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Newsweek and "Hidden Evidence" at CDC

CDC-Director-Brenda-FitzgeraldBy Anne Dachel

July 7, 2017, Newsweek: New CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald Inheriting Vaccine Skeptics, Drug Abuse and Antibiotic Resistance

By Jessica Wapner

Vaccine skepticism, the position that immunizations could be tied to autism and other problems and that health officials have either hidden evidence or not conducted rigorous enough investigations, has been emboldened under the Trump administration. Numerous studies have uncovered no link between vaccines and autism or any other chronic condition. Despite that data, many individuals have remained doubtful of the safety of vaccines, many of which prevent otherwise fatal diseases. Trump has publicly questioned the safety of vaccines, and earlier this year he met with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who has called vaccine research into question. ...

The CDC is the federal agency charged with protecting the health of Americans and also monitoring health threats abroad. The agency oversees current and emerging infectious diseases, immunizations, HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, birth defects, injury prevention and control, environmental health concerns and chronic diseases, among many other areas. The CDC received $891 million in federal funding in 2016 that included more than $300 million for vaccine programs. The last CDC director, Tom Frieden, resigned in January and Anne Schuchat, who first joined the CDC in 1998, has been serving as deputy director since then. 

There is a universal blackout by the press of any coverage involving the scandals at the CDC. That's why we never hear about the shoddy, pharma-funded studies, the William Thompson story of scientific fraud, or the criminal charges against Poul Thorsen. Notice the dismissive statement about "hidden evidence."

Jessica Wapner may be paid to pretend to write about the vaccine controversy, but the public is learning the truth despite the cover-up by the mainstream media. 

My posted comment:

Notice Jessica Wapner’s cryptic summary of the vaccine debate. She describes “vaccine skepticism” as “the position that immunizations could be tied to autism and other problems and that health officials have either hidden evidence or not conducted rigorous enough investigations.”

“…hidden evidence …”???

Is Wapner referring to the mounting scandals involving the vaccine division at the CDC that the new director will have to deal with?

Members of the mainstream media refuse to address any of the charges of corruption and cover-up at the CDC. That’s why the general public never learns about…

….the fact that in 2008 it was revealed that medical experts at HHS conceded the vaccine injury case of Hannah Poling, a young girl in Georgia whose autism was induced by the nine vaccines she received in one doctor’s visit. Immediately following this news, Hannah Poling’s name was never again mentioned in the news.

…that in 2010 we learned about Dr. Poul Thorsen, a Danish researcher hired by the CDC whose studies on vaccine safety have been called into question, and he is under federal indictment for falsifying documents and embezzling $2 million from the CDC.

…that in 2011 Pace University Law Review published research that showed the federal government had quietly compensated over 80 cases of vaccine-induced autism, all the while the CDC denied any connection.

…that in 2014, it was revealed that top CDC vaccine researcher Dr. William Thompson stated that his superiors ordered him to destroy findings that showed a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. In 2015 U.S. Rep Bill Posey went before the House and pleaded with members to hold hearings on Thompson. So far, no committee wants to investigate.

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism




That is all right Aimee, and thank you for being so sweet.

We all are living on the edge of emotions.
I had a really bad day yesterday; I was very emotional and it was all about some things to do with some attitudes from my own husband. Some times I don't think fathers are as concerned as they should be.
We find ourselves surrounded on all fronts almost daily.

Aimee Doyle

@ Benedetta

I'm sorry. Really didn't mean to come off as snotty to you in my earlier post. Sometimes it's hard to get the tone right when you're writing a post or an email. We're both warrior moms, fighting the good fight. I don't mean my frustration to come off as antagonistic.

But I was curious about Dr. Wakefield, and what he thought about Trump's provax picks for HHS, FDA, and CDC. I hadn't read anything about it - thought perhaps you had. It wasn't a "gotcha" kind of thing. I wanted to know. Like with Grace, when I went back and looked at the videos and background on the Serge Kovaleski matter.

Water under the bridge. Wait and see.


I thought that Trump was imitating some one nervous that got caught lying, not some one disabled.

