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Long Island Boys With Autism Drown Together In Family Pool

WeepNote: God rest the souls of these two youngsters with autism - drowned together in the family pool. We know families who've faced this horror.  Mom woke up to find her boys not in their bed. How many times has this happened to you or a friend with a child or teen on the spectrum? It happened to my family in a hotel room. Mia slipped out the door without our knowing it. It  happened to us at a party. Gianna slipped out the door without us knowing it. We found them. Alive. Many families aren't so lucky. I know parents who have slept on a cot in front of the door to protect their kids. Families use baby monitors long after the children grow up in the hopes of being alert to the patter of footsteps heading out. Alarm systems with door chimes are backward for many of us, helping to keep our kids IN the house. The monster we fear isn't a stranger - it's autism.   Is there sometimes parental error and neglect? Sure. But mostly, you and I know all too well, there but for the grace of God go any one of us despite our Herculean efforts. God bless Nicholas and Anthony and their family too. 

These stories illustrate the important of Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted's new book called, DENIAL: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future from Skyhorse Publishing.  The glossification (I think I  made that work up) of autism has meant a lack of concern or true understanding of the day to day grind for families.  Anthony and Nicholas have no future - they drowned together. Think about that. 


Three-year-old twin boys with autism drowned Wednesday morning in a Melville pool, Suffolk County Police said.

The drownings at the Holly Court home appeared to be accidental. 

Law enforcement officials said the boys' mother woke up and did not see the children in their room. She found Nicholas Aurilia floating in the inground pool and pulled him out of the water. He was not breathing and his mother began to perform CPR on him, police said. 

The fire department eventually found the second boy, Anthony Aurilia, still in the pool, which was murky and difficult to navigate.





This is so heartbreaking. How many lives have to be lost before this stops?
These are the reminders why it is so crucial for society to offer not just ways to prevent autism and heal autism, but options on how to deal and cope with daily caretaker challenges so that the caretaker is empowered in every way possible. I'm sure that most have seen or used things like this, but I'd like to mention product like those below for those who haven't heard of them. I feel like using them in front of doorways in the house could give caretakers a crucial headstart in preventing potential tragedies. I first heard of them being used for eldercare. It's a pressure sensitive warning mat, typically used to alert someone if an elder is getting out of bed and at risk for a fall. Lots of different manufacturers.


Laura Hayes

Carolyn KylesMom CA,

Your thoughtful comment brought tears to my eyes...thank you. And please keep your daily prayers going :)


Carolyn KylesMom CA

When my son was little going with him to the park was like being with a human soccer ball. I had to run along him the whole time. The only remedy ever was the occasional playground/park that was entirely closed in. I longed for parks as well fenced in (with double gates) as a dog park. I would watch the other Moms sit together and talk and vaguely watch their children while I danced around alongside Kyle. I used to just look at them as if it were another world, another life, and it was. Theirs as unreal to me as mine to them. They were getting a break, social time with another parent. I was desperately making sure my son (the sensory-seeker type--which I was grateful of actually)-- did not escape. Had I had another child to watch as well, I don't know how I could have done it. My kind and compassionate Mom said that one Kyle was the same as 4 typical children. She marveled. Thank GOD for the Moms like all of you, who had warned me about vaccines, and that I stopped them at 18 months. It took Kyle years, but he is nearly recovered now (some odd habits mark his journey from autism to "high functioning autism" to "Aspergers". HE can run in a track meet. He can be in a play. He can go to church without jumping over the pews, and dinner without sitting under the table. He is mainstreamed in a regular school at 16. For many, with biomed, etc, please have hope, many do get better, sparing you the rest of your life chasing them, being a barrier to them (not to mention the sheer exhaustion of so many parents of autistic children). But for those whose children do not recover, despite all, know that our hearts go with you, we think daily, "There but for the grace of God and the luck that chelation and therapies worked for my child, go I." I lived this with a small child, until he was about 10. I could pick him up when I needed to. How you hero-saint Moms and Dads and siblings live with this stress day after day after day, with children too big to pick up, adult children, too hard to control, I do not know. I pray for you every single day, and I lobby for parks to have full gates whenever I can, in memory of the times I got to sit on a bench when my child was in a fully enclosed playground (but always, always, sitting near the gate). Dr Amen of Amen Clinics discovered that the moms of autistic children all had PTSD brains when he scanned them. This, to all who don't get it, is why. And if you want to know how to help a relative with an autistic child--offer to go with them on vacation and watch the child so that they can actually have a few hours vacation. Go with them on outings. Ask what they need, find out how to give them sleep. They may be too overwhelmed to ask or even remember what is normal for a parent to need. They may be fighting fire after fire after fire and not have the time to even think about how to put out what they can.


I had read about the horrible drowning incident, but not about the twins having autism. What beautiful little boys they were. I am heartbroken for their parents, grandparents, brother, and everyone else who loved them.

Disgusting and deceitful that there is no proper mention of the fact that they had autism in most of the mainstream media channels.

bob moffit


"No mention of autism seems to be the preferred tactic, I mean we wouldn't want to alarm anyone, right?"

Once again .. confirmation of Malcolm X observation: "The greatest power of the press .. is their power to IGNORE.

Pick a subject .. ANY subject .. politics, failing public health, failing education, rising crime, rising poverty .. it matters not which subject .. the press will withhold ANY information THEY decide the people do not have the right to know.


No mention of autism seems to be the preferred tactic, I mean we wouldn't want to alarm anyone, right?
Funny, the media outlets aren't mentioning the Awan IT Dem staffer up to his eyeballs in corruption either.

Kate Taylor

My prayers are with this family; yes it is so true that there by the grace of God go I .

bob moffit

I have been following this tragic event for two days now .. and .. not surprisingly .. the ONLY media outlet to identify these two children as autistic .. was NBC news .. other NYC outlets .. including NY Post .. NEVER mentioned that autism was a contributing factor. Listening to the media describe this event .. it appeared as though mom was at fault .. for carelessly falling asleep .. awaking only to find her two beautiful .. beloved children .. drowned in the family pool.

Unfortunately .. this tragic event is just ONE of HUNDREDS .. if not THOUSANDS .. of similar tragedies affecting families with autistic children .. where these little toddlers have no recognition or understanding of the dangerous consequences of "wandering" outside .. far too many being drawn to water .. pools, ponds, lakes, etc ..

As Kim noted .. parents have taken great measures installing all kinds of "security" measures to protect their children from dangers of "wandering" .. but .. it only takes ONE moment out of 365 days .. ONE moment out of every 24 HOUR day .. for the best security systems in the world to fail .. resulting in a far too common tragic occurrence .. that EVERY PARENT of an autistic child DREADS.

God bless this family .. as their loss is also ours.

Hans Hitten


Pictures - If you want to see how wonderful the little fellas looked .

Frank , Colleen , Marsha --- this is your work !

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