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Italians Continue to Protest Forced Vaccination and Financial Penalties

Basta enough
Note: Read the full article at The Italian Insider. Thanks to commenter HL for the link.  What do you think will happen to the rates of special education, chronic illness and spectrum disorder rates if these mandates take hold?  Glaxo made the politicians an offer they couldn't refuse. And now parent's can't refuse vaccinations for their children.

ROME- Protests raged throughout Italy and the Governor of Veneto appeals against a recent law rendering certain vaccinations mandatory for children under 16. Opposition continues against the measure even after an amendment in early July reduced the number of compulsory vaccinations from 12 to 10 and the maximum figure for financial sanctions for parents dropped to 3,500 euros.

On Saturday night, a flash mob followed by a torchlight procession took place in Livorno organized by the “Committee for the Freedom of Choice to Vaccinations” (“Comitato per la libertà di scelta vaccinale”). The frontline protestors held a sign saying “Don’t mess around with health: freedom of choice and safety”. This protest of 100 people was small-scale in comparison to other recent protests such as the one in Pesaro on July 8, which saw over 10 000 people arrive from all over Italy wearing orange T-Shirts. The latter event saw parents chanting “freedom, freedom” whilst holding up their children, according to reports by Il Fatto Quotidiano. Philosopher Diego Fusaro spoke at the event and claimed that “the issue of vaccinations is an issue of economic interests, those of multinationals and the idea of ‘no alternative’”. Parents also took to the microphone to tell of how they believe that their children have “fallen ill due to vaccinations”. Protests have taken place throughout June and July in Rome, Milan, Florence and other major cities.

The Region of Veneto has filed an official complaint to the Constitutional Court against the Decree Law No 73 of 2017. “What we reject”, said Governor Luca Zaia, “is state intervention that imposes a collective obligation … which makes Italy the country with the greatest number of compulsory vaccinations in Europe”.

The move, however, has been supported by the Institute of Health (Instituto Superiore di Sanita, ISS) in a letter sent by the organization to Emilia Grazia De Biasi, President of the Hygeine and Health Commission of the Senate. The Institute wrote that the severity of the law’s sactions is “justified by the situation’s urgency and the emergency caused by a decline in vaccinations and by the national epidemic”. Sabino Cassese, former judge of the Constitutional Court of Italy, is another supporter of the law and wrote in an article with Il Corriere della Sera in May that “the two rights in questions, that of Health and that of Education, have a differing importance. The first regards the very life of a person and so prevails over the second”.

Following the decree of June 7, 2017, the maximum number of compulsory vaccinations rose to 12. From the next school year, the law made it a requirement for all children under 16 to have completed these vaccinations in order to enroll in nurseries and compulsory education. Failing this, the child would be declined enrollment to nurseries and parents would receive a monetary fine and would be reported to the Minors’ Court (Tribunali di Minori). Children would not be denied entry to education from primary school onwards but parents would receive financial sanctions from anything between 500 and 7,500 euros, depending on how many vaccines have been missed. Organisation within schools would change, however, with children exempted from the obligation or whose vaccinations would be delayed due to health reasons, will be put in classes with only those who have been vaccinated...


John Stone


Thanks for this important update. You may not be winning in one go, but you are not losing. The fine is at least insignificant compared with the cost of a disabled child.

Also, apologies for not posting earlier - your comment had slipped into the spam, from where I have just retrieved it.



The situation now is like this: the bill has been passed by the Senate and is being examined by the other branch of the parliament (Camera). The senate was the most difficult passage for the government.
Instead there are no problems with the Camera as they have a safe majority there so we expect that the bill will be approved without too much trouble - possibly within this week.
The senate has modified some parts of it anyway:
- there are 10 mandated vaccinations instead of 12 (MenB and MenC will be "only" strongly recommended, like Prevenar, Rotavirus and HPV);
- apparently there is no referral of the families that do not vaccinate to the court (TDM- Tribunale dei Minori)
- maximum fine is 500€ as opposed to the initial 7500€.
But this law is just as unacceptable as it was in the beginning.
It infringes article no 32 of the constitution, it was approved as an urgent measure when there was no urgency at all (as also declared with brutal arrogance by our prime minister Gentiloni at the press conference), it lacks any attempt at a minimum transparency as to why exactly those 10 or those 12 shots have been made mandatory
(because there is a measles outbreak ... among the adults?).
Kids from 0 to 6 are still forbidden to attend school
and in principle any other educative service whatsoever,
like a course in a public swimming pool.
There have been protests all over the country,
the big ones in Milano, Roma and Pesaro
but a LOT of other smaller ones everywhere.
The press is slowly starting to notice now because it is just impossible
to keep pretending nothing is going on.
Now we are trying to gear up for when the law will be active:
an army of lawyers are working hard at defining guidelines
and strategies for dealing with the mandates,
the exclusion of the kids from schools and the fines.
It will be a hot autumn in here, a hell of work for the schools managers,
the vaccination premises and the courts.

Grace Green

Am I reading the last sentence of this article correctly? Those who have a "legitimate" reason to attend school unvaccinated will be put in classes with the vaccinated. Does that mean those who refuse vaccinations will be in segregated classes? Is home education not allowed in Italy? I used to know, but things change. It seems to me, the worst problem in Italy is going to be if there is not even going to be the option of home or private education. Just let them try this on in the UK. The Brexit Bulldogs are ready and waiting!

cia parker

France is also considering passing a vaccine mandate which would be effective in 2018, raising the number of required vaccines from four to twelve. It has been required to give children vaccines for diphtheria and tetanus. also polio. I wouldn't mandate them, but I think those vaccines are a good idea.

But now they want to require the vaccines for chickenpox, hep-B, Hib, Prevnar, men-C, and the MMR. Up until now these vaccines were recommended, but not required. This article in Le monde supposedly shoots down all the arguments against the mandate and suspicious of vaccines. That young infants are NOT too fragile for the vaccines, vaccine companies do NOT make a lot of money off of vaccines, etc. etc.

It says that Germany now has a law requiring parents to go discuss vaccines with a doctor, sort of like in California for a year or so before the axe fell. It says that Italy and Greece now have mandates, where they didn't before.

It does say that the minister of health wants to put in an exemption clause in the proposed French bill, which would make it fall short of a mandate, but at this time there's no telling what the final bill will say, if it passes.

I hope Europe will rise up against the eurocrats and take their lives back into their own hands.


I notice that Trump was horsing around recently with Merck and Pfizer, who were simply amazed by his strength.

Let's hope, at least, that the new glass they're promoting solves the problem of pharmaceutical glass delamination.

Shelley Tzorfas

The billion dollar seed money given to the Italian government will Not cover the cost in lives, broken families, seizures, increase in Autistic kids, Cancers and deaths that forcing the 12 vaccines will have upon the society due to the Deadly Neurotoxic Aluminum, thimerosal/Mercury, cancer promoting Formaldehyde, human aborted Fetal Cell DNA capable of Gender-bending, cells of pigs, dogs, cows ( with Leukemia), monkeys, rats, Chickens, insects, Peanut oils leading to deadly food allergies, Polysorbate 80 which harms the Blood-Brain-barrier and fertility and more...That seed money, the barter, will grow into the kind of illness that will destroy the educational system, the social system, and the financial system, as it has done in every country that has forced these poisons into children.

Hans Hitten

Its actually insane that we are even in this situation so soon after everything that occurred in World War II in Auschwitz and at the other 200 or so concentration camps .

The Protests in Italy must continue , and they must be re-ignited in California .
Lets give GSK hell .

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