My son too has tics; blinks his eyes funny, snorts and clears his throat and there have been many unpleasant things said for us too Aimee, I just did not see that it was meant that way. .

and we are ALL waiting to see what happens 6 months in.
Will it be another ploy of stall and stall and pretend at some similar to an IACC meeting, or will eventually something happen?

LOL So don't get snotty to me; like I am just one of the provaxxers, and you want links to some kind of science study. Besides: When and if there ever comes into existence such links, you are really good at your job, and you will find them way before me.

We all are waiting, scared, angry, impatient.


I watched it too, Aimee.
Water under the bridge.

Mr. questions

Hi everyone,

recently saw a distressed mother who posted the following online in asia about her child. could anyone offer advice on how to proceed? i'll try to relay/translate your replies to her:

A 12 month old was administered mmr/chickenpox / hep-A on the same day. child immediately suffered a major rash on the arm along with decreased willingness to breastfeed. the mother sought several doctors who were "unsure of what caused it he issue", and is now unsure what to do.

thanks in advance.


I agree with Someone that Dr Brenda Fitzgerald seems like a lovely, caring woman. She reminds me very much of Dr Bernadine Healy.

Here's one of her TED Talks 'Improving Early Child Development with Words' which I 99.9% agree with except for the credit she gives to vaccinations for improvement in life expectancy - but at least she does gives credit to other far more important public health measures which are seldom mentioned by provaxxers.

I hope Dr Fitzgerald realises that vaccines can disrupt language development and wipe out the language that children have learned from loving parents who have talked with their babies since birth or even before they were born, as we did, and that's one of the reasons parents of regressed children with "good" to "excellent" developmental history prior to vaccination are so angry. A psychiatric label which simply describes the child's condition after vaccination isn't the answer.

I hope Dr Fitzgerald has been paying attention to what parents have been saying for more than two decades and doesn't believe in forcing vaccination on everyone. Maybe she will listen carefully to what Dr Healy said in this video, and maybe the reason she was appointed is that she already has.

Aimee Doyle

@Grace - I went back and looked at the original video and the photos of Serge Kovaleski. I also took a look at videos that show that Trump mocks lots of people the same way. So I see your point. He was mocking Kovaleski, but not necessarily his disability. Okay, you can interpret it that way.

But, like most people, I interpret things through the lens of my experience. Watching Trump on the original video reminded me of the kids who have bullied and teased my son for his hand flapping, stuttering, etc. I had a strong emotional response at the time. Even now, looking at it is painful for me. I think making fun of people, disabled or not, is cruel.

Grace Green

Aimee, I watched the video too, and also the one of the reporter Trump was supposed to be mocking. He was suffering from a paralytic condition, and didn't make any arm movements. I think we should be careful about making assumptions. I'm no great fan of Trump, having protested about his golf course just up the road from where I live, but I like his speaking out about things. He's a breath of fresh air in politics.

Aimee Doyle


"And so .. let's simply agree to disagree .. okay?"

Of course. For the record, I've been a political independent most of my voting life, and I cherish my friends of all political stripes. I don't think it's intellectually honest to only listen to one side. I enjoy spirited debate, but I also know that ultimately dialogue (not competing monologue) is what results in solutions. And who knows, maybe you're right that Trump - down the road - will prove he's on our side. I've eaten humble pie before.

In the spirit of dialogue, though, I do wish that you, or another Trump supporter - could provide me with some evidence of Trump's plans/policies for helping individuals who are already vaccine damaged. Is he going to do anything about the injustice of the "Vaccine Court"? How is he going to improve implementation (funding?) of IDEA for the education of disabled kids? What about the cuts to Medicaid - so many autistic adults and kids depend on it for health care, and on the Medicaid Waiver for services and supports and recreation. Will Trump foster scientific research into treatment, therapy, and cure? He has said he cares about vax injury - what about those who are already injured?

Our vax-injured kids and adults need so much. Education, treatment, therapy, jobs, housing, etc. Given all those already injured, and those being injured every day, I'd personally like to see some urgency in stopping the problem. And some effort to ameliorating the problem. Nothing seems to be happening.

Aimee Doyle


"Disabled reporter was twisted and was not true. Water under the bridge.

