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Autism and Arrests

Italy Mandates Vaccination for School Children

School-system-in-italy-7-728After taking a billion Euro "gift" from Glaxo, Italy now mandates vaccination for its children.

US pharmaceutical giant GSK is planning to invest more than €1 billion in Italy over the next four years, according to Daniele Finocchiaro, CEO of GSK Italia.

The funds won’t be going to “the construction of new plants, but to reinforce product lines and provide more continuity for research and development. Specialization is the greatest weapon we have and—as shown by our acquisition of the vaccine center in Siena—we are aiming for excellence and looking to grow,” he said.

Now watch the school districts change over the next few years as special education, dietary/food allergy and behavior programs become necessary.  

Italy Mandates Vaccines & Implements Fines As Glaxo Promises A Billion Euro Investments

La Scalata della Glaxo (Glaxo's Rapid Rise in Italy)

From MedPage Today:

Vaccines will now be mandatory for all children attending school in Italy through the age of 16, The Washington Post reported.

Approved with a vote of 296-92 by Italy's parliament, the new mandate will require parents to show proof of 10 vaccinations -- including tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, and diphtheria -- in order to be granted admission to preschools. However, vaccinations for meningococcal B and meningococcal C were left off the final list.

The vote comes after Italy's highest court ruled no tie between autism and vaccinations earlier this week...



an article in politico on vaccine mandates in the Italian elections


It is not the disease of immigrants that you need to worry about. It is the takeover of your government by the pharmaceutical industry. They have some 250 vaccines in development and they will want you and your children to take them all. Measles is just an excuse to bring fascism to your country - and all countries.

Jenny Allan

@ Liba "During this year many kids died because of measles. I thinks it's ridiculous that in 2017 a little kid could die from this desease (sic)because he hadn't had a vaccination."

I believe 2 children died in Italy from measles since 2016. One of them had leukaemia, so could not be vaccinated. This was sad, but immune compromised children should be kept away from other children during chemotherapy. Measles is not a danger to healthy well nourished children.

The public outrage in Italy is about the loss of parental rights, rather than a collective 'anti-vaccine' stance. Most parents DO comply with child vaccination schedules, but forcing all parents to have their children vaccinated with all the vaccines on a prescribed list, will only increase hostility and resentment rather than increase vaccination rates. Where there is a 'risk' , however small, there must be a choice.

Yes Italy has a huge immigrant problem at the moment. Many of these persons are from countries where children do not routinely receive vaccinations, but programmes of vaccinations could be organised for these children.


I can't believe what I read!!! At the moment we have so many immigrants in Italy that are bringing back diseases which were disappeared. During this year many kids died because of measles. I thinks it's ridiculous that in 2017 a little kid could die from this desease because he hadn't had a vaccination. It's a risk for the kid himself but also for the rest of the citizen. Nowadays some desease shouldn't exist anymore and the only thing to do is to have a vaccination. (Anyway I'm from Italy)

Grace Green

Randomly grabbing a statistic from the air, I would suggest that if only 20% of parents refused the vaccines, or some of the vaccines, the Italian government will not be able to afford to keep running the schools, they will not be able to afford to prosecute all those people, and they will not be able to afford to take all those kids into care. The system would collapse within a week. We've got them outnumbered. As a solicitor said to me once, it's just down to who blinks first. We're all behind you, people of Italy!


Liability is only a toothless formality if corrupt courts are biased and refuse to see the evidence.


Start home schooling parents abd groupibg together to keep your children safe they are worth it #toxic


Italy's leadership has apparently just sold it's own children, in the market place square, to the local chemist shop for a billion euro investments .
Italy has sucessfully just fractured it's own soul.
Without health and safety risk assessments of the vaccine products available, then their mandates sound like and sound like legally impotent and withered pieces of paperwork.


So the Washed Post gets to use a clip of a muscular man pleading with a bought legislator, and neglect to show the days of protest from Moms, Dads, Doctors, Lawyers etc, etc, etc....

It's kind of like John Oliver getting to make fun of Robert Kennedy without having to say Robert DeNiro is sitting right next to the latter.

Cowardly satire meets fake news.



Thanks for posting the link to Del Bigtree's latest speech at FOCUS in Oklahoma City . All I can say is... WOW! I think everyone should watch this.


cia parker

Here's the link:

cia parker

I just found this at Vaccines Today: "Vaccines against the following diseases are mandatory for Italian schoolchildren: polio, diphtheria, tetanus, hepatitis B, haemophilus influenzae B, meningitis B, meningitis C, measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, and chickenpox." Now they've struck off men B and C. It looks like they are requiring hep-B but not HPV.


