people who must be aware of the hazardous properties of chemical compounds and industrial materials 4th edition encyclopaedic guide 1,258 pages of 13,000 hazerdous materials in everyday use .All areas of hazard are covered with maximum accuracy and dependability . General information about substances listed -synonyms ,formulae , Hazard analysis covering toxicity,fire ,explosion and general disaster . Counter meaures and advice on storage transport and handling ,first aid fire-fighting personnel protection . current standards of risk assessment don't stand a chance ? politicians need to realise their responsibility and accountability
for their utter failure in product safety regulation puplic are saying no to medicalised mandates for anything


Puliyel's conclusion:

As mentioned earlier there is nothing sacrosanct about the original Brighton Classification ( but one has to evaluate the two schemes (Brighton vs CIOMS) from the point of view of patient safety to see which scheme would react to rare vaccine related adverse reaction signals early. “The causality scheme that insists on calling all reactions as ‘indeterminate’ or ‘inconsistent/coincidental’ just because they were not noticed in the original small clinical trials, undermines the very raison d'être of post marketing surveillance. Patient safety (meaning protecting patients) rather than vaccine safety (protecting vaccines) should be more important.”

Yes the whole vaccination construct is consciously treated as 'sacrosanct'--to important to be interfered with--which means there are no true placebos, no follow ups, no justice, no scrutiny by independent knowledgeable unconflicted experts, etc. The vaccination construct is that vaccination injuries will be written off as any but vaccinations.

As Bob Moffit says, "The Band Plays On.," and casualties pile up, treated as road kill and media conveniently insist that we look away.

John Stone


There is no absolute dividing line but in the end I think I would distinguish between everyday bureaucratic curmudgeonliness and the hijacking of science, liberty and democracy by a behemoth industrial lobby.

John Stone


I have more than once recalled the comment of David Kirby to me (c.2009?) "It is going to get worse before it gets better", and it is a lot worse now and it is probably still true that it may have to get worse still. I think people will be very angry in France and Italy when they see what 11 or 12 mandated vaccines does for the development of their children, and their politicians already look like egregious idiots - and perhaps many will delay having children in present circumstances - a very good way to antagonise a population while appeasing and kowtowing to an industrial lobby. Another issue, of course, is that people who are doing things cannot always talk about what they are doing.

Perhaps, the most important thing when representing these issues is sticking to what we actually know, rather than what we surmise.

Han Litten

JohnDS is there any way they can be stopped ?

Defrauding the parents of their childrens health ?
Defrauding the UK taxpayer ?
Where are the checks and balances ?
Does Pharma Harma run the western world ?


John ,thanks for responding ,sorry for being a bit off track from your article . I think what I am signposting people towards is the source of the pinpointed systemic behavioural problems resulting from deregulation of basic health and social care standards in general but with vaccination risk assessments a top priority ,and the implications of vaccine reaction verses vaccine injury ! With medicalised mandates being implemented at the rate of a slow totalitarian tip toe and mandates for Europe /Italy as well as USA " best interest " decisions getting made about us but not with us or for us are resulting in ethical and moral limits and boundaries totally out of control . This affects us all the same way with truly informed consent being offered to us as only an illusion of consent ! or no consent. Using the ABC Model toolkit ie Antecedent ,Behaviour , Consequence The current Polital apathy of no accountability,no responsibility is so serious as well ,do they not even realise that without public trust ,confidence and respect they are facing a public behavioural meltdown of utter revulsion at their poverty /lack of polital guts,backbone,leadership ability to regulate essential basic standards .

John Stone


Although it may be a little off topic, I think this is the link that you were trying to draw our attention to

I have watched the first 6 and half minutes of Rab Wilson so far. Unfortunately, all too familiar in or out of Scotland - inconvenient incident reports being buried etc.


Oh cos they're not killing and maiming babies fast enough, BUGGAR THAT!


Thanks John, another excellent article .
Please look at ASAP-NHS Action for a Safe and Accountable People's NHS [Media Heading] - Presentation by Rab Wilson RMN , Dr Jane Hamilton Perinatal Psychiatrist , and Roger Livermore HM Former Inspector/Regulator Public Safety Risks .
The Health Foundation Co owenership of The BMJ Quality and Safety Journal . John, suggest reading article , Learning from " incidents" in Healthcare The journey,not the arrival matters . Learning how to hit a moving target? Apparently there's a perception of " The concepts of "incidients" changes over time?" Grounded reality demonstrates that "A train crash in slow motion, is surely still a blinking well train crash ,on or off the rails!"
No separate regulation of vaccination health and safety risk assessments are standing out like a sore thumb . If I knew how to use this computer properly I would write a book on" How to become an NHS coffin dodger !" It's a big communication handicap . I can understand the communication frustration it must cause for people with autism .