I WATCHED the video...I didn't just read about it. Trump was making fun - I've seen people (actually kids) making fun of my son that way - by imitating his movements and words, then laughing about it. They too said it was a joke - but my son understood and was hurt. Watching the video was so painful for me, and I feel the video shows a lack of compassion for those with disabilities...if Trump had apologized, I might feel differently.

"Dr. Wakefield has given up so much, and he believes deeply in Trump. He cannot be wrong."

What exactly has Dr. Wakefield said recently? Does he support Trump's picks for HHS, FDA, and CDC? If you have links, I'd love to see them.

david m burd

In fact, HHS Secretary Tom Price picked Fitzgerald as new CDC chief. Price is a longtime member with the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (about 4,000 members) who stand for individual parents having full control and choice for their child vaccinationsm - No Government mandates.

So it puzzles me that Price picked the pro-vaccine advocate Fitzgerald; maybe he was derelect in not viewing her pro-vaccine stance, or maybe he has insider info that Trump will in the near future give RFK Jr.'s Vaccine Safety Commission (If that's the right word) a high profile, and back what it reveals. In other words, I maintain hope Trump will persist in uncovering the Vaccine Horror that is destroying our society and countless families.


Bob suggested I am in the Never Trump camp.

Bob, with all due respect, you missed the part where I stated I was in favour of a Trump's presidency, and still am. If given Hillary as a choice, I would still choose Trump, and even if I am a little less enthusiastic about the decision.

Bob, I always believed the vaccine safety war will be won from the bottom-up, not the to-down.  Politicians rarely do what's right, but what's politically expedient.  Citizens, however, will act in their best interests and bring about effective change.

With this, when I heard about Trump's vaccine safety commission proposal,  I was pleasantly surprised.  And, now that it's appearing to fizzle, I must say even though I am disappointed I am not entirely shocked.  It's simply a matter of yet another politician following the well paved terrain, rather than veering off in the bushes on any wild, 'ill-advised' adventures. 

Bob, consider Trump's other promises? How is that wall coming?  How is taking down China for manipulating its currency and and fixing the trade deficit coming?  Heck - how is draining the swamp coming?

Still, I support Trump for supporting the grassroots movement by speaking out about vaccine safety issues.  We should all be thankful to him for this, and even if that well appears to be also drying up as operations now switch to Hide Barron, and he is speaking less autism.

Bob, I also consider we're not helping ourselves by having unrealistic faith in Trump and not accepting things at their face value. Such unrealistic expectations, will detract from us putting our efforts into where they may achieve their best return. Bob, as I explain to the 'enemy' when I infiltrate their camps, the war is truly rigged in our favour. Going forward, we should remain optimistic and never lose sight of this.


Disabled reporter was twisted and was not true.
Water under the bridge.
6 months in, now. Not much time has passed.
Dr. Wakefield has given up so much, and he believes deeply in Trump. He cannot be wrong.

bob moffit

@ Shekinah013 .. greately appreciated reading former Green party candidate Jill Stein's comments on vaccines having questions that need to be answered .. and .. her strong observations that present regulatory agencies in Washigton no longer have ... nor deserve .. the trust of the American people to fulfill their responsibilities to act solely in the best interests of the "people" and not industries they are charged with regulating. It is no accident .. yet ... too bad Jill's comments on vaccines received little to no coverage in msm.

@Aimee and Greg

I suspect you both would put yourselves firmly in that NEVER TRUMP camp .. which is your absolute right to do so. God bless you both for your passion.

As for myself .. I hope our President eventually proves himself a man of his words .. beginning with creating that long-overdue Commission to study vaccine "safety and efficiency" .. and ... until he proves otherwise I will remain his supporter.

And so .. let's simply agree to disagree .. okay?


How did Thorson get the money? He had to submit invoices for parts of the study done outside the group. This work wasn't done, or paid for, leaving those "fill ins" total, blatant fraud, with the payments in his pocket. Do they want him in Atlanta, of course not, if this is true it would negate a study they are holding onto as golden. ..or..was it never missing money, was it a gift for his following and designing the study according to pharm dictate, if that's the case the cdc would be forced to close it's doors, the "way of doing business" would end their reign. According to Kennedy investigations have proven the cdc is a corrupt agency, if that's the case, why are they above the law?