We should not be surprised by the imposition of vaccine terror on Italian children, as the govt of this country has been run by mafia or fascists for most of the past century. I hope the Italian parents resist, go on strike and refuse to poison their children with toxic vaccines. They know how toxic vaccines are, since the Italian scientists revealed that all vaccines contain large amounts of various industrial toxins.

Jeannette Bishop

Somewhat OT, maybe Merck is not so confident legislative mandates will be enough to maintain demand for at least one vaccine?


"7/28 UPDATE #Merck has reported their pediatric Hep B vaccine will not be available until 2018 citing 'manufacturing process updates'."


Maybe they want to reformulate (possibly something involving their AAHS adjuvant?) without making any such announcement?

Jeannette Bishop


John Stone


I don't follow your logic. (1) Forcing parents to have their children vaccinated against their will is barbaric and repulsive. (2) It would be much better if children were not injured in the first place than the authorities are successfully sued. (3) You are a little over-optimistic about the Italian courts.

I agree that we probably wouldn't be in this position if the manufacturers were properly liable.

Tom Petrie

I say NO problem with mandatory vaccines in Italy, as long as:
1. They allow lawsuits--IF my child is injured or worse, the doctor, the drug-maker, the school, the school nurse and the Country of Italy will ALL be held responsible. The court will NOT be a kangaroo court (like the NICP in America), but a court where a jury of piers will hear the case.
2. They allow full disclosure of ingredients and the doctor has to sign a note that he is aware of the ingredients and that ALL have been proven safe. He or she will provide ALL medical studies showing that the vaccines--in the combination they're being given--have been proven safe as given, in children/infants at that particular age and weight.
3. The doctor/s, nurses and others give complete informed consent, explaining any potential side effects.
4. If a side effects is reported and the doctor does NOT inform the authorities/health commissioner of such a side effect/vaccine reaction/potential vaccine reaction, he would lose his license immediately.
5. If a patient asks a doctor if the vaccine he / she is giving has aborted fetal tissue, polysorbate 80, Hg, Al, egg proteins and other potential allergins AND the doctor does NOT know the answer--in other words, if the doctor does NOT know what's in the vaccine -- at least the major components and certainly no exception for knowing/not knowing of any known neurotoxins like Aluminum or Mercury, the doctor should lose his license.

Years ago, McDonald's was sued by some vegetarians for adding beef extract/flavoring to their fried potatoes (that's partly why they taste so good) and NOT disclosing this fact to their customers. (Vegetarians would care!). Like this story indicates--the manufacturer of vaccines AND the doctors administering them should "care," about what they're giving to their patients.

If they care not to know what they're injecting into their patients, they should lose their license forthwith.

Finally, I once had to a school nurse tell me (re my stepson), "If he doesn't have the vaccine, he'll not be able to attend school on Monday." So I said that "I have no problem with you giving my stepson the Chicken Pox vaccine, as long as you sign this form I have that mandates you accept complete responsibility for any adverse effects. (The thirty day "waiting period" was about to expire after which time, he would NOT be allowed to attend classes. I also noted that I would have no problem home-schooling my stepson, if necessary.) A day later she called and said he didn't have to get the shot. (He had it back in Ukraine, but they wanted him to have it again.)

So you can fight this idiots, but you DO have to be aggressive and know how to stand your ground. Don't take nonsense from these vaccine pushers. The awake readers will not the massive protests going on all over Italy as we speak! See? The LACK of fluoridated water, GMO foods and the intake of LOTS of fresh fruits and vegies DOES translate to better cognitive functioning. Where are the protests in America? No where to be found!

Thanks also to someone for "defining" N.T. for me....It took a while to find it meant Neurotypical. But I would argue that psychopaths and sociopaths are NOT N.T. and they're the ones lying us into one war after another.


I believe France struck Hep b vaccine from its mandated schedule, if that helps any. I don't believe anywhere would have Gardakill on the list. Many countries are seeing the damage from it. Flu vaccines are shown to be ineffective by Cochrane so hopefully they aren't on.

Han Litten

Italy must continue to fight this crime against humanity .
Nuremberg ?

bob moffit

Just curious .. because I know it is standard procedure by media to omit information they would rather not have to defend .. but .. as I understand it .. while vaccinations for meningococcal B and meningococcal C were deliberately left off the list .. the new mandate will require parents to show proof of TEN vaccinations .. but .. only SIX are listed.

Two questions ..

#1 .. Reasons given for NOT requiring meningococcal B & C vaccinations? Are these vaccinations less "safe and efficient" .. or .. are these vaccinations unwarranted for children?

#2 .. Were the vaccines left off the list HEP B and HPV? If so .. why?

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