Exactly! Liver cancer has INCREASED since 1990. As I'm sure no one here (least of all you) needs reminding it makes no scientific sense to vaccinate an newborn/infant against Hep B; when protection is needed the vaccine will have waned. This is assuming of-course that the vaccine actually offers any protection, which no one really knows for sure because the damn thing never has to go through any kind of real testing. Of-course, adults do not provide the industry with the captive market that infants do. I, too, was moved by Dr. Phan's comments for the same reasons.
@Grace Green
I also hope that Dr Phan doesn't emigrate back to Vietnam if he and his family would be in more danger of vaccine tyranny then they are in the US, but I would be disingenuous if I didn't add that I hope he stays in the US because we need all the help we can get too protected people here. Where ever he and his family end up I am SO GRATEFUL for his wisdom.
Finally wanted to add that the anti-immigrant sentiment that the vaccine industry drums up makes me so angry! Why can't journalists get that terrorist-fear mongering and disease-mongering are one in the same:

go Trump

It should be mandated that every GSK employee, and every UK pediatrician, take the Infanrix Hexa vaccine and also the other two month UK baby vaccines ... adjusted for their body weight.

This would be about a dozen doses of each vaccine for each adult who of course, loves children.

A simple web site with a sign up sheet could be set up tomorrow.

John Stone

Thank you Martin

Indeed, I remember you writing about the changes in the JCVI code of conduct. You were, of course, quite right: they were being made deliberately so complicated that it would be impossible to decide what a conflict was, although I believe it was more a smoke screen than reality - I believe Pollard is mightily conflicted even now according to the letter of the code, and certainly within the official standards of public life. Of course, it is not because he is deceiving anyone but because everyone in government is complicit. I didn't think the JCVI could escape the reality of this but they have because there is no one left in the British state who is prepared to either monitor the conduct or enforce the rules, nor anyone in the mainstream media to report on what is going on.



"Infanrix." I swear... even the *name* sounds harmful and spooky. Seriously, if I didn't know any better, I would think it was some sort of dark-humored "gag" about a baby repellant, or an infant pesticide! And then the "Hexa" part sounds like they are indeed casting evil spells, which I'm beginning to think that many people must actually be "under" to continue believing in the vaccine hype and propaganda, in spite of all the horrid corruption and scientific fraud that's come to light. It's just so frustrating and hard to wrap my head around. And *almost* laughable, if it wasn't so damned disturbing and true.



Yes we are indeed fortunate to have John Stone. And....we are indeed fortunate to have Martin Walker--"Science is the New Politics" You are both champions.

"The 20th century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy. Alex Carey.1

As the result of the political situation and the frightful, not to say diabolical, triumphs of science, we are shaken by secret shudders and dark forebodings. C. G. Jung.2

Forget party MPs, vote science MPs Mark Henderson.3


Well, I sent it to the FDA. Hopefully the black helicopters don't come for me !!!

Dear Ms. Hunter-Thomas,
I appreciate the opportunity to offer public comment regarding the clinical trial designs used to support the marketing application for Merck's Hexavalent vaccine.

My concerns center on patient safety.

The Phase III pivotal study does not include the measurement of neurological markers nor does it follow patients for an adequate period of time sufficient to detect neurological injuries.
Autism is usually diagnosed at 18-36 months and follow-up of Phase III patients should continue through that time in order to capture neurological outcomes.  The current study is inadequate.

The Phase III study does not use a true placebo.  This would preclude detecting differences if the comparative placebo was not safe.  Many parents in the USA would gladly enroll their children in a true placebo study.  This has always been the gold standard for clinical research.

Finally, the increase in fevers in children is alarming.  One cannot determine why the fevers occur and what the final clinical outcome is.  I submit to the committee that patients with fevers should be monitored for 24 months with the collection of neurological markers, including autism.