In any event .. I seriously doubt ANY other President would have said anything similar to his/her nominees.

Bob, no other President would've spoken up for our cause similarly to Trump because they never had skin in the game like Trump. Trump never supported us out of any moral imperative. It's simple a matter of the egomaniac who is obsessed with perfection lashing out after imperfection bit him in the ass in a serious, personal way.

Speaking of which, up to this date that Trump has been President, has anyone seen anything more of Barron other than few seconds of photo-ops as he boards planes? Has he spoken a word on camera? In contrast, I would say the Obama girls were a lot more out front and verbal.

I think too many folks here are making excuses for Trump. Sometimes I think if he wasn't personally affected by autism he too would've seized the political mileage in dumping on us, probably outdoing Hillary.

Bob, don't get me wrong. I wanted Trump to win, and I still think, overall, it's better for us that he did. At least he has helped bringing the vaccine safety issues out in the mainstream. Regardless Bob, given his circumstances, I am starting to think any President other than Trump would've done more in advancing our cause.


BBC lying thieving scoundrels : "Measles 'tragedy' kills 35 across Europe"


Measles killed 35 people? Yea, whatever you say BBC

For those among us who are too young to have lived through this. Or for those of us who did, and seem to have forgotten.... here's a video reminder how measles was viewed before vaccine sales trumped reality

Aimee Doyle

@Bob -

Yes, I'm angry at Trump over the vaccine issue, perhaps more so since he made promises he obviously had no intention of keeping. I was angry at Obama, Bush, and Clinton too. You're right that no presidential candidate addressed the vaccine issue at all. Hillary Clinton did have a platform that described services and supports for individuals with autism (although nothing about prevention, treatment, therapy, or cure).

But here's the rub for me. The vaccine issue doesn't end with vaccines - there's brain damage to consider after vaccines have done their damage. And Trump wants to cut $800 billion from Medicaid (which would devastate my adult son in terms of supports, services, and health care - as well as tens of thousands of other children and adults on the spectrum). He also put Betsy DeVos in charge of education. She isn't familiar with IDEA, or the working parts of IDEA, like an IEP. So not only has Trump done nothing on the vaccine issue, he seems to be bent on making the situation worse for individuals and families who are already devastated by autism.

Finally, it hurt me deeply that way Trump mocked the disabled reporter. I've seen the video. I know, I know...people said it was a joke. But I've seen people make fun of my son the same way.



Jill Stein did.

bob moffit

@ Aimee

"If Trump does want to address the vaccine issue, I can't see why he's waiting...or why he's made the appointments he has. He's gotten every agency appointment he wanted, and he chose pro-vax people, so it's hard to see that he's committed to making a change."

Admittedly .. I am giving our President the benefit of doubt by ASSUMING .. HE has made it crystal clear that HE believes there are "too many, too soon" early childhood vaccines .. and .. he believes there is a need to create a Commission to study "vaccine safety and efficiency ... to each "pro-vax" appointee. If they strongly disagree .. they should have REFUSED to accept the nomination.

In any event .. I seriously doubt ANY other President would have said anything similar to his/her nominees.

And so .. with all due respect .. while I fully understand you are NOT a Trump supporter .. as I admittedly am .. I would like to ask you ... given the Presidential primary candidates running in our last election .. WHO EXACTLY would YOU rather have as President? What other candidate that ran against Trump said ANYTHING about vaccines when given the greatest opportunity to ACTUALLY STATE THEIR CONCERNS REGARDING VACCINES? If I missed someone .. PLEASE .. let me know who that was?

George stevens

Honestly I have been following Trump very closely on everything he has done. I've heard republican after republican and conservative after conservative freak at some of his appointments. Only to watch Trump go on to do exactly what he promised during the campaign. I'm not excited about this woman in the least but one thing I have learned with trump is her appointment is not the end all be all of the vaccine debate for Trump. Watch if he appoints someone else with an antivax point of view in the coming days. The man listens to both sides of an argument dem repub corporate parent. Hate to put blind faith in one man but if you look at the past 6 months as a Trump fan you end up doing just that. Yall sound like conservatives did before he pulled out ot the climate agreement while his daughter was in support of it.

