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Northern Italians Take on Vaccine Mandates

Northern Italy
Italy's northern regions are challenging a mandatory vaccine law

Several regions in northern Italy are challenging a recently passed law which made 12 vaccinations mandatory for children starting at state school.

"Let's be clear; we are not against vaccines; we are against making them obligatory," explained regional governor Luca Zaia, who belongs to the Northern League. 

Italy's cabinet approved the vaccine law in mid-May, making it compulsory for all school starters to have a set of 12 vaccinations. 

But in Veneto, the regional government said on Tuesday that its lawyers were preparing to challenge the decree in Italy's Constitutional Court, and that the legal challenge would be ready in around two weeks.

"Here, coverage was at 92.4 percent in 2016, thanks to information given to families at every level. No to sanctions, yes to informed decisions by mums and dads!"

Zaia wrote that it had been a "mistake to ignore the regions" in passing the legislation.

However, he appeared to acknowledge that fake news surrounding the efficacy and safety of vaccines had been an issue in Italy. "Fake news should be fought through science and doctors," he said.

The head of the Northern League, Matteo Salvini, praised the move in Veneto, writing: "Children's health comes before the interest of some pharmaceutical company [...] Freedom of choice works; threats and fines don't."

He also took the chance to push the party's anti-immigrant agenda, adding: "PS. Who vaccinates the illegal immigrants?"




Han Litten

However, he appeared to acknowledge that fake news surrounding the efficacy and safety of vaccines had been an issue in Italy. "Fake news should be fought through science and doctors," he said.

Wake up Zaia . Nevermind this fake news nonsense , Fake Vaccines is what you should be worried about !!!

Grace Green

Shelley, well said. I fear, though, that the money coming in goes into the pockets of individuals (politicians) whereas the costs going out are paid by the tax-payer. Also, the problems caused create more work/money for those in the system. This is why I think the only solution is for the People to join together and refuse the vaccines. If we all refuse, they will not be able to force us.


Here's some math. If it is true that Pharma just bought the Italian population of 60.8 million for $1 billion, that means each person cost just $16.45.

A devil's bargain.

bob moffit

@ Shelly

"Math is not my strong suit otherwise I might help you out"

Thank goodness WE don't have to be geniuses in math ... all WE have to do is ...


Shelley Tzorfas

I read that a Billion Dollars was given to the Italy in exchange for these new Mandatory Vaccine Laws . If that is true, then what Italy might discover is how much more money they will need from the long term harm it will cause. When Italians line up to get their children Shot with Neurotoxic Aluminum, Mercury, cancer promoting Formaldehyde, Human Aborted Fetal Cells capable of causing tumors and gender-bending (As little girls get Boy DNA and little boys get girl DNA) Cow Bovine Serum (Mad Cow?) cells of pigs DOGS monkeys rats chickens insects, Polysorbate 80 which harms the once protective Blood Brain Barrier, Peanut Oils causing deadly peanut and food allergies and more toxins, they will discover the real cost of this barter. There will be an acceleration of the number of children who develop Seizures, Tourettes, Autism, ADHD, deadly Food Allergies, Cancer, Learning Disabilities and more. Their school system will have to teach students who cannot speak, read or write, while some will be in diapers. They might have to provide Special Needs classes or hire Shadows- aides that stay 1 to 1 with the child each period for the entire school day. The education system might literally go belly up as more and more kids, teens, and young adults develop Gastro IntestinalReflux Disease. Here, in the US, we have up to 1 in 3 young children receiving some sort of special services like speech therapy, occupational services, occupational services and more. Then there are the adults who have aged out of the school system who cannot read, write, speak or maintain a job. What Needs to happen is that someone calculates these costs over a lifetime and include the estimated and actual numbers of Autistic kids-those who had Brain Encephalitis resulting in part of the brain not working and part of the brain overly working. Have everyone see the film "Vaxxed" so that you might justify large expenses to cover around 1 in every 2 children in about 10 years from now. Math is not my strong suit otherwise I might help you out. Have a nice day and good luck...


Just watched a documentary "Vaccine Syndrome" on the anthrax vaccine and Bill Clinton's executive order of 1999 (if not '98), still in effect. I believe, this was the first compulsory vaccine - no exemptions allowed- it was and still is a disater for military personel (US, UK and Isarel - apparently Israel ex-soldiers won a court case and compensation).

No lessons learned, Bush/Obama continued this policy, Obama actually funded DoD studies in 2012 of the vaccine in children 2 year olds and up + 65 and older, essentially doubling down on the damage in civilians.

No lessons learned: California mandates, Italy, Australia, maybe France....

As bob moffit wrote in a comment this week: there is no excuse for repeating these 'mistakes' and not heading these lessons.


"Children's health comes before the interest of some pharmaceutical company ..."

Can you imagine an American politician coming out with that statement?

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