Thank you for your consideration and have a wonderful weekend,

Jeannette Bishop

I recently perused this list of research compiled on the Canary Party website and am having trouble with these two links on a different vaccine, HIB, that were published before the vaccine was recommended (about the time the NCVIA liability protection went into effect) for all U.S. infants, and with the reported history of the success (without consideration of the costs) of the HIB vaccine:[Author])%20AND%20%22new%20england%20journal%20of%20medicine%22[Journal])%20AND%20meningitis)%20AND%20vaccine

Did THIS vaccine really "work" (or was there maybe a lot of diagnostic bias with the universal recommendation or some other shift weighing in), because there seems to be some evidence it increased susceptibility to HIB?

Del Bigtree has been talking about the HepB vaccine "safety" studies that were no longer than 5 days in follow-up before the U.S. started vaccinating newborns (and we still do not have any idea if vaccinating newborns prevents any health difficulties for any of them, but it's pretty clear it causes some, likely many, even without much study).

Grace Green

Hans, I'm sure you're right that they're targeting mothers, unfortunately I was also targeted by my husband!
Linda1, the question about the hep B is, how are the babies going to catch it in the first place, unless their mothers are infected. On your other point, I have seen an interview with Dr. Phan. I hope he will think carefully before returning to Vietnam, as I saw a newspaper article from there recently which seemed to indicate great pressure from the state to vaccinate. Before long, I don't think there will be anywhere to run to.
John, thanks for your confidence. I do my best with my local health practitioners!


The madness of poisoning babies with toxic vaccines will not stop, until the parents massively revolt. We need a national strike against pharmaceutical mafias and their bureaucratic agents. Otherwise, they will continue destroying children until no healthy child is left.

John Stone

Because "science"

Rotarix (the GSK brand used in the UK) is only monovalent. I suppose an interesting question is how many more products that OVG is developing does Prof Pollard hope to bring in (and possibly mandate).


It was really something yesterday to hear Dr. Anthony Phan, who escaped Vietnam with his parents at age 8, tell Del Bigtree on HighWire, that he is planning to take his family back to Vietnam because Vietnam is now a safer, freer country. He feels he now has to escape the US.

It has always been that when Americans would complain, immigrants would always remind us of what we have and how great it is here compared to where they came from.

No more.

Because "science"

Am I counting the valents/doses correctly? 24 doses for a 2 month old if the 5 strains from the rotavirus are considered?

Holy hell.

John Stone

Note (Friday 14 July 2017, 16.54 London time) : I requested an explanation from the BMJ this morning about why they had not published my letter, and none has come.


The original reason for giving hep b to newborns was to prevent liver cancer resulting from hep b infection. Liver cancer incidence has greatly increased since 1990.


I left message for A. Dale Horne PhD, head of the Vaccine Evaluation Branch at FDA. We'll see if he calls me back. have good weekend.

John Stone

Hi Frederic

No, Puliyel was responded to, but I didn't see a convincing refutation.


Thanks John, the hexavalent vaccine is under review by the FDA as well. I'm concerned that they use a comparator placebo, I don't see any long-term follow-up that collects neurological data, and there is a reference to increased fevers with the product.

Does anyone know if we can gain access to the raw data sets for this license application or how we would request long-term data, appropriately powered to measure neurological issues ?
thanks in advance.


As the vaccine zealots come to terms with the fact that the birth dose of Hep B is the culprit, I have a sneaking suspicion that in an effort to quietly deal with the US's infant mortality rate this heinous product will hop the pond. Now would be a good time to keep a close eye on SIDS rates. No doubt, however, all will be blamed on the mosquito.

Brilliant response as always! Thank you for all you do!

Frederic Chopin

"In 2015 Puliyel calculated a potential excess of 69 sudden infant deaths from Infanrix Hexa over a two year period based on a confidential pharmacovigilance report submitted by GSK to the regulatory authorities which had been released to the public domain by the Italian Ministry of Justice. His observations are published on PubMed Commons."

PubMed Commons is just a commenting feature for PubMed articles. In 2014 a 12 year Infanrix hexa study concluded, "In Italy, DTPa-HBV-IPV/Hib has a demonstrated safety record extending over a decade of use, it has been associated with record levels of vaccine coverage, and with sustained disease control in vaccinated cohorts." While Puliyel, a known anti-vaxxer, did indeed post comments on the article, his calculations were found to be wanting. Just read the replies.