Aimee Doyle


"Having said that ... I cannot believe our President would carelessly nominate someone he believes will become a DEFENDER of the DEEP SWAMP that has existed within the CDC .. for DECADES. "

Aren't Scott Gottlieb of the FDA and Tom Price of HHS - both Trump appointees - defenders of the swamp? Scott Gottlieb has told antivaxxers that they should "get over it" and Tom Price stated during his confirmation hearings that there was no link between vaccines and autism. Sounds like both of them are interested in maintaining the status quo.

What evidence do you have that Brenda Fitzgerald will be any different? She sounds pretty committed to max vax to me.

In any event, a child is diagnosed with autism every 20 minutes. Approximately one-third of the spectrum is nonverbal; two thirds of the spectrum will require lifelong care and support. According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT, if the current rate of autism keeps increasing, by 2025 the rate will be 1 in 2. If Trump does want to address the vaccine issue, I can't see why he's waiting...or why he's made the appointments he has. He's gotten every agency appointment he wanted, and he chose pro-vax people, so it's hard to see that he's committed to making a change.

Han Litten

BBC lying thieving scoundrels : "Measles 'tragedy' kills 35 across Europe"

Whereas the headline should read :

"Deliberate Policy of Vaccine Derived Autism maims 10 million across EUROPE"


This CDC director is right out of "the swamp." She worked with Coca Cola to get the language about sugar consumption changed from "limit" to "moderate" on federal guidelines. This change of language has considerable impact on how sugar consumption is viewed by the public. Why is Coca Cola considered a stake holder in federal sugar consumption guidelines when they are a leading cause in the obesity epidemic occurring in America??? She is a corporate lobbyist of the worst kind and I have zero faith she will do anything to make our vaccine program safer. Trump is a con man all the way.

Jeannette Bishop

Maybe add bonus funding for individual recoveries from chronic illness.

Jeannette Bishop

Sometimes I don't get past headlines (but maybe without holding my breath I'll get further eventually checking for a mentions of the SPIDER letter or what William Thompson turned over to Congress?).

I think that future vax vs. unvax research should include a look at a possible role of vaccination in susceptibility to drug addictions, maybe addictions in general. With the rise in leaky gut letting "opiod-like" particles into the blood of at least some of our vaccine injured, I think it's something to consider.

With the already existing evidence that some vaccines increase risk of non-specific infections and the Mawson data showing higher rates of otitis media in vaccinated, maybe we already have evidence there is a vaccine role in anti-biotic resistance.

Then we have the seemingly insurmountable task of getting some to see that vaccines themselves have a role in the rise of vaccine skepticism, though dishonesty about vaccination and what we actually know maybe gets the lion share of the credit.

IMO the CDC should stop looking at controlling infectious disease diagnoses and focus on actual population health, so I think that's how their funding should work (when I don't think we should just get rid of all federal "health" agencies altogether). Funding should be based on actual health outcomes, maybe based on each individual that lives another year without developing a chronic illness or disability, deaths should trigger additional deductions, higher deductions for infants and children maybe, maybe provide additional funding based on success in identifying environmental causations purposed to remediate and prevent such exposures, with no income based on uptake of any product (like vaccines). And there needs to be a substantial non-employment wall between our health agencies and pharma.


I am praying for our new CDC Director. She seems like a lovely, caring woman. May her eyes, and heart, and brain be open to the ugly truth, and may she have, or find, the courage to right the intolerable wrongs that have been perpetrated and perpetuated against both children and adults for far too long, already.

bob moffit

@ Aimee .. I am as troubled as you are ... by the article you published by our new CDC Director Brenda Fitzgerald ... wherein she presents hers views on the BENEFITS of vaccines .. never once mentioning the RISKS known to be associated with ALL vaccines. Very troubling comments ...

Having said that ... I cannot believe our President would carelessly nominate someone he believes will become a DEFENDER of the DEEP SWAMP that has existed within the CDC .. for DECADES. We shall have to wait and see if Ms Fitzgerald appointment continues "feeding the SWAMP .. instead of "draining it".

I am eager to learn if our new CDC Director will begin "unmasking" the glaring "conflicts of interests" throughout our public health regulatory agencies ... whereby the CDC actually rakes in MILLIONS of dollars for every vaccine the approved and recommended .. while at the same time allowing "career" high-level CDC officials to "retire" .. only to be hired within one year to lucrative salaries within the pharmaceutical empire .. as did Julie Gerberding to name just ONE of MANY others.

As I said .. I will be watching with the same cynicism that you have for Ms Fitzgerald .. and .. if she proves to be just another SWAMP creature ... I WILL BE AMONG THE FIRST TO BLAME MY PRESIDENT.

Richard P. Milner

OK. So many of us thought President Trump would be a vaccination skeptic. He is not. He is a vaccination believer, and this appointment of Dr. Fitzgerald proves it. Meanwhile, Warren Buffet has given fresh billions to the Gates Foundation to promote vaccines worldwide. We need countering voices more than ever. My company's review of the science found nothing in support of vaccination, only clever marketing for a dangerous billion-dollar product. We sorely need more media on the side of truth.

We know about many of the great crimes of history, about genocide in America, in Russia and in Germany, and others. Those were crimes against one group. The crime of vaccination is the greater because it is against all groups, all people. It is a true crime against humanity, completely unredeemed by any kind of remorse. It is done only for profit, pure and simple, and in obedience to a beautiful lie, namely that vaccines prevent disease and deaths from disease when they do not.


My first post is in the wrong place. I am sorry.

But as for this post, I hope there is more coming for us antivaxxers - soon. Needs to be more than one little two word slip perhaps. "hidden evidence".

I really want prison time given to people that feel they are too big to be in jail. Perhaps they really are?


The brown coal in the west have more sulfur compounds, burns more dirty than the black, cleaner coal of the east.
Go figure.


How nice to wake up and find myself listed by "News"weak as a societal problem along with drug abuse and antibiotic resistance lol.

Aimee Doyle

Brenda Fitzgerald - another Trump appointee who is pro-vax. In this article she specifically says that "babies need their vaccinations" and that the vaccine danger have been "debunked."

That's the third person Trump has appointed (after Tom Price - HHS, Scott Gottlieb - FDA) who is pro-vax and hostile to the idea that there may be dangers, including risk of autism, with vaccination.

Trump has done nothing for our kids - nothing to prevent future cases of autism. Nothing to help kids and adults currently on the spectrum.


Angus Files

Eyebrows, fingers, toes all crossed that Fitzgerald helps the population and dosent add to the destruction

Good comment from Mr Harris

to their predetermined decision. The CDC needed studies proving Thimerosal and MMR were safe.

The CDC is in a FOIA email " we have searched frantically, and cannot find anything here,
it looks like we will have to go else where and get us a study " They chose a Denmark researcher, Dr.Poul Thorsen to do the studies. This is another FOIA email from CDC to Dr. Poul Thorsen. " we are only interested in, what will exonerate the CDC and Vaccines "
They then handed him a CDC 11 million dollar contract to study Thimerosal in vaccines and MMR. In 2011 the hand picked Dr. Poul Thorsen from Denmark was indicted by an Atlanta GA. grand jury on 22 ct's of fraud. That was 13 ct's wire fraud, and another 9 ct's of money laundering. The CDC still quotes this criminal's studies today, as valid. Here is how we know that the CDC was involved in the fraud. The CDC in an elaborate scheme, set this man up a CDC credit union account in his name. Dr. Poul Thorsen was skimming off the CDC vaccine research money and sending it back to that account. He in-turn was giving them exactly
what they asked for, a predetermined out come on what a researcher in 1948 in a AMA paid research found to be " Toxic as it gets " Dr. Frank Engley's work on Thimerosal, found that the Mercury based preservative used in almost all children's vaccines and flu-shots. It was Toxic down to a level that was almost unbelievable. He said it was Toxic down to one one millionth of a gram. He then stated, that " it was as Toxic as it gets " and it must be removed
from everything it was in. All the way down to over the counter topical use.

In 2014 Dr. Thorsen that has been indicted in 2011 on 22 ct's of fraud for alegedly stealing almost 2 million dollars in CDC Autism vaccine research dollars, is listed on an NIH study?

This time, it's to keep him out of the US. for if it came down to him or them. The CDC knows, he would sing like a canary.

Pharma For Prison


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