And the France/hepatitis B/multiple sclerosis thing. Hep B vaccination was not "withdrawn in France in 2000". It was temporarily stopped from 1998-2004 for preadolescents only. A "horrific association"?

Hans Hitten

Posted by: Grace Green | July 14, 2017 at 06:08 AM

Its in all their documentation Grace . The Vaccine people are not targeting the children , they are targeting the mothers . Let me see if I can find it for you !

Niggle away - doesn't bother me . I have the evidence to support my opinion .

Tom Petrie

Susan, this madness has been going on for a very long time! Back in April of 1980, I wrote how SIDS was linked to vaccines and scurvy--yup, depleted vitamin C in the bodies of these precious young infants. And how expensive is it to do a vitamin C test? Very cheap! Just a test strip in a drop of urine (or a cheap blood test--takes a little longer), and wholla! Your vitamin C level is zero, so we better give you some vitamin C immediately! (Read my link below OR "Every Second Child" by Archie Kalakeronis, M.D., 1980.) And yet, the contempt for basic science and reasoning continues into its fourth decade.

The reasoning I'm looking for couldn't be better illustrated than by the post just written by John Stone! THAT'S WHAT WERE TALKING ABOUT! Short, well-reasoned and sensible. What's wrong with a little reasoning and logical arguments? Well done John!

bob moffit

'While no one can doubt Prof Pollard’s sincere enthusiasm for these products, the British government are vastly negligent in failing to police the borders between the public interest and that of the vaccine industry."

It's probably just little old me .. but .. I doubt Prof Pollard's "sincere enthusiasm for these products" .. would be any different than a common drug-pusher's "sincere enthusiasm" has for the products he pushes to his long-suffering .. unfortunate customers.

John writes:

"The recommendation to include this vaccine on the infant schedule was made at the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation meeting of October 2014, chaired then [3] and now by Prof Andrew Pollard [4]. Prof Pollard is Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group which develops vaccines and conducts trials on behalf of industry [5]. Prof Pollard is also a Trustee of the Jenner Vaccine Foundation with Dr Norman Begg, Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer of GSK Biologicals [6] which manufactures Infanrix Hexa. The Jenner Vaccine Foundation is chaired by Dr David Salisbury [6] who as Director of Immunisation, Department of Health, chaired the panel that appointed Prof Pollard as Chair of the JCVI in 2013 [7]."

Sorry to see the SWAMP that has thrived so well for decades in the U.S. ... lives and thrives as well in the U.K.

I think we can all agree .. the US and UK .. once great countries for ALL who live under their proud flags .. are far less so today.


Thanks again John great article exposing the corrupt, small very tight vaccine nucleus making life changing decisions for the population but at one and the same time probably excluding themselves family from the poison they peddle.

Pharma for Prison


John Stone


You have the skills and the voice.


Grace Green

Hans Litten, I love your outspoken advocacy here, and elsewhere, but just to pick up a niggling little point - it's not always the mothers who make the decision. In my case, it was my husband (now conveniently absent) who persuaded me to vaccinate.

John Stone, Thanks again for your untiring verbal battle on behalf of those of us who don't have the skills, but especially those who are completely voiceless.

susan welch

Thank you, John, for this information. When there are infant deaths soon after injection of Infanrix Hexa, they will be a mystery. The diagnosis will be SIDs and the Health authorities will not be able to tell parents what caused the deaths - the only thing they will be sure of is that 'it wasn't the vaccines'.

How long will this madness continue?

Hans Hitten

Damn scoundrels . Damn them to hell .

Wake up mothers . WAKE UP

Martin John Walker

Age of Autism and the rest of us are very lucky to have John Stone on our side, he always sees the bigger picture.For a chapter on Pollard, those involved might turn to Corporate Ties that Bind: And examination of Corporate Manipulation and vested interests in Public Health.

Elizabeth Hart

Hepatitis B vaccination, and revaccination via combo shots, is on the taxpayer-funded schedule in Australia.

Under 'disadvantages' in an Australian Government report (NHMRC) re introducing universal children's Hepatitis b vaccination in Australia, published in 1996, this point is listed:

"The overall incidence of disease is extremely low in young children and many infants will be vaccinated against a disease which they are at low risk of contracting."

Reference: Recommendations on Hepatitis B vaccination. National Health and Medical Research Council. 1996. (Now rescinded